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✪ Kim So Hyun 김소현 ✪ [Drama 2020: Love Alarm S2 (Netflix)] ✪

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11 Korean Actors That’ll Make You Say, “Woah, I Didn’t Realize They’ve Been Acting That Long”

They’ve been acting for much longer than you realize!


2. Kim So Hyun (13 years)


kim so hyun

She might have just turned 20 but Kim So Hyun already has 13 years of experience in the entertainment industry! The young actress started out her career in 2006’s Drama City and then was in two dramas the following year, A Happy Woman and Que Sera Sera.



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Best K-dramas of 2019: as voted by you!

We asked SBS PopAsia readers to vote for their fave K-dramas from 2019, and we now have the final results!

In what was another fantastic year for Korean dramas, the top 10 list includes everything from an action-packed thriller to a ghost hotel and love stories of all ages.

Check out the top 10 below and let us know if your fave made it to the list!


1. Love Alarm

A love-triangle romance with a modern twist, Love Alarm is set in a world where you can download an app that alerts you if someone nearby likes you. Kim Jojo finds herself caught between two guys who happen to also be best friends, each developing feelings for her. Who will she choose? The first season has ended but a second is coming in 2020, so prepare for the cliffhanger when you dive into this one!

5. The Tale of Nokdu

Set in the Joseon dynasty, this drama (which is based on a webtoon), stars Jang Dong Yoon as a man who disguises himself to enter a women's-only village, and meets Kim So Hyun's gisaeng trainee. There's drama and laughs along the way, and of course a romance.




She made 2 dramas this year and two of them are on the list.


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Kim So-hyun blossoms into a leading lady: After years as a child actor, Kim became the star of two major dramas in 2019

Born in 1999, actor Kim So-hyun made her first TV appearance in 2006 at just 7 years old in an episode of KBS’s one-act play series “Drama City.” Not long after, in 2008, she made her official acting debut in the KBS drama series “Korean Ghost Stories.” 

That role was followed up by parts in numerous major dramas, including her first major role in 2015 as the main character of KBS’s drama series “Who Are You - School 2015.” Along the way, she has built herself a steady career as one of the most recognized actors of her age. 

This year, she shined in dramas that were adapted from well-known web comics. Daum Webtoon’s “Love Alarm” was adapted by Netflix and premiered on Aug. 22, while a series based on Naver Webtoon’s “The Tale of Nokdu” premiered on KBS2 on Sept. 30. Kim played the role of Dong Dong-ju in “Nokdu,” who fights against the conservative Joseon (1392-1910) society along with Jeon Nok-du (played by actor Jang Dong-yoon), who sneaks into Dong-ju’s village disguised as a woman. “Nokdu” wrapped up its 32-episode run on Nov. 25, while Netflix confirmed that it will be producing a second season of “Love Alarm” in October.

“I am relieved to think that I have crossed the threshold [between child actor and adult actor],” Kim said. 

“I wanted to act in a way that was right for me, and I think that was how I made the transition. I think I should keep going the way I am.”

Kim sat for an interview with Ilgan Sports, an affiliate of the Korea JoongAng Daily, to discuss her transition from being a child star to an adult actor and her future plans for her career. The following are edited excerpts from the interview. 

Q. How do you feel now that “The Tale of Nokdu” has wrapped? 

A. It really feels over now that I’m going around doing interviews. I feel free, but mostly sad. Filming the show was so fun, and it makes me sad that it’s over. 

What was it like working with Jang as your on-screen partner?

He has great energy and he brightened up the set so much. We got pretty close before we started shooting. Even though there is an age difference between us, we decided that we needed to become close friends because there were a lot of scenes where we were fighting and playing around like close friends. So we talked a lot and we got close. It was nice to have someone to talk openly to about acting with. 

Did you read the original web comic for “Nokdu”?

I read it before I started shooting. I wanted to have the short hair like Dong-ju, and we tried to keep the vibe of the original piece as much as we could. I tried get across Dong-ju’s edgy - and sometimes even mean - side as well. I think out of all the characters that I’ve played, I’m the closest to Dong-ju. I showed a part of myself through Dong-ju.

Which scene do you remember filming the most?

I would choose the scene where I’m washing clothes with Nokdu. We shot it on our first day. I was excited about the first shoot because it was my first time filming with a male actor dressed as a woman (laughs). It felt like acting with a pretty girl. I also thought “‘The Tale of Nokdu’ is really starting now!”


What did you think of Jang’s portrayal of a woman?

It was actually really good. He has such white skin, and his facial features are quite soft. I was worried that it might feel a little weird, but he was really pretty and the staff liked it as well. I could call him “eonni” [older sister] without feeling too awkward. 

A lot of fans said that they hoped that you and Jang would start dating in real life. Did you know that?

I didn’t know it until the interviews. I guess we made a nice couple (laughs). I felt relieved in a way. Because Nok-du and Dong-ju bicker over everything, I was worried that we might not deliver the characters’ emotional transition into partners and that we just might look like a brother and sister. But to see people say that, I guess we got the flirtatious part across. 

Have you started to consider dating?

I haven’t had a break. I start working on a different thing as soon as one project is over. Maybe if I get the time off, I might start thinking about it. 

Are you focused on working on a lot of projects?

Not really. I actually have that pressure to take my time and make prudent decisions. It’s been quite a while since I filmed “Love Alarm,” but it seems like I did “Nokdu” right away because of the premiere date. But now, I’m planning on taking my time. I plan to keep that throughout my career. 

What do you do in your free time?

I have always wanted to go to the movies on my own. I finally went when I had a day or two off from shooting. I went by myself and watched three movies in a single day. It helped me relax so much. These days, I go out on my own and eat on my own as well. 

What’s your favorite type of movie?

I like romantic films that are calm and peaceful. My favorite is “About Time” (2013). 

What’s on your mind these days?

How can I improve my acting? What do I lack? How can I make it better? How will I express the different things I need with a different work? I’m mostly thinking about my acting. Besides that, I think about the places I can travel to. 

What would you like for next year?

I hope to be healthy and not get ill. I want to keep in touch with the actors I met through “The Tale of Nokdu” and keep our relationships. I hope everything goes well. 

In six years, you will celebrate your 20th year as an actor. What would you like to say to yourself in six years?

I hope that I have become an actor with a firmer center and more room in my heart, who really enjoys acting. I hope I become a lot stronger than I am now. 

BY HWANG SO-YOUNG [yoon.soyeon@joongang.co.kr]



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On 12/28/2019 at 2:32 PM, Breeze said:

Sohyun for Hanyul. New AD photo .



Wow what is this? I'm not easily stunned but I'm stunned by this simple but beautiful pic. 

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Good luck to kim sohyun for the kbs drama awards today. May she walk away with many awards tonight.

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8 minutes ago, Erick Miranda said:

OMG! She got the Song Hye Kyo aura during her younger years. 

I was about to write that. She immediately reminded me of hyekyo from that winter the wind blows era. Normally I detest extensions but hers look completely natural. Ready for kim jojo.

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