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✪ Kim So Hyun 김소현 ✪ [2021's Completed Dramas : River Where the Moon Rises (KBS2)] & Love Alarm S2 (Netflix) ✪

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One and only, she's Kim So Hyun       The link for her variety show Because This Is My First Twenty is below with the total 12 episodes. Please give her full support

here the translated news for today!   [News] 'Radio Romance' Kim So Hyun "First-time adult acting, compare to huge burden, I’ll acting happily” . She has chosen “Radio Romance” as her fi

EVENT: THREAD SPOTLIGHT! Hey ya chingus, welcome to a new spotlight where we discover the strength and charm behind the actor playing saeguk princess in "River where the moon rises", Kim So Hyun.

When the series was decided to be made, the writer of Love Alarm, Cheon Kyeyoung already had Kim Sohyun in mind to play Jojo. And Kim Sohyun has always been the no. 1 pick for virtual casting by netizens before the drama was decided to be made.


cr:wowhellosohyun -twitter


Pd Lee Na Jeong said the reason So Hyun was casted as Jojo is not only because of high synchronization rate in appearance but also because of So Hyun rich acting skills that is beyond her age.


So Hyun said she was a fan of the original webtoon and she wanted to play Jojo so much that she couldn’t give up when the proposal came. She also said she is #TeamHyeyoung from start till the end.


As the reason for casting Jung Ga ram, the director praised his eyes, saying they were lyrical, clear and clean, not like actors in their 20s these days.


Q: How did Seon Oh feel about that? (So Hyun is #TeamHyeYoung) A: Seon Oh is pure/innocent too *all laugh* (So Hyun mentioned one of the reasons she likes HY is his innocence) and ...I support them.


cr:Lily_CFC -twitter


When they were asked if they look like their character they play. They all said "No". Only Kim So-hyun's lie detector turned red which means she is lying. :))))))))))))


cr: mayfairwitch -twitter







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Jung Garam's best memorable scene and favourite line from Love Alarm was "To me, that is all romance, because I'm doing it with you (Jojo)"


cr:wowhellosohyun -twitter




Sohyun and LoveAlarm trending on Naver







cr:Ariyati2710 -twitter



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4 Reasons To Watch Upcoming Netflix Drama “Love Alarm”

“Love Alarm” is an awaited drama in the international community. First announced in 2018, the drama finally will air from Aug. 22 on Netflix.

Kim SoHyunSong Kang, and Jung GaRam are the main actors of this comedy fantasy romance school drama. It is about people who want to know their true heart in a society where people use an app to find out who likes them. To be precise, the app is telling people who like them in the 10 meters around. For more information, characters description, posters, and teaser you can check our cast and summary here.

The actors seem to have high chemistry and friendship.


With 2 days left before its broadcast and the press conference held this morning (Aug. 20), fans excitation is climbing.

love alarm netflix, drama love alarm, love alarm kim sohyun


Here are four reasons why you should watch the drama.


1- Love triangle

love alarm netflix, drama love alarm, love alarm kim sohyun


One of the main themes of “Love Alarm” is the love triangle. Viewers will most probably have the Second Lead Syndrome because of HeeYoung (acted by Jung GaRam). He likes JoJo (Kim SoHyun) however he noticed that his 12 years friend SunOh (Song Kang) has feelings for her and he tries to conceal his feelings.


2- Handsome lead actor

love alarm netflix, drama love alarm, love alarm kim sohyun


love alarm netflix, drama love alarm, love alarm kim sohyun




Song Kang is a rising actor and he has caught the attention of many with his gorgeous features. In the drama, his character is a model. From the released pictures and trailer, the actor’s handsome look is already interesting many.

Not everyone watches dramas based on the beauty of the main actor/actress, yet we need to admit that it is still somehow a plus.


3- Solid main actress

love alarm netflix, drama love alarm, love alarm kim sohyun


Song Kang and Jung GaRam’s acting are good but are yet to be well-recognized because they are still rookie actors, even if Jung GaRam won the Best New Actor Award in 2016 for the movie “Fourth Place”.

