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♥ [OFFICIAL THREAD] ChunHye Couple : Park Yoochun ♡ Yoon Eun Hye ♥

Guest yellowumbrella

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Guest yooeun

vegaspink said: @yellowumbrella and everyone else, what do you guys think about changing this thread's name from WooYeon to ChunHye or the Healing couple?  I was informed that WooYeon in chinese han yu reading is fateless....  But since that's in Chinese and not Korean, maybe it doesn't mean anything..

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yoonyoo said: noniee said: vegaspink said: @yellowumbrella and everyone else, what do you guys think about changing this thread's name from WooYeon to ChunHye or the Healing couple?  I was informed that WooYeon in chinese han yu reading is fateless....  But since that's in Chinese and not Korean, maybe it doesn't mean anything..

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Guest kdrama-fan

This couple is like brad pitt and angelina jolie when they did mr and mrs smith.... What a compatible match!!

Yuchun is just starting his career as actor but already receive a lot recognitions.. And YEH is an established actress and evryone knows she is a Goddess.... When these two colaborate,... Explosions happen.... Even if they try to hide their feelings... Everybody/the viewers knows there must be something going on between them, otherwise they wont be able to deliver such great chemistry... Just like @maryYEH mention, yeh has to give her heart to her colead in order to portray being in love.. And i believe its vice versa thats why yuchun has to go to jungle to digest the feeling away... I just wish they wont deny their feelings and let it develop if there is any... Its such a shame if they have to go separate ways... Even though i know for yuchun he still have a lot on his hands and not to mention the army... But if there is a will there is a way.... Rain even can get out of the army camp just to have a date with KTH...

these are special couple... I am a fan of both coz of their traits and humble personalities... So i really love to see them together...

because we know YEH is approaching 30 fast... And Yuchun seems to be ready to find the one, who he can bring home to introduce to his family especially his dad ( not just some random girl ).... As a fan i'd like to see them having the best partner in life... But if God has other plans for them we just can wish them all the best to whoever they choose as their partner later...

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Guest ngthuhien149

Let me start with sth fun.
I am Asian. U know Asian mom always has this ability to look at people's faces and guess their fate + future and almost everything. And most of the time it is right. So let's see what I get from seeing YC and YEH's features.
1. People with high cheekbones (YC + YEH) are people who are either rich or wealthy now or are going to be in the future. No matter how much they suffer during their childhood and during their life, they will end up with a lot of money. That is why whenever people said YC suits rich roles because his face looks rich. And YEH has exactly the same feature. 
2. People with high cheekbones and sticked out forehead (YC) have very high EQ and knows how to talk. They are very expressive and affectionate with everyone, especially people they care for. They are not afraid to express their feelings and they tend not to lie well when they fall for someone.
3. People with high cheekbones and full face (both YC + YEH) even though their bodies are skinny are extremely good hearted people. They are very kind, they love to take care of other, they treat people with sincerity and they know how to make people happy. They also love their family, children and animal.
4. People with stick out ears (YC) have a lot of luck in their lives and their career. Even the worst thing happen, they will be able to get through all.
5, People with broad shoulder (both YC and YEH) are very independent and they are very hard working. They can take care of themselves well. 
6. People with smiling eyes (YC and YEH maybe) are again nice and genuine people. Very nice one. 

You really don't find a lot of actors that have high cheekbones and wide forhead, most of them have such slim face. And to find an actress w high cheekbone is even harder, some do have but not as high as YEH.

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Guest noniee

adobo19kimchi said: noniee said: adobo19kimchi said:

Hello everyone,

I've been lurking for quite some time, I think beginning episode 8 of IMY since I discovered the thread. I've also been restraining myself for several reasons. First, am too lazy and lurking has become more of a habit for me. Second,  am not talented nor knowledgeable enough to create all those amazing gifs, videos, pictures and art works that a lot of you have been sharing. But I think most of all, I do not want to be involved  because it's too taxing and emotionally draining, not to mention the enermous time it entails. Also, am fully aware of the heartbreak of shipping an on-screen couple no matter how well intended you are or grounded enough into thinking it is just for fun.

