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Kang Sora - 강소라 - 姜素拉 - カン・ソラ - คัง โซรา - كانغ سورا

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#Kang Sora interview at Let's Play mgoon (part 2) [Aug 2009]:

(Credit: sy kang via Youtube; original link>> here)
Part 1>> here (Credit: M뉴스_M피플 via mgoon).

#Old video's link:
*Kang Sora promotional video for "Green Plugged Festival 2011" (Oct 2010): here (Credit: 나비야저리가 via mgoon).
*Alternative link (streaming/DL) for Kang Sora interview at MNET Wide (March 2012): here (Credit: 아이언브리핑 via mgoon).

#Fashion brand:
*Shirt Sora wore for WGM (dinner with Sora's parents)>>here.
*Backpack Sora wore for her vacation (LA & Bangkok) and shooting (WGM)>>here.  

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Kang Sora will appear as a presenter awards at the January 31 2013 for Seoul Music Awards31 January 7pm live at KBS N's a cable channel KBS Joy. KBS drama, KBS World 
Source: NewsNate

Kang Sora will be a MC of MBC Lunar new year special program “Dining Table of My Soul” It will be boardcasting on 10th Feb 2013 at KST 8:50pm.

Kang Sora The Host for MBC Special Program "Dining Table of My Soul"
translation_tsw.jpgCredit as tagged

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Lee Kyung Kyu, Noh Hong Chul, Kang Sora

and Lee Su Geun Head New MBC Program

Lee Kyung Kyu, Noh Hong Chul, Kang Sora and Lee Su Geun have been cast together to head a new MBC variety program.

The four will lead the upcoming MBC Lunar New Year special, My Soul’s Table. 

The culinary-based program will seek to provide a warm and meaningful meal to those who are worn down by the everyday stresses and dilemmas of life. 

Whether based on the meal one’s mother used to make them or a taste of their hometown, the meals served will act as “healing” meals with special connections with the guests.

The MCs will pore through the special cases and stories of countless everyday citizens and select a few before helping preparing and directly delivering the meal as well. 
The four recently held their first recording and were said to show a great level of workmanship with each other. 

My Soul’s Table will air during the upcoming Lunar New Year period in February.
Credit : enewsworld.mnet.com

  It will be airing on February 11, 2013 at 8.50pm KST  During 1H 5min [MBC Channel] tumblr_inline_mhqmmgYs7R1qz4rgp.jpg
Cr: KSora_IFC

 My Soul's Table, first recording at "Jeju" Island  on Jan 26, 2013 Picture

Source: mbn.mk.co.kr

Source: MBC PR@ MBCnest | mydaily.co.kr | tvdaily.mk.co.kr | starin.edaily.co.kr | osen.mt.co.kr | star.fnnews.com | star.mk.co.kr | star.mt.co.krnews.nate.com | newsen.comnewsis.com | sports.chosun.com | news.sportsseoul.com | sportsworldi.com | xportsnews.hankyung.com | asiae.co.kr | stoo.asiae.co.kr (1) (2)

**Notice About the Program: imbc.com

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Hi @lummy, welcome!^^ I think it's normal if she felt that way, she surrounding by many actors (Han Sukkyu, Shim Eunkyung, Ryu Seungryong, Oh Dalsu, Lee JeHoon, et al.) with good portfolio (able to play many different characters). If she maintain her passion and continue to learn, I'm sure there's nothing to worry about. Actually when she decide to act in My Pavarotti (later I found out she appear in 10 scenes) for supporting role, am really happy, because it's remind me one of her (2011) interview. She said she willing to only act for 1-2 lines, but able to observe "great" actor's work ethos.

#The Best Lee Soonshin
Just find out, not only leading actor candidate but also PD changed. Maybe new PD had different consideration about who should act in this drama. (source: dramadebussie.com and viki.com)
#My Soul's Table
I think this show adapt KBS documentary program "Korean Cuisine and Dining"/한국인의 밥상, but from MC composition (Noh Hongchul & Lee Sugeun) I expect some variety touch. It's good for her to experience many things in entertainment industry, as long not divert her main focus as actor.  

