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do you miss highschool?

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It was easier to see friends back then.

We also had our classes for the entire year, instead of just 1 semester. (Minus that one year in Senior year where Winter was Economics and Spring was Government OR if you were in the other group, Winter was Government and Spring was Economics)


I miss doing nothing but going to school.

Being in college and working is not fun. There is no spring, winter or summer break. If I wasn't at school I would be working. (

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No, it was hard going through high school, all the drama, immature and rude people. I don't miss this part of my life at all.

^agree completely sometimes there are still people like that at work, so cliqy me no like 

execatly the same situation. I'm from Ukraine but I have a lot of Friends from Egypt here and they used to tell me about that

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On 11.4.2018 at 9:50 AM, greentalklover said:

I do, but if someone asks me if I want go back that time, I'd say definitely no! I accept myself as I'm now and value all the experience I got from those years 

I totally agree. The time was cool & you were really good connceted with your friends, but if I had a choice I would stay where I am right now

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I prefer the vacations of my university years. I had so much more freedom back then. And I had plenty of time to travel.


Although I had free time during my high school vacations, I didn't have an income and had very little money. I didn't have the means to travel unless my parents took me somewhere. And my parents usually didn't travel. My activities were very limited. What I miss about high school is that it was easier to make trustworthy friends than it is now.



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