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Kang Sora - 강소라 - 姜素拉 - カン・ソラ - คัง โซรา - كانغ سورا

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lummy said: thank you very much for your translation @bryan so insightful :)>-
may I share your translation to others ?

how could you not love Sora more after reading her interview?
She's so frank, she's so passionate in acting, she's such work hard actress
She has big dream, personally she inspires me so much
Pray and hope her wishes do come true

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Another interview article translated by @rynn_peace thank you Dear.....

Doctor Stranger' Kang Sora, Luck 98%, Talent 1%, Skill 1%
Rough translation :

Actress Kang Sora (24)  thought since her debut until now, the one that has a biggest part in her achievement in work is luck. Her debut is “4th period mistery” movie in 2009. She got popularity through “Sunny”, then she acted in “Paparoty” movie, “Rude Miss Yeong Ae”, “Doctor Champ”, “Dream High 2”, “Ugly Alert”,  and “Doctor Stranger”. Her activities never stop, and she claimed that’s because of luck.

But is it really not because of 1% talent and 1% effort but luck? In recent SBS MonTue drama “Doctor Stranger”, Kang Sora who potrayed Oh Soo Hyun certainly have shown growing appearance than before. She becomes more mature and can express character’s inside. As an actress who can give expression well, she rises one step again.

In recent interview with My Daily, Kang Sora said “When I saw the script, I want to act Soo Hyun character. The opening part is interesting and I like Soo Hyun’ personality. I want to do better and I want to do different things."

“I interpreted Soo Hyun with different direction from Soo Hyun in my mind in the beginning. I care about Soo Hyun character a lot.  at first, I thought I must understand everything that related with direction, but because I thought too much by myself, I became too busy with work. Later,I made simplyfication, I focused and put many effort on expressing the dynamics of character’s feeling. "

“Oh Soo Hyun is pitiful and complex character. She is being entangled here and there.  She could do nothing by herself and she didn’t know about what happened. In the outside, she seems that she has no lack, but if you know her deeper, she is pitiful person. To cover up her feeling inside, she tried to look boldly. So I put a care in her styling and her way of talking."

Kang Sora prepared a lot not only for Oh Soo Hyun character but also for medical genre. She has many hopes in thorax surgeon character. She said “ 10 years later I want to act in medical drama again. That time, I want to become internist or neurologist. For doctor character, I studied a lot and did many training directly.  I prefer the one who can’t do something then the one who does something with half-hearted.”

Kang Sora got compliment for her crying acting. She said “ sorrowful circumstance helps me.” Oh Soo Hyun’s tears were overflowing when she faced the death of her mom who has abandoned her, showing love and hate feeling toward her mother. The viewers were crying too with her. “This is the situation who can attract sympathy from everyone, coz a lot of people experience parent’s death. Specially, Soo Hyun and her mom couldnt have a properly talk before her mom death so I can imagine how much she regrets it.”

About actual experience in shooting location, Kang Sora said “It’s delightful. I got many requests from my friends to ask Pak Hae Jin oppa and Lee Jong Suk’s sign. Not only those two person, but also Park Hae Jun who played as Cha Jin Soo. All main actors and actresses are warm person and make me comfortable.”

Lee Jong Suk has various charms and he is very playful. But eventhough he is like a child, he has good manner and gentle. Jin Se Yeon, eventhough she is woman, but she has thought “I must able to do like that.”  When talking with her, her reaction is good and I enjoy chatting with her. We are good friend in shooting location. Hae Jin oppa, among us, is a senior. So he behaves like a brother. He comforted us, gave us spirit, looked after if we have eaten already. Actually, the one who have the same age with me maybe don’t have an opportunity like this often, so I'm grateful to meet a good opportunity like this.

Kang Sora who has grown one step level higher through Doctor Stranger, is suprised too that it is already 6 years since her debut."Mistakes in acting are lessen from before, and now I understand better how to make a preparation for my role.”

The younger staff called me “nuna”. It makes Kang Sora feels that she has transformation also. “I must behave more mature now, coz I’m not the “maknae” again. There is the moments when I have mischief and irrational behaviour. I wish I can give advice to my friends who haven’t had their debut yet more often and look after them better in the future.”

