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Kim Woo Bin 김우빈 I [Current Drama 2022] Our Blues, 우리들의 블루스 - Sat & Sun @ 21:10KST


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Guest reijaye

i hope this is true...

Kim Woo-bin cast for "Friends 2"


Actor Kim Woo-bin is likely to star in the upcoming movie "Friends 2".

According to several sources, Kim Woo-bin has been chosen for the movie "Friends 2" as the son of Jang Dong-gun.

He is currently looking through the offer and he will soon meet with the production to discuss things soon enough but nothing has been confirmed yet.

Joo Jin-mo and Yoo Oh-seong have decided to star in the movie.

Meanwhile, "Friend 2" by Kwak Gyeong-taek will start from where Yoo Oh-seong in the role of Joon-seok get out of prison.

Source : tvdaily.mk.co.kr/read... ( English )

cr. hancinema

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Guest reijaye

i hope he accepts cuz the story sounds intriguing...
okay, maybe i'm just excited to see him again!! :D

Kim Woo-bin in consideration for Friend sequel


Aw yay, this is a casting report to cheer about. Director Kwak Kyung-taek’s legendary besties-turned-foes franchise Friend has been on the hunt to cast a young star to play the son of Jang Dong-gun’s character in the original 2001 film, and Kim Woo-bin has reportedly been offered the headlining role in the sequel. If this is what he wins for ripping my heart out as a gangster-turned-teddy-bear in School 2013, then I guess we’re all winners.

The sequel stars Yoo Oh-sung (Faith), who’s reprising his role from the original film. The basic setup, if you haven’t seen Friend: Jang Dong-gun and Yoo Oh-sung are best friends in high school and they each grow up to become mob bosses of two rival gangs. It’s the quintessential bittersweet bromance-gone-wrong tragedy, which if you’ve seen School, you get immediately why Kim Woo-bin was cast — you could move Heung-soo to Busan and he’d have been one of these kids. That aside, does anyone else think it adorably funny that Kim Woo-bin was the thug who scared the daylights out of Jang Dong-gun in A Gentleman’s Dignity? How not badass mobster father of you.

The sequel will pick up years later, when Yoo Oh-sung is released from prison after having served his sentence. What he doesn’t know is that Jang Dong-gun had a secret son, who’s just biding his time till Yoo Oh-sung is back out. Theirs will be the central relationship in the film, along with a parallel flashback story starring Joo Jin-mo (Coffee) as Yoo Oh-sung’s father, who was the first gangster in this three-generation mob story. I can see it going any number of ways, given how things were left between the friends by the end of the first film. Will we have Redemption Via Spawn of My Friend, or Frenemy Wars: The Next Generation?

Friend 2 starts shooting this spring.

cr. dramabeans

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Guest marjoriefaye

just wanna share my review/thoughts on School 2013. this actually from my tumblr. Allow me to repost it here. :D



School 2013 is not exactly your typical Korean drama that focuses mainly on love. It’s about the lives of the students and teachers in and outside the school. To be honest, at first, I didn’t watch it because I liked it. I watched it because I was bored at home. I craved for more after the first episode. The more I watched it, the more excited I got. That’s when I realized I got hooked and the drama’s actually good.


Park Heung-soo (played by Kim Woo-bin) and Go Nam-soon’s (played by Lee Jong-suk) friendship made me laugh, cry, cringe, and even yell at my tv! LOL! Heung-soo’s greatest dream was to become a soccer player. But that dream was shattered when Nam-soon unintentionally broke his leg. Nam-soon was scared, he feared that Heung-soo would not forgive him, so he chose to ran away. Time passed and their paths crossed again, and this time Nam-soon tried to reach out to Heung-soo hoping he’s forgive him for what he did. But it didn’t go smoothly. Of course Heung-soo was mad. Things went off-track between the two.


The most heartbreaking moments were when Heung-soo told Nam-soon that he’ll only go back to school if Nam-soon will give up the most important thing to him. Nam-soon decided to drop out of school. Heung-soo asked him if school was the most important thing to Nam-soon. Then Nam-soon replied, he didn’t give up on school but what he was really giving up was Heung-soo, which means, Heung-soo is the “most important thing” for Nam-soon. While watching, I was, like,”Damn! Here goes my tears again!.” Hahaha. And yes, I cried.


