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Real Name: Kim Hyun Joong (김현중) Born: July 16, 1989. Seoul, South Korea Edication: Jeonju University  Height: 188 cm (6 ft 2 in) Blood Type: B (II) Agency: SidusHQ Offici

What is he drinking? I'm so curious lol      

This is short link to visit UNCONTROLLABLY FOND THREAD, for new fans of Kim woo bin  

*** I'm glad seeing KWB looking all happy and healthy. He looks so good wearing a gray suit and black tie with that incredible figure showing his long legs and a muscular body. This was his first public appearance in a long time. He posed like a model, just like the old times. I'm happy that he had recovered and was ready to kick off his acting work again. He recently finished filming an upcoming movie 'Alien',



which will mark his first-ever project since his hiatus.     :wut:

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[HanCinema's News] Top 10 Korean Actors Who Started Off As Models


In the Korean entertainment industry, actors come from varied walks of life. Some are scouted at a very young age and become child actors, others transition from being idols to actors. It is also not uncommon for actors to change their careers entirely. Going from modelling to acting is quite a popular changeover and often, casting directors look out specifically for models who have the exact type of visual they are looking for. With that said, here are 10 Korean actors who started out as models and are now hugely successful actors.




Kim Woo-bin



Kim Woo-bin is truly one of the most beloved actors in the Korean entertainment industry, known for his ability to make his viewers laugh and cry with him. He began his career as a model in 2008 and soon after, debuted as an actor with "Drama Special - White Christmas".



(skipped unrelated.....)

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*** Kim Woo Bin is considering a starring role in the new drama "Delivery Knight."  It is a dystopian story about a legendary delivery knight in a world where everything has to be delivered because pollution is so severe. Kim Woo Bin would take on the role of the legendary delivery knight. If he accepts, it would be his first drama in many years. It will air on Netflix.  :kitty:

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[K-Star’s Best Character] Kim Woo Bin’s Long-Awaited Return




Kim Woo Bin, a 6′ 2 former fashion model, mainly played tough and rebellious high-schoolers in the early days of his career. He made his debut as Kang Mir in KBS White Christmas in 2011, and his nickname was ‘Crazy Mir’ with his red hair who strolls around a highly prestigious high school. In SBS A Gentleman’s Dignity, the following year, he appeared as a student who causes trouble to a teacher he secretly fancies. In it, he makes her laugh with his quirky behaviors. Later, in KBS School 2013, he plays a suspended transfer student with a tragic hidden story. With his first lead role in School 2013, he won the Best New Male Award at the 2013 Asia Pacific Star Awards.

Kim Woo Bin movies Credit: Lotte Entertainment


Kim Woo Bin’s screen debut was Friend: The Great Legacy (2013), a sequel that came out in 12 years. In the previous work, Friend, he played the secret son of Dong Su (Jang Dong Gun), who was killed by the betrayal of a friend he trusted among his four friends. He appeared as one of the young generations of a criminal organization who was not afraid to curse or kill. While playing the role, he even described the character as “one of the most badass roles he played.”


While steadily expanding his popularity, he participated in SBS The Heirs (2013) and stood out As Choi Young Do, the young heir of a hotel. In it, his clever line, “See, good looks hide poor quality,” has gone viral online. The character’s unique confidence in the line was impressive.

Kim Woo Bin movies Credit: Next Entertainment World


Since 2014, Kim Woo Bin has been steadily focusing on his career on big screens. In the caper movie The Con Artists (2014), he made up for the quality of the film with his charms. Moreover, in Twenty (2015), he pleasantly showed the quirky side of the young people around his age. In Master (2016), he starred with outstanding stars like Lee Byung Hun and Kang Dong Won and breathed life into his role with his tongue-in-cheek acting.





This year, Kim Woo Bin has set on some exciting new projects. He had a four-year hiatus due to an illness after Master. Now he has been preparing for a comeback that began with the news of his full recovery last year. First of all, a sci-fi action movie Alien is preparing for release in the second half of the year. It has characters from the end of Goryeo and aliens traveling back and forth between time and space. It was recently reported that Kim is contemplating to star in Netflix’s Delivery Knight and writer Noh Hee Kyung’s new work Our Blues. As he is likely to keep himself busy this year, We look forward to seeing his healthy progress.


source : https://zapzee.net/2021/07/18/k-stars-best-character-kim-woo-bins-long-awaited-comeback/


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10 K-Drama Bad Boys With A Heart Of Gold



K-drama bad boys are not always the characters we get drawn to the most, but when they are able to show empathy, compassion, and true desire to love someone, we can’t help but soften up to their character. The bad boy is a trope that is pretty common in K-dramas, but here are a few who have left a lasting impression.



10. Choi Young Do – “Heirs”

Heirs” is a K-drama that stars Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye as two star-crossed high school lovers. The drama was written by Kim Eun Sook, who has written some blockbuster scripts. “Heirs” took Korea and other parts of Asia by storm mainly for its cast, but we can’t forget that the second lead syndrome was very much alive and real.




Kim Woo Bin plays Choi Young Do, a chaebol with a really rough past. Having been brought up in a broken home with a ruthless dad, there is not much for Young Do to be happy about. After meeting Cha Eun Sang (Park Shin Hye), he doesn’t know how to convey his feelings, so he comes off as being harsh and cold. As his feelings continue to grow, we see a broken high school student become upfront and honest about how he feels for Eun Sang. By the end of the series, viewers are able to warm up to Young Do!




Start watching “Heirs”:


Watch Now



(skipped unrelated.....)



credit : soompi news

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Throwback : When Kim Woo Bin revealed his simple definition of success & opened up on his IG debut


THROWBACK: When Kim Woo Bin revealed his simple definition of success & opened up on his IG debut


We are looking back at February 2021, when actor Kim Woo Bin spoke to T Singapore and opened up about his Instagram debut, what success truly means to him and so much more. In the candid chat, Kim Woo Bin spoke about his recent debut on social media, namely Instagram and revealed why he decided to finally get on the app! 


Speaking of his experience, he said: “It’s harder than I thought because it’s my first time on social media, but it’s fun.” He continued, “It’s nice because it has gotten easier to communicate with the fans and give updates. With just one photo, I can express what thoughts I have or what I’m doing at that exact moment. It’s really great.”


Talking about success and how he defines it in this day and age, the actor said “These days, I often think that finding joy in the small things is a success. If you spent the day without any particular problems, I think that’s success too. I try to be thankful for the smallest things. At least twice a day, I look up at the sky and think about the things I like, and if I did those things, I think I had a successful day.”


For those unversed with Kim Woo Bin’s impressive career, the star began his journey as a runway model and made his acting debut in the TV series White Christmas. More acting work quickly followed, Kim Woo Bin starred in A Gentleman's Dignity in 2012 and made his breakthrough with School and The Heirs, which were both made in 2013. Kim later gained fame from Twenty (2015). And by 2016, the star already had his first leading role on television in Uncontrollably Fond.



source : https://www.pinkvilla.com/entertainment/throwback-when-kim-woo-bin-revealed-his-simple-definition-success-opened-his-ig-debut-828254

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