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new classes in kMS: Luminous and Kaiser
new classes in jMS: Hayato and Kanna

too many new classes, (not sure of the jMS classes will make it to gMS as its exclusive), but likely the other two.  Kaiser is a warrior of Nova, a new race of dragon-humans, which means expect at least 3-4 more Nova classes.

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Guest iianthony

My uni friends are forcing me to play this again. If anyone wants to give me a hand  ill be playing in scania =]

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I still play occasionally, but leveling takes forever now. :( 

179 Dark Knight in Scania. Anyone train at Hall of Honor? 

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Guest xFloOwuffBB

Laughing so hard because Maplestory gave so many great memories in 2007.
I used to be Nymphix from Khaini.

Welp, I'll just bump the thread up from this but seriously. Maple, good times.

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my god, I played this game was during my high school years. Good old times when 3rd job just came out and ludibrium was the best place to level up at the higher end :D.
it was a great game to kill time back then, but I'm suprised that this game is STILL popular. 
P.S theres a crab load of classes now!

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