Both male actors might not be very popular yet. But that is not the case for Kim SoHyun! She is an actress with a lot of experience and many like her good acting.


4- Well-loved story

love alarm netflix, drama love alarm, love alarm kim sohyun


The drama is based on the webtoon of the same title. It is popular and many like its story. It has accumulated more than 4.7 billion views. Readers have fallen in love with this fantastic idea of an app telling you who likes you.

Are you ready to enter “a world where you can’t hide your feelings of love”?




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With ‘Love Alarm,’ finding love is supposed to be easy


Imagine being able to know whether someone likes you or not by opening up a smartphone application. 

That’s a reality in the world that web comic author Chon Kye-young created - a world where you don’t have to express your emotions because the app will automatically share your special feelings for someone and send you an alarm if the person you like is within 10 meters. 

Within this world, three high schoolers - Kim Jojo, Hwang Sun-oh, and Lee Hye-young - become entangled in a love triangle that becomes more complicated through the creation of this app. 

Netflix has turned the web comic series into an original series directed by Lee Na-jeong and starring Kim So-hyun, Jung Ga-ram and Song Kang, much to the excitement of the fans of the original series. 

“I am a huge fan of the original comic [myself],” confided director Lee at a press conference held for “Love Alarm” on Wednesday. “[But for the series] I concentrated on showing more realistic side effects of the app, which can be more dynamic than it seems.”

Kim, also a fan of the webtoon series, didn’t think that she was match for the role of Jojo at first. “I was originally cheering for someone else to play the part,” said Kim. 

“But when the role was offered to me, I couldn’t resist taking it because I am such a huge fan myself. I was tempted to find out how I could portray Jojo’s character, who seems weak and frail on the outside, but also has a steely personality that gets her through her difficulties.” 

Song, who plays Hwang Sun-oh, talked about the burden he feels playing a role with such a huge fanbase. “[It was especially difficult because] Hwang isn’t really the talkative type,” said Song.

“So I debated a lot about how to express his emotions. At the end, I decided to focus on his momentary expressions, which is enough [for viewers] to be able to get a glimpse at his feelings.” 

The director added that she received a lot of help from Chon, especially in creating the Love Alarm app to be used in the drama. “Designing the app wasn’t easy. I wanted the app to look and work as if it actually exists, but also wanted it to be romantic and gender-blind. Juggling that balance was hard, which is why I sought a lot of advice from Chon.” 

The series is expected to be released worldwide simultaneously in 190 countries. The trio expressed their excitement for being a part of a Netflix original series for the first time.

“I’m curious to find out how viewers from overseas will respond to this series and how their reactions might differ from local [viewers],” said Jung.

“I am still not quite familiar with the concept of uploading a project to a [global] platform,” Kim said. 

“I think the reality of it all happening will start to kick in as people post their reviews after the episodes are released. I’ll be waiting for them.” 

When asked whether or not the director has any plans for another season, Lee pointed out that it depends entirely on viewer reactions. “The ending for this show is different than other local dramas,” Lee said.

“The ending will have the viewers wondering about Jojo’s decision [between Hwang and Lee].” 

The first season, which consists of eight episodes, will become available on Netflix on Thursday. 

BY LEE JAE-LIM [lee.jaelim@joongang.co.kr]



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Actress Kim So-hyun taps into her own experience for new Netflix K-drama

Fancy an app that helps you to discover your true love? Well, the new Netflix original K-drama Love Alarm revolves around such an app: When there's a possible love interest within a 10m radius, Love Alarm will alert you of that special someone's romantic notions.

But can an app - no matter how complex the programming is - determine a person's feelings when anything and everything becomes a variable in the matters of the heart?


During a press conference in Singapore last year, director Lee Na-jeong (Fight For My Way, Oh My Venus) explained why she wanted to be part of the project.


"When we are in love, we are consumed by happiness. But sometimes, too, we are overwhelmed by feelings of sadness from being apart, as well as jealousy, which then bring out the ugly side of love.

