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✪ Kim So Hyun 김소현 ✪ [2021's Upcoming Dramas : River Where the Moon Rises (KBS2)] &Love Alarm S2 (Netflix) on March 12 ✪

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One and only, she's Kim So Hyun       The link for her variety show Because This Is My First Twenty is below with the total 12 episodes. Please give her full support

here the translated news for today!   [News] 'Radio Romance' Kim So Hyun "First-time adult acting, compare to huge burden, I’ll acting happily” . She has chosen “Radio Romance” as her fi

Full Teaser 1  

Congratulations to kim sohyun for winning best couple and best actress awards. She deserved it and I'm happy to see this is her first acting award for a full drama. Which is fitting since tale of nokdu is her best drama till now. Happy new year and good luck for the future.

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Emerging victorious for their drama The Tale of Nokdu, Kim So Hyun and Jang Dong Yoon took home Excellence awards for Mini-Series category. Choi Won Young and Nana also achieve the same victorious feats.



Best Couple Awardees – Jang Dong Yoon and Kim So Hyun (The Tale of Nokdu), 




Standby uptade




She is soo beautiful in red. 




Park Da Yeon ig uptade


When they won best couple award :)




And tton family won awards last night

Excellence Award, Actor in a Miniseries - Jang Dong Yoon

Excellence Award, Actress in a Miniseries - Kim So Hyun

Best New Actor- Kang Tae Oh

Best Young Actor- Park Da Yeon

Best Couple Award- Kim So Hyun and Jang Dong Yoon

cr Babykimsohyun twitter

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Winners Of 2019 KBS Drama Awards


Winners Of 2019 KBS Drama Awards

The 2019 KBS Drama Awards rang in the New Year with a celebration of the year’s best performances and more!

The ceremony was held on December 31 at KBS Hall and hosted by Jun Hyun Moo and Shin Hye Sun. With the drama “When the Camellia Blooms” earning 12 awards, lead actress Gong Hyo Jinalso took home the Daesang (Grand Prize) for the first time in her career.


Excellence Award for Miniseries (Female): Kim So Hyun (“The Tale of Nokdu”),


Best Couple Award: Jang Dong Yoon and Kim So Hyun (“The Tale of Nokdu”)




7 Historical And Fantasy K-Drama Leads We Wish Would Reunite In Modern Dramas


7 Historical And Fantasy K-Drama Leads We Wish Would Reunite In Modern Dramas

While it sometimes can be a pipe dream to see the K-drama leads you love reunite in another drama, historical and fantasy dramas always tend to leave viewers wondering how well they could fair in a more modern-timed drama.

Did your favorite historical love story get derailed by political uproar by the time the drama ended? When the leads have great chemistry, you often wish for more tender moments, such as hugging, kissing, and hand-holding, but these actions can be rather limited due to the time period. Not to mention, sometimes their screen time together goes awry as usually one of them is secretly plotting to usurp the throne while the other is left in the dark. This happens in fantasy dramas as well. There are often such high stakes to stop a raging murderer or the world is on a brink of an apocalypse that suddenly the leads barely interact on screen.

While individual journeys are important for each character and their development, it’d be nice to see them work together rather than separately. Especially when the leads are not communicating for the sake of “protecting the other.” Plus there’s the ultimate devastation when one of them dies while the other lives.

It’s always exciting to see well-paired leads get together for another project, so here are seven leads from historical and fantasy dramas that I wish would have modern dramas with preferably a happy ending.


Jeon Nokdu and Dong Dong Joo from “The Tale of Nokdu

This is probably the most wholesome sageuk drama you could ever watch. If you’re more in for political intrigue, then this may not be your cup of tea. However, if you’re here for romance then this drama is 11/10.

After tracing back assassins to a widow village where men aren’t allowed, Jeon Nokdu (Jang Dong Yoon) disguises himself as a widow. There he meets the ever-stubborn Dong Dong Joo (Kim So Hyun). While they don’t get off on the right foot right away, they grow on each other very quickly. Dong Joo even discovers that Nokdu is in fact not a woman and agrees to keep his secret. Dong Joo is very closed off due to losing her family when she was young and keeps Nokdu at arm’s length. But even as the political betrayals of the past seem to be slowly driving a wedge between them (especially on Dong Joo’s part), there are plenty of scenes that establish that they do not want to be without each other.

