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Kang Sora 강소라 - 姜素拉 - カン・ソラ - คัง โซรา - كانغ سورا

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There are actually more photos.. check it out! cr: Dispatch

gorgeous Sora at Courrone event today yayyy! as tagged



Info posted by kanghaneulorg (Instagram) : 


While it was officially announced that filming wrapped up on 4 July, there were actually additional scenes that have not been filmed yet due to the extended summer monsoon season.

Filming was planned on 20-21 August, however, due to the sudden surge in COVID-19 cases in South Korea which lead to government measures being enforced to prevent the spread of the virus, the production company decided that filming should temporarily be suspended.

Melodrama film "Rain and Your Story" stars Kang HaNeul and Chun WooHee. Kang Sora also appears in a supporting role. Release is foreseen in 2021.


Source: Sports Chosun                          



8 hours ago, icemaid said:

So happy for Sora! Marrying a doctor.

Can’t wait to see her wedding photos!




@icemaid I think Sora will protect his husband if we are lucky we will see a photo of Sora in her wedding dress but I don't think we will have a photo of couple.. (her agency asked to the press not to come, it's a private ceremony) Many koreans stars, married with non-celebrities, didn't published the photos of their wedding or private life. Sometimes, the non-celebrity appear only from the back in the photo of wedding, for example. 

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More dramas and films have halted production in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19.


With the recent resurgence of the virus, many celebrities have been undergoing COVID-19 exams, and actors such as Kim Won Hae and Heo Dong Won have tested positive for it.


The film “Story of You and the Rain,” starring Kang Ha Neul, Chun Woo Hee, and Kang Sora, wrapped up filming last month. However, they had additional filming planned but decided to put a pause on it due to the pandemic. Hwang Geun Ha, the CEO of distribution company Azit Film shared, “We started shooting last March and finished filming in early July. However, on August 20 and 21, we had planned additional filming of a past scene played by child actors in a small neighborhood in Hwaseong, Gyeonggi, but we voluntarily withdrew because of the current situation.”

Hwang Geun Ha added that they will consider filming in September and explained they made the decision, regardless of the extra cost, because filming could affect the residents. Regarding the premiere date, he commented, “We are planning to release it at the end of December, but due to the current situation, the exact timing of the release will have to wait until after Chuseok (the Korean equivalent of Thanksgiving).”



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"A prospective husband Kang So-ra is an oriental doctor in his 30s + white-skinned schoolboy style"


On this day, Kim Ji-hyun, a reporter from the entertainment department, said, "I didn't know much about (Kang So-ra's) husband, but my acquaintances know it."


He said, "I am known as an oriental medicine doctor in my late 30s. I am currently running my own oriental clinic." It is," said Kang So-ra's prospective groom.


He added, "I heard that the family is wealthy. I thought Kang So-ra made a good choice."


Earlier on the 17th, Kang So-ra delivered the news of the marriage in a handwritten letter through her fan cafe. Kang So-ra said, "I met a good person who wants to share my life in the future, so I can deliver good news in writing."


Kang So-ra's agency said, "We were scheduled to hold a wedding on the 29th, but recently canceled the ceremony due to the spread of a new coronavirus infection (Corona 19). Instead, it has been replaced with a simple seat with only the party and immediate family members. Details are not disclosed." Said.












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38 minutes ago, icemaid said:

"A prospective husband Kang So-ra is an oriental doctor in his 30s + white-skinned schoolboy style"


Thanks for sharing information. It's great
Our sora  is always beautiful, she finally found her Mr. Right! Mr. Right is a doctor. So happy for her
Congratulations and wishing our couple all that is good. 

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Four Strongest Female Second Lead Characters In Korean Dramas

Only the second best? Well, these strong second lead female characters beg to disagree. Nowadays, numerous dramas feature two guys fighting to win the heart of one woman; it's a classic!

The male character in Korean dramas often portrays the role of a romantic and charming leading man not just to win the heart of the female lead but also to win the heart of their viewers. However, we seldom see the same storyline when it comes to the female counterpart.


Yes! The female second leads syndrome is quite rare in the Korean drama world. However, when it occurs, most often, their characters would earn both love and hate from the viewers. Fans would want to talk about these women and their relationship with the male lead all the time.

We have jotted down some of the most talked-about female characters with a strong personality that qualifies for the second lead syndrome.

Oh Soo-Hyun in 'Doctor Stranger'

4 Strong Female Second Lead Characters In Korean Dramas


In the medical drama "Doctor Stranger," actress Kang So-Ra portrays the character of Oh Soo Hyun. She is a hardworking cardiothoracic surgeon and the daughter of the chairman of Myungwoo University Hospital, where she also practices her profession. There, she works alongside her crush and fellow surgeon, Park Hoon (Lee Jong-Suk). They worked together as a team, healing those who have health problems, and as time goes by, Oh Soo Hyun developed deep feelings for Park Hoon. But the love was unrequited since Park Hoon ended up with his soulmate Song Jae-Hee (Jin Se-Yeon), whom he fell in love but lost contact with while escaping to South Korea together. Even though Park Hoon and Soo Hyun did not prosper as a couple, they were able to build a beautiful friendship.

But still, our heartaches because they have undeniable chemistry.


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