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♥ [OFFICIAL THREAD] ChunHye Couple : Park Yoochun ♡ Yoon Eun Hye ♥

Guest yellowumbrella

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Guest facing

Yoon Eun Hye and Park Yoo Chun in xman episode 23

@noniee thank youuuu I love it too! their eyes are so sexyyyy :\">

@mellina yes of course :D
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at first I didn't really feel this couple but then I got excited because of missing you and then............ now I'm kinda hoping they would go on on their real life haha. I know the possibility is maybe small but for now.. let's just enjoy them on screen.
I hope they have cf / photoshoot together just like gong yoo and lee min jung. that way we can still ship them after missing you is over :D
and let's just agree that one of the factor that makes missing you thread was so alive compared to other thread (i don't mean to disrespect, sorry :') I love other thread too!) because the chemistry is oh so good!

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Guest facing

you can look at OTP awards here

love this photo :x

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@ARIAH508 haha. Don't be offended because of the age. the unnies here try to protect u from growing up so fast. And we feel inappropriate for underage who is lurking around to watch unnecessary skinship. Actually the sound is only just like a peck. That's why u didn't hear it.

So, i guess this thread is more like at-ur-own-risk kind of thread coz we r going to expose it all. Aren't we? Or we still need to put everything under the spoiler? :\">

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Guest sunshine4ever

@yellowumbrella In case you want to add in some linkages to OTP collaboration. Maybe we can add in link to Missing You thread also for their collaboration?

X-man Episode 23 (you can link in post 1 for those who wanted to watch them onscreen 8 years ago)

Missing You / I Miss You thread:

Here is the clip for YC & EH at the award, which you can add to post 1 for all to see...

only if you want to add them to post one...everything is suggested since now you are the person in charge of post 1 @yellowumbrella. You can choose to post it if you like or not. :D
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Guest facing

the fail bed scene lol


3 steps kissuuuuu :\">


I'm looking through tumblr like a crazy fangirl rn lol looking for gifs lmao
chunhye what have you done to me?!!!!!!!!!!

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