And another one was when they finally reconciled. Heung-soo said that it would have hurt less if Nam-soon stayed and never left, and that they miss each other. I was a total crybaby watching it. It was defo an “aaaawww” moment.


And I’ll never forget to mention the BROMANCE on and off camera! Holy guacamole, the chemistry of Woo-bin and Jong-suk is so high that it beats the chemistry of Bella and Edward of Twilight! Hahaha!


I love that the story didn’t only evolve around Park Heung-soo and Go Nam-soon. The supporting characters were given background stories as well, that in my opinion, added significant flavor and made the drama a lot more realistic.


Then there’s Oh Jung-ho, a perfect example of a bully. He’s rebellious and evasive. But despite his tough exterior, he had a sad and lonely life. His mother ran away, and his father was a drunkard who often beat him when he’s not in the mood.


I love how the drama tried to send us a message about this, that there’s a reason why a person is a bully. There’s a story behind it. There’s no man in this world that was born evil. In Jung-ho’s situation, it was his father. His dark and violent life at home. He vented all his anger outside. Good thing there were people around him who helped him at all cost. When Nam-soon and Heung-soo, along with Teacher Jung and Teacher Kang, cooperated with Jung-ho’s friends to save him from the dark road he’s taking, it was probably one of the most touching moments in KDrama history.


Too bad we didn’t get to see him smile a lot in School 2013. But have you seen him smile? He has cute little dimples! cutieee!


Of course, we have the teachers: Kang Se-chan (played by Daniel Choi) and Jung In-jae (played by Jang Nara). These two played major roles in the kids’ lives. I really admire Teacher Jung’s patience, and dang, she’s very understanding. I wish my teachers were like her back in the day. Well, I expected a love story between the two teachers. But nope, it didn’t happen.  That’s what I didn’t like about it. Haha! They have oozing chemistry together. When Teacher Jung packed her things and quit, and then Teacher Kang stopped her, Teacher Jung asked him why he’s stopping her from going, I really thought he’d say “Because I like you.” Hahaha! I got my hopes disappear into thin air when he said she’s the kind of teacher that he wants to be. Even at the last minutes of the last episode, I was expecting a little love story, but no, they ended the episode with them smiling at each other. Really? Really? What the!?! That’s it? It ended. LOL! But other than that, over-all, the story was really good. Se-chan and In-jae’s efforts were priceless. I hope real-life teachers out there watched this drama and learn from Kang Se-chan and Jung In-jae on how to handle kids.



I recently found out that Jang Nara and Daniel Choi already did a drama together! Baby Faced Beauty! I’m totally excited! I wanna watch it! At least in Baby Faced Beauty there’s a love angle. Hehe. And I saw a couple of videos in youtube and they’re really cute together.

  • AND the main point of this review/thought is my growing fondness of Kim Woo-bin. Hahaha! He’s so cute! And the fact that he’s a runway model made me fall for him even more! He gives this vampire-esque vibe which I find extremely sexy. He has cold eyes/stare, which I find really hot! LOL! And his long legs remind me of Shun Oguri! Maybe that’s the reason why I was immediately attracted to him. Haha!

Woo-bin kinda looks like T.O.P too, BUT, I find him way cuter/hotter/sexier than TOP! Hehehe. Sorry Big Bang fans. *peace* :)


(gifs and photos not mine)
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Guest marjoriefaye

This was taken when he was in Bali. Yes, he smokes. And yes, that's bad. But holy guacamole! He looks hot when he smokes! 8->   But still, it' bad for his health. [-X   But, dayum! you hot thing! hahaha! and his legs! my gawd! i envy his legs, seriously! those long legs! :x

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Guest marjoriefaye


=)) =)) =)) =)) =)) =)) =)) =)) =)) =)) =)) =)) =)) =)) =)) =)) =)) =)) =)) =)) =)) =)) =)) =)) =)) =))

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