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J-pop group: GENERATIONS

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The group has seven members: Shirahama Alan (19) from Ehime, Katayose Ryota (18) and Nakatsuka Yuta (19) from Osaka, Kazuhara Ryuto (19) from Hyogo, Komori Hayato (17) from Mie, Sano Reo (16) from Tokyo, and Sekiguchi Mandy (21) from New Jersey. The group has been training hard for about two years by performing on the street throughout the country and those who stuck it out to the end have become official members.
Composed of 2 vocalists (Katayose Ryota & Kazuhara Ryuto) and 5 performers/dancers (Shirahama Alan, Nakatsuka Yuta, Komori Hayato, Sano Reo & Sekiguchi Mandy):
Music videos:Brave It Outhttp://vimeo.com/52305969


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Vocalists:Katayose Ryota  
Kazuhara Ryuto kazuhararyuto.jpg
Performers:Shirahama Alan alan6_zps7d1e6716.jpg
Nakatsuka Yuta nakatsuka_yuta.jpg

Komori Hayatokomorihayato.jpg

Sano Reosano_reo.jpg

Sekiguchi Mandy sekiguchimandy.jpg

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