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She lives! Come out of the CD dungeon Sohyun!




On 12/3/2021 at 7:31 PM, Rima Ajeng Nur Raihan said:

Fighting!! I know we almost lost patient, but believe me she will have good project in 2022 :sweet:she just wait a great time to announcement it. All of this drought and war in twitter make me think more about her career. I think it good for her to have few project but with good quality, rather than many project but so-so quality. It good for her health also her mental, so i hope she rest enough and enjoy her day. Sso is smart girl, so we should believe in her. Fighting!!



Feeling angry and frustrated myself but no point in fighting with fellow fans! Keep it together everyone till the Queen makes her comeback! I believe in her but CD has done nothing to earn my trust yet! Don't give her false information CD and make her out of work! She needs her promotions, dramas and movies! If they only give her one mediocre drama in 2022 it will be war!

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Congratulations dear love! and many thanks to all fans that keep supporting and cherishing her..Thank you a lot.



Thanks to Sleeping Bear (Twitter user) because giving her such gifts..:foryou:





and this is recap for her 2021..May this new year will bring more happiness and success to her! 



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Soompi Forums Awards: The best k-dramas of 2021? Please vote!


Now is your chance to show your love for your favorite dramas of 2021. In the Soompi Forums Awards poll you can vote for the dramas you liked the most last year. :kiss_wink:

Which dramas will be the winners?



Your Event Organizers,

@partyon @confusedheart @agenth @Sleepy Owl

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Hello, guys. How are you :sweet: i hope happiness for all of you. It been a long time since i came to forum and disappointed we still didnt get any casting news.


I will post some old post, Sso come to 'sleeping bear' present :please: she is so sweet and good~


i found nice editing :approves:


Okayyy i forgot this photo from, but she is so pretty here :please: if i remember right it from private collection from Kfans, there other photo to but i forgot where i save the rest.




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I think sso didnt have any endorsement right now. Hanyul already ended they contract 28 February. Hope she can have another good endorsement soon. :sparklyeyes:


Our sso latest story in Instagram :criesariver:



Sso painting from fans :please: that so pretty :



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I love her Japan interview :please: she is wise and mature.



Kim So-hyun and Na In-woo meet for the first time in a kissing scene "Rather the most breathtaking" ... "Princess Pyongan River Where the Moon Rises" released today


――What was your impression when you read the script for the first time?

Kim So Hyun: First of all, I got excited as an actor. He was a very strong person, unlike what I've shown in acting. And in the first half, there was also action acting, so I was excited to be able to show the viewers a new look. To be honest, I also felt uneasy. It will be a big challenge for me, so I'm curious about your impressions and evaluations ... However, I appeared in this work with the intention of taking the plunge and taking on the challenge!

――The old tale "Princess Pyeonggang and the idiot on dal" that became the motif of the drama is so famous in Korea that no one knows it. However, Pyeonggang in the drama was different from the old story Pyeonggang. What is your impression of Pyeonggang in such a drama?

Kim So Hyun: The fairy tale Pyeonggang is a crybaby princess, so she personally had a strong impression of being fragile and kind. On the other hand, Pyeonggang in the script was a very strong person who acted without shaking. Also, in the first half of the drama, she was a complicated person who showed her sharpness as a thug and had a deep wound in her heart. So, I was wondering what her true appearance of her Pyeonggang was ... She gradually solved her doubts about Pyeonggang while acting. It was fun.

――Please tell us more about Pyeonggang in this work.

Kim So Hyun: Pyeonggang lives as a thug Yom Kajin in the first half of the drama, but Kajin is a very delicate and pointed person. Like a rose thorn, she raises a thorn to protect herself. After she returns to the princess, she looks very strong, not the fragile and weak image of a typical princess. She wants to protect Goguryeo, and she wants to protect Ondal and her loved ones! She and she are nice people who act with strong thoughts.

--In the drama, "whether it's a cause or love" was an important theme of the story. What is the most important thing in Kim So Hyun's life?

Kim So Hyun: The most important thing in my life ... It's really difficult to choose only one, either cause or love. I honestly don't know. But I think the most important thing in my life is "whether I am happy or not". Happiness that comes from choosing a cause, happiness that comes from choosing love. Whatever it is, I think you should choose the one that makes you the happiest.




--How did you prepare to play Kajin, who has excellent martial arts skills?

Kim So Hyun: Unfortunately, the preparation time was not enough, so we thoroughly checked on-site. I researched from what angle and how to move to make the action look beautiful, and played while consulting with the action director a lot. I also referred to the movements of other actors in the action scenes.