"The opportunity to explore the many layers of love is what attracted me to Love Alarm."

The eight-episode series is based on a popular 2014 Korean webtoon by Chon Kye-young (Unplugged Boy, Audition) and stars Kim So-hyun (Who Are You: School 2015, Hey Ghost, Radio Romance) as the main protagonist, Kim Jo-jo.

Audiences first meet Jo-jo when she is an 18-year-old student, leading a tough life living with her aunt after the deaths of her parents.


Despite the daily struggle, she exudes a positive vibe at school. Her exuberance soon attracts the attention of best friends Hwang Sun-oh (Song Kang) and Lee Hye-yeong (Jung Ga-ram).

While Sun-oh and Hye-yeong are competing for her love, Jo-jo is oblivious except for the fact that the app notifies her that two people are interested in her. However, she is not told who they are.

Actress Kim shared during the same press conference: "When I read the webtoon about people finding love through an app, I felt kind of sad as I thought there's a bit of disconnection in a relationship found through technology."

At the same time, the 20-year-old Australian-born South Korean admitted that she could relate to Jo-jo.

She explained: "My character is experiencing the emotion of love for the first time, and it reminded me of how I felt. I decided to tap into those feelings as I want to portray a living and breathing character with Jo-jo."

Director Lee agreed with her star: "The app is fictional but the emotions showcased in the series are all real.

"When the Love Alarm rings, you see the app user experiencing emotions like getting butterflies in their stomachs, their hearts racing, etc."

However, what both Lee and Kim want to showcase with Love Alarm is that technology should not be the most essential element when establishing a relationship. Kim elaborated: "Exploring a feeling through an app might be a starting point … But meeting face to face is absolutely important; and this is something I hope the audience will realise when watching the show."



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Kim So-hyun's Fashion Look at 'Love Alarm' Press Conference on August 20, 2019



South Korean actress Kim So-hyun attended ‘Love Alarm’ press conference on August 20th with a stunning white asymmetric blazer look.

190820 Kim So-hyun Fashion - Love Alarm press conference-3


190820 Kim So-hyun Fashion - Love Alarm press conference-4

See more of Kim So-hyun's style



The uniquely tailored asymmetric blazer is from eclectic fashion house OFF-WHITE, it is chic with a bold fashion statement. 

190820 Kim So-hyun Fashion - Love Alarm press conference-1


Asymmetric Double-breasted Blazer OFF WHITE

OFF WHITE Asymmetric Double-breasted Blazer



Kim So-hyun styled her blazer look with a pair of lovely caiolea pumps from Brazil-based fashion brand Schutz.


190820 Kim So-hyun Fashion - Love Alarm press conference-2

Caiolea Pump

SCHUTZ Caiolea Pump



About the Celebrity

Kim So-hyun is a South Korean actress who began her acting career at the age of 10. She gained public attention for her roles in TV series Moon Embracing the Sun (2012) and Missing You (2013).



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Kim So Hyun sets a "love alarm" in everyone's heart with her pure smile

Kim So Hyun looked purely pretty at the launch press conference of drama "Love Alarm".


The launch press conference of Netflix's original series "Love Alarm" took place at JW Marriott Dongdaemun Square Seoul Hotel, Eulji Street, Jongno District, Seoul on the morning of August 20.

Kim So Hyun left an impression with the image resembling a webtoon character and stood out with innocent aura.

"Love Alarm" depicts the love story of three male and female characters living in a world where people develop a "love alarm" application that alarms when someone likes you within a radius of 10 meters and they think that emotions can totally be expressed only through that alarming application.


Dispatch = Reporter Kim Min Jung

Everything Idol, Everyday Exclusive



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6 hours ago, Elif Ataş said:

She explained: "My character is experiencing the emotion of love for the first time, and it reminded me of how I felt. I decided to tap into those feelings as I want to portray a living and breathing character with Jo-jo."


I want to know who was the guy she experienced love for the first time!!!!!



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