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✪ Kim So Hyun 김소현 ✪ [2021's Current Dramas : River Where the Moon Rises (KBS2)] & Love Alarm S2 (Netflix) on March 12 ✪

Growing up in dramaland  

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  1. 1. Which of these dramas have you seen? (adult roles) - choose as many as you have seen

    • 2021 - River Where the Moon Rises
    • 2019 - The Tale of Nokdu
    • 2019 - Love Alarm (season 1)
    • 2018 - Radio Romance
    • 2017 - While You Were Sleeping
    • 2017 - The Emperor: Owner of the Mask
  2. 2. Which of these dramas have you seen? (child roles) - choose as many as you have seen

    • 2016 - Goblin
    • 2016 - Bring It On, Ghost
    • 2016 - Nightmare Teacher
    • 2015 - Who Are You: School 2015
    • 2015 - The Girl Who Sees Scents
    • 2014 - Reset
    • 2014 - Triangle
    • 2013 - The Suspicious Housekeeper
    • 2013 - I Hear Your Voice
    • 2013 - Birth Secret
    • 2013 - IRIS 2
    • 2012 - Missing You
    • 2012 - Ma Boy
    • 2012 - Reckless Family
    • 2012 - Love Again
    • 2012 - Moon Embracing the Sun
    • 2011 - Padam Padam
    • 2011 - Thorn Birds
    • 2011 - The Duo
    • 2010 - King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo

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Help me to find those webtoons:


Some south korean webtoon artists gets mad when their works are being translated illegally in english


But now LINE provides a website for international readers IMO I still like and miss the quality of the translation work of the independent scanalation group than webtoon.com :D:lol: ----> webtoons.com or you can even download it on your phone. If you watch orange marmalade drama, you will see the webtoon of that drama in this website. 

I am not sure if this is what Sohyun is referring to --->will you marry me webtoon... it only got 1 chapter I am not sure if they will continue ...


when it comes to korean webtoon I prefer it with color just like cherry tomatoes which is also not available in their official english webtoon website:P ---> Cherry Tomatoes( naver no eng trans) this is what she is referring to I think or maybe it was Cherry Boy, that girl  ..... 


I wasn't expecting illegal links, I want the naver (original) link, it does not matter if is in Korean.

So, anyone knows that "Will you marry me?" webtoon?

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One and only, she's Kim So Hyun       The link for her variety show Because This Is My First Twenty is below with the total 12 episodes. Please give her full support

here the translated news for today!   [News] 'Radio Romance' Kim So Hyun "First-time adult acting, compare to huge burden, I’ll acting happily” . She has chosen “Radio Romance” as her fi

Hi chingus! Here are my thoughts for KSH and the writers of Ruler: As much as it makes me sad that KSH cried at the party alongside the writers, I will have to say it is most likely her heart of

Guest guacamole



I wasn't expecting illegal links, I want the naver (original) link, it does not matter if is in Korean.

So, anyone knows that "Will you marry me?" webtoon?

Do not worry LINE Webtoon is not an illegal link. I was just sharing about the past experience when there was no LINE Webtoon and that I like the quality of the English translations of the independent scanalation groups compared to what the LINE is providing us ( international readers) right now But they are getting better ... I guess :D Those links that I indicated were completely harmless. LINE Webtoon is the global counterpart of Naver webtoon. Its completely okay to use that app. There are a lot of korean webtoons available there and free to read. 

anyway the original link of Will you marry me ... I tried to find it as soon as Sohyun told us about it but I cannot find it with my limited resources which is google translator LOL but LINE got 1 chapter of that webtoon which I will post the link again --------> CLICK ME

edit: @rossy5 btw did you see lookism I think Sohyun also mentioned it but ....I do not think its one of her favorite right? or is it? I find Will you marry me interesting (even though the drawing is a bit weird) than Lookism. I remember Pig Bride manhua when I read Will you Marry me's first chapter. Oh and if you found the original korean link of Will You Marry kindly share it here :P:P




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Guest guacamole

Make up artist of Kim Sohyun during 2015 KDA   



She is slowly growing beautifully!! Take Rest and Eat Plenty of healthy food !!! Aim High and remain humble!  :D 

VIP premier 151012 Kim Sohyun supports her friend/label mate's movie 

she really stands, talks and walks like a first lady :P 

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Guest guacamole


I like 2015 better :w00t: but you can change your style haha its your prerogative just stay youthful :D for now  

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Guest guacamole

Update 10/14/ 15

STAND BY's (@19990604_com) project for Rice Wreath Support for So Hyun's upcoming web drama Nightmare Teacher

Status: 256 076  hearts   yet to raise


How to Join? For Instructions see spoiler

Support So Hyun using Fanmaum app :D This is STAND BY's (@19990604_com ) project for Rice Wreath Support for So Hyun's upcoming web drama Nightmare Teacher. It will run until 31 Oct 2015. What's good about this is that even international fans can join. The app is very simple.:P 

