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✪ Kim So Hyun 김소현 ✪ [2021's Completed Dramas : River Where the Moon Rises (KBS2)] & Love Alarm S2 (Netflix) ✪


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The swoon update. What they did with the disposable camera given them. I miss the crackhead trio sooo much! Please do another Netflix original project:Please:


Uri sso, always a ray of sunshine!:bawling:

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5 Romantic Moments Where On Dal Proved He’s No Fool In Episodes 9-10 Of “River Where The Moon Rises”

Our favourite sageuk is back and better than ever as On Dal (Na In Woo) returns in full force with charm, charisma, and enough puppy-eyes to make us swoon. We take a break from palace machinations this week as Pyeonggang (Kim So Hyun) returns to Ghost Village with her new husband. However, this time, she isn’t running away from who she is but preparing for the future, for saving her country, and for keeping the man she loves alive while she does it.

Our main couple had plenty of time together this week for romance, kisses, and sword-training, all of which will undoubtedly become harder to find time for as stakes grow higher and Pyeonggang starts to form her own army. The greatest growth this week came from On Dal, who starts to realize just how dangerous the world is, and how difficult it will be for him and the woman he loves to find happiness in it. But that won’t stop him from trying!

Warning: spoilers for episodes 9-10 below.

1. Saving Pyeonggang from an unwanted marriage

Perhaps it was due to all the footage cut from episodes 7-8, but this move felt like it came out of nowhere. Sweet, kind Dal who never wished to spill blood suddenly hiding a dagger up his sleeve to assassinate Go Won Pyo (Lee Hae Young)? How?

However, Na In Woo sold it! He’s found his footing with this role and brings out a maturity and duality to On Dal. It’s brilliantly done and it would have been great to see this version from the very beginning! On Dal’s previous iteration felt like a lovesick schoolboy, a straight up himbo. However, now, he feels three-dimensional: manly, impetuous, and reckless, but also sweet and goofy. Na In Woo makes clear that On Dal is not 100 percent sunshine and rainbows and is more than capable of darker emotions, but he still doesn’t know enough about the world to fear it fully. Compared to Pyeonggang, he lived a sheltered life and retains a sweet sense of innocence. But On Dal starts to realize just how dangerous this can be. One example of how Na In Woo pulls this off is when On Dal prepares for the assassination attempt.


At first, he looks determined and a little cruel. But the moment he’s brought in front of King Pyeongwon (Kim Bup Rae) and the entire court, he realizes just how much is at stake, and his eyes immediately turn scared and innocent. It’s telling that he loves Pyeonggang enough to go as far as to kill for her. This is same Dal who was telling her to put down her sword and life a normal life as an herb-gatherer!

But On Dal is realizing that his life of peace was just an illusion, that living as a fool only made him blind to the dangers of this world. His presence saved Pyeonggang from an unwanted marriage (that much is certain because she had no other way out). However, if Go Won Pyo or Go Geon (Lee Ji Hoon) had seen that dagger up his sleeve, On Dal would have been immediately arrested and killed for attempted murder. It’s a shock to him, especially when Pyeonggang is publicly slapped in front of the court and sent away.

On Dal starts to realize that being protected from the world only made it more dangerous for him to navigate it because he lacks the street smarts and cunning necessary to survive. This is made all the more evident when Go Geon comes chasing after Pyeonggang before they depart for Ghost Village.

2. Defeating sword master Go Geon

Episode 10 shows Go Geon swiftly avoiding every one of Crown Prince Won’s (Park Sang Hoon) attempted blows. He was Pyeonggang’s sword master and made it all the way to general, so this man definitely knows what he’s doing. Yet, On Dal who’s never taken up sword training his entire life manages to wallop Go Geon enough to seriously concuss him. Perhaps On Dal would have been screwed if this wasn’t hand-to-hand combat and Go Geon had used a sword, but the fact remains that his raw untrained potential beat out a Goguryeo general and that’s something to be proud of. Plus, as the behind the scenes shows, both actors didn’t use stunt doubles for the fight scene, which makes it all the more impressive (starts at 7:04).



