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Lee Sang Yeob 이상엽 - Upcoming SBS Drama "GOOD CASTING." Upcoming KBS Weekend Drama “I’ve Returned After One Marriage.” Upcoming Movie "The Day I Died."

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Lee Sang Yeob Confirmed For New Drama, Jun So Min And Kim Ji Suk In Talks

Lee Sang Yeob has been confirmed for a new drama!

On July 19, a source from his agency C&CO ENS said, “Lee Sang Yeob has been cast as the lead in tvN’s new Friday-Saturday drama ‘Top Star Yoo Baek’ (working title), which is scheduled to air in November.”

“Top Star Yoo Baek” will tell the story of a popular celebrity who gets banished to an island after causing trouble. There, the celebrity will form relationships with the welcoming island residents and start a romantic relationship with a woman on the island.

Lee Sang Yeob will play the role of Choi Ma Dol, who is described as “the Jack Sparrow of ships.” Choi Ma Dol is the youngest person to become a captain. He’s an optimistic, friendly, and fun character, but is also strong-headed and charismatic.

Jun So Min is currently in talks to appear as the manager of a supermarket on the island, and Kim Ji Suk has been offered the role of the idol-turned-actor Yoo Baek.

Lee Sang Yeob has appeared in many dramas, portraying a wide range of characters. He was the epitome of a nice guy in KBS 2TV’s “The Innocent Man” and appeared as a lovable producing director in JTBC’s “My Wife is Having an Affair This Week.”

He left a lasting impression on viewers as a serial killer in tvN’s “Signal” and portrayed the cold-hearted lawyer Lee Yoo Beom in SBS’s “While You Were Sleeping.”

“Top Star Yoo Baek” is scheduled to air sometime in November. Are you excited to see Lee Sang Yeob in a new drama?


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Kim Ji Suk Confirmed To Join Lee Sang Yeob In New Drama; Jun So Min Still In Talks

Kim Ji Suk will be returning with a new drama!

The actor has been confirmed to star in tvN’s upcoming Friday drama “Top Star Yoo Baek” (literal title). The drama will follow the story of top star Yoo Baek who causes trouble and ends up exiled to an island. Romance ensues when the celebrity used to a sophisticated, fast life meets Kang Soon Gwa, a country-bumpkin who enjoys the slow life. He will be joining Lee Sang Yeob, while Jun So Min is still in talks for the drama.

Kim Ji Suk will be playing the role of narcissistic top star Yoo Baek. Though he has a confident personality and outstanding good looks, he is distrustful of people because of trauma he experienced at a young age. An idol-actor, he is successful in both singing and acting, earning the nickname of “Nation’s Melo Man.”“Top Star Yoo Baek” is slated to air sometime this year.




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"The Villagers" Kim Sae-ron Poses with Lee Sang-yeob and Ma Dong-seok


Kim Sae-ron took a picture with the cast of "The Villagers".

She posted a picture on Instagram saying, "The premiere of "The Villagers" with Yomi & Roni & Yeobi."

In the picture are Kim Sae-ron, Lee Sang-yeob, and Ma Dong-seok.

"The Villagers" is coming out on the 7th.



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