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Kang Sora - 강소라 - 姜素拉 - カン・ソラ - คัง โซรา - كانغ سورا

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Guest dee15

The pic that @lennycsn posted is Sora's picture in her twitter account. This is one of the reason why I love and adore her so much. She isn't afraid to show who she is in front of people including her fans. In this picture, she wore no make up at all. For a celebrity showing herself without make up and post it in her twitter is a brave way. As long as I know, correct me if I'm wrong, most celebrity, especially woman, wants to show the best for her apperance, but she's not that much. 
Whoa.. I love her so much and I hope she will get more role and more succsess in her carrier and love of course..

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ChoonHee21 said:


Summary 131.gif

1I.gifI- Principal Post:
2a.png Profile
2a.png Dramas
2a.png Movies
2a.png TV Shows
2a.png Commercials
2a.png Awards
2a.png Music Videos
2a.png Bonus
3a.png Radio
3a.png Duplicating
3a.png Albums
3a.png Magazines
2a.png Interviews
2a.png Events
3a.png As a presenter awards/Guest Visit
3a.png Press Conference
3a.png Fansigning
3a.png Others
2a.png News
2a.png Links

1I.gifII - 2nd Post:
2a.png Kang Sora's Partners
3a.png Actors
3a.png Singers
2a.png Facts about Kang Sora
2a.png Kang Sora's Tweets
2a.png Addition & Random Posts
2a.png Kang Sora's Schedules
2a.png Kang Sora's Staff & Fashion
2a.png Fan- Art
3a.png Pictures
3a.png Videos


Name: 강소라 (Gang Sora) / Kang Sora
** What does Sora mean !?
- The meaning of the name Sora is Sky
- The origin of this name is Japanese
- Pronunciation: So-rah
Nickname: 아기 공주님 (Aegi gongjunim) / Baby Princess, Black Swan
Birthdate: February 18, 1990
Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
Occupation: Actress and Model
Debut: 2009 Movie 4th Period Mystery
Years Active: 2009 ~ present
Current Agency: KM Culture
Former Agencies: KM Culture (debut) / JM Company
Height: 1,68m
Weight: 50kg
Blood Type: A
Star Sign: Aquarius
Zodiac: Horse
Marital Status: Single
Family: Father and Mother are alive
Siblings: She is the only child in her parent
Religion: Christian / Protestant
Pets: Gomi (Puppy)
Favorite Color: White
Favorite Coffee: Americano
Ideal Man: Super Junior Leader's Leeteuk ( Park Jung Su )
Education: In 2008, she started attending Dong-Guk University, Department of Theatre and Film
Language: Korean, English, Chinese (learning)
Talents: Swimming, Playing piano & Telling fairy tales
Hobbies: Take a Photograph, Watching Movies, Strolling with her puppy, Listening to music & Practice the Yoga


2010: [tvN] Rude Miss Young-ae 7
2010: [sBS] Doctor Champ
2010-2011: [tvN] Rude Miss Young-ae 8
2011: [KBS1] The Women Of Our House
2012: [KBS2] Dream High 2

2010: Rude Miss Young-ae 7
as .. Kang Sora (Young-ae's sister in-law, a Stewardess)

2010: Doctor Champ
as .. Kwon Yoori (a swimmer of the national team)
- Soompi Thread - Here

2011: The Women of Our House
as .. Kwon Yoori (Yoon Mi - Joo-Mi's young sister, a repeater)
- Soompi Thread - Here

2012: Dream High 2
as .. Shin Hae Sung (a student of the arts high school)
- Soompi Thread - Here

2013: [MBC] The Best Lee Soon Shi ( it hasn't produced yet )
as .. Lee Soon Shi
- Soompi Thread - Here


2009: 4th Period Mystery
2009: Kwang-tae's Basic Story
2011: Sunny
2013: My Pavarotti

2009: 4th Period Mystery
as .. Lee Da Jeong (a student detective)
- Soompi Thread - Here