But it's pretty obvious that I finally succumbed and joined the fray

:\"> . So here I am and decided to do my first post ever on Soompi on the WooYeon couple instead of IMY thread because I think am enjoying more the spazzing on them than the actual drama, hehe.  Am so enamored with these two,  even from the the very first time I saw the promotional pictures of IMY. So you could just imagine my excitement when I saw the first (video) teaser.

Btw, am a new kdrama fan and still learning the ropes of K entertainment, so to speak. It's pretty amusing for lack of a better word.


Am a Yoochun fan, discovered him on SKKS only last July and been passionately (nay, obssessively) following him since. I was 'forced" to watch CF because I want to have an idea on his next leading lady. Though am pretty impressed with YEH, it was GY that captured my heart. You see, I'm pretty partial with guys


But as I said, the moment I saw the pictures of PYC and YEH together, I instantly felt the chemistry.  For me, theirs is not the in-your-face kind of chemistry, but rather sweet and tender that slowly grows on you and before you knew it, you've been unconsciously rooting for them. And thanks to all YEH fans, I came to know this amazing and exceptional woman that she has now become my favorite, too, in KPop aside from Yoochun and of course, JYJ. I think one can't be a PYC, Jaejoong or Junsu fan alone without ending up loving the group because theirs must be the sweetest, strongest and most beautiful bromance I've witnessed.

So kudos to everyone for creating this thread. I just wanna show my support for this couple ( or individually) even beyond IMY airing.  I say, let's just enjoy the remaining episodes and seize the moment.


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Guest itscreamie

Since many of you mentioned about Yoochun going to the army, I think Yoochun will not go the the REAL army because of his asthma:Read this article:
id="title" style="margin: 0px 0px 5px; padding: 0px; font-family: arial; font-size: 20px; border-bottom-width: 0px; background-color: rgb(255, 255, 255);"JYJ’s Yoochun Designated As Public Service Personnel But Delays Enlistment for Drama

JYJ’s Yoochun received the results of his physical examination conducted by Korea’s Military Manpower Administration(MMA), and he will be assigned to a public service personnel position for his two-years of mandatory service.

Back in February, C-JeS Entertainment revealed that all three members of JYJ received the physical examination required by MMA and Yoochun had to undergo more examinations because of his asthma. On May 3rd, a representative announced “Yoochun recently underwent his physical exam and receive a level four grade due to his asthma, which he’s had since he was younger.”

The representative continued, “Yoochun complied with all of the examinations required by the Military Manpower Assocation, and even received a retest three times. In the end, the Military Manpower Association decided that he would be best fit for reservist duty so he will serve as a public service personnel.”

According to C-JeS Entertainment, Yoochun received notification that he is required to report to the training center on May 21st. However, Yoochun is currently filming SBS‘ ‘Rooftop Prince’ and has postponed his entry to the training center to a later date.

A spokesperson for Yoochun stated, “he will postpone joining the army because he has to shoot the series. Since Park [Yoochun] has to consider his career in the future, he is not sure if he will join the army this year or not.”

‘Rooftop Prince’ will air its last episode on May 24th


***I also don't quite understand the article but I think YC will not go the REAL army thingy because he failed his physical examination. So it means, Yoo Chun will be serving not on active duty, but as a public service worker due to his asthma.

Chunsas, please enlighten meee. 

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Guest ngthuhien149

@iscreamie it is public service, most celeb did. Kang Dong Won, Wonbin, Lee Dong Jun, Eric Moon, Lee Jun Ki, Boom, and so on. They only do 2 weeks of intense training then they work as normal officers, 8 hours a day. It till takes them 2 years.
I guess YC retested many times to try to go to army and if possible as an active but he did not pass. Many minor things can disqualify u as an active soldier, like the injury from accident years ago, asthma, stomach diseases and so on.
Despite all, YC is open about his army service while others seem to avoid talking about it, he said he is going soon. In the latest Nii fanmeeting before IMY when fans asked when he planned to get married, he said he didn't know but he is going to enlist soon so let's see.

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Guest noniee

i think maybe YC  will go to army in 2014.. because he really open when fans asked about going to army.. aigoo how can i live 2 years without him :((
hope YC can do another drama and movie before he enlisted..

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Guest yellowumbrella

Off topic :
I find myself very similar with PYC. I have asthma, i like dogs, i like to joke around, i like music a lot....
PYC is definitely my soulmate. Hwaiting!!!!!*hides*

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