--Are there any dramas or movies that you referred to for this work?

Kim So Hyun: I didn't find anything in particular. I feel like I'm going to imitate it ... Instead, I focused on my emotions and the situation of the scene as much as possible and tried to show my own Pyeonggang.

――There was a scene where you danced among the dancers. Have you learned classical dance?

Kim So Hyun: I didn't go somewhere to learn from the basics, but there was a scene where I learned to dance, although it was short in another drama before.

――How much did you practice for this performance?

Kim So Hyun: I went to learn about three times. Since shooting started immediately, I had no choice but to practice between shootings. But thanks to my practice at home, I was able to dance more smoothly than I expected.

――In this work, you showed a completely different appearance from what you saw in other historical dramas that have appeared so far. What points did you pay attention to when you played?

Kim So Hyun: I've played in several historical dramas so far, but this time I have to play three characters, including the thugs Yom Kajin, Pyeonggang, and Princess Pyeonggang's mother, Queen Yong. I couldn't. Since the characters are very different from the characters played in other works, I played without worrying about "making a difference" from the roles I have played so far. The most important thing was to concentrate on the three characters this time and think about how to play each of them and how to express the differences between the three women in detail. Therefore, I think that this time I did a really deep research on people.

--Are there any people you referred to when playing Pyeonggang?

Kim So Hyun: Nothing in particular. Sometimes Pyeonggang is the person in the tale, but if I refer to someone, I'm likely to get closer to that person ... As I said earlier, I didn't want to imitate anyone. In this work, I wanted to play with my own interpretation, so I made an effort.

--What are the most memorable scenes and lines in the drama?

Kim So Hyun: In the first half of the drama, the assassin Yom Kajin, who lost his memory, meets On Dal and begins to think about who he is. There is a scene where he says, "He should know himself properly." It's hard for him to know who he is and why he had such a life, but if he doesn't know, he'll lose himself. When I said that line, I really sympathized with it. It may be scary to know who you don't know, but I think you should still know. I was very impressed with the lines because I think that I can live my life completely as my own only if I know myself most deeply.

-Is it because it overlaps with Kim So Hyun's usual thoughts?

Kim So Hyun: That's right. Since my usual attitude and way of thinking were included in Pyeonggang's lines, I was able to play with more sympathy.



――In the drama, it was very clear that Pyeonggang naturally spilled a smile and had a soft expression when he was with Ondal. Did she take any special precautions when making a love line with On Dal?

Kim So Hyun: At first, Pyeonggang had a sharp attitude toward On Dal. On Dal was always smiling, but Pyeonggang was tingling. She had a personality that Ondal had never seen for her. This is the first time for such a person. How should I contact you ...! ?? She must have been confused. She always smiles and heals Pyeonggang's wounds, and as she opens her heart little by little, she wonders if she should look a little cute. The thug Yom Kajin is always a cool and cold person, but she wishes she could see a little of the warmth inside her when she was with On Dal. With that in mind, she acted to show On Dal open her heart and gradually become closer.

――I think you had a lot of communication with Na In Woo, but what was the most important part of your consultation?

Kim So Hyun: Na In Woo was On Dal, and I was already Pyeonggang, so I couldn't need any special consultation. However, in the scene of two people, I researched how to make them look cute anyway. I wanted to make the scene of quarreling look cute, so I talked a lot about ad lib.

――Do you let the other party know in advance when you ad-lib?

Kim So Hyun: How about doing this here rather than letting us know? I asked the other party. You may have trouble with sudden ad-lib, so I put it in after discussing it.

――If you can play a different character in "River Where the Moon Rises", what kind of character would you like to play?

Kim So Hyun: I would like to play Ko Won Pyo (played by Lee Hye Young). I think it's a very attractive character. Although she is a villain and ruthless, she expresses a complex feeling of love and hate for Queen Chin. Every time I saw the acting of my senior who played Ko Won-pyo, I was very impressed. I hope I can gain more experience and challenge such characters once.

――Ko Gong has been taking care of you like a master since you were little, but I think it would have been difficult for Pyeonggang to refuse his love. What is the most memorable scene with Ko Gon?