2009: Kwang-tae's Basic Story
as .. Ji Hyo (Kwang Tae's ex-girlfriend)

2011: Sunny
as .. Ha Chiun Hwa (The leader of Sunny)
- Soompi Thread - Here

2013: My Pavarotti
as .. Sook Hee


[110610] (With. F.CUZ's Jinon) #

[110624] SBS Strong Heart - Ep. 84 ( As Guest )
[110705] SBS Strong Heart - Ep. 85 ( As Guest ) #

[111008] XTM Top Gear Korea # Vid
[111231] MBC 2011 MBC Korean Music Festival ( As MC, Co-host with Leeteuk)

8 Oct. 2011 ~ 8 Sep. 2012:
MBC We Got Married _ Season 3 (With. Super Junior's Leeteuk)
- Soompi Thread - Here

[121111] KBS Gag Concert _ Madam Jeong - Ep. 671


Melon #

PC Sarang (PC사랑)
Anycall Show Omnia # CF22"

Wood Metal
Orion Market-O #

MCDonald MCCafe #

Haitai-beverage Kang-won Pyeong-Chang Water #

Tving #

Buckaroo Jeans #

Sara-J # Pics
Lotte Tacos #

Fish and Grill #

Busan Milk Yonett # Making

Kooksoondang Rice- Makkoli # Pics
NHN Naver A Ninth Of Baseball #

Dior Diorsnow #

As an exclusive model:
- Muzak #


- Center Pole #

- Basic House #


[110707] 5th Mnet 20's Choice Awards - Hot Movie Of The Year (Sunny) #

[111007] 20th Build Film Awards - Best New Actress
[111103] 4th Style Icon Award (SIA 2011) - Content Of The Year (Sunny) #

[120426] 48th Baeksang Arts Awards - Female Popularity Award



Hello - Huh Gak # Making

I Told You I Wanna Die - Huh Gak


tumblr_mdlrba2e151ra9ogyo1_100.gif [ Radio ]

110715: MBC Best Friend -As Guest- # Link
111106: KBS Cool FM. Volume Up (a Special Edition) -As DJ- # Pic
111221: MBC ShimShimTaPa (Just a phone call from Sora)

tumblr_mdlrba2e151ra9ogyo2_100.gif[ Duplicating ]

2012: Brave - Merida (Princess of DunBorch)

tumblr_mdlrba2e151ra9ogyo4_100.gif1456348.giftumblr_mdlrba2e151ra9ogyo4_100.gif[ Albums ]

2011: Bingle Bingle (Sunny OST)
2012: We are B (High Dream 2 OST)

tumblr_mdlrba2e151ra9ogyo10_100.gif[ Magazines ]

PCSarang (June Issue) # Pics (1) & (2)

InStyle Weddings (November Issue)

1stLookTV (August Issue) - Me, Myself 강소라 #

Vogue Girl (August Issue) # Pic (1) (2) & (3)
ELLE Girl (September Issue) # Pics
Women's Central (December Issue)
Arena Home (December Issue) # Pic (1) (2) & (3)

Jenny House (February Issue) # Pic
Marie Claire (March Issue)
Cosmopolitan (March Issue)
InStyle (May Issue)
Beauty+ (June Issue)
SURE (June Issue) -Special Issue Kang Sora-
Z-ZIN (July Issue) # Pic (1) (2) (3) & (4)
ELLE (August Issue)
InStyle (October Issue)
Allure (November Issue)

Esquire (January Issue) # Link


[100727] Korean Actress Kang Sora (KOR. / ENG.) Cr: 10Asia
[110503] 'Sunny' Kang Sora Interview #


[110701] Kang Sora - Joinsmsn Interview (KOR.)
[111122] Kang Sora - Asia Today interview
[120505] Kang Sora – Baseball 9 Interview
[120720] Kang Sora – ELLE Magazine Interview (Aug 2012)



