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♥ [OFFICIAL THREAD] ChunHye Couple : Park Yoochun ♡ Yoon Eun Hye ♥

Guest yellowumbrella

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Guest brenda101

xymomelum93 said: look at the smile of our Yoochunnie in here:he's definitely not JW at that moment so this smile belongs to YC, not JW:))..
check out his smile in here:tumblr_mg2dg3N3jD1r0n47ho1_250.gifnow this smile now belongs to whom? YC or JW???
he might have been sooo happy to see YEH almost barefaced@_@..

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Guest MariYEH

ngthuhien149 said: @MariYEH that is soooooooooooooooooooo lovely of her.I hope YC will find someone like that in the future, someone that he can trust and cherish a relationship like he does. YC has trauma since he is a child of divorced parents and the whole family got separated since young. He always said a relationship only works out when both make effort, love and respect each other.YC always openly talks about his plans for future marriage to fangirls. Like in the fanmeeting for IMY (after the casts left), he said what he wants for Christmas that he can decorate the house, have a lovely dinner with his gf/wife and take time to sit down and talk to each other while drinking wine like every normal couple. Greatest Christmas gift for his wife is  :\"> giving her a  Christmas baby. In order to do that he should start to work on it soon so he can have a Christmas baby hahahaha  (imagine he said that in front of his fans)His only wish for New Year: "Never be away from his family no matter what happens" YC is a very typical Korean family man.
@itscreamie u should cap the one at the very end in which he kissed her hair/neck

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Ok, both are Pet Lovers! NICE!!!
Yoon Eun Hye with her cute beloved dog, a female white Maltese - Kkomaeng

Park Yoochun with his handsome dog - Harang
Harang means ‘Love from God’. September this year will be Harang’s first birthday. I really liked puppies since I was a young kid, but because I was allergic to dog fur, I couldn’t rear a puppy then. However, on a certain night last year, I went somewhere else to play (T/N: Referring to a place outside Korea) and played with a puppy. Yet I didn’t have an allergic reaction at all. After 10 years, even the landscape can change, not to mention the human constitution! Therefore, I really wanted to have a dog, so I got myself a puppy.

When I first saw Harang in a pet shop, the expression in it’s eyes was different from all other dogs (It was like a human expression) so I brought him home. When Harang was young, there were roundworms as long as mechanical pencils in its stomach (It was disgusting!) I frequented the animal hospital with him daily. When Harang was sick, my heart hurt too. However, he became healthier after that, now, whenever I’m lonely (My parents are overseas, therefore, I often feel lonely), Harang became the family and friend who gave me the greatest comfort. Although Harang looks like a intimidating boy, I’d give my Harang full marks for cuteness/acting cute. He often seems to have this illusion that he has a small body, and he’s extremely lovable when he gently wags his tail or when he uses his 2 paws to cover his face when he’s in my arms. He even participated in the Seoul Pet Dog Exhibition and clinched the ‘King of the Best’ prize in the exhibition. Harang, a star’s pet dog! When I bring him on walks, many people recognize him, I think he’s going to be more famous than me. Harang-ah! Let’s continue living like this for a long time; as friends, lovers and family!

Translated by: Sparkskey
Credits: Mickyfan

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Guest MariYEH

In YEH's Hello TV interview in regards to acting she said: "If I don't give my heart to the male actor we won't look like we are in love.." 

So it means she gave her heart to Jung Woo at least while the drama is being aired
.  :-*

No wonder why actors go on a small vacation after the drama, it's to clear their head and their heart from lingering emotions.

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Guest bubbletea04

ARIAH508 said: Count me in! I am so inlove with our Wooyeon Couple! Just want to ask does anyone has the taken the sound of the kiss of our otp on this episode. How come there are some talking they hear it how come i check it many times only the sound od the ost did i hear.  :(( not fair.

