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♥ [OFFICIAL THREAD] ChunHye Couple : Park Yoochun ♡ Yoon Eun Hye ♥

Guest yellowumbrella

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Hi! It's been a while since I last posted in this thread... and i felt sad about that...but i feel sadder knowing there are only few people who post here now, what more when Yc enlist in his MMS? Hmm, i know everyone is busy with their own errands, because I, too, find it hard to balance work and shipping. (well, if I only have a choice, of course, I choose shipping :D :D:D

Anyway, we are in our 3rd year already in shipping this cute couple...long enough to say that our ship is still sailing smoothly... but are we really looking forward to hear a good news? or just waiting for nothing? That, we still have no assurance. Honestly, there are times that I already get tired of it especially when the situation doesn't go well with our ship... like every time Yc says he's not seeing anyone or when Yeh seems to be even more aloof to talk about her lovelife...and you know what makes me upset (sometimes) when shipping these two? It's when their respective fandoms show support to their other coleads while we only receive hatred from them. Well who am I to judge or to command them to like/love our ship anyway? It's their choice and it is also our choice to keep loving ChunHye. And I can do nothing but to respect their opinions...i just hope that they be fair as we, chunhyers, are really trying hard to be fair and not to badmouth any other coleads of our OTP.

Until now, I am still wondering why no eng sub of IMY BTS was posted. We've been waiting for it for almost a year already and we got nothing... Are some people afraid that we will find/see/hear something fishy there? Well I really think it is the reason why. If ChunHye is not real, then why are there people who are afraid to show us what ChunHye really are? Why does Yc seem to protect Yeh by not even mentioning her in his FMs while mentioning almost every of his coleads? Why does Yeh prefer not to talk about *** as if someone out there would be jelly if she gets attached to him again? Why do they seem very eager to talk about marriage and babies nowadays? Coincidence? Perhaps... but there are too many circumstances already that go well with these two... and it's hard to just give up shipping because the more secretive they become, the more our belief gets stronger... 

People might say that we are very delusional, like connecting everything to Chunhye when it seems to be different, but can we help it? Of course NOT. If things happen by coincidences many times already, then that is no longer coincidence. That is what you call FATE.

So whether ChunHye is real or not, let's leave it to FATE. 

It will take two years for us to see Yc again while Yeh I think will be active in China and school?. Whatever happens for the 2 years of waiting, let's just accept it wholeheartedly. I will no longer get shocked if this thread will not be active for 2 years, but just like HJW who waited for 15 yrs, I think 2 years is nothing compared to his patience of waiting. 

So let's endure it more ChunHyers! We will wait until the time ChunHye are ready to announce! Fighting! :wub: 


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Ohhh love to see this picture, YEH holding a little baby girl in her variety show in China "Muse Dress".  Ohhh they so  cute they look like Mother and Daughter  ,how I wish to see YEH with her own daughter in the future. . .




YEH always wearing conservative dress, is it a coincidence?hmmmm , or she chose to wear it? hmmm  what we know someone so happy when YEH's wearing simple and conservative one.  As we all know even him [YC] want his special someone wearing a simple and conservative dress he he. . .



Yoon Eun Hye Muse Dress Season 2

cr:as tagged/@tikuwakko/@tiramimi.d


Ohhhh sis @pixiedust0225 like your post,specially the 3rd part till end  . well said hmmmm you really a CHUNHYERS , like you said our ship sailing smoothly don't worry sis so many CHUNHYERS still with us and ready/patiently waiting until they [after YC enlist] ready to announce in public.

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Our prince PARK YOO CHUN , in his last fan meeting in Japan . . . .he was so handsome, manly, adorable and sometimes so cute when he doing funny things. . .

We definitely miss YC  for two years in military services. . ,. .we will pray for him and we continue gathered in here till we meet him again and for sure were ready to hear your good news . . .

cr;as tagged/owners

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Guest luzvisms


sunflower. a lively yellow flower but not my favourite flower until today!

why I keep seeing it everywhere?11011530_816188098496075_583978836072579

11695971_815621821886036_538144999891923Embedded image permalink


he even composed and sung a song about it.


whatever sunflower meant to them definitely my favourite flower today.

sunflower power chunhyers! peace all!

credit owners and as tagged:


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Guest iluvthem



I am back. I tried to log in but this new soompi is not friendly.

A month from now YC will be joining the military. Thanks to the new song "Sunflower's Promise".

i just knew it that sunflower can communicate. Lol

We have lots of sunflower here. The color is really bright. What I want in it is the seeds. It has nutty favor

I hope YC and sunflower will be happy al the time.

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Why your so handsome day by day YC? hmmmm we know why but our heart feel so sad every time we thinking for you coming enlistment this coming August. . . .We really don't know how CHUNHYE house life with out  you for two years. But we were so sure no matter what we will wait for you. . .God Bless You Always ! ! And we hope after enlistment our wish will come true. . .




