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♥ [OFFICIAL THREAD] ChunHye Couple : Park Yoochun ♡ Yoon Eun Hye ♥

Guest yellowumbrella

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YOON EUN HYE in beauty variety show "MUSE DRESS" in Beijing China, she looks so pretty and looked like a princess. 






Ohhhhhh dear why are you so sad? Yes sis @luzvisms , it seems, he misses his princess who was in China filming her variety show Muse Dress. Ohhh his aura can't denied he is so sad hmmm.


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Guest luzvisms

yeh and bi rain in a show muse dress in china.

he sang, almost to the end of his song models paraded along with yeh you can hear the audience chanting eun hye or oppa something like that. so he came over to yeh and they shook hands. they knew each other back in 2004. they have been in school of rock November 29 2004 jadu as mc. the video is available in you tube.




now comes my  theory. back in the day I read somewhere that bi rain courted or send flowers to yeh which yeh nicely refused something like that. true or not? probably why our prince was kind of sad in his flight to japan.


my heart is skipping a bit., is there's a possibility that he is jealous? well yc don't worry rain is dating kth and yeh is dating you. right ? that's all that matters to me and the orange passport holder.


our yeh is so lovely and having so much fun. Embedded image permalink

credit owners/as tagged.







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  • yochwennie: Kiss scene from Missing you Showing the ddeokukki-cider kissing scene. MC asked YC if he does this with his girlfriend too. YC says if he has a gf in real life, he would want to give her a kiss every morning. But rather than kiss, he prefers “ppo ppo”
  • rubypurple_fan: YC said There is difference bet kiss and chu(smack). Kiss has more feelings.
  • yochwennie: MC asked what’s the difference between a kiss and “ppo ppo”. YC said ppo ppo is just a touch on the lips but kissing is like giving your all


FAN CAM: Yuchun FM in Nagoya day 2: Ending message

YC: Thank you everyone! Today is already the last day in Nagoya! Then after next week in Yokohama, I'll be enlisting soon already. I won't be able to see everyone for a long time. If I want to see everyone, what should I do? It's so sad! But there's still Junsu. Hope everyone will show their love to Junsu, then let's meet again after we all come out.

*Everyone in the venue is shouting... Yuchun! We will wait for you! Love you!

Chinese trans via PYCandPYS6002
English translations by: ParkYoochunSGFC


YC We will miss you and always remember you:mellow:

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Good morning every one, what a beautiful morning to start the day to see YEH's beautiful recent pictures. She is so pretty,looking young and fresh ,lovely and gorgeous . . .Hmmmm day by day our princess's blooming show up to her physical appearance and for us CHUNHYERS our prince is one of the reason why princess YEH always pretty, happy, lovely and her eyes [smiled] my goodness so alive like a woman in love, . . .we know to whom. . . .coughYCcough he he.

We're happy to see YEH's happy ! ! 


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Ohhhhh what a sweet natural smiled to our prince handsome YC, this man can't denied his happiness . . .A lucky man . . .his career so good, his family so good and his love life sooooooo gooddddd . .what he can ask for. . .ohhh is just his enlistment is fast approaching which he can't do about it to stop he he . . .he need to enlist us their obligation to their country. 

I'm happy even our OTP have individual projects/activities but to their physical appearance it shows how happy they are privately . . . .

Be ready my fellow CHUNHYERS two years is to long, but we need to wait and while we waiting pls pls continue posting/sharing in our thread. Continue gathering in here ok . .this is our home lets our home continue happy and alive, while we waiting to hear the good news! !


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Ohhhhh really miss to see new real CHUNHYE sweet pictures together, since we miss them here some sweetie @81aimee's  CHUNHYE fanart pictures and bts IMY sweet/romantic pictures ! !

CHUNHYE make us happy and alive ! !

cr:@81aimee/as tagged

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Guest luzvisms

silhouette chunhye.

Embedded image permalink11012505_806249899489895_617964755108473

credit owners/as tagged.









Embedded image permalink

yeh was spotted on her way back to korea.

credit as tagged:




Eid Mubarak to all Muslims around the world. happy Eid al-Fitr .







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Guest dreamingchunhye

He announced his status, he's single :(

In his very recent interview with IS Plus, here are excerpts"

"Q: You’re 30. You should be dating.
YC: I am not seeing anyone now. Honestly. It’s not easy to hide about a relationship too anyway.

Q: So, can I ask if you’re dating recently?
YC: That’s rather…Do I have to answer? I’ll just pass (laughs)"

I believe him. The gut feeling that i mentioned before has arisen again....

Wish you sis all the best and one day, our ship can come to final happy ending

credit: jyj3.net

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Hello sweeties!!! I know its been awhile since my last post but I visit at least once a day, or if I have more free time, even several times a day. ;)

Anyway, I read that, in a recent interview, YC denied having a GF or that he is even dating right now. Well...truthfully, I'm not surprised. I can even honestly go ahead and admit that I was expecting it. Considering they live in a country where being in love and dating is considered a 'scandal', I KNEW that they will NEVER admit to a relationship unless they are sure there will be no negative backlash on them, their loved ones and their careers.