What’s so crucial about this fight scene is that it shows Dal that even escaping the palace isn’t enough. Trouble will continue to follow them no matter where they go, simply due to the reality of who Pyeonggang is. Even if she never wanted to retake her homeland, Go Won Pyo would still see her as a threat (he was trying to kill her before she even set foot in the palace!), and Go Geon would still immediately go chasing after her. The Sunno Tribe’s days of quiet existence were always numbered. Someone would have stumbled upon them someday. It could very realistically have been Silla spies, given that they use hidden mountain passes as well.

The fact that Go Geon tried to raze down the village once and then tries again post-defeat by On Dal is proof that it wasn’t meant to last forever. It’s more food for thought as Dal returns to Ghost Village with his new wife in tow.

3. Claiming Pyeonggang as his wife


Okay, they’re both enjoying this so much! While it makes sense that they have to keep up the façade of being married, it doesn’t mean they have to hide the truth from Sa Woon Am (Jung Wook) or from Lady Sa (Hwang Young Hee). On Dal’s friend Sa Poong Gae (Kim Dong Young) and Pyeonggang’s assassin twins, Tara Jin and Tara San (Kim Hee Jung and Ryoo Ui Hyun, respectively) know the truth so why shouldn’t the literal head of the tribe and Dal’s beloved adopted mother?

The way On Dal proudly keeps calling Pyeonggang his wife (even when they hadn’t kissed yet, please On Dal) and the way she keeps doing everything to earn Lady Sa’s approval shows that the two of them are actually taking this really seriously. What makes On Dal so great here is that he’s giving her all the time and space she needs and letting her initiate the first moves. If his bit of night-time exercise is any indication, our man is feeling things and needs to work off that energy. But unlike Go Geon who would probably face smash Pyeonggang if she so much as indicated any romantic interest, On Dal actually lets her set the pace. And she sure does!





He doesn’t try to interfere in Pyeonggang’s business or to do her work for her. He respects her enough to know when she wants to do things herself and gives her the time to do so, even when it means he can’t hold her hand.


Go Geon might diss On Dal as a “country bumpkin” or someone of “low birth” but On Dal still respects a woman better that Geon does!

4. Learning military tactics and sword training

What’s amusing about Pyeonggang whipping On Dal into shape is that Na In Woo’s incredible with a sword in real life (see “Mr. Queen” for more!) and does his own stunts. It was hilarious to watch him act like he didn’t know which end of a sword was up! But this scene and the training is touching in that it shows On Dal finally taking action after so many years willingly sitting in the dark and playing the part of a fool.

As much as he loves Lady Sa, he knows she wouldn’t agree with his path and hides the truth from her. He understands what she does not, that protecting someone from the world is a kind and admirable thing to do but ultimately hurts more than it helps. Because when the person comes face to face with reality, they’re not equipped to handle it. Pyeonggang notices his sadness at having to hide the truth from Lady Sa and gently tells him he can quit at any point because she doesn’t want him to do anything that would make him feel conflicted or sad. But On Dal persists, because he understands that he cannot afford to stay hidden anymore and that this is the only way he can protect those he cares about. Plus, his sword master sure is cute!

This is all the more important because Pyeonggang has started to amass power as a military leader, and she’s going to need someone dependable and strong by her side.

5. Understanding that Goguryeo comes first for Pyeonggang

River Where the Moon Rises” is so compelling because Pyeonggang is its front and center. She’s the one amassing an army and looking to return the Sunno Tribe to its rightful position on the Five Tribes Council. She’s the one playing a political long game, whereas On Dal takes more of a background role as her husband and sword training pupil. It also means Pyeonggang has bigger things to think about than just On Dal. He finds this out the hard way, returning from a training session to find Pyeonggang holding a rally with the people of Ghost Village, who volunteer to fight by her side and regain their place in the world.

