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__ My Two Current Obsessions <3 __

Guest Korean_chick

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Guest polaris

Wow hot pics and they are two stunningly handsome men. :D I prefer Dennis O'Neil over Daniel Henney.

same here. Dennis' face is so much more appealing to me for some reason. I dont care if he cant act!! :rolleyes:

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Guest dianak

AHHH!! I'M SOOooooooOOOoooOO IN LOVE WITH DANIEL! Daniel look way hotter then Dennis I think because I've seen a lot of peopel that KINDA looks like Dennis... but there's something about Daniel that makes him POP out like non other!

But there's no doubt that they're both HOTT AS HECK!

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Guest sweet_hunny

I like litterly had intrest with Daniel since I first heard about him in MNIKSS. Dennis, I liked him for a short period but then this one interview about how he just realized he's famous kinda made think less of him. He's cute but I think he should be more Daniel like since he's a natural in the public eye.

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