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♥ [OFFICIAL THREAD] ChunHye Couple : Park Yoochun ♡ Yoon Eun Hye ♥

Guest yellowumbrella

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Park Yoo Chun in uniform in military .We miss him and he just start his service a few days ago. But because we love him it seems is like to long in service already he he. Just taking  care of your self and always pray , we will wait even how long you in service! !


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 hmmm they look alike right CHUNHYERS? 



Thanks sis @pixiedust0225 for this Chunhye fanart, we love it make more pls if you have time . Now we know you have a talent to do so he he . .

Our sis @8Iaimee so busy and her laptop has a problem, but she still with us and never leave this house. According to her she miss CHUNHYE and all you and she will be back .. . 


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YEH design in Muse Dress 2 episode 4, that makes her  to rank #1 [26,806,666 highest bid] Were happy for you, and the guy we know [YC]  who just enlisted n military, proud of you! ! !


YEH's bts pictures





Recent pictures of YEH in muse Dress 2 reality show in Beijing China.

cr:as tagged/owners thanks to all of you for sharing.

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Guest luzvisms

the mickey mouse inspire hair ( style ) yehvolution.CN-S9lyWsAAjqlM.jpg


I'm still searching for a Minnie in him. this is the closest I got!

him wearing #3 in his threeshirt sleeve. I was hoping d #3 it's not a photoshop. 11822779_822426991205519_393879192872032

him under the #3.   11949466_833921083389443_405017599430067

we won't be able to see him for at least 2 years. even inside the tree.


while  I'm on the topic of three this beautiful lady is having a birthday in a month.

she looks stunning as always.Embedded image permalink252B1E4155E9473514F2E8

and pretty awesome too.

peace to all loving people. cheers to #3 & #4

credit all owners:











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This is YEH own design


Observed carefully if this two [the above pictures and below pictures]design are similar? hmmmm just only they have both raffles in sleeves but not the same raffles design! !

007_unknown.jpg  002_unknown.jpg

This is the design who accusing YEH plugarism.

cr:as tagged/owners

Our pretty YEH accusing her plagiarism , which is not definitely not true, YEH know the trending fashion , the trending design make her inspiration , she make her own design, I don't know why he got interested accusing YEH, may be YEH got rank1 , the bidding is too high 26.806,000M. I just thinking if YEH lost in this episode in that design show above pictures, do you think this ruffles king [designer] will publicly accuse YEH plagiarism? ? ? I don't think so ! !  He just want to be popular and he use YEH for this. pls pray for our dear princess YEH, hope she will stay STRONG for this controversies ! ! 

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my CHUNHYE family ,

let us show our LOVE and SOLIDARITY in supporting YEH in this very chaotic and crazy time of her career.

though it seems that her trials are endless........we pray that this " black storm "  will blow over soon and her name will be cleared.

WE , your CHUNHYE family LOVES you and BELIEVES in you.

GO ONWARD..............FIGHTING ! ! !

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@dee02, @yoonparkhye and @LhenyR, WHAT???!!!!!!! Who is that guy who accussed YEH??? Is he famous in his own right? Other than the ruffles on the arm sleeves and the color white I don't see any similarity at all!!!
 Is that guy trying to ride on YEH's popularity???? He must be jealous and envious of the popularity of YEH's design? How now? What can I do to show support? Go to YEH's soompi page? anywhere else??? Please please, I don't want this to bring our lovely princess down!!!

@yoonparkhye, thanks for YC's military photo, indeed he looks sad..

ChunHye fighting!!!!

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@katsmew well, I only visit YEH house and waiting for some news because just like Avidneri said even though we want to do something but afraid to make it worse so let's just support her and waiting..just my opinion :)

check this http://koreabizwire.com/copied-design-or-just-a-cliche/41698

Here's our pretty princess :wub:




CR:yoon_eunhye instagramGoddess's New Clothes" Producer) Birthday Party.     We love you our lovely YEH, 'We love you unconditionally' don't give up keep smiling, ...Fighting!

this from sis @muno thanks for update sis ^^

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@dee02, i headed over to YEH's soompi page and back read to understand more of what happened.  It pained me and crushed my heart, what mores our Princess who has to endure these negativity. Our dear Princess is truly blessed with not only beauty and talent but most importantly a beautiful soul.  And maybe because of this, those who are evil and malicious wanted to attack and bring her down. I for one couldn't even bear to read those malicious attacks on the net, they are too vicious with their hate filled souls.  Just like a pack of rabid Hyenas!! As for that person who started it all, i don't know whether he is successful or well known in Korea, or that he has recently achieved some fame, all I know from his 1st posting, i sadly came to the conclusion that he has let his success or fame got to his head and became arrogant.  I don't care if he will continue to be successful or world famous but for a person who is blinded by success or fame, no matter how far he can reach, he will forever be lonely.

Our beautiful YEH is God loving and faithful, I will continue to pray for her, that our Lord will continue to bless her and strengthen her in this trial/ordeal, that she be given the wisdom  whether or not to take appropriate action on this matter, that she may know that all the Warriors/Neris/Amazings all over the world are with her.  May she find joy and peace in all that she do. Amen.

All my love and support to my lovely Yoon Eun Hye. Fighting!!!

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Yes our dear YEH, just laugh/smiled, every thing will be alright soon .Your smiled lesser our worries. We believed in you , we love you , we all hear for you. . .GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS .



She is so prettyyyyyyyy,ohhhhh girl. . .


She dance in episode 5 in MD2.




She sang "Lost Stars"







Just pray for our dear YEH , and she need to stay STRONG. . . . a good person like her, they will never get them down.

cr: weibo/@iAmFangirl5/@kanghyena99

Your welcome sis @katsmew .. . .nice to see you posting again sis @dee02 pls do often. 

Sorry for not posting often, just to busy and one more thing sometimes no new news about our CHUNHYE . But I want you to know ,our faith still strong CHUNHYE IS REAL .

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Ohhhh our prince YC whose in military camp now,if he knows about his princess controversies,  may be he will praying so hard for his princess , to be strong and she can handle all of this. He knows more YEH than us, YEH is a good person and can't do that thing plagiarism that they accusing on her. She make her own design .

take care always Park Yoo Chun, were here and never leave this tread, we will patiently waiting for you. After two years we really do hope we can finally hear the good news.


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I don't quite understand how the 2 (photo and YEH's SNS about Muse 2) are related but here it is....

Yoon Eun-hye's SNS, kissing Park Yoo-chun


Yoon Eun-hye's SNS has caught the attention of Internet users while the issue of plagiarism is still at large.

A kiss scene by Yoon Eun-hye and Park Yoo-chun from her former drama "Missing You" has come up the surface once again. They played a lovely couple.

Meanwhile, Yoon Eun-hye posted, "You can look forward to next week and it's only my first prize yet. Thank you" on her SNS, causing the already existing issue to get bigger.

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