[121221] Kang Sora – Esquire Magazine Interview (Jan 2013)
[121231] Kang Sora: "I’ll go visit him" -Visiting Leeteuk-


As a Presenter Awards/Guest Visit (Awards Ceremony)
[091202] Kang Sora at the 30th The Blue Dragon Awards 2009 # Link
[091215] Kang Sora at the 10th Festival for Women in Film Korea 2009
[110425] Kang Sora at Korea Film Actors Association 2011
[110428] Kang Sora at the 12th Jeonju International Film Festival - Red Carpet (JIFF 2011)
[111006] Kang Sora at the 16th Busan International Film Festival - Red Carpet (BIFF 2011)
[111007] Kang Sora at the 16th Busan International Film Festival _ Sunny GV (APAN 2011) #

[111017] Kang Sora at the 48th Grand Bell Awards - Red Carpet (Daejong Awards 2011)
[111125] Kang Sora at the 32nd Blue Dragon Film Awards 2011 #

[111129] Kang Sora at MNet Asian Music Awards 2011 - Red Carpet (MAMA 2011) at Singapore
(Kang Sora announcing Best Solo Dance Performance) #

[120630] Kang Sora at the 11th Mise-en-scene Short Film Festival (MSFF 2012) # Link
[121004] Kang Sora at the 17th Busan International Film Festival (BIFF 2012) #

[121005] Kang Sora at the 21st Build Film Awards 2012
[121005] Kang Sora at the 17th Busan International Film Festival - Blue Carpet (APAN 2012)
[121229] Kang Sora at MBC 2012 Entertainment Awards ( As MC, Co-host with Kang Ho Dong and Kwang Hee)
[121230] Kang Sora at MBC Drama Awards 2012 # Link

Press Conference
[100507] Kang Sora at tvN 'Rude Miss Young Ae_Saisons 7' Press Conference
[100916] Kang Sora at SBS 'Doctor Champ' Press Conference
[110512] Kang Sora at KBS1 'The Women Of Our House' Press Conference
[120117] Kang Sora at KBS ‘Dream High 2′ Press Conference at Imperial Palace Hotel (Seoul)
[120912] Kang Sora at "Princess Merida and Magical Forest" Press Conference # Link

[111104] Kang Sora at Bukaroo Jeans Fansigning # Vid

[120321] Kang Sora at Muzak Fansigning #

[120725] Kang Sora at Muzak Fansigning (Busan)
[120920] Kang Sora at Muzak Fansigning
[120921] Kang Sora at Centerpole Fansigning
[121027] Kang Sora at Centerpole Fansigning
[121101] Kang Sora at Muzak Fansigning

[091110] Kang Sora at ELLE atzine Event
[120131] Kang Sora at Tving Event # Vid 

[120217] Kang Sora at Cook-ting Event # Pics # Vid

[120317] Kang Sora at Dior Event # Pics #

[120407] Kang Sora Throw The 1st Pitch For 'Lotte Giants' # Pics (1) (2) # Vids (1) (2)
[120419] Kang Sora attend the Business Information Conference for ‘Center Pole’ # Vid
[120522] Kang Sora Attend Nora Noh 'LA VIE EN ROSE' Exhibition Show # Pics
[120601] Kang Sora at K-SWISS Wii Games Event # Vid

[120702] Kang Sora at “Two Moons” Movie VIP Premiere # Vid

[121108] kang Sora at 2012 GS Shop Winter Collection Event # Pics
[121127] Kang Sora at 'My PS Partner' VIP Premiere # Pics
[121205] Kang Sora at 'Wreck-It Ralph/Ralph The Fist King' VIP Premiere # Pics