The scene that brings this to fruition is when the widow village is being attacked and Dong Joo is in danger of being killed. Despite her efforts to push away Nokdu, she asks Aeng Du (Park Da Yeon) what Nokdu’s name is. As one of the invaders chokes her to death, she barely lets his name out. Kim So Hyun delivers a single tear rolling down Dong Joo’s face to exemplify that her dying wish is for Nokdu to be there. Of course, in K-drama fashion, Nokdu appears just at that moment to save her. He effortlessly catches her and spares a moment to look at her with worry and concern. However, he wears a grim and angry expression as he hasn’t finished keeping her safe yet. The emotional intensity of this scene is definitely felt by both actors and keeps you rooting for them to survive.


Usually, there’s a point in all historical dramas where the romance takes a back seat to politics. This is understandable given the genre; however, “The Tale of Nokdu” does shy away from that, especially in the finale. Instead of getting a five-minute happily ever after, “The Tale of Nokdu” gives a very wholesome ending that fits perfectly into the arcs of each character. Dong Joo and Nokdu live a very peaceful life, free of worry and the chains of the past. One of the cutest scenes that is sure to put you in your feels is when Dong Joo reunites with Nokdu after he had been working out of town. Jang Dong Yoon and Kim So Hyun both look incredibly comfortable with each other, which brings this beautiful scene to life.


You may think this drama is so satisfying that you don’t desperately need Kim So Hyun and Jang Dong Yoon to reunite, but that’s precisely why I hope they reunite. Their chemistry was so palpable, whether it was when they were bickering like a married couple or tearfully walking away from each other, that your heart would feel every emotion. Imagine a drama that’s filled with more of their adlibs and cuteness or even a bunch of angst that drives their characters apart and brings them closer all at once. They could certainly pull it off! Even Jang Dong Yoon expressed how wonderful it was to work with Kim So Hyun and how he wouldn’t mind doing it again.




Stars Light Up Red Carpet At 2019 KBS Drama Awards


Stars Light Up Red Carpet At 2019 KBS Drama Awards

Many stars of KBS’s dramas from this year walked the red carpet at the 2019 KBS Drama Awards!






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34th Golden Disc Awards Announces Presenter Lineup

The star-studded presenter lineup has been revealed for the 34th Golden Disc Awards!

The upcoming awards show will be held across two days, with the first day recognizing digital releases and the second day awarding physical album releases.

Go Jun Hee, Kim Nam Gil, Kim Seon Ho, Kim So Hyun, Shin Sung Rok, Ahn Jae Hyun, Lee Sang Yoon, Lee Se Young, Lee Jae Wook, Jung Eun Chae, Joo Won, and Han Ye Ri will be presenting on the first day.




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Happy New Years fellows KSH fans :)

I wish everyone including sohyun a breathtaking and joyous 2020!


one thing I been wondering, how come sohyun Japanese songs hasn’t been released to the public? Didn’t they say they will release it in fall/winter of 2019 :tears:

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On 1/2/2020 at 3:46 PM, elan1 said:

Happy New Years fellows KSH fans :)

I wish everyone including sohyun a breathtaking and joyous 2020!


one thing I been wondering, how come sohyun Japanese songs hasn’t been released to the public? Didn’t they say they will release it in fall/winter of 2019 :tears:

True i have been waiting for that also :dissapointed_relieved:


Another thing im waiting is for a magazine photoshoot for her.. I miss seeing her in a mag :tears:


How abt a new cf? :tears:


Regardless of what may come along the way, i believe she will focus on university again alongside shooting for LA2, so still fighting for you dear sso :heart:


Happy New Year everyone!! :wub: 

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Sohyun's new ptotos from KBS Drama Awards . Thank you to fans for this beautiful photos .
















cr: camellia990604


12 Korean Actors And Actresses Who Were Precious As Babies


There’s nothing like a feature that will make you go “awww” repeatedly. To continue with part one of Korean actors and actresses and their baby pictures, here’s a look at 12 more. Warning: you might die of cuteness.

Kim So Hyun



Hey Soompiers, which of these actors or actresses is your fav? Let me know in the comments below!

binahearts is a Soompi writer whose ultimate biases are Song Joong Ki and BIGBANG. She is also the author of “K-POP A To Z: The Definitive K-Pop Encyclopedia.” Make sure you follow binahearts on Instagram as she journeys through her latest Korean crazes!

Currently watching: “Chocolate” and “Love Alarm


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