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✪ Kim So Hyun 김소현 ✪ [2021's Current Dramas : River Where the Moon Rises (KBS2)] & Love Alarm S2 (Netflix) on March 12 ✪

Growing up in dramaland  

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  1. 1. Which of these dramas have you seen? (adult roles) - choose as many as you have seen

    • 2021 - River Where the Moon Rises
    • 2019 - The Tale of Nokdu
    • 2019 - Love Alarm (season 1)
    • 2018 - Radio Romance
    • 2017 - While You Were Sleeping
    • 2017 - The Emperor: Owner of the Mask
  2. 2. Which of these dramas have you seen? (child roles) - choose as many as you have seen

    • 2016 - Goblin
    • 2016 - Bring It On, Ghost
    • 2016 - Nightmare Teacher
    • 2015 - Who Are You: School 2015
    • 2015 - The Girl Who Sees Scents
    • 2014 - Reset
    • 2014 - Triangle
    • 2013 - The Suspicious Housekeeper
    • 2013 - I Hear Your Voice
    • 2013 - Birth Secret
    • 2013 - IRIS 2
    • 2012 - Missing You
    • 2012 - Ma Boy
    • 2012 - Reckless Family
    • 2012 - Love Again
    • 2012 - Moon Embracing the Sun
    • 2011 - Padam Padam
    • 2011 - Thorn Birds
    • 2011 - The Duo
    • 2010 - King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo

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One and only, she's Kim So Hyun       The link for her variety show Because This Is My First Twenty is below with the total 12 episodes. Please give her full support

here the translated news for today!   [News] 'Radio Romance' Kim So Hyun "First-time adult acting, compare to huge burden, I’ll acting happily” . She has chosen “Radio Romance” as her fi

Hi chingus! Here are my thoughts for KSH and the writers of Ruler: As much as it makes me sad that KSH cried at the party alongside the writers, I will have to say it is most likely her heart of

First time I've seen her uploading an episode preview in her Instagram account. I guess they're getting serious about boosting ratings. Good luck! (for them and for us).


Instagram offtopic:



Does anybody here understand Instagram comments system? I mean, I'm entering an Instagram post. At the right side, comments. Tap or click the upper (+) icon and it loads more comments, but they load at the bottom. So I must scroll to the bottom, read the comments, go back at the top, tap or click the (+) icon, go down again...

Maybe it's because I don't have an IG account...



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I love you guys discussion here. To me, So Hyun happiness above anything else. And more than most of So Hyun recent dramas, I really love The tale of Nokdu. It won’t be another hit drama in So Hyun filmography like School 2015, but it will remain as a happy memory for So Hyun (unlike that Ruler trauma).

About Dong Joo, this character may have silly and vulnerable moments, esp in ep 1, but from then Dong Joo is still a very likable character. She is both sassy and fragile. She is lovely and cute (esp when involves Nokdu). She might not be the smartest female lead but she does things reasonable (or unreasonable when the emotions get the better of her). After 8 eps (4 eps) Im really in love with Dong Joo and Nokdu

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@Ly Khánh, besides a strong script (as least, at the beginning) and So-hyun's acting skills, School 2015's got an extra: a big idol. Can you imagine how high could have been ratings for Love Alarm and TTON if, instead of Song Kang, Jung Ga-ram and Jong Dong-yoon (that is, pure actors), were big idols? Two number ratings for sure. And maybe worst quality, even when KSH is able to make idol partners improve their skills (e.g. Taecyeon).


Plus, Lee Eun-bin/Go Eun-byeol were great characters. Even when Gong Tae-kwang was too, everybody remembers the twins and their struggle. I guess it's hard to build a good female role nowadays. In TTON, Nok-du is stealing the show. Probably, it will be remembered as "the kdrama that boosted JDY's career".

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@angrytomato to me, I would choose Song Kang, Jung Ga Ram and Jang Dong Yoon over those idols who can’t act and big age gap any day. Appropriate age gap and capable acting skills are more important to me than the idol popularity. And I think there are too many examples that the popular idols can’t pull in decent rating and I shouldn’t name them here. If you think with a popular male idol Nokdu can pull the 2 digits rating? No it’s simply impossible. 