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5Jan2013 [FAN] Park Yuchun in the eyes of a motherPosted on January 6, 2013
Today is 4th Jan 2013 and also coincidentally 99 days since joining Baidu. In the internet, people always say Jan 4th in Chinese means a lifetime, and in the eyes of the Chinese, 9 means forever. So I can’t help but write a post in this “forever and lifetime day” to talk about Yuchun.
I started liking Yuchun during the July, August 2012 period after watching Rooftop Prince. Actually my sister at an earlier date had recommended me to watch Sungkyunkwan Scandal. I remember watching a bit and felt it was a historical drama and not a comedy, no popular casts (mainly because I don’t know the casts) and so I did not continue to watch.  Early 2012, my sister kept saying now there is a very good drama named Rooftop Prince, but because it is a time travel drama and again unknown cast, I did not watch. So I missed meeting Yuchun for about a year. One day I was feeling bored at home and remembered that sister recommended the time travel drama. I watched the first episode on the internet and was immediately drawn to it. I finished the drama in 2 days and was totally smitten by Park Yuchun. After getting to know more about Yuchun in Baidu, I’m sure you all know the outcome! I watched all the videos and variety shows with Yuchun that I could find. Even now when I am free, I will re-watch Yuchun’s variety shows. Because of Yuchun, I registered for the first time on Baidu and did my first posting; I was a bit nervous and became incoherent!
Like the folks in Baidu bar, the more you know about Yuchun, the deeper you’ll fall in. I can’t imagine such a young child in America earning a living by working at so many odd jobs and using the hard-earned money on his brother. At that time, in his heart, his brother had already exceeded his own existence. To realise his dream, a young teenage Yuchun went back to South Korea, and in the company, he went through much suffering to achieve success. Besides his music dream, his biggest wish was to earn money as quickly as possible, to bring his mother and brother back to South Korea so that the family can live together. I as a mother, became flustered when I thought about this. This should be the responsibility of a mother but Yuchun, only 17 or 18 years old at that time, took on this role. We, at that age, what were we doing?
After watching so many of Yuchun’s variety shows, I realised Yuchun rarely talked about his family matters. This is the biggest reason why I really appreciate and like Yuchun so much.  Looking at a few of our country’s talent shows, so many contestants came out to say how unwell their parents are, how bad the home condition is, how he/she had grown up and suffered in a single parent family etc. (Of course, we must sympathise with them. But when it is done all the time, it makes me feel that the person is using his pain to gain sympathy. Maybe what I’m saying is too much. Everyone has their pain, me too, but I really feel it is not necessary to talk about it in front of everybody.) I noticed that Yuchun seldom brings up his US matters. He knows this is not related to his job, he doesn’t need everyone’s sympathy. What he wants from everyone is recognition for his music, his talent, his hard work, and of him as a person. And he has achieved it! Park Yuchun is a really good man!
Now even my child knows Park Yuchun, and in his English school, he tells the teacher, my mum likes Park Yuchun the most and watches Yuchun everyday on the internet. Now I don’t even dare to go to his English school. My husband also asks me, why do I see you looking at this man on the internet everyday, you think you’re still 18? No choice, my husband is a bit chauvinistic, so there is no way I can make him develop into a chunsa. Now, for the sake of future Yuchun fan meetings or concerts, I have made the greatest sacrifice in my life. I told my husband that if he lets me see Yuchun, I will let him go for his occasional mahjong sessions. Hubby is very happy and said he has to like this man because of that. My son is also asking his dad everyday to bring him to Korea to see Yuchun. Seeing how much my son likes Yuchun, I am over the moon.
Of course I am not boy-crazy. I like Yuchun’s unyielding spirit, his tenacity; when dealing with difficulties, he will never admit defeat. I like his love for his family. Yuchun has so much positive energy, however much you absorb, you can’t absorb it all. My son sometimes asks me, Mum why do you like Yuchun? I’ll tell my son all the things that happened to Yuchun, and hope that not only does he like Yuchun’s songs (son only listens to his songs) but also learns from this hyung the way to live as person, the spirit that never admits defeat and to live life with a positive and optimistic attitude. My biggest wish is that my son will grow up to be a really good man like Yuchun.
In 2013 I wish Yuchun good health and great success in his career!
Translated by Vienna@ParkYoochunSingaporeFC
Source: Micky Baidu
Shared by Park Yoochun SGFC

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Weeee finally a thread for spazzing thanks @yellowumbrella. . . gonna camp here for awhile and read those 7 pages that you've posted guys. 
wee found a baby pic of chunnie (is this him chunsa's?) he looks so cute kyaaa aegyoo4499a3278bc03e587643bc8.jpg
also of our baby YEH 
OMO what Good genes they have. kekeke they would have the most beautiful babies if they finally settle down with their favored partner (or together maybe?) kekekeke

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Guest yoonyoo

X-man day
EH taught HGD a 4-line poem on Yoochun's name (around 4:10)

Yoochun made a 3 word poem with Eun Hye's name in it (it's at the begining of the video)

EH answers Yoochun's question in "of course" game (around 4:45)

these moments make me feel like they are destiny for each other 

:x :x  :x
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