[110707] Kang Sora's dance leaves 2PM at a loss for words?
[111007] Kang Sora and Kim Ji Soo Meet For the Second Time
[111008] Kang Sora goes on date in Ferrari for 'Top Gear Korea'
[111123] Kang Sora, Jeong Jinwoon Considered For Major Roles in 'Dream High 2'
[111222] 'Dream High 2' releases first set of Kang Sora's still-cuts
[120111] Kang Sora looks chic for her newest cosmetics photo shoot
[120117] Kang Sora opens up about working with singers for 'Dream High 2'
[120218] Kang Sora Kang So Ra treats the staff a meal on her birthday, “Thank you fans!”'
[120304] Kang Sora Chooses Between JB and Jung Jin Woon In Interview #

[120330] Kang Sora talks about 'Dream High 2', 'We Got Married' & Leeteuk in recent interview
[120331] Kang Sora, a Beautiful Girl of Summer
[120409] Kim Hyun Joong and Kang Sora to Model for Center Pole
[120421] Kim Hyun Joong & Kang Sora, ‘We Are Outdoor Couple’
[120430] Actress Kang Sora became the model for Kooksoondang
[120617] Kang Sora Cast for 'My Pavarotti'
[120621] Kang Sora Will Be The Selection Panel On The 11th Mise-en-Scene Short Film Festival (MSFF 2012)
[120628] MSFF jury Kang Sora absen due to health reason
[120629] Kang Sora is Back to KM Culture Nest
[120629] Actress Kang Sora was cast to dub the voice of animation movie “Princess Merida and the magical forest”
[120701] Kang So Ra confesses she weighs more than 50kg
[120701] Kang Sora attracrs atteintion with her long legs
[120701] Kang Sora says, “I have long legs”
[120701] Kang So Ra’s happy with Leeteuk but mother advises marriage isn’t fantasy
[120702] Kang Sora Say She's Happy with Leeteuk
[120707] Kang Sora plants a kiss on Leeteuk for his birthday on 'We Got Married'
[120726] Kang Sora becomes a sporty goddess for K-SWISS 'Hot Summer' Collection
[121016] Yoon Sang Hyun, Kang Sora May Bring On-Screen Romance in New WeekendTV Series
[121020] Kang Sora, Min Hyo Rin and Cast of 'Sunny' Reunite for Dinner
[121109] Kang Sora has a 'Beauty Contest' with Madame Jung of 'Gag Concert'
[121218] Kang Sora to Host ‘MBC Entertainment Awards’ with Kang Ho Dong and Kwanghee
[121218] Kang Sora to Join Kang Ho Dong, ZE:A’s Kwang Hee as MBC ‘Entertainment Awards’ MC
[121230] Kang Sora heats of 'MBC Entertainment Awards' with her gorgeous look


ic-new.gifWebsite - Official - : kangsora.kr
Twitter - Official - : reveramess
Weibo - Official - : bangasora
DCinside: DC Kang Sora Gallery
Blog Naver - Fanblog - : Sepia0814 // Dmswl6480 // Sora_90
Cafe Naver - Fanblog - : KangSora0218 // SoraHolic1234 // Suminlove2me
Cafe Daum - Fanblog - : SorCafe
Facebook - Fanpage - : Kang Sora
Site - InterFanClub - : kangsora.wordpress
Site - ArabFanClub - : kangsora1.wordpress
Tumblr (eng/esp) : Only Kang Sora

Thank You For Visiting 118.gif

Under construction.. 
Feel free to share information
Note: Read the Soompi forum rules Here and Here !

For all New Members in Soompi thread..Who asking the help about:
Editing Post(s) // Quoting Post(s) // Changing Signature
Adding Image, Video and Spoilers // Adding Image and Video in Spoiler Tags
Changing the e-mail Address or Password

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Guest kirane

@nine09, is Vimeo link of Sora cut at Gag Concert still not work for you? I find YT link, but KBS didn't upload HD version:
(Credit: KBSEntertain via Youtube)

@mywebfoot, I like your opinion of Sora's career. Actually I thought Dream High 2 indirectly affected on project offering for her. Sora quite lucky at her one time appearance; she get good media coverage, more people know her, fans be able see her during "break", and build network with PD and writers. Brave (Korean Dubbed) already sold in Korea local store.