About School 2015, it had very low rating for first few episodes before the story got better and the Taebi effects attracted more viewers. At first Sung Jae and Nam Joo Hyuk were barely known and So Hyun was just a young actress so basically School 2015 success was not because of idol. 

I fully agree with you that it’s hard to replicate such good female character these days. And about Eunbyul, most of us love this character because of her independent and sassy personality, she can solve problem on her own. But the dilemma for the writer is that it’s hard to draw male lead who loves the strong female lead like Eunbyul. The girl crush female lead is hard to build romance around. I haven’t seen any role So Hyun played since then as powerful as Eunbyul. And most of the time the writers failed to give So Hyun character justice.

Finally, the tale of Nok-Du is about Nokdu and Jang Dong Yoon is doing too well to ignore his newfound popularity. Same about Song Kang, he got the biggest boost after Love Alarm. It’s hard to So Hyun to get her break through role again but I will patiently wait for it. 

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@angrytomato Regarding Love Alarm, I would say that it should be counted as a hit drama of So-hyun. I remember right after its premier week, Netflix flooded Youtube with tons of interviews, BTS clips and games featuring the cast to further promote the drama because the reception of it is massive and the demand for 2nd season from the viewers is crazy and undying. 


Also, I would like to comment that the casting of a big idol does not guarantee ratings success. Just look at Suzy's Vagabond. It's a big budget production but it averages only a single-digit rating per episode, which is a big NO NO.


Lastly, regarding Tale of Nokdu, I would like to comment that the negativity on the drop of ratings of some members here is so funny and stressful at the same. Hey guys, only 8 episodes have been aired, there are still 24 episodes to go. So, the probability for the spike of ratings of this drama is very high - which I think will happen soon. Additionally, I believe that even if this drama may not be a syndrome level like Moonlight, this one is already considered a HIT of 2019. 


In conclusion, 2019 is a lucky year for our So-hyunnie because she was able to add in her resume two successive hit dramas. I believe that Love Alarm and Tale of Nokdu brought her to a new level of stardom - making her ahead of her peers. So, it's a very good job with flying colors to our girl. I always believe and feel since day 1 that someday, Korea will recognize and crown her of the sought-after label, Nation's first love. If that happens, I guess she will be the first actress to be recognized with two lucrative Nation's titles - Little Sister and First Love.

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Re-watching that School 2015 scene and getting a mix in my head, I was expecting Kang So-young to draw a sword...


@Ly Khánh, I thought Sung-jae, as BTOB's leader, was already a well known idol star. Actually, I don't know anything about kpop, jpop or any other "pop" styles from year 2000 to present. Also, I makes me happy that hiring idols doesn't guarantee anything. Let idols sing/dance and actors play roles.

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Jang Dong Yoon And Kim So Hyun Are Burning With Passion Behind The Scenes Of “The Tale Of Nokdu”

Jang Dong Yoon And Kim So Hyun Are Burning With Passion Behind The Scenes Of âThe Tale Of Nokduâ


KBS 2TV’s “The Tale of Nokdu” has released new behind-the-scenes photos of Kim So Hyun and Jang Dong Yoon!

Recently, Jang Dong Yoon and Kim So Hyun have been receiving much praise for their phenomenal chemistry. In the midst of the drama’s growing popularity, new photos have revealed the two actors working passionately on set.


In the newly released photo, Jang Dong Yoon is completely immersed in his script, his sincere expression making the viewers’ hearts flutter. He has flawlessly taken on his role, making viewers unable to imagine Jeon Nok Du being played by any other actor. Another photo of Jang Dong Yoon shows him bravely taking on a difficult action scene using wires.


Meanwhile, Kim So Hyun brightens up the set with her stunning smile. With her attention to detail and passionate energy, Kim So Hyun has perfectly portrayed the lovely Dong Dong Joo, bringing out the best of her character’s charms. In addition to the photo that shows Kim So Hyun’s serious expression while rehearsing, the photo of her fearlessly jumping into the water made viewers even more curious about her character’s role in upcoming episodes.



The productions team shared, “The synergy between Jang Dong Yoon and Kim So Hyun, who don’t miss a single detail, is the best. The value of this will be displayed even more as the episodes progress. Please look forward to the two actors’ acting as [their characters’] relationship changes and as they exchange more detailed emotions.”