Here's how to register and send hearts: 

1. Download the Fanmaum app in Playstore (unfortunately it's not available in app store)

2. Follow the steps in the picture above (thanks to Fanmaum's twitter account for the pictures)

Some notes:

1. I had problems with the nickname since the app keeps on saying that it is already taken, so what I did was to input numbers as my nickname. (my 6 digit birthday to be exact)

2. Since I have zero knowledge in Korean, I can only download the english apps in the Save free heart option. By the way, you download these apps to accumulate hearts for free. There will be times when you won't get the corresponding hearts after you download the app, but just try again, patience is a virtue haha. Also, some apps are available in selected countries. It will be of great advantage if you know Korean though.

3. You can only send hearts if you have at least 100 hearts.

instructions credits : @tinnieboom

** This is the 2nd Support Sohyun project organize by Stand by using Fanmaum app The 1st support project they did was for Sohyun's actress debut (delivered a duck plushie to Sohyun). Join us in helping Stand by achieve 100% (of course if you want :D)

I love Kim Sohyun's beauty but I love her acting talent more :wub::D We will stand by you Sohyun, so take care of yourself (eat plenty of healthy food and take rest), choose your projects well and stay optimistic :D

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Kim Sohyun with her BTOB oppas 

;) elite uniform fall/winter theme?

Watch Sungjae and Sohyun its funny :lol: 



I was laughing while watching this, that looks so painful since you can hear the bump haha. Well it's SungJae's fault since he's too close to her seat :lol: Oh and thank you for always reminding us of the Fanmaum project, I really hope we can meet the 1M hearts target and shower SoHyun with love :)

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Guest guacamole

@TinnieBoom Yes Sungjae is so near to Sohyun :sweatingbullets: imo he reminds me of mbc appa odiga Junsu :lol: :P Do you like Sohyun to work with Sungjae again? I some kind of like it too. I think they will be perfect for rom-com haha but I know that it will take a lifetime to wait for it or never so I don't usually put my faith that they will work again. Right now, I am just patiently waiting what Sohyun's next proj for next year. I really hope that her agency, her mom and her, pick carefully because that now kdramas are pre produce, people will surely judge them strictly if they pick something bad. What genre of drama do you like Sohyun to do next? for me I prefer its female oriented drama but if its not I am still gonna try again to watch it haha

about the fanmaum I think if Sohyun appear on v - app again we will reach 1 million hahaha  I think Sohyun got a lot of fanboys:D

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Guest guacamole

[151017] Kim So Hyun at Hazzys Accessories Fansign Event in Busan

Looooooook at that she looks like a noble lady!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^_^;) 






In here she looks like an adorable doll!!!!! I just wanna hug her! She got a contagious smile :D:lol:


I read on IG a fan gave her that pink witch hat :lol: That is so brilliant haha love it! adorable!!!





edit : forgot about credits

credits : wow_sojuice, kimsohyun_fanbase , 19990604_com

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Guest guacamole

 Kim So hyun IG Update


[KOR] 부산까지 와주셔서 예쁘게 찍어주신 사진들~ 너무 감사해요❤️
[ENG] For coming all the way to Busan to take these pretty pictures~ Thank you so much❤️


[KOR] 홍콩에서 일부러 부산까지 오셨다는 말씀듣고 깜짝 놀랐습니다!!찍어주신 사진들도 정말 감사하고 조심해서 돌아가세요:)
[ENG] I'm surprised to hear that my fans from Hong Kong purposely came all the way to Busan!! Thank you so much for the fantaken pictures and have a safe trip:)

trans : sohyunxjingoo

Last month? China fans visit sohyun in Korea now it was Hong Kong fans turn :lol: Who is next ? ^_^:D I wish I can meet her too someday :D

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This picture can justify her male fan base :D I've seen some fans who were able to get her signature (they post their queue number in twitter and IG), and almost of all of them are males and from Seoul who traveled all the way to Busan. One even came from HongKong. One fan in twitter said that she's pretty and polite.

I love her outfit, very age appropriate though I want her artist to tone down her make-up, she looks better with lighter or without them on.



I always love how her smile and laugh becomes gentle when talking with children and dongsaeng fans, she really seems to be a gentle and kind noona/unni.

She will have another fan signing event for Peripera on the 24th, but now it's in Seoul. I expect more people will come since most of her fans are in Seoul (as I observed from their tweets yesterday).

Keep supporting her Fanmaum project! Currently we have 77% of the total. We still have 13 days left. For iphone users, I posted a tutorial and way on how you can use Fanmaum on your laptops (through Bluestacks) in my Instagram. My ID is @tinnieboom. :D If you encounter any problems, just ask me here or in IG.

All pictures came from Weibo, credits to their respective owners :)

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