#Sora's new CF for Bang Bang (a clothing brand):
(Credit: @everhyblue on Twitter)
kirane: I check Bang Bang official web. Sora yet included as their model, maybe we should wait Bang Bang S/S catalogue.

#Random: I visited Sora official web, seems like Sora and her management (seriously) didn't want to make a news about physical appearance (like Sora said at Elle interview); as example Sora at MBC Awards almost all media reporting about her as "Bagel" but at her web only mention it's honor to get Popularity Award and be able to presenting PD's Choice for Actor of the Year.

Hope Sora get project with team as solid as "Sunny". In meantime, lets wait for My Pavarotti, last time KM Culture succeed with movie based on true story "Take Off", hope My Pavarotti will be another good & successful movie.^^   

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[130107] Sora Twitter Update:
KOR. 날씨가 간만에 풀렸다! 태국 공항에서 선물받은 꽃.. 머리에 쓰는게 맞나.. pic.twitter.com/eD6EP61jENG. The weather is finally getting warmer after a long time! The flower I received as a gift at the Thailand Airport.. It looked nice on my head..
Cr: @Hanyissi

[130111] Sora Twitter Update:
[1st tweet]KOR. 꼬미가 날 사랑하는 방식... 고소한 발냄시.. pic.twitter.com/16euOESUENG. The way Gomi loves me.. Foot odor that Smells nice/fragrant

[2nd tweet]KOR. 꼬미가 날 사랑하는 방식... 고소한 발냄시.. ENG. I'm off to catch up reruns (on TV) now.. (Do this) again next time!

Cr: @Hiedi

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Guest kirane

#Sora at Movie "The Gift of Room 7/7번방의 선물" VIP Premiere (

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Guest kirane

#Kang Sora interview at I'Movist 20100128 (segment: 싹수의 발견)

(Credit: sy kang via Youtube; original link: here)
#Kang Sora, Kim Minyeong, Park Jinjoo interview at SBS 접속! 무비월드 20110507 for Sunny promotion (segment: 영화는 수다다).

(Credit: Gd Yi via Youtube)

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[130114] Kang Sora at “ The Gift of Room 7 ” Movie VIP Premiere
tumblr_mgme9bGq211ra9ogyo19_r1_250.jpg tumblr_mgme9bGq211ra9ogyo20_r1_250.jpg tumblr_mgme9bGq211ra9ogyo1_r1_250.jpgtumblr_mgn9giNyyt1ra9ogyo1_250.jpg tumblr_mgme9bGq211ra9ogyo2_r1_250.jpg tumblr_mgme9bGq211ra9ogyo3_r2_250.jpgtumblr_mgn9giNyyt1ra9ogyo2_250.jpg tumblr_mgn9giNyyt1ra9ogyo3_250.jpg tumblr_mgn9giNyyt1ra9ogyo4_250.jpgtumblr_mgme9bGq211ra9ogyo16_r1_250.jpg tumblr_mgme9bGq211ra9ogyo15_r1_250.jpg tumblr_mgn9giNyyt1ra9ogyo6_250.jpgtumblr_mgme9bGq211ra9ogyo4_r1_400.jpg tumblr_mgme9bGq211ra9ogyo5_r2_400.jpgtumblr_mgn9giNyyt1ra9ogyo5_400.jpg tumblr_mgme9bGq211ra9ogyo6_r1_400.jpg
photos credit as tagged

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x6L4D-Vk7wQCr:  Yul ma

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@missypappilon @dee15 @echalovable @mywebfoot @Pretty NoonaThank you girls to share the story of how each of you became a fan of Kang Sora. I really appreciate to read it.. 
@kirane: I thank you again for your lovely posts as usual... i love it

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[091202] Kang Sora at the 30th Blue Dragon Film Awards

Cr: ChoonHee21




Sora @ 01:56

Cr: MyAyie89



Cr: cafe.daum.net/soraday

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Guest kirane

@ChoonHee21, silently you working at completing all data for page one. great!