For Dal, who’s only been thinking about his wife, training, and his chores around the village, this comes as a visible shock. While he revels in being able to sleep next to her every night, she’s busy dreaming big and thinking further ahead. Pyeonggang sees how much this hurts him and apologizes, but she says she’s doing this for all of them, for everyone. It’s painful to see On Dal give her a sad smile and say that it’s okay, that this was probably what she had planned out during her brief stay in the palace and that he’s willing to fight for her and be by her side.

It’s a heartbreaking scene because it sets the foundation for the anguish in our couple’s future. For Pyeonggang, the people of Goguryeo will always come first. She wants to save her father, her brother, the entire country from Go Won Pyo and anyone else who threatens it. But for On Dal, Pyeonggang will always come first. He also loves the people of his village and hates injustice, but his wife will always come first for him. And right now, quite understandably, Pyeonggang loves him but has bigger priorities.

It goes to show how great a guy On Dal is because Go Geon would not be having that. His girl has to love him first or else. Other people? Other priorities? He’ll kill them all. He’s literally abusing the truth of King Pyeongwon and Crown Prince Won, the two people Pyeonggang loves most in the palace. Please, Go Geon, let’s be better than this. But Dal? Sweet, reckless On Dal loves even the part of Pyeonggang that puts Goguryeo before him and works even harder to be able to stand at her side!

He puts everything into training and succeeds in the same training exercise at which Pyeonggang beat Go Geon: knocking the sword out of her hand.


On Dal’s maturity continues to impress. To love without asking anything in return, if that isn’t husband of the year material, then what is?

BONUS: Mo Yong and Go Geon’s electric romance

Go Geon’s a hot mess where Pyeonggang is concerned but he burns up the screen around Hae Mo Yong (Choi Yu Hwa). He’s repressed so much of his real personality around Pyeonggang for so long and acted caring, selfless, when he’s really obsessive, cunning, and angsty as heck. But with Mo Yong, he doesn’t hold back anything. She sees him for who he is and she really likes it. They rescue each other in their own way: her bringing down his fever and healing his wounds, and him, rescuing her from Cheonjubang’s assassins.

In contrast to Pyeonggang and On Dal, who are both relatively pure-hearted people and haven’t seen the worst in each other, Mo Yong and Go Geon have literally seen each other at their lowest and are drawn together in a way they don’t understand. Mo Yong is aware of the attraction. Go Geon isn’t but keeps coming to her at night when he’s tired, injured, drunk, or wants to discuss tactics (just open your eyes already!). She’s his mental equal and hopefully they figure it out soon and start fighting on the same side because that chemistry is potent! (Also how is Choi Yu Hwa 35?)

There was a lot to cover this week and things look like they’ll get even busier next week with On Dal heading off to train the mountains with Wol Gwang (Cho Tae Kwan), and Lady Sa potentially dying(!!) One thing’s for certain, next week can’t come fast enough!



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Kim So Hyun Sends Off Na In Woo With An Affectionate Gaze In “River Where The Moon Rises”


Kim So Hyun Sends Off Na In Woo With An Affectionate Gaze In “River Where The Moon Rises”

KBS 2TV’s “River Where the Moon Rises” has revealed new stills of Kim So Hyun and Na In Woo!

A reinterpretation of a classic Goguryeo folk tale, “River Where the Moon Rises” is a drama that retells the famous love story of Princess Pyeonggang (Kim So Hyun) and On Dal (Na In Woo).


In the previous episode, Pyeonggang grew determined to have the Sunno tribe reinstated and expand their power. In order to put her plan into action, she taught her husband On Dal, the tribe leader’s son, how to fight. Although On Dal had never touched a sword before, under Pyeonggang’s instruction, his skills rapidly improved.

The newly released stills show Pyeonggang handing off On Dal to a new instructor, who happens to be her mother’s first love and previous general of the Jeollo tribe, Wol Kwang (Jasper Cho). Pyeonggang and On Dal exchange affectionate looks, determined to carry out their plan even though it means having to part ways for the time being (see top photo). Pyeonggang places her hands on On Dal’s face one last time before they part, and On Dal gazes back at her with a trusting gaze.


