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✪ Kim So Hyun 김소현 ✪ [2021's Upcoming Dramas : Love Alarm S2 (Netflix) & River Where the Moon Rises (MBC)]✪

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Guest guacamole

Kim So hyun IG Update

trans: I'll have a good show for you !! Historical Movie "Princess Deokhye"

credits: allkimsohyun

I think Sohyun got a new historical movie project for next year with veteran actress Son Ye jin? If I am not mistaken its her dream to work with her (2015 mbc interview) I am very happy for Sohyun :D;)

I think it was @cacazeel who likes to see Sohyun in historical dramas/movies :D She will be a princess Isn't this nice :D;)


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One and only, she's Kim So Hyun       The link for her variety show Because This Is My First Twenty is below with the total 12 episodes. Please give her full suppor

here the translated news for today!   [News] 'Radio Romance' Kim So Hyun "First-time adult acting, compare to huge burden, I’ll acting happily” . She has chosen “Radio Romance” as her fi

Sohyun ig , twitter uptade  

Guest guacamole

Kim So-hyeon-I to star in movie "The Last Princess"

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Actress Kim So-hyeon-I is starring in the movie "The Last Princess" as the younger Deok-hye.

Based on the novel "Princess Deok-hye", this movie is about the people who did everything they could to protect the life of Princess Deok-hye, daughter of Emperor Gojong and the last princess of the Josun times.

Park Hae-ilSon Ye-jin and Yoon Je-moon were cast earlier to play the historical characters that existed in real life.

Kim So-hyeon-I plays the younger period of Princess Deok-hye who was born the only daughter of many sons to Gojong and sacrificed herself to fight to reclaim the country that was taken from her.

The young Deok-hae was the apple of Gojong's eye until one day when she witnessed her father being killed. She then changes completely to reclaim the country along with the people that she loves. She doesn't lose hope and survive till the end.

Kim So-hyeon-I is going to express the determination Princess Deok-hye had when she decided she was going to get her country back and keep to the will of her father.

"The Last Princess" will crank in this November.


 Yoon Je-moon - is the crazy villain in King 2 Hearts :P

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Kim So Hyun Cast as Lookalike Son Ye Jin’s Younger Counterpart in Upcoming Film

Kim So Hyun Cast as Lookalike Son Ye Jin’s Younger Counterpart in Upcoming Film

Actress Kim So Hyun will portray the Joseon Dynasty’s last princess Deokhye. She will portray the princess as a young girl, the younger counterpart to actress Son Ye Jin’s princess role.

The movie “Princess Deokhye” is based on the 2009 book with the same title. It’s about the last princess of Joseon Dynasty, the daughter of King Gojong, and the people around her who gave their all to protect the princess.

From early on in the casting process, actors Son Ye Jin, Park Hae Il, and Yoon Je Moon signed on which has many fans anticipating with excitement. It has gained much attention since the movie will be made keeping the integrity of the book written with its historical figures and backdrop.

Kim So Hyun will portray the patriotic younger version of Princess Deokhye who gives everything to get back the nation under siege. The young Princess Deokhye spends her childhood in the midst of adoration until she witnesses her father King Gojong’s assassination. That becomes the turning point of her life that transforms her into a multifaceted character.

The actress will be able to express both feelings of hopelessness and determination to get her beloved country back. Not only will she show the youthful version of the princess, she will also portray the inner strength that comes with her determination to keep her father King Gojong’s last wishes.

It’s been a while since Kim So Hyun has made an appearance in a historical production. Her last role in a historical piece was MBC‘s drama “The Moon Embracing the Sun.” Since then, she has broadened her spectrum of work as an actress and many anticipate her to show more maturity in her acting putting herself on the map as the next “queen of historical dramas.”

“Princess Deokhye” will start filming in November.

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Kim So Hyun to play Son Ye Jin's younger version in upcoming film

Dong A - Naver: Kim So Hyun joins film 'Princess Deokhye'... to play Son Ye Jin's younger version

1. [+2,727, -43] Wow~~ 100% in sync

2. [+1,842, -39] She's the 2nd Son Ye Jin for sure

3. [+1,503, -30] The casting is on point

4. [+1,104, -30] Pretty...

5. [+186, -9] They picked the right person to play Son Ye Jin's younger version. Pretty!!! ㅋㅋㅋ

6. [+178, -9] Looking forward to it. Pocari Sweat's sunbae and hoobae ㅎㅎ

7. [+159, -11] Finally. I've been waiting for the day she's cast as young Son Ye Jin

8. [+127, -6] Little Son Ye Jin!!!!!!!!

9. [+118, -6] Daebak daebak.. The progression from young to grown up version will be natural^^ Excited to watch it

10. [+95, -5] So Hyun said she wanted to work with Son Ye Jin... I'm happy for her

Source/Credit: kkuljaem

I am really excited for this. So Hyun always want to work with Son Ye Jin and now its seem that her dreams comes true,to be precise, not only hers but most people as well, as its been known that many want her to work with Son Ye Jin. I can already picture the awesome collaboration already.


