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[Drama 2013] You're The Best Lee Soon Shin - 최고다 이순신


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Guest beanshpy

thanks guys for your wishes. *sniff*
by the way...before i go...guys...why didn't you invite uncle google translator? so you could have done this to him? 

during ytblss and until now...he did a lot of translating for us...which sometimes led us to panic and almost heart attack...hehe. 
goodnight...for real. :-*

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About this picture... I kept meaning to ask because I don't remember if we ever talked about it... but where's IU?? Is she the one with the striped shirt next to Inna? If that's the case... why didn't they get her in the photo too? Why only an arm? She's the main! lol.


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I know! Even Gil Ja is looking pleasant... LOL.
But now I'm mad that they cut IU out of the photo.
Why is she the only one not in it?
Even the guy all the way in the distance giving us the evil eye is in it.

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