Wol Kwang is also seen looking charismatic as he studies On Dal. When the pair had met previously, he criticized On Dal’s swordsmanship in an unusual manner, commenting, “I thought you had an affair with a stick.” Viewers are curious to find out how On Dal’s skills will improve after training with Wol Kwang.


The next episode of “River Where the Moon Rises” airs on March 22 at 9:30 p.m. KST.




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EVENT: Tweak my oppa! COMPETITION - Win prizes! :love:


Now you have a chance to show us your photo editing skills and promote your oppa or favorite drama!

Tweak a picture of your oppa, a drama poster and/or a picture we Event Organizers have picked out for you.


You don't have to be a master of photoshopping in order to participate. There are lots of free SW and apps available to edit pictures, even on your phone. So don't be shy! :kiss_wink:

We have great prizes for the winners! :partyblob:


Your Event Organizers,

@partyon @Lmangla @Sleepy Owl

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The 'Love Alarm' Season 2 Soundtrack will Make You Relive All the Best Moments in the Show

When I'm watching a really good romantic Korean drama, it's like I turn into a lovesick high schooler getting all the butterflies everywhere. It's easy to get wrapped up in it, and by the time that I'm done with the show, I find myself asking, "What am I going to do with my life now?"

But what always gets me out of a serious post-K-drama funk is playing through a show's soundtrack. It's like reliving all the best scenes — feeling all the feels from all the emotional (sometimes overdramatic, but forgivably so) sequences, heartfelt exchanges between lovers, and even the little cutesy moments.

So if you're done watching all six episodes of Love Alarm season 2 and you're missing spending time with Jojo, Sun-Oh and Hye-Yong, but don't exactly want to or have the time to rewatch everything, maybe try listening to the music featured on the show. It might ease a little bit of the dull pain while waiting for Netflix to drop a third season. (P.S.: Something else that might dull the pain? Listening to these songs while lounging in the most perfect sweatsuit of all time. Just sayin'.)


Here are the tracks that played in Love Alarm season 2:

"Bendable" by Keep Shelly in Athens

This song wasn't used in the show itself but plays in the trailer, and it's definitely a vibe.

"Volcano" by Kai Stone

Also a trailer track, "Volcano" is also a low-key bop. And who doesn't like a love song with a catchy tune?

"Love Alarm" by Tearliner feat. Taru

A cute, bouncy, feel-good tune by K-Pop indie gem Tearliner that you've probably heard from the first season's OST.

"Falling Again" by Klang

Another iconic song that's been carried over from the previous season. It's still so good!

"In My Little Mind" by Hodge


This song has a folk/country sound to it, which adds that much more to the heartbreak-y feels. Sad reacts only.

"Blooming Story" by Tearliner feat. 조해진 (Jo Hae-Jin)

A grand, victorious melody for all the moments Jojo overcame adversities that came her way. This song slays.

"Giving" by Ian Hug

This one hurts. It's a song that plays during those intense emotional sequences where one or more of the characters are bursting into tears. Perfect for a good, cathartic cry in the shower.

"It’s Ringing" by 연경이

This is an original song that was 100% made for Love Alarm. I mean, it's basically Jojo's inner monologue for this season as she explores her feelings for Hye-Young. Also, in case you didn't notice, the title's "It's Ringing."

"Star" – 권유 경

A super sweet and simple ballad that's bound to make anyone feel giddy inside!

"It’s You" – Ian Hug

Another short, feel-good tune that you might just find yourself randomly humming to.




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New still cuts of River Where The Moon Rises







She is so cute in this photo


According to coffee truck IG post, #KimSoHyun accidently hit the sandwich with her long sleeve dress which is why the sandwich fell down

Sso's reaction is hilarious  (cr:nikitadarius101 ,twitter )



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Questions To Be Answered In The 2nd Half Of “River Where The Moon Rises”


KBS2’s “River Where the Moon Rises” is entering its second half tonight!

