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Lee Sang Yeob 이상엽 - Upcoming Movie "The Day I Died." Upcoming MBC Drama "No One But a Madman"

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Thanks for the pics @annieice, I like that one too. He looks totally HOT  :x check the below recent article;

Lee Sang-yeob Joins Han Geng’s Film in China2013071016220282152-615x410_zpsaf6646bf.

Korean actor Lee Sang-yeob of drama “Jang Ok-jeong” has been cast in a Chinese film.Lee will appear in romantic comedy film “Bring Happiness” (translated title) starring former Super Junior member Han Geng, an official with Lee’s agency Sidus HQ told TenAsia on Friday.
The film will tell about the incidents that occur when the ex-boyfriend and ex-girlfriend of a couple that will be played by Han Geng and Chinese actress Yao Xingtong, show up.Lee, playing a womanizer and also the Korean ex-boyfriend of the main female character, went to China last week to shoot some of his scenes and will soon go again to finish filming his parts.
Lee Sang-yeob made his debut through KBS drama “A Happy Woman” in 2007 and gained popularity through popularity “Innocent Man” and “Jang Ok-jeong.”

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Guest annieice

o wow cool but he as a womanizer hmmm :) love to see that, thank you @jeeji so much, happy to see him in another project :)
hope he's shooting another drama soon :) missing him already

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Capture of Lee Sangyeob checking out the luxury supercar

On the July 25th, Lee Sangyeob wrote on his Twitter, "Now we can get started" writing a movie being shot in China with the site of'' targeting'' full-time pictures were released.
 Lee Sangyeob in the photo, wearing a white jacket, fresh orange light is falling in sports. Lee Sangyeob is driving the supercar is a Lamborghini. Netizens said "Lee Sangyeob knew that Lamborghini ride", "driving in the movie seemed Lamborghini, looks good", and responded. While the movie is being filmed in  China emerged as a full-time film'' capture'', joining John SungDong as Hankyung and Greater China was able to hang out with the stars. Lee Sangyeob emerged as a charming playboy, heroine of John Sung Dong Han Kyung and tense Head to Head with ex-boyfriend is going to roll out. 

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Guest annieice

hi @jeeji thanks for the awesome picture, he looks hot :) and the car is awesome :)
just wanted to post "Flu" picture here too :) he is definitely in the movie ;)


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  • 2 weeks later...

A New Celebrity Couple Is Born: Lee Sang Yeob & Gong Hyun Joo <:-P

A new celebrity couple has been announced! Actors Lee Sang Yeob (29) and Gong Hyun Joo (29) have been reported to be dating.
On August 6, according to eNEWS, Lee Sang Yeob and Gong Hyun Joo started off with a good senior and junior relationship. Gong Hyun Joo assisted Lee Sang Yeob with his Chinese debut, which is how the relationship developed into boyfriend and girlfriend.
Lee Sang Yeob’s agency, Sidus, commented, “The two started off as friends and have developed into a dating relationship.”
After new broke out, Lee Sang Yeob apologized to his fans through his fan cafe.
“I think all of you saw the news. I was also very shocked but the only thing that troubled me was you all. You have shown me love and support and you all should have been the first to know but because this news broke out first, I’m very sorry,” he confessed.
He added, “I’m sorry that I didn’t think of you first and care for you first and with that heart, I will work harder with my acting. I will show you a better side of me. I will come back with good news later on. Have a good night.”
Gong Hyun Joo started off her career by participating in the 2001 super model competition. Since then, she has built up her acting resume and has been recognized for her role in the 2008 KBS drama, “You Are My Destiny.” In 2010, “You Are My Destiny” started to air in China, which launched her Chinese career as well. Recently, Gong Hyun Joo has been working as the MC of a special global program that is aired in fifteen different countries.
Lee Sang Yeob debuted in 2007 through the KBS drama, “A Happy Woman.” His popularity rose through the recent KBS drama, “Nice Guy” and led to him being cast in “Jang Ok Jung, Live For Love.” He is currently looking forward to a Chinese debut through the film, “Former Raiders.”
Congrats to the happy couple!
source: soompi

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Guest annieice

Hi @jeeji o wow they are cute :) but I also have something for you
the VIP Premier of "The Flu" and finally Oppa was on stage here some pics :)

source baidu

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WoW... Thanks for posting those pics @annieice, I thought he also wouldn't be there again :) Yeah he and his girlfriend look cute together. Check out the below for more news;

Lee Sang Yup and Gong Hyun Joo are dating!

Actor Lee Sang Yup and model-actress Gong Hyun Joo are dating!

Gong Hyun Joo's label confirmed the news stating, "When we checked, we were told that they have been dating for 6-7 months." Lee Sang Yup's label also confirmed, "They're dating. They've known each other while, but they started dating recently."
They've went on dates to musicals and enjoy spending time together at a small cafe. They first met as sunbae-hoobae, and recently got close to start dating.
Lee Sang Yup also posted, "I think you all saw the article. I was really surprised, but I felt apologetic to all of you. I'm sorry that you had to find out through an article, even though you should have known first as people who loved and cared for me. I always thought, 'I'll tell them someday', but my laziness gave you this disappointment. I'm going to work hard by thinking of how sorry I feel on not thinking of you first. I'll be even better and come back with better news. Good night."


Congratulations to the new couple!

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Guest annieice

thanks for the article @jeeji, he is adorable, dear oppa why sorry we all want you to be happy :) and she is beautiful  thank you again @jeeji :*

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Choi Yoon-yeong-I and Lee Sang-yeob, to star in MBC Chuseok Special

MBC came up with "The Greatest Thing in the World" in special celebration of Chuseok.
"The Greatest Thing in the World" is a romantic comedy about singles mothers and adopted babies.
Producer Lee Eun-gyoo who dealt with the matter of bullying in "Ugly Cake" is producing "The Greatest Thing in the World" and it stars Choi Yoon-yeong-I, Lee Sang-yeob, Jeon Ah-min, Goo Eun-ae, Maeng Se-chang, Kim Hee-jeong-I and more.
Choi Yoon-yeong-I takes on the role of Woo-seon, a strong minded woman with an even stronger ego. Lee Sang-yeob takes on the role of John Harrison who was adopted to Australia when he was young.
Jeon Ah-min is Woo-seon's ex-boyfriend Han Jae-soo, Goo Eun-ae is Jae-soo's new girlfriend So Yoo-ri. They are both from theater musical and conflict with Woo-seon in the drama. Maeng Se-chang and Kim Hee-jeong-I takes on the roles of single father and mother Bo-hyeon and Ja-yoo.
"The Greatest Thing in the World" will be aired during the holidays and is made up of two 70-minute parts.

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Hong Soo-hyeon and Lee Sang-yeob in "Give Love Away"

Hong Soo-hyeon and Lee Sang-yeob have been cast as leading roles for the new MBC drama "Give Love Away". Hong Soo-hyeon takes on the role of Song Mi-joo, a young but sincere character. She's a contracted employee at a bank but is always hard working.
Hong Soo-hyeon has been acknowledged for her feminine characters which she's acted out in past dramas and projects so far. She is going to put on a realistic role of a modern woman who has to live in today's society.
On the other hand, Lee Sang-yeob takes on the role of Jeong Jae-min, an immature looking character but a deep thinker. He thinks dearly of Song Mi-joo and although he doesn't show it, he has a painful memory of his parents from when he was young.
Recently, Lee Sang-yeob has been a character who protects the leading women in dramas and Jeong Jae-min in "Give Love Away" is going to be Daddy Long Legs.
Meanwhile, "Give Love Away" will be broadcasted this September after "Gold, Appear!".

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