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This is a wish come true for SoHyun. She has been expressing the desire to work with Son Ye Jin for a long time and now that it came true, I am one of the many who are so happy to hear this news. I'm sure she is the most excited and happiest getting the role. I am glad that the feedback were all positive since she has been known for long as the little SYJ. The director/producer of the film is such a genius for making this happen. Plus, she will be spreading her wings again for a saeguk genre. No doubt she will be able to pull it off. And IMO she will get more recognition in movies. Don't you feel that So Hyun's wishes come true? First she has been vocal about JYJ YooChun being her ideal man and wanting to work with him in one screen then Sensory Couple happened (they played as siblings), and now this movie casting happened. SoHyun-ah, it's because you are really hardworking and extremely kind that you are being awarded! :lol::lol::lol:

It also seems a dream come true for some of us wishing SoHyun to play as a princess. But based on the plot, it seems that she will only have her happy times until her father dies. I am wondering why the casting got delayed since the adult counterparts were confirmed on August so I was expecting that their young counterparts be casted earlier, but probably the PD wants SoHyun to really act in the movie (there are rumors of her casting way back August) and waited for her to finish Pure Love and Nightmare Teacher. I am also excited to know who will be the young counterpart of her love interest (Yeo Jingoo or Kwak Dong Yeon please)

It is such a SoHyun filled year for 2015 and 2016. MC for MMA 2015, Nightmare Teacher, Pure Love, Princes Deokhye; I am a happy fan. Also notice that all the roles have different genres, this is what makes SoHyun really versatile and flexible in her acting despite her young age, she tries all genre and avoid sticking to that typical damsel in distress roles in kdramaland (which I hate the most ugh)

Last push for So Hyun's fanmaum support project! If you still have remaining hearts, give it today!!! LET'S MAKE THIS A SUCCESS!

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Guest guacamole

@TinnieBoom yes she is seated beside Kangjoon  in KDA. I see Sohyun's oppa Siwan and Jong suk :D Such handsome young men:D Everyone looks smart and serious! :P the fanmaum hearts thingy I think Stand by already closed it ... I wish they will give us a poster or teaser of Nightmare Teacher this week ... imo sidus hq is a bit not good in promoting their first ever web drama production 

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Guest guacamole

cutest quirk :lol:





Summary Kim Sohyun's future project

November 7, 2015 : one of MC for 2015 Melon Music Awards : Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium 

November : filming of The Last Princess of Korea - Princess Deokhye movie


Nightmare Teacher Web drama 2015 : status of filming : done:  airing dates : to be announce (possibly by December)

Pure Love/Unforgettable Movie : status of filming : doneSpring 2016 movie 

The Last Princess of Korea - Princess Deokhye : status of filming: not yet started:  2016 movie


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SoHyun and pink are a perfect match :wub: And is it just me or did SoHyun gain weight on her cheeks? I mean she might be filming something (during School 2015 her face is a little bit chubby due to no sleep) at the moment Elite shot the pictorial. I missed seeing her with close friend SungJae haha (MinHyuk is also a plus) :D I hope SoHyun gets to work with her BTOB oppas again. 

@makabe23 I read somewhere that Nightmare Teacher is supposed to be broadcast around December (I forgot where I read it) so the press conference might be around the last weeks of November. Web Dramas have been gaining a lot of attention these days so I hope it gets a good feedback, who knows we might get a season 2.

I was re-watching some Music Core videos of SoHyun and she really is good~ getting more excited for her MCing this Saturday! :lol: 

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Guest guacamole

@TinnieBoom I dunno but I like Sohyun's prominent cheekbones (high cheekbones are must have for models :Pand her adorable cheeks and innocent eyes set her apart from other celebrity :D well for me), its not that too prominent in the past ... yea maybe she is stress because of her busy schedules or its just her body is still changing (she is still 16. maybe she got late puberty and all that stuff.) I think her agency is starting to give her rest in between projects? 

Sohyun and Sungjae got cute new videos for elite but I am bit wary right now in posting Sungjae with Sohyun, their interaction is just friendly but I don't think everyone agrees with it, so I some kind of like stirring clear in posting pictures/videos that involves only Sohyun and Sungjae and post only when they're with btob ... I like shipping but I don't want to sign up for real life drama/wars attach with it. okay I better shut up about shipping:D But if you want to post it here, you can. I am just uncomfortable to post it. 

I so want a picture of Minhyuk and Sohyun too :P I will not post it here promise! but if they look cute hahaha I apologize but I might post it here Just once :D  I kept on seeing that Sohyun is the 8th member of BtoB haha she is like Nodame in Nodame cantabile (jp):D but not as a mascot but a muse, she got her own acting project while she cheer for her btob oppas, just like solo pianist Nodame to chiaki's orchestra group (sorry can't help to relate it in anime haha ) They're fun to watch in the new video because they make Sohyun smile and laugh especially Changsub and Eunkwang 

Yes MC Sohyun is the best! She is very energetic and adorable when emceeing in music core. I like her outfits and hairstyle too haha 

ahh so its December for Nightmare Teacher Thank You for informing me Now I can be at ease haha I thought there is a problem. I think the web drama includes a lot of sidus hq young actors (I saw a picture of a tall actor haha taller than Joo hyuk haha ) and young actress I also hope for its success ! :D




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