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✪ Kim So Hyun 김소현 ✪ [2021's Current Dramas : River Where the Moon Rises (KBS2)] & Love Alarm S2 (Netflix) on March 12 ✪

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Kim jojo: “Liking someone… what does that mean, exactly?”




Lee Hye Young :“Is there any way to stop liking someone?”




Hwang Seon Oh :“Ring my alarm.”


Kim So Hyun, Song Kang, And Jung Ga Ram Are Entangled In A Love Triangle In Posters For New Drama “Love Alarm”


Netflix’s upcoming original series “Love Alarm” has unveiled new character posters of its starring cast!

Based on the popular webtoon of the same name, “Love Alarm” is a romance drama set in an alternate reality where people find love through an application that alerts users when someone within a 10-meter radius has feelings for them. The drama will tell the story of young men and women searching for love in a world in which almost everyone relies solely on the application to express their feelings.

On August 2, the upcoming drama released three new posters introducing viewers to its three leads, with each poster bearing the tagline, “A world in which you can’t hide loneliness.”

Kim So Hyun’s poster shows her character Kim Jo Jo looking conflicted as she lies in bed with the life-changing “love alarm” app turned on. The caption hints at Kim Jo Jo’s tormented thoughts, reading, “Liking someone… what does that mean, exactly?”


Song Kang’s poster features the actor in character as the popular student Hwang Seon Oh, who is more interested in Kim Jo Jo than the many girls who like him. The poster captures the lovesick Hwang Seon Oh lost in thought as its caption reads, “Ring my alarm.”



Finally, Jung Ga Ram looks tortured as his character Lee Hye Young, who is forced to watch as Hwang Seon Oh—his longtime best friend who is like a brother to him—falls for Kim Jo Jo, the girl that he liked first.

His poster’s caption asks despairingly, “Is there any way to stop liking someone?”


“Love Alarm” is currently scheduled to be released on Netflix on August 22. In the meantime, you can check out the first teaser for the drama here!



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One and only, she's Kim So Hyun       The link for her variety show Because This Is My First Twenty is below with the total 12 episodes. Please give her full support

here the translated news for today!   [News] 'Radio Romance' Kim So Hyun "First-time adult acting, compare to huge burden, I’ll acting happily” . She has chosen “Radio Romance” as her fi

Sohyun ig , twitter uptade  

Vogue Korea 's article about Love Alarm


#LoveAlarm sounds like a normal teen romance at first glance, but inside, the story is unique. It depicts the friendship and growth of Jo Jo, Seon Oh and Hyeyoung and the love hidden inside them. Their relationship began in high school and continued into adulthood.


It sounds like a very common love triangle, but it's not.There's a mixture of affection, compassion and anger in them. The two take a step back from Jojo for each other's sake. But it's not about letting go. They rely on #LoveAlarm app to find out about their confused emotions.


Even JoJo, who is loved by Seon Oh and Hye Young, is not at peace of mind. Spacious and bold, Jojo lives in her aunt's house and gets scolded, but she doesn't resent it. But the affection for her mother lies deep in her heart...


Eventually, JoJo becomes independent from her aunt and goes out to find her own life. As an adult, JoJo goes into conflict with Seon Oh and Hye Young to understand her true feelings


A #LoveAlarm app that was welcomed at first, but gradually confused people's feelings. It's also interesting to wonder who developed it first, why did he develop it, and what kind of results he want to do?


