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[Drama 2013] You're The Best Lee Soon Shin - 최고다 이순신


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I'm on time, right?kkk
anyway, i took too long to decide on what to wear that when I went out to buy it, everything was sold out save for this mass-produced RTW dress...

guess, I have to settle with that weird design then!Kkk

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Soon Shin : Daepyo-nim.. Hurry up coming..There's already ppl come to 1st anv..
Junho : Just few minutes, jagiya..
Soon Shin : Ah.. Please don't get caught by JoUSpatch
Soon Shin : They serving delicious foods..ppali..

Soon Shin : One more, Daepyo-nim... STAY AWAY FROM BAR, lol
:)) :))

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Before the surprise revealed... lemme thank you once again to ALL YTBLSS staff and Crew including... YES, writter nim...Things happened in life with a reason. Nothing perfect, mostly with flaw every where.But whatever the flaw from YTBLSS drama. Thank you, for bringing us here, together...
From Edensor, Sincerely, ONE MORE TIME

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