A reinterpretation of a classic Goguryeo folk tale, “River Where the Moon Rises” is a drama that retells the famous love story of Princess Pyeonggang (Kim So Hyun) and On Dal (Na In Woo). Each week, the drama’s viewers are impressed by its tight plot, cinematic shots, and passionate acting.

The 20-episode drama has now reached its halfway point. Below are the points to watch for as you dive in to the latter half of “River Where the Moon Rises”!


Will Pyeonggang be able to create the Goguryeo she dreams of?

Though born a princess, Pyeonggang was raised an assassin and has lived among the common people who are unhappy with Goguryeo’s royal family and nobles. After regaining her memory and returning to the palace, she was disappointed to find that her father King Pyeongwon (Kim Bup Rae) was being controlled by the council of nobles led by Gyeru’s Gochuga Go Won Pyo (Lee Hae Young).

Seeing this, Pyeonggang became determined to restore the royal family’s honor and create a better Goguryeo. As part of her efforts to do so, she is attempting to restore the Sunno Tribe that had been massacred eight years ago. It remains to be seen if Pyeonggang will succeed in bringing the Sunno Tribe together and using their power to regain control of Goguryeo’s royal family, thus establishing a new Goguryeo.


On Dal begins to wield a sword. What will his path to becoming a general look like?

“River Where the Moon Rises” is painting the story of On Dal from the original folk tale in a convincing way. To help Pyeonggang achieve her dream, On Dal picks up the sword. Though his father General On Hyup (Kang Ha Neul) had wished for On Dal to live a life far away from the bloodshed of battlefields, On Dal nonetheless chose to support the wishes of the woman he loved. As he has inherited the blood of a great general, On Dal is learning and improving quickly.

  Reveal hidden contents

Go Geon’s obsession with Pyeonggang—how will it end?

Go Won Pyo’s son Go Geon (Lee Ji Hoon) has loved Pyeonggang for a long time, and he made up his mind to win her heart no matter what. He has gained control of the royal family by winning the favor of King Pyeongwon and Prince Won (Park Sang Hoon). Curiosity mounts as to what exactly he could be planning and how Go Geon’s attachment to Pyeonggang will affect her relationship with On Dal.



How will Silla’s spy Hae Mo Yong affect Goguryeo’s politics?

Initially, Hae Mo Yong (Choi Yoo Hwa) was presented as the adoptive daughter of Sono Tribe’s leader Hae Ji Wol (Jung In Kyum) and the owner of Jangbaek Herbal Medicine Store, the hub of all of Goguryeo’s information. Viewers were shocked when it was revealed that she was a spy from Silla.

Hae Mo Yong is finding herself falling for Go Geon, meaning that she will have to make the choice between fulfilling her duties as Silla’s spy and chasing her heart.

What will the fate of Goguryeo be?

Goguryeo’s political climate grows more and more complicated as different parties with different interests become intertwined. King Pyeongwon, who had merely been a puppet on a throne, finally came to his senses after his daughter Pyeonggang appeared in front of him. The throne continues to be threatened by Go Won Pyo, who claims Goguryeo is already his, and Cheonjubang’s Doo Joon Seo (Han Jae Young), who is eagerly waiting for the perfect moment to kill the king. Even Sa Woon Am (Jung Wook) of the Sunno Tribe, which Pyeonggang had chosen to support the royal family, was posing a threat to the throne.


Episode 11, marking the beginning of the second half of the drama, will air on March 22 at 9:30 p.m. KST.



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Knetz gets excited with another kiss scene of Kim Sohyun and Na Inwoo for drama 'River Where The Moon Rises'!

, 2021




This is a preview. 




Netizens comments :



- Oh my!! 



- Aaaa!! 



- Heol oh my!! 



- Ha... Crazy. 



- It's the best. 



- I like it. 



- Whoa this is crazy. 



- Crazy. 



- Wow, that's amazing. She's naturally pretty.



- Kim Sohyun's face is so beautiful.



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