Also, you can't forget the excitement of peeking into the depths of JoJo, Seon Oh and Hye Young’s heart. If you want to feel the buzzing moment when the #LoveAlarm goes off, you can see it on Netflix on Aug 22nd. Are you ready to turn on your 'LOVE ALARM'?


transleted by Lily_CFC twitter

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Sohyun's manager uptade :)

Suddenly the memories came back .
Sso's manager suddenly remembered that she received a warning from @wow_kimsohyun because she was hungry when So Hyun was filming Love Alarm last year .


translated by shirlley0604 -ig



A Naver blog updates that there's promotion TV boards showing Netflix drama [ Love Alarm ] in the 2019 Comic Con Seoul event on early August at COEX.
advertisement boards of the casts JoJo (Kim Sohyun) , Hye Young (Jung Ga Ram), Sun-o (Song Kang) are found on the way to a venue from the Samsung station on Line 2. --





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Sohyun's agency is growing. Now has a 5 actors  (including Sohyun )


1.Kim ye eun 김예은   https://www.instagram.com/yean_ii/

2.Jeong Soo Hyun  정수현  https://www.instagram.com/cor_cordium_jsh/  He is in same University with Sohyun.Maybe her classmate

3.Go Nahui   고나희 (She is a child actress and she was in Ruler ,L's  sister ) 고나희    https://www.instagram.com/gonahyimam/

4.Park Han Il 박한들  https://www.instagram.com/deuldeuls/

5.Kim So Hyun :wub:



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Watch the main trailer for Netflix's 'Love Alarm' starring Kim So Hyun, Song Kang, & Jung Ga Ram


A little over two weeks left until the premiere of Netflix original K-drama 'Love Alarm'!


Based off of an ongoing webtoon of the same name, Netflix's 'Love Alarm' tells the fantastical romance story of a world where a 'Love Alarm' app rings whenever someone you love steps within a 10 meter radius of the user. In this world, people believe that one can only express their feelings of love and affection through the 'Love Alarm' app.


In 'Love Alarm', actress Kim So Hyun plays the role of Kim Jojo - a girl who strives to live positively each day, despite her loneliness. Opposite Kim So Hyun, actor Song Kang takes on the role of a conceited school hottie named Sun Oh, whose 'Love Alarm' rings numerous times each day due to his popularity. Actor Jung Ga Ram joins in as Sun Oh's best friend of 12 years named Hye Young, who prefers vintage, old-fashioned methods of socializing rather than using the 'Love Alarm'. 


Curious to know what happens to this interesting trio? Then make sure to watch 'Love Alarm' when it premieres on Netflix this August 22!



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Watch: “Love Alarm” Touches On Moral Issues That Can Arise From Mobile App About Love In New Teaser

Netflix’s new original series “Love Alarm” has shared more insight with a new poster and teaser!

“Love Alarm” is set in a society where a mobile application lets users know when someone within 10 meters of them has feelings for them. The series will be based on a popular webtoon and will follow the lives of people and touch upon moral issues that can arise from having your feelings accessible through an app.

The new teaser poster shows Kim Jo Jo (played by Kim So Hyun), Lee Hye Young (played by Jung Ga Ram), and Hwang Seon Oh (played by Song Kang) standing together as people walk by. The tagline reads, “A world where it’s only love if your alarm rings,” reflecting the issues that will be discussed.


The teaser video delves deeper as Kim So Hyun says, “A world where you can’t hide if you like someone,” and a question is asked, “What does it mean to like someone?” For some, like Hwang Seon Oh, the Love Alarm app can be something that brings a sense of pride and happiness as his rings incessantly as he walks through the school. He is intrigued by Kim Jo Jo as his app doesn’t ring when she’s near him, even asking her, “Did you turn your app off?” His best friend Lee Hye Young hasn’t installed the app, preferring to express his emotions the old-fashioned way.

The darker side of the app is also shown in the teaser, with people fighting over the app ringing or not, a person demanding everyone stay at least 10 meters away from him, and a student getting beaten up by the same guy he has feelings for. A voice says, “The Love Alarm app only displays your feelings for someone. It does not guarantee your safety and happiness.” Kim Jo Jo asks, “What would have happened if the app hadn’t been released?” She asks Lee Hye Young why he reserves a space for her in the library and buys her coffee, and he simply replies, “This is how people did it before the app.”



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