#Let's Play mgoon (2009) and I'Movist (2010) Interview
There's interesting information I got from both interviews (in case you haven't seen it), I put in spoiler because some part I'm not 100% sure with the translation:

*Let's Play mgoon (2009)
-She didn't have enough time to observe her character in "4th Period Mystery" because from casting-contract signing-shooting happened really fast.
-In Sora' debut days, Han Sukkyu (now they work together in "My Pavarotti") really boost her confident and gave her advices: not lose her initial intention to become actor (debut mindset), to fully observe the character and be able deliver the character perfectly.
-Some people say that Sora look alike Kim Taehee and Park Jiyoung, but Sora think she more resemble with Jang Shinyoung.
-Sora also has boyish charm, because of (thick) eye-brows some people compare her to Song Seunghun and she got a confession (?) from girl after "4th Period Mystery" released.
-Sora worried if some people might dislike her because kiss scene with Yoo Seungho, so she really careful with her behavior (I'm not sure if this correct interpretation or not)>>As I remember, Sora was Seungho' first (on-screen) kiss & Seungho known as "Nation' Little Brother at that time). 
-Sora had been bullied in elementary after being transfer from another school (this too, I'm not sure).
-Sora as a human and an actor want to become someone whose people willing to work with.

*I'Movist (2010)
-She brushed her teeth many times before kiss scene and fortunately there's no after effect (awkwardness).
-In Sora' first red carpet, she met "same age" actor Park Boyoung and Sora greet her first (Sora is hoobae).
-Next time, she want to wearing more beautiful dress, her first dress was too long.
-Her initial interest was musical after watching "Phantom of the Opera".
-Sora scouted by staff agency when she play with her friends in Dongdaemun (or Namdaemun?) Market.
-Fave Actor: Kim Namgil (Queen Seondeok, Bad Guy).
-Fave PD: Lee Byeonghoon (Jewel in The Palace, Hur Jun).
-Fave Movie: Rosso come il ciello (Red Like the Sky).
-Sora want to act in historical drama and work with her fave PD.
kirane: I begin to get a whole picture why Sora is really mature for her age. Honesty, one of Sora' trait was clear to see in both interview and her body language is getting better now.
I'm translating those interview using Google and dictionary, huge possibility I putting the wrong interpretation. Finding another translation is really wise option.^^   

*Final title for "My Pavarotti" is Pavarotti/파파로티. (source: fnnnews.com, newswire.co.kr & nocutnews.co.kr)
*Promotional poster for Pavarotti>>here.

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@ChoonHee21, as always, you're so fast! I really like your new format putting credit, I think it's good to hyperlink the original source.^^

kirane: Did Sora had other schedule prior to SMA? She wasn't present at red carpet and seems still memorizing dialog on the way to podium (or production staff gave cue card in hurry?). Sora looks awesome in that dress and I think she is one of GD' fan

#First trailer for Pavarotti (파파로티):
(Source: je hun via YT and movie.naver.com)

#Is "My Soul's Table" only for 설날 special or a pilot episode of long-term project?

Everyone, 주말 잘 보내세요~

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@kirane:   :)>- when I found the Original Source .. I put itI agree with you, she really awesome as always ;)Sora is one of Suju's Fans Only, but I think GD is one of Sora's fans.. hhh why not !!?Look at this : pic.twitter.com/f7w2ZjbW (Why he looking at the right side like this ??!
and about Pavarotti trailer I added it at "Pavarotti" Soompi Thread (Sora Thread > First page > Movie's Spoiler)
The show is just a special episode for Lunar New Year .. Not as a pilot episode of long-term project.I hope it will airing for a long time as Sora belongs on it ^^