Yes upon seeing YEH pictures with sunflowers yesterday, I was thinking is it another coincidence ? Even YC in his last fan meeting in Japan sung SUNFLOWERS and fans brought sun flowers too. . . . .then YEH's interview in MUSE DRESS mentioned ZOO even YC mentioned ZOO to his fan meeting recently hmmm . .a simple thing like this make us giggling too. . .COINCIDENCE? ? ?hmmmmmm


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Blue couple hmmmmmm even their outfit same colors , hmmmm . . .


YC in his last fan meeting in Japan. . . .



YEH in her beauty variety show MUSE DRESS . . . .





His sweet smile ohhhhh my goodness . . 



YEH looks pretty,  cool, thin and tall in this pictures .

Their recent pictures shows they are looking great. . . .


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hello my dear chunhyers! I'm still here, i never left our ship .I will continue sailing with you guys till the end.                                            i will continue to pray for our yoochun and eunhye.FIGHTING!!! God Bless...



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Hi Chunhyers ,ohhhhh so quiet in our CHUNHYE house. . .

Here some CHUNHYE individual pictures. . .hmmmm they both looking good. . .what ever they are doing individual activities in our shipping heart, still they have quality time together when they have time. .. .

May be by this time YEH finished filming her variety show MUSE DRESS 2, hmmm is she back in Korea? Someone waiting for her.. . .coughYCcough. .


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Look at our OTP they look alike, ohhhhh my heart. .

.Our pretty princess YEH so blooming and lovely . . .and her prince YC so handsome . . .

I still hoping before YC enlist this August 27, even we can get hints or news that make us giggling again he he ! 


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I'm so glad that there people still come to this thread. Thank you!!! Been neglecting this couple for awhile D: 

He's leaving soon and they barely have any proof that they're together for me since he's been busy with his fan meetings and she has her own activities too... 

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Hello sweeties!!! Just dropping by to greet you.

I'm so excited today because Muse Dress 2 is premiering tonight!!! We'll get to see our Princess on TV again!!! I hope an angel will be good and kind enough to share a streaming link or 2 so we can watch it.

As usual, I'd like to express my gratitude to all the ChunHyers who are so dedicated in posting bits and pieces of information about our OTP. Our Prince will soon be enlisting so we will be missing him a lot. I hope he is spending quality time with his family and loved ones. 

Always take care sweeties!!!


I truly believe that:




So I will...






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Guest luzvisms

surprise to see a  selfie from 1003grace. her last tweet was December 27 2014 and she re tweeted  a promo for dear me june 30 2015. well, so happy to find her post on tweeter today..


thanks yeh!!! cheer on!!!  213DD83955C48352346A0F

credit 1003grace/idvuyeh


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Here's a raw full video of Muse Dress 2

Part 1: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x30vgh3_

Part 2: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x30vgh4

There is no eng sub yet but Im watching the full vid right now. Im so proud of Yeh. She helped first her models before fixing herself and changing into her clothes. As a result, she finished last and had no choice but to be the first performer. However, though she didn't got the highest bid, she really proved to everybody that she puts others first before herself. So proud of her! Yeh fighting!!! :D :D:D 

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Excerpt from YC's interview for Women's Weekly 


How about age? Up until now, the female leads were either of the same age or older than you. Chorim’s age was set to be of the same age as Mugak’s sister. Will your way of getting along with younger women be different?

“It’s my first time to work with a younger actor because the characters were set up like this. Also, Shin Se Kyung is younger than me. That’s why there will be a difference compared to the older characters. The kind of feeling of wanting to protect her and hug her tight.”

You don’t have this kind of feelings for older women?

“No, I also have feelings for older women. Really, I absolutely have feelings but it’s a little different. How do I say this…very affectionate. With older women, I like to hug tight. With younger women, I feel like touching her head because I’m fond of her. Older women’s cuteness is different.

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OMG our pretty YEH wearing Micky Mouse T shirt in MUSE DRESS 2 .hmmmm ohhhh my heart  . . .my shipping heart so alive woooooo coincidence? hmmmmm . . . . come on ! !


Our pretty princess Yoon Eun Hye in Muse Dress variety show in Beijing China. . she is soooo pretty, lovely ,gorgeous and constantly blooming! ! Right YC ? ? He he. .  





She looks happy in this show. . .



r:as tagged/owners/@avidneri/@tikuwakko

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There's one thing I notice with YEH... every time she goes overseas she brings Mickey Mouse stuff with her...

1. During her photoshoot in Paris she brought Mickey Mouse umbrella...

2. In L'oreal event in Singapore, when she took her mirror selfie, there's a Mickey Mouse stuff at her back... 

3. And recently, in China, in next week's episode of Muse Dress 2 she will be wearing a Mickey Mouse print shirt. :D :D:D

In my shipping heart, Yc or Yeh decided to bring with her any Mickey Mouse stuff so she won't be missing her namja chingu that much. ~ :)  So now Im wondering what Yc brings with him when they are not together... hmmm

Oh my heaaaaarrrtt!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

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