About how work offers for her are never stop eventhough there is a time when she got the critics. “I don’t have big power or authority. I think it’s because of luck 98%, talent 1%, effort 1%. When debut too, I have thought that I got the chance because the I got the good luck. When I have audition there is always the feeling I have ruined it and I would fail, but when it turned out that I made it so I’m so grateful.”

“Originally, I want to study about movie directing. When junior high school time, I went to watch “Phantom of the Opera” performance.  I want to study directing of musical stage art. When I’m an university student, I thought I will get good experience if I can participate in a audition,  so I attended an audition and have my debut. I didn’t think I would become an actress before but now I feel that's not bad idea. Until now, I always want to act well. And I also want to become a movie director later. I will do my next project after I have got proper rest. If I only work crazily, the feeling won’t come and the performances will be lacking. I still have the long way to go. I hope I will get the stability (in career / as an actress?) soon and I hope I don’t give unstable growing in my performances in the future."

original article is from My Daily

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Photo for the interview of Newsen   (white lacy dress)     cr as tagged20140725143706572.jpg
sources : http://m.media.daum.net/m/entertain/newsview/20140725143706568https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.653228891433442.1073741851.625239077565757&type=3

Photos for an interview for http://www.eto.co.kr/      (white tee-shirt & black pair of pants)     cr as taggedC201407252017005863.jpgN2014072520103775301.jpgC201407252017220747.jpgsources : http://news.nate.com/view/20140725n33371                   http://www.eto.co.kr/news/outview.asp?Code=20140725201037753&ts=210607https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.653228891433442.1073741851.625239077565757&type=3

I think these 3 photos have taken 16 july 2014 because her tee-shirt is the same white tee-shirt in her photo posted on Weibo (look my post page 60) and she wrote a fan on Twitter the same day she had many interviews (look the post of @sandjh page 61).

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Doctor Stranger' Kang Sora "Man like Park Hoon? He's beyond my capacity (I can't manage him)" Interview

Rough translation :
Kang Sora's thought about Park Hoon in real life is revealed.
In recent finished SBS Mon-Tue drama "Doctor Stranger", Kang Sora played Oh Soo Hyun, the heiress of Myeong Woo University Hospital who looks like she has everything, but actually she has complex relationship with family that gave her hurtful feeling. Oh Soo Hyun is the character who has one-sided love toward Park Hoon that made her suffering a broken heart. 
In recent interview with Newsen, Kang Sora talked about Oh Soo Hyun character's background, the reason why Oh Soo Hyun fell in love with Park Hoon, and the related things about Oh Soo Hyun in drama.
Kang Sora said "Oh Soo Hyun has an irony of fate. She isn't being adopted in the early of her life or being taken away when she is still very young. She experienced all those things when she could understand the situation already. Her dad, whom she hasn't known about yet, existed and took lead in her life. She must live in his house. That house didn't give a warm feeling at all. And her mother gave her a cold shoulder. Since young, she has lived with "being isolated" feeling. She is rich and lives in luxury but she couldn't breath comfortably."
"She had wariness feeling toward other people. But after she met Park Hoon who hasn't ulterior motive toward her, she is attracted to him. He doesn't approach her because her position and he doesn't have hidden wants toward her. He gave her a new feeling. He made her being disarm (made her to deprive her shield)." Kang Sora explained about why Soo Hyun fell in love with Park Hoon.
It's because Soo Hyun is charming/attractive character. Park Hoon and Oh Soo Hyun romantic quarrel scenes made the viewers giving agreement (good respond, sympathy), not to first love 'Song Jae Hee'. Park Hoon and Oh Soo Hyun' relationship got a lot of feedbacks.
Kang Sora said "I have heard those news. But since the first time, I have known that Hoonie and Jae Hee will end together and my one-sided love will subside. In recent press conference, it's said that there isn't swaying order/genuinity (??). With Han Jae Joon (Park Hae Jin), we would find and go to our own way and in the end we met again. I think he is feeling sorry and came to me first to commit his sin and ask forgiveness. " 
When asked "How about Park Hoon as a man?", Kang Sora shook her head. " Park Hoon is very spontaneous ("happy-go-lucky" person, the person who does as much as he wants). It seems I can't manage him well. He won't answer my call. Every day his handphone is turn off. Maybe I must follow/pursue him through Karibong's staff. It will be hard to manage the man who is like a bouncing ball." Kang Sora laughed. 
This drama has finished just now. Kang Sora said " Now, I want to go out for sightseeing. I want to get out/escape from shooting location and take a stroll." And about her next project TVN "Misaeng", "The original webtoon is really good so I have a high anticipation. But I am worried a lot too. So I have to do many research from now." she said with strong determination.
original article here

Thanks again to @rynn_peace for translation, would you translate other articles as well??