#Random picture of Sora (2009-2010):
20090807.02500110040257.01L.jpg BA9SlWtCIAA-dhf.jpg

#Random picture of Sora (2011):
PYH2011041213390099000_P2.jpg BA9SPchCUAIXcfT.jpg BA_7fRLCcAAybYX.jpg110426_phse1.jpgPYH2011050602280001300_P2.jpg BA9MqJFCYAASS8H.jpg     BA9Te39CEAAYE2s.jpg2011060201000124400005022.jpgBA9T6tvCEAA5Yfx.jpg
(Credit as tagged)

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Guest kirane

#Random picture of Sora (2011)
BA9UppACcAAzPzM.jpg BA87xqICEAASv83.jpg BA88ayQCUAAoccr.jpg2012020301000176300005971.jpgBA88IPMCEAAqQN7.jpg

#Random picture of Sora (2012)

kirane: I really admire Sora's fans whose support her since 2009, they couldn't see her regularly and media didn't pay her enough attention. Sora and her fans working really hard to achieve current stage.   
BA89-BzCUAICfgd.jpg >>Taken during 48 th Baeksang Arts Awards, it said Sora fans really great.^^
(Credit as tagged)

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[130120] Sora Twitter Update:
KOR. 두시닷! 굿나잇~~~~!!!!ENG. It's two o'clock! Good night~~~~!!!!
Cr: @Hanyissi
*She tweet it after tweeting her fans.. 

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Guest nine09

@kirane yup, it's still didn't work. Thank u so much for the video :)

Hi all, I'm really sorry as i'm just be a reader here n not contribute anything cause i'm not really know where i should get all the info, pics n vid from n busy also. I really appreciate all of the post here as i get to know n get info more about sora. Thank u everyone..!!! I will keep support this thread n visit always. :);) ;;)

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[130123] Kang Sora Attend 'The Berlin File' Movie VIP Premiere
It was held at Seoul Yeongdeungpo CGV

Picture Picture
Picture Picture
Picture Picture
Picture Picture

Cr: chok jang

Cr: DCKangsora

Cr: sy kang

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Guest kirane

#Sora at Movie "The Berlin File" VIP Premiere
News: Reporters point out about Sora's (friendly & modest) behavior towards her fans, her beautiful smile, how Sora didn't think that will be many people attend the event and her fashion *long legs*.
kirane: Seems almost all her co-star in My Pavarotti really busy with theirs movie promotion: Oh Dalsu (The Gift of Room 7), Han Sukkyu (The Berlin File), Lee Jehoon & Jo Jinwoong (Ethics of Anger, but Jehoon in Army now). Hope when My Pavarotti released, she can promote it with all actors (although she done "Merida and The Magic Forest" alone).

#Fan-taken of Sora (2011-2012):
BBWSmRfCEAAorlc.jpgBBWYB09CYAAfYC9.jpg  BBWRw31CcAE1zH_.jpg
(Credit as tagged, blog-naver & cyworld.com)

OOT: If you curious clothes brand she wore during movie premiere,^^
#The Gift of Room 7>>shirt: here, handbag: here.
#The Berlin File>>coat: here, jeans: here, clutch: here.

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Kyaa first time visiting Sora thread >_<
Thank you everyone who contribute this thread..It helps me a lot to now her more ^^
Actually I'm a bit worried about her from her recent interview..I think she's insecure or lack of confidence about her acting and her acting career, wish the best for her...

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Guest kirane

#Sora visited her almamater (Doonchon High School) at Nov 2011:
(Credit as tagged via Naver)

#Sora at launching of Dior (The New Nude) [July 2012]:
(Credit: juni0603 via Naver)

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