“The Tale of Nokdu” airs every Monday and Tuesday at 10 p.m. KST.



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Growing up from an amazing child actress to a stunning small screen siren of her generation, Kim So Hyun has been reaping the fruits of her hard work.

Kim So Hyun

- Advertisement -

At 20, Kim So Hyun is on her 11th year in the industry. It goes to say that she is deemed a professional having starred in over 40 dramas and films.

Compared to his peers, Kim has made the effort to work on roles above her age, yet displaying portrayals without difficulty.

From her first work as an adult, Radio Romance, she has since headlined popular and acclaimed dramas. Currently, she is starring in KBS high-rating period romance drama, The Tale of Nokdu.

K-Drama Review: Love Alarm Reins In A Beautifully Crafted Yet Bittersweet Young Romance

In July this year, her Netflix original series Love Alarm received immense following from K-Drama patrons. Confessing she initially wanted to avoid school set dramas, she expressed maturity on where she wants her career to flow.


“I wasn’t going to wear uniform again after ‘Radio Romance’. If I can’t act in the future, I’m worried about it. I was in a hurry. But after looking around, I didn’t have to be hasty.”

As she has been widely-regarded in the school-set dramas she appeared in, she dismisses the idea of her being typecast. Instead, she remains firm in her belief that as long as it is a good work, she would be willing to portray a school girl role.


Instead of playground, Kim like most child actors grew up in filming locations. She honestly admitted not being able to experience real “campus romance”. Quipping getting the experience from the dramas she has shot before, especially those filmed in romantic backdrop, she revealed feeling a little bit of regret for missing it in real life.

Love Alarm

Kim said, “I regret it now (laughs) and I didn’t really care about reason when I was in middle school. I didn’t have a lot of friends around me. I didn’t want to be in love, and maybe I was afraid. I have a lot to think about. If you have someone you like enough that would be worth it, it must be great, but I don’t feel that way yet.”

Revealing having troubles acting in romance stories, she relayed her zero dating experience contributes to it. She seeks help by watching romance movies.

“I haven’t felt deep love emotions. When I act, I try my best to feel that feeling so I immerse to the idea that I really like the actor I am paired with,” she added.


With her on point roles in the dramas she has worked on, she has been getting more love calls. However, the beautiful actress dismisses being tagged as a workaholic.

Explaining she is grateful for the downpour of projects, she relayed how she would seize the opportunity to a role she wants to play. Choosing to forego might be a regret later.

Kim So Hyun

Moreover, Kim mentioned wanting to shoot meaningful independent movies, as well as, short films.

Finding a life that complements her style, Kim So Hyun acknowledges how she has little interaction. But, since entering young adulthood after Radio Romance, she began meeting people and going around.

As a late bloomer, she heeds the advice to play and have fun, but it should be healthy and within the boundaries of law and morality. The actress who wants to learn how to cook and enjoys having mornings alone is living the time of her life.

Watch Kim So Hyun’s latest drama, The Tale of Nokdu on VIU and Love Alarm on Netflix.



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Personally, school 2015 was and still her biggest hit. That was her prime, bec of the twins - playing 2 characters at the same time. She was recognized and awarded left and right but she was very exhausted as well during that year. Shes smiling but we can see that she was physically drained by the drama's demand.


Now with Tale of Nokdu (i know shes aware at the very beginning that this a story about Nokdu) but shes still the 1st one to confirm her appearance bec of Dong Joo's character :wub:  that shows that she really want to be part of this project.


All her dramas are memorable for me, not just bec of story/ratings/feedback but also bec of the relationships she was able to build with her costars behind the camera. It really warmed my heart if i can see an interaction she had of those people eventhough shes not working with them anymore :blush:


Above all else, i want her happiness for each of her project and if she wants to challenge herself again of a complicated character, Gooo, regardless if it will get a high ratings or shoot her again to stardom. I want her to enjoy this industry that she chose :heart:

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hello everyone! I made an account for tale of nokdu so might as well join in kim so hyun's thread while im on it hahahh I have always been a fan of kim so hyun since school 2015. I love her versatility and the way she carries her roles; no matter what her role is, there is always depth and maturity (at least to me hahah) 


Im sure as fans, we wanted the best for her and it is frustrating to see her hard work and talent not being rewarded at times (low rating and lukewarm response). But i keep telling myself that she's just 20, she has many years ahead of her and being on top doesn't guarantee you happiness. Kim so hyun herself said that her own happiness is very important. 


so cheer up everyone hehehe


What are your aspirations as an actress?

