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[Drama 2013] You're The Best Lee Soon Shin - 최고다 이순신


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Kim Young Hoon fashion style...This all is made by @Ayame. She spent alot of time collaging this beautiful fashion of Young Hoon, so I just don't want to waste it so I collage it in one video.Ayame... I hope you ok with this...

Ps :Ayame... I still owe you the collage of Soompi awards. Will upload it soon this week. I have a trouble finding the perfect background music so I stop for so long XD
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pafaccio said:

K-drama Fandom: K-drama Helped One Fan Feel Less Lonely When She First Arrived In The U.S.


When Sally Oky first moved to the U.S. from Nigeria two years ago, she was lonely and by her own admission a little depressed, but k-dramas helped her get over that.

"Each time I watch a k-drama I just feel like I am in another world and I get so relaxed, forgetting about all my troubles," said Oky, a pre-med student in Seattle.

The 20-year-old's first introduction to k-dramas happened about two years ago when she looked over at the screen of a fellow student in her college library. She wondered what the student was laughing about.

"I asked her what she was watching and then she told me that it was 'Dream High.' I was like oh, wow," she said. "When I got home that evening I wanted to see what was so funny. So I googled 'Korean drama.' OMG, anyone who knows me knows I love colorful and cute things. As soon as I saw the faces on these dramas that I had to pick from I got excited."

She randomly picked the drama "Big," starring Gong Yoo and Lee Min Jung, and it was a lucky pick. She loved it.

"I loved this drama so much because it was age-appropriate, romantic, cute, funny, and loving," said Oky. "The words aren't doing my emotions justice."

Oky thinks that American television has a lot to learn from k-dramas in terms of the way they portray romance. Less can be more when it comes to creating dramatic romantic tension.

"They can express it more PG," she said.

Since "Big" she has seen dozens of dramas and stays up to date with the latest drama news.

Watching the dramas made her more curious about Asian culture, which she knew little about when she first moved to America. Now, she is learning the Korean language and has plans to visit South Korea next year.

"I have visited several Korean restaurants and am planning on going to a k-pop concert," she said.

Oky fell in love with k-pop when she first heard it. Her favorite k-pop bands include EXO, both K and M, Shinee, 2NE1, BigBang, B.A.P, IU, miss A and f(x).

Her favorite dramas so far have been "School 2013," "The Heirs," "You Who Came From Another Star," "You're The Best Lee Soon Shin," "Flower Boy Ramen Shop" and "Pretty Man."

If there were one actor that she would describe as her bias it would be Lee Jong Suk.

"My shout out would definitely go to Lee Jong Suk oppa," said Oky.


Cr: http://www.kdramastars.com/articles/22082/20140514/k-drama-fandom-k-drama-helped-one-fan-feel-less-lonely-when-she-first-arrived-in-the-u-s.htm


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In case you miss it (copying Soompi mode, kkk), re-posting from JoU thread
JJS and IU in Japan Korean Love prog for YTBLSS on 6/30?http://marcy513.blog.fc2.com/blog-entry-1269.html
Ayame translation:
6/30 (Mon)23:00~BS11 “Han Love”

IU and Jo Jung Suk who acted in the drama, ‘You’re the Best, Lee Soon Shin’ will appear on “Today’s Special”! They’ll talk about the appeal behind the drama!

Something along those lines lol. For those who are wondering, BS11 is the channel, Han Love is the name of the show, and 'Today's Special' is the segment which JJS and IU will appear on.


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