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Actresses are intrigued by Ko So-young's clothes

Actress Ko So-young is leading a fashion statement.

Various female stars in the show biz have been wearing outfits designed by Ko So-young.

Cable channel tvN drama "Marriage Over Love" stars Han Groo and Han Seon-hwa appear in the drama wearing Ko So-young's designs. Many fans and viewers who take interest in the fashion they bring out in every episode.

Lee Yoo-ri, Lee Min-jeong and Kang So-ra were also seen in an off-shoulder black mini dress that Han Seon-hwa was previously seen wearing. They all look very sophisticated.

Ko So-young launched her fashion brand KO SO YOUNG last year. She's directing her brand with all her passion as it's her name on the line.

According to sources, Ko So-young's clothing line doesn't have an official offline store, they're only created in small quantities. Her fans and top stars alike have been seeking her designs. Apparently, Ko So-young designs them as if she's going to wear them herself. Hopefully she will be soon featured in an upcoming drama or movie.

source: http://www.hancinema.net/actresses-are-intrigued-by-ko-so-young-s-clothes-71637.html#disqus_thread


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class="_5clb"[MEGA-FANACC] Adorable #강소라 #KangSora part III DoctorStranger filming set (Eng Ver)

Taken out with full credit:


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3 new articles...... one of Tenasia on http://news.nate.com/view/20140726n01712... an other on http://news.nate.com/view/20140726n02752... an other on http://sports.hankooki.com/lpage/entv/201407/sp20140726070102136720.htm

Sora wears the same shoes (white tee-shirt & black pair of pants) in 2 articles : the elegant strap sandals of SOVO.   cr as tagged2014072419082617139-540x540.jpgC201407252017220747.jpg
sources : http://www.sovomall.co.krhttps://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.653228891433442.1073741851.625239077565757&type=3

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New photos for a interview for Hankooki     (black dress)                cr as tagged20140726111105667.jpg20140726111105596.jpg20140726111105644.jpg20140726111105694.jpg
source : http://m.media.daum.net/m/entertain/newsview/20140726070310571

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Argggghhh that black shoes :X
Suddenly remember the night with bipolar doctor :|

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class="_5clb" style="margin: 0px; padding: 0px; line-height: 28px; background-color: rgb(255, 255, 255);"[MEGA-FANACC] Adorable #강소라 #KangSora part III DoctorStranger filming set (Eng Ver)

[MEGA-FANACC] Adorable #강소라 #KangSora part III ; #닥터이방인 #DoctorStranger filming set by Kangsora_TH fanpage


In the end of May, I had chance to visit Sora at Doctor Stranger filming set. It's my latest time to meet her in person.


At first, I tried to meet her at location in the hospital. After i arrived there, i bumped with JongSuk. He's so smart tall guy. He's on the set with Dr.Moon and then i saw SeYeon in another scene. I watched them filming till they finished , but no sign of Sora at all. (During filming, the filming crew let me watch but no photo allowed !!! ) what happened ? Omg, Its done and I asked the filming crew  about Sora's filming schedule.  They said she already done and left. Moreover, no more scene in Seoul at all during my period stay in this trip. Only somewhere's  far away from Seoul.  


I was so upset because i tried to meet her on that day . You know I flew from my country, Thailand to South Korea just only to visiting her. Then, I asked the staff a favor to give stuff that i brought to her...bla bla bla....They was so nice and told me that you can give it to her by yourself. What ? What ? What ? Im so surprised. They told me the filming location for next day. I was so happy, ever it's far away !!!!! Thanks you, guy 


Next day, i tried to find the way to get there by bus. Well, i will say Im not complaining about it ( really ? lol ) [ i didn't get lost but i had to wait for 3 hours for the bus, seriously ! I miss understood about the bus number which never exist on the bus. Then it took me 2 hours to get there and Its raining !!!! = totally 5hrs ] Finally, I made it there. 


The filming location's in countryside. There are a lots of mountain and trees around. Its my first time to be out of town in KR.  At first, I saw Sora's food/coffee support truck from her fans there. I think Im in the right place :)  