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♥ [OFFICIAL THREAD] ChunHye Couple : Park Yoochun ♡ Yoon Eun Hye ♥

Guest yellowumbrella

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YEH spotted wearing Blumarine Embellished Dress. . . price $976



YEH spotted wearing Christian Louboutin Decoupata shoes . . . . price $836



YEH spotted wearing T by Alexander Wang striped stretch cotton mini dress. . . price $251



YEH spotted wearing Zara Printed Layered Dress. . .price $99.90



YEH spotted wearing Vanessa Bruno Collection. .  price $976


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Guest luzvisms


I miss her. :sweatingbullets:


i miss him. :sweatingbullets:


i miss them on a rainy umbrella day.:sweatingbullets:


and oh that heart skipping leaning on to him any given day.:wub:

really really miss them both much.


and so nice to see song ji hyo appreciated her effort to wear her design to help the blind kids on behalf of KUHO.



thanks/credit owners:










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Yoon Eun Hye l'Oreal Professionnel Singapore Fashion Week 2015 in private session. . . .



ohhh our pretty princess YEH, where are you? Misssssss you so much! ! Even YC now a days MIA too, hmmm did they seeing each other? hmmmm in my shipping heart, yes they are ,  specially when they have a break to their work. . . .this couple really a ninja they can go to other countries/place either individual or together [may be] he he , with out seeing them, hmmmm . . . .


Do you remember this pictures? hmmmm MBC Awards Night 2012 ,. .So sweet,  with their sweet natural smile to each other and always happy  together ! ! 



Miss you all guys, sorry if I'm not posting often so busy and sometimes I can't log in. . .  . . .Always remembered CHUNHYE IS REAL ! !

cr:@HallyuYEH/@ganis/as tagged

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YEH was spotted wearing Ballon Bleu De Cartier Watch on her way to Singapore . . . . $5050

But I'm curious why she is holding two passport and two tickets, hmmmm . . . .may be the one for her manager? why she is  holding it ? It should be the manager must holding her own passport! ! hmmmmm 


cr:Yoon Eun Hye SG FANS 

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k0a.gif    48j4.gif

vsrh.gif   kjn.gif   s3k.gif

ahe.gif   3kxx.gif


e3cf.gif v0o.gif



Who can't forget this Fan Meeting Of YC to his Japanese fans with his co stars of IMY ! ! Soooooooo giggling, YC so obvious he had special feeling to YEH, his reaction say it all ! ! YC so happy when YEH is around. And I never tired saying this , you can't see YC treated so sweet and well cared  to YEH, that we never seeing to his other co lead even up to now ! . . .thanks sweetie @81aimee for doing all of this giggling gifs! ! 



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Guest dreamingchunhye

It's quiet here!

I noticed that in his recent drama events he does not mention much about his co-leader or drama behind-stories...

it's a bit strange to me since the theme of event is about TGWSS itself.

It is not coincident, isn't it?

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CHUNHYE cute and beautiful  fan art. . . .






cr:as tagged/owners

Goodmorning every one , its been a long time not posting, I just really busy in family and work.  But my heart always thinking CHUNHYE even how busy I am, and miss you all always! !

Our princess still MIA, but don't worry she will show up any time, cause this coming June 30-August 1 she will filming her guesting in a variety show in China and she will have L'Oreal event to July 3  in China too, ohhhhh I really dying to see her now its been a long not seeing her, hmmmm any way,  don't worry in our shipping heart we know CHUNHYE have quality time to each other even how busy they are.

In YC's latest fan meeting and interview, he mentioned again he want to have a baby girl after marriages, hmmmm I think if in Korea no military responsibility that should all man need to take it before they turning 30, I think CHUNHYE will getting married soon! ! ohhhh we need to wait and I'm so excited when that day comes!

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tlIMs18.jpgOur CHUNHYE perfect couple, hmmm every time I seeing like this CHUNHYE so sweet and romantic pictures/gifs my heart so happy and it releases my tiredness. I know you feel the same! ! Don't worry after two years our wishes  will granted finally! !


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cr:as tagged/owners

Ohhhh I miss to see more new CHUNHYE sweet and happy together in an event. Ohhhh dear Lord, when we can see new giggling pictures/gifs of our OTP?? Make a miracle someone can share to us a new pictures of them. 

look at YC how really happy when YEH is on his side, hmmm he is obvious YEH have specially treatment and can't see to his other co lead the way he treated YEH! !

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YC's fan meeting today.



Look at him yesterday, he is so handsome, cute but so manly, his aura can't denied, he is happy what  he have right now, he is living happily  with his family and have quality time to his special someone  coughYEHcough ! !.



His sweet natural smile said it all, happy living, hmmmmm.



Hmmmmm I guest Orange passport case so special for our CHUNHYE, I notice they always use orange passport case every time they have travel overseas, hmmm ! !

cr:as tagged

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Since we miss our pretty princess YOON EUN HYE, here some old pictures of her , she is really pretty as always. That's why so many guys want to win her heart, but now sorry for them , someone [YC] we know win her heart already.

No one spotted YEH in airport heading Beijing , hmmm if  YEH filming like we heard ,her beauty variety show in Beijing China today and tomorrow , it means she was a ninja going there,  she really knows how to hide her self when never she want he he.

YEH in China, YC in Japan hmmmm who knows they will meet somewhere after their commitment he he ! !

cr;as tagged/@michibangs

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Guest luzvisms

I noticed that yeh's fans are missing her so much base upon old pictures that being posted in every sites. nice old pictures @yoonparkhye with black short hair she look stunning. she looks stunningly amazing anytime anyway no matter what she' wears whatever her hair colour...though I much like her hair black it shows her amazing features.yooneunhye


I miss her her making faces.  yooneunhye11414626_1011457915538820_1711378650_n.j1920120_581955271891045_2038926184_n.jpg1460011_547141832039056_913769719_n.jpg?1461824_544521582301081_1704436829_n.jpgYoon Eun HyeYoon Eun HyeYoon Eun Hye

just some of her old pics making faces and still looks amazing.

thanks to this little girl 10429337_733857206700850_211395213348095

who grew up like a goddess22498_810164722403431_113848584835845905

a good daughter very well raised by her  family Yoon Eun Hye

she grew up to be a good human being too.Yoon Eun Hye

Ihas been a year today since I joined soompi. I want to celebrate it by raising my glass to this very special person who brought me here.

Yoon Eun Hye

thanks yeh! you are always been visible in my mind.

though I will always wonder where you were and yes I will still have sleepless nights. Yoon Eun Hye

yet I knew you will be visible again for your fans.

yet until that day comes995088_755353077866325_77718028412808399  hope and pray you'll have more success and achievements as we all wait for you.

and then one fine day you will be able to wear this 946030_669946599690968_945784245_n.jpg?ohopefully you'll take him the equally amazing dashing guy  as your other halfEmbedded image permalink

to have and to hold until chunhye's shipping hearts finally sails. 10609564_582446475212031_233142000063869

and maybe just maybe someday a chunhye baby. One of the best idol/celebrity and baby pic i have

ahh!!!  just woke up in a dreamland!

cheers!!! Yoon Eun Hyepeace to all!Yoon Eun Hye

thanks/credit to owners.











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@pixiedust0225, don't be heartbroken! In fact be positive and celebrate!!! Its soooooo OBVIOUS!!! He loves her! That's why he's protecting her!!! Oh my shipping heart!!! To me its a very very positive sign!!!


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Guest dreamingchunhye

I have a strong desire to ask Yuchun in his coming FMs that what he calls his female co-leaders.

haiz wish that he mentioned yoon hye in one of his FM.

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