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[drama 2006] Invisible Parachute Agent 무적의 낙하산요&#50

Guest ericmania

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Guest ericmania

[news] Eric/Transforming with hair-cut

In preview of new Drama of SBS produced recently, Eric showed strong image with hair-cut holding pistong in his hands.

In new drama "Invincible Parachute Agent", he would play a role of secret information agent "Choi Kang" and transform to dynamic

image after hair-cut.

Eric would appear in drama in 6 months since he met traffic accident during shooting MBC drama "Wolf" in last January. The new drama would be aired From Sept. 6 after drama "Return Sunae"

credit :http://smile.khan.co.kr-

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Guest x_sadendings


a new drama with ERIC! <3

im glad they're still going to film 'sweet guy'

lol eric looks so young with that hair ^^

guess wolf is canceled :X

haha unlike some in here i liked super rookie xD

its great theres going to be a sequel but erics a tough guy this time..?

cant wait for it to air (i miss erics old long hair made him so cute 8])

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Guest sandy k

damn, eric looks gorgeous.

i can't wait to see him in another drama. i loooved him in super rookie!

i'm assuming this isn't comedy? the pictures seem to be more serious looking. anyway, still can't wait!

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Guest katelin_kim

Eric looks as hot as ever!He luks much younger 2 , hehhe, anyway i think they will fix HJM 's hair when the drama gets on the way. That's how dramas go,^^ , so happy that Eric will be in Sweet Guy too!!!Happpy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Guest devylann

i love eric! so i think this will be good... i'm not sure bout da actress tho... i didn't like her wit dat hair cut in wolf. maybe this one is different. can't wait to watch bc i really liked wolf... i didn't get to finish watching super rookie so i hope this continuation will be great. GO ERIC!!!

isn't this suppose to be the sequel to super rookie??.....why da whole agent bodyguard look????...... don't get me wrong....ERIC looks hella good!! i htink the hair shaving made hiim look younger???...no?..... he's still so manly!!!! omg!!!! i could look at him all day long!!!! :D

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Guest ripgal

actually.. i didn't really like the look of Eric in the 1st few pics.. but i found some new ones.. he looks good here! so i think i'd give his look a chance..but Han Ji Min still looks old in that hairstyle..:D




awww.. Eric holding a rose! :wub:

they started filming certain parts of the previews of the series yesterday..

source: daum/ 涵馨儿@bestshinhwa / baidu

some more, altho the news say it's a sequel/ Super Rookie 2, i dun think it's the same role he's playing. His name's Kang Ho in SR 1 rite? but his name here is Choi Kang.

i think the series is a SIMILAR themed series to Super Rookie. according to this article. Eric plays Choi Kang who's jobless and struggling to find a good job. One day he stumbles across a high positioned politician in an accident who then recommends him into his secret agency NST. i think he plays someone like a spy and a bodyguard.. and yeap.. it's a comedy. but with that hairstyle and his serious look? hmmmm....

link to article: http://post.baidu.com/f?kz=124733132

crdits: bestshinhwa


8/16/06 – Eric will costar with Han Ji Min (24), Shin Seung Woo, and Choi Jung Won in the Wednesday-Thursday drama “Invincible Parachute Personnel (무적의 낙하산 요원)” scheduled to be aired by SBS on 9/6 following the final episode of “Come Back Miss Soon Ae”. This drama is the sequel of the drama “Super Rookie (aka New Employee)”, portraying the success story of a new employee in a confidential intelligence administration.

On 8/16, Eric’s agency “Good EMG (굿이엠지)” confirms that Eric decides to perform in this drama. As to the other drama “Sweet Guy (스위트 가이)”, the production company agrees to delay the time of production. The script writer of “Invincible Parachute Personnel” is Kim Ki Ho (김기호) and the production company is “LK Production (LK제작단)”. Both collaborated with Eric in the popular MBC drama “Super Rookie” of 2005.





and the other female role is Yoon Ji Min..

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Guest hopesofgreen

I hope that even though people are calling this Super Rookie 2, it's not actually the sequel. I don't really see the storyline of Super Rookie 1 going any further, and especially it would be kind of weird if they're replacing the lead girl and it's the sequel.

Eric's hair is a flashback to "I Pray 4 U."

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Guest renni72

If it's a sequel to Super Rookie, it will lack continuity as Han Ga In was the lead actress and they ended up together as a couple and in Parachute, he's paired with Han Ji Min ... perhaps it's an extension of the theme about different situations of unemployment and how by a stroke of luck, people can still find their dream jobs...

In Super Rookie, Eric found a job because of a technical fault in the machine that marked the test paper (or whatever that was called). I still recall Eric shading the answers into a pattern....LOL....and scored perfect marks!

In Parachute.. it could be another situation of unemployment and how Eric (as another character ie Choi Kang) could still land himself into another attractive job :)

Well, just my guess....

Well, whatever, I am looking forward to it as Eric and Han Ji Min are my favourite stars since Wolf....and was disappointed when that drama was dropped ... but now, I have something to look forward to!!

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