"What I try to do as an actress is to communicate with the viewers, to create a shared feeling, so that if anybody is going through a hard time, they can watch me and feel some consolation and laugh, or be happy. I believe that’s what I am doing and I would like to continue to play that role. It is very important that I become successful as an actress, but as a human being, it is very important that I feel happy"


also, Love Alarm is a hit in my opinion, it might not be the biggest hit but I would still consider it a success.  and Tale of nokdu is receiving compliments and praises left and right, sad that the rating dropped but she looks like she enjoys her time in the set (based on the bts heheh)



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Welcome to her thread @kshuuuuuw :blush:

Shes truly mature on her thoughts, she understands what shes doing and what she would like to continue doing :heart:


I Became active in here again to join the fun of Tale of Nokdu :joy:

Lets discuss everything and share our thoughts about our dear Sohyunnie :heart:

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@angrytomato from what I remember, Sung Jae and Btob debuted 3 years before School 2015 but they weren’t a mainstream group by then, only after School 2015 success that brought light to Sung Jae and Btob was also benefited from his newfound popularity. And although I’m not against those idols who can act (D.O, Siwan, 2pm Lee Jun Ho…) I still prefer actors with good acting skills so So Hyun doesn’t have to carry the whole drama on her shoulders.


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I've been continuously following this forum but seldom post replies. Now that Sohyun has recently made/is making two dramas, I guess it's time to make this forum active again with discussions?


For me, Love Alarm is considered a hit. Sohyun is the only known name in this project (this is the first lead roles for both Song Kang and Jung Ga Ram) so the reception is really good. It may not have a genre that's fit for a wider audience (unlike Kingdom), but it received good reviews from all ages. This is also the first time I saw Sohyun's drama in our twitter trending list. Evertbody was talking about it days after its full release. All popular korean social media accounts got flooded with Love Alarm posts. The Love Alarm app, despite being on playstore only, already had more than 1M downloads. The team behind the app is also conducting global events which manifests its popularity.


Kim JoJo may not be as popular as the legendary Go Eun Byul, but I can consider this role as Sohyun's breakthrough role after she becomes an adult. But let's also remember that it is not easy to overcome a breakthrough role with another. Some actors even struggle to get out of their past characters. I'm happy Sohyun is not only known through School 2015, but also from her other roles.


Now with The Tale of Nokdu, ever since it was announced, I didn't have hopes that this will be her show since it's already in the title: that this is Nokdu's story and nobody else. She may have been announced first, but that's because she's the most known name in the drama (JDY is still considered a rookie) but the team probably looked for Nokdu's actor first. Nevertheless, I'm just glad that the first 4 episodes showed more of her character, unlike GaEun in Ruler who looked more like a cameo than a main character. Dongjoo also showed more of Sohyun's acting versatility. We never saw her comical acting yet which I surprisingly loved to bits.


After seeing how good she acted as Dongjoo (tho she acts every character flawlessly), my urge for her to star in Miss Granny came back. I know the probability of this drama being real is close to zero, but I think if she does this kind of character, it will surely be her breakthrough role. I feel Sohyun prefers to play light and funny characters nowadays since she had quite a ton of serious and tragic characters when she was a child actress. She's only 20 years old, and admittedly 20/21 is a hard time for former child actors to transition in their adult roles. But as Sohyun said in her latest interviews, she will just leave the transition to time.


I prefer good acting from real actors than lukewarm acting from idols just for the sake of ratings anytime of the day. Also, idol actors don't fully guarantee good ratings. Sometimes it's also with the timing and more importantly the story.


PS. BTOB wasn't popular during School 2015. Sungjae even said that during his audition, to make his angry acting come out, the director (or was it the PD) provoked him by asking who is BTOB because he never heard of that group before. But due to the drama's popularity, BTOB started to become well known. So Sohyun was actually the one carrying the show from the start.


I am sorry for the long post!

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