I remember that, previously, J-Army also issued a statement in YEH's behalf that she is single and not in a relationship. For me, that is standard in K-entertainment unless the celebrity is ready to come out and admit to a relationship.

As a shipper, I guess this is where 'faith' comes in. My definition of 'faith' is a strong belief and trust in someone or something even without tangible proof. Having faith is an individual decision and a feeling, and since I learned that feelings are neither right nor wrong, it just is; I can not be judged based on my feelings and even if people judge me, I really don't mind what other people may think of my belief in ChunHye being a couple. I just believe.

We each now have to honestly gauge our reaction to this interview and ask ourselves: "Am I wavering in my faith or do I still believe?" All I can say is as a shipper, I do not expect too much from YC and YEH since I believe that, when they are emotional ready, they will come out. But, that is my belief. What's your belief? For as long as I can see that they are happy and healthy, I am happy and content and willing to wait patiently. I am more that ready to hear that they are in a relationship but, and more importantly, are YC and YEH ready to face the good and the bad consequences  for them, their loved ones and their careers IF they admit to a relationship? As a ChunHyer, my role is to wait. Are you still willing to wait? Only the individual shipper can make the choice. I also have faith in all my fellow ChunHyer so I KNOW that we shall stay strong!!! Hwaiting ChunHye!!! Hwaiting ChunHyers!!!

Hmmm...I'm getting a bit pontifical so I better end my post here.

All I can say is that, for me, still,


I truly believe that:












So I will...














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Guest luzvisms

Embedded image permalink

she's always looks so beautiful, lovely and pretty but this picture of her without any trace of make up as soon as I saw it I got this awe felling. I was like oh my!!! Awesome!!!  the more I miss her.


credit owner:

Embedded image permalink

credit as tagged




cr: as tagged


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For me CHUNHYE IS REAL. . . . . .both YC and YEH denied or not,  nothing change in my strong beliefs they are REAL ! ! They just protect their relationship , both of them want their personal life will keep privately as much as possible , they will announce it when they just to be married!! Of course if they want private life , they will never reveal for now that they have gf/bf or they are dating hmmmmm don't worry my fellow CHUNHYERS we are still smooth sailing in our ship, no matter what they saying WE CHUNHYERS WILL NOT AFFECTED CAUSE WE KNOW THAT THEY ARE REAL ! ! !


Look at YC when YEH is in Bijing filming her Muse Dress, YC so sad at that time going in Japan for his first fan meeting hmmm is just coincidence hmmm, that he can't hide his sadness cause his princess was in Beijing and he misses her. . . . .so giggling . . .




Now look at YC , he can't hide how happy he was, hmmmm it because his princess was around and they just have quality time together, before he leave this time ?  hmmmm YEH went back in Korea what ever her purpose why she was going home  [for how many days only] even it can stay in Beijing cause so many rehearsal that she need for the show, but why she choose to back home in Korea hmmmmmmm aside for her family, is it someone waiting for her? ? ? hmmmmmm think think . . . .Coincidence again? ? ?hmmmm






Now look at YC and YEH to their recent pictures yesterday, YC in Japan for his fan meeting and YEH in China for filming her variety show Muse Dress. . . . .Both with happy aura. . . . hmmmm in love . . .


YEH soooooooo pretty, looking young, gorgeous, lovely and sooooo blooming . . . .



YC so handsome, adorable, looking young, and sooooooo manly . . . . .






CHUNHYE really match  to each other , a handsome YC and pretty YEH. . . .perfect couple ! !

cr:as tagged/owners

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Guest dreamingchunhye

"Many celebrities have gone public with their relationships. What do you think about that?

I have changed my mind a bit about it. It depends on the situation, but if I go public with a person I’m dating, my partner will get hurt. So I’m more in favor of saying, “Let’s not announce our relationship when we’re in one.”

I’m currently not dating anyone. It is not easy dating someone while you keep it a secret."

Cr: JYJ3

It is supposed to be the full translation of the interview. So he changed, and in my shipping heart, it is because of Eun Hye. I don't think that they have been in an official relationship as i guess YEH is not ready for this kind .

Many of you may already know her statement about her ideal bf, that guy must be older than her (she never considers younger guy), family type and not handsome. She is exactly conservative style and since she has been through alot of toughness during her career, we can see that she'd like to keep her profile low. Yoochun is totally opposite, he 's younger, handsome and VERY FAMOUS. Though their chemistry can not be denied, the way to blossom relationship shall not smooth to Yoo chun. I always have feeling that because of their busy schedules, it will take time to start a relationship. And he stated that he can waited because he is patient when he was asked about waiting for his girl in a fan meeting.