Kim So Hyun: It's a scene that appears in about 13 episodes of the drama, but there is a scene where Pyeonggang says, "Let us go," to Ko Gong, who has a fight with On Dal. Here, Ko Gong directly appeals to Pyeonggang's feelings, his sad feelings that are a mixture of loyalty and love. When I shot it, his sad feelings came to me so much that I felt sad several times more than when I read the script. It's the most memorable scene where you can feel love and sadness at the same time.




--The performance with Na In Woo was well received. What is your impression of Na In Woo?

Kim So Hyun: First of all, I'm very tall! I thought (laughs). In this first co-star, I was a little shy at first, but Na In Woo was a very friendly person, and thanks to the person who talked to me earlier, I was able to get rid of it immediately. I got to know each other quickly, so the atmosphere at the site is very good and I have to get along! I was able to play with a comfortable feeling without any strange pressure.

――How was it when you played with Na In Woo?

Kim So Hyun: The most breathtaking scene was the kissing scene when I first shot with Na In Woo ... It was the kissing scene when I met him for the first time, and I was a little worried about what to do if it looked unnatural. .. However, the awkward and shy atmosphere of the kissing scene for the first time was rather similar to the situation of the scene, so I think that it was a very cute scene. The viewers seemed to like the scene, and the response was good. It's a scene where I got good results even though it was my first time meeting, and it's memorable.

--Did you have any disagreements with Na In Woo?

Kim So Hyun: Rather than disagreeing, On Dal I imagined by reading the script was a naive and clumsy image, but On Dal played by Na In Woo is my imagination. It was a much gentler on-dal, so I also played Pyeonggang's tightness a little loosely.

--What is the mood maker at the shooting site?

Kim So Hyun: Lee Ji Hoon, who plays the role of Ko Gong! Ko Gon in the play is a quiet and cool person who has nowhere to go and is angry, but when he returns to Mr. Jihun at the scene, he is very playful and makes jokes and softens the atmosphere. See you. Thanks to that, all the actors got along well and it was a very fun place.

――What did you do during the break between shootings?

Kim So Hyun: In this case, I talked a lot with the actors during the break. Even if it wasn't a drama story, I ate rice while talking about silly things. In particular, I often chatted with Kim Hee Jung, who played the role of Pyeonggang's best friend Tara Jin. I think that is the reason why the bonds between the actors have deepened. It was a very fun break.

――What is the content of the chat?

Kim So Hyun: I had a lot of chats, and the lines that were interesting in the shooting that day, and what should I do with this? When I had a problem, I consulted and gave advice to each other.

――What kind of changes did you make through this work?

Kim So Hyun: I think I learned a lot. Above all, I learned to work with everyone and not shake. At first, I was a little worried and wondered if I had the power to pull this work, but no matter how difficult the situation, if I do my best, everyone will have more fun and happiness in their work. Through this work, I realized that I can do it. When I understood that, I was able to laugh a lot even in difficult situations and became an open mind. It was a work that I was able to grow as an actor, but it was also a work that I learned to work together as a human being, Kim So Hyun.

――What is your next goal, your dream to come true?

Kim So Hyun: My future goal is to be an actor who continues to grow. I really like the word that actors shouldn't stop learning, but as the word says, my goal is to continue to work hard, learn a lot, and become an actor who grows steadily.





――You have been busy with your works without rest. What is your own stress-relieving method and little happiness in your daily life?

Kim So Hyun: I like to do something alone, which relieves stress. I tend to think when I have time or when I have free time, so I like to move my hands to make something and be indifferent. My hobby is making miniatures with DIY! It's a small and cute room or a kitchen. If you make such things one by one by hand, the thoughts will disappear, and if you look at the finished cute things, you will feel a sense of accomplishment, so stress will be relieved.

――Are there any roles you haven't tried or genres you would like to try in the future?

Kim So Hyun: If you haven't done it yet, I would like to play a character with a dull atmosphere. Most of the roles I've played so far are people with a solid personality, or people with pretty and tragic situations, so I'd like to play a person with a strange atmosphere.

――How about the genre?

Kim So Hyun: As a genre ... That's right. Is it a mystery system? I haven't done it yet, so I'd like to try it once.

――Mr. Kim So Hyun, who has been active since he was a child actor, what kind of part do you think "I've grown up!" Compared to that time?

Kim So Hyun: I think there are still many people who still have a strong image of my childhood. But recently, the number of people who see me as an adult actor is increasing, and when I hear that kind of response, I can feel the most, "I've grown a little." I feel that I'm gradually moving away from the image of a child actor. I feel that it has been properly recognized as an adult Kim So-hyun and an actor Kim So-hyun.


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