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Kang Sora With CNBlue For BANG BANG Band
BANG BANG Spring Collection 2013






[NEWS] CNBLUE and Kang Sora for BANGBANG
Kang Sora, CNBlue ... surrounded by 'Goddess' smile!' .. Source: Sports.donga.com
CNBLUE and Kang Sora, Spring pictorial .. Source: tvdaily.mk.co.kr
'Bang Bang' CNBLUE Kang Sora Spring Pictorial Eye .. Source: edaily.co.kr
씨엔블루 강소라 색색 스키니 걸그룹 뺨치는 각선미 .. Source: newsen.com
씨엔블루, 밴드 이미지 대신 풋풋한 대학생 감성 .. Source: newsen.com
씨엔블루 강소라 금방이라도 등산갈 기세 .. Source: newsen.com
씨엔블루-강소라, 첫 화보서 찰떡궁합 호흡과시 “분위기 장난 아냐!” .. Source: bntnews.hankyung.com
뱅뱅, 씨엔블루-강소라와 함께한 '싱그러운 봄 화보' 공개 .. Source: frontiertimes.co.kr
강소라, 아이돌 복 터졌네! 씨엔블루와 동반 화보 공개 .. Source: wowtv.co.kr


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@ChoonHee21 gurl fd post says this is the bracelet Teuk gave to Sora...is this the one?? thought when i see the plane ep it was gold..im curious hehehe


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waaaaaaaah daebak!  its soo detailed here! hehehe got it gurl! its stonehedge and the other one is everyday spring bracelet... i love the one teuk gave to her. its simply elegant~!! kamsahamida @ChoonHee21! 

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[130208] Sora Twitter Update:

KOR. 새해 복 많이받으세용! 11일 9시 내영혼의밥상 본 방 사 수~~!
Happy New Year! (She wrote it in a cute tone at the end) Please be sure to watch the original broadcast of "My Soul’s Table" when it is first airing on 11th at 9PM~~!
Cr: @hiedi

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From 2013.02.05

Title: Actress Kang Sora, Stepped Out As A Warmhearted Soul Food Messenger


Actress Kang Sora, stepped out as a soul food messenger.

On the upcoming Lunar New Year special program "My Soul’s Table" which is to be aired on the 11th, she had been such a warm-hearted assistant. 'Dining Table of My Soul' introduces the public story behind the food, the choice of food variety that the MCs had went to taste personally. Kang Sora, Lee Kyung Kyu, Lee Su Geun and Noh Hong Cheol appeared together as the MC for the program.

The narration of the program is especially expected to revive a warm emotion from the viewer.


The appearance of Kang Sora as one of the production team for 'My Soul's Table' is indeed highly anticipated.

Kang Sora had been a great help by sharing the story of her mother who lives in Jeju Island; had made and sent foods for her; a daughter who lives in Seoul and couldn't go back even once to visit her maiden home/ parents' home for 7 years. For this purpose, she had personally went to Jeju Island at the end of last month to complete the shooting. In addition, Kang Sora which is cute but yet calm maknae seems to play her part/role very well among the loquacity duel of the talkative Lee Kyung Kyu, Lee Su Geun and Noh Hong Chul.


Meanwhile, Kang Sora came to the 22th Seoul Music Award at the end of last month as a presenter, wearing a black long dress, emanated a vibe of sexy charm and attracted attentions.

** Translate by: Hiedi/@nhb19
** Source: news.sportsseoul.com
** Please take out with proper credits

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[130211] MBC My Soul’s Table - Special Lunar New Year Ep. | RAW

2 Parts Via Dailymotion - Cr: ktv012

Part 1/2

Part 2/2

All 10 Parts Via Youtube - Cr: sweetyxfaith

Part 1/10

Part 2/10

Part 3/10

Part 4/10

Part 5/10

Part 6/10

Part 7/10

Part 8/10

Part 9/10

Part 10/10


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