In addition, in my previous post, i mentioned about his selection of songs for fanmeeting, his songs seem to tell stories about unfulfilled love. In that love, the boy has promised to the girl about an endless love, but it seems that the girl does not believe. In some interviews he also somehow gives hints about that, such as in Valentine 2013 JYJ video, Yoo chun told fans "please say that you do not have a bf" and "i miss you" - the beginning stage of love, his famous songs that describes the feeling of guy who is indeed happy to realize his love,...In 2014, the story has changed, every event he appears, we can see a more manly and grown-up image, like he wanted to say to his special he is a reliable man, trust him. And in I miss you fanmeeting, Jaejong's hint which is well-knowned among us. Everything seems to keep his track to the final destination.

However, during his last fanmeeting at the end  beginning of 2015, he sings the song "the day we broke up" - look in the lyrics of this song, i can see how stress and upset the man is to try to let his love gone. In his recent interview, he said during the new year (2015), he was been through a very stress period... I think maybe because of his regretful love. During that time he is at spotlight, almost always on highlight of newspaper because of his grand-slams for Haemoo. And from my point of view, i don't think Eun hye can't help to feel scare of the pressure if his status were revealed. In one of his fanmeeting in China, i can see his bitter feeling in Q& A ,when he asked the fan how's about he have a girlfriend now and the hall becomes a chaos for opposing. Poor him!

In recent months, his mood has brightened and no one can deny that. He becomes himself again, like a Hollywood boy, younger image, bright and happy, playful. i thought it seems that he decided to move on from his worried and sadness...and he said he's currently not dating anyone.

And today after I read the whole interview, another hope lands on me. Following his announcement of his single status, he was asked if he has been dating recently, and he answered "I'd rather say...". Let me finish his line, it was not dating but he has been trying to persuade our girl... He succeed or not, i don't really figure out, but he wants to keep his relationship in private...because of her... he understands her feelings and worries.... His love was serious..

And in his recent fanmeeting, did he sing "should I say I love you again?"... his feeling is still remained, his heart still flusters because of her... and he has 2 years coming without being traced by paparazzi or saesang fans... So I hope....

We can see a blossom love soon!!!! Be strong Yoo chun, eun hye and chunhye sisters!!


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I feel giggling every time YC singing Walking With Her  With Spring, hmmmmm either in his fan meeting or JYJ concert he always sing that song. . .WWHWS obviously its so special for him, or else he will never sing that song in his special event like fan meeting, concert etc. . .he wrote that song while filming IMY drama and he recorded after the drama, so for us CHUNHYERS with the content of the song ,WWHIS dedicated to our princess YEH ! ! 







Last night YC cried for his last fan meeting [Japan] , my heart hurt seeing  our boy cried due to saying goodbye to his fans in Japan , its time for him to say goodbye for now for giving way his duty to his country,. . .my dear PARK YOO CHUN . . . .we definitely we will miss you , we will wait for you and our support for you, always there. . . 



We respect every one's opinion but for me like I always saying , I still believed CHUNHYE is in relationship , we still here up to now cause we believed they are REAL, the explanation for this pls back read and you may get what I mean . . . . we just wait and see, after YC enlistment , we can hear the good news that we waiting for so long, pls continue praying for them ! ! !

cr: @skys64/@alwayswyuchun

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YOON EUN HYE in her beauty variety show in Beijing China MUSE DRESS. . .

Ohhhhh our princess soooooo pretty,lovely,gorgeous and constantly blooming hmmmmmmm she can't denied there is someone behind  . . .coughYCcough . . . .

cr:as tagged/@YoonEunHye_KN

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Sunflower's promise


Why did you cry, when I’m no longer beside you
I only can grieving at my self
Even I dont know what’s wrong with me
These time right now will always be our treasure

Am I still have a small chance to be with you?
The laughing us, that’s what I always wanted to see
You are who as soft as sunflower
With all of it’s warmness
I’ll telling you the future
Because I already find the meaning of the true happiness

We often together seeing the future
I always believing that your future will be better this way
I always hoping that you will stepping which the way we go through

Please dont ever forget the times when we were together
You’re who smiling when we grab each other hand before parting
You are who as soft as sunflower
With all of it’s warmness
If you want me to coming back,
Can you said it that you believing at me?

Am I still have a small chance to be with you?
The laughing us, that’s what I always wanted to see
You are who as soft as sunflower
With all of it’s warmness
For now I’ll telling you the future
Because I already find the meaning of the true happiness


 why YC sing this heartbreaking song. he was crying while singing. wish him the best.

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Sis @muno he sang that song for his fans and was crying so hard cause he was saying goodbye (for now ) to give way to his duty (military services) in his country. . . .is like is so painful for him to say goodbye to his fans. .  Two years sis to long for him not seeing his fans and outside world (public) . . . .Don't worry our prince YC ,we will wait though we really really miss you . . .

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YEH filming Chinese variety show MUSE DRESS. . .can"t wait to watch this show. . . hmmmm so happy to see her how happy she was. . .looking young like a teen, lovely, gorgeous and so cute with her sweet smile. . . .her happy aura and constantly blooming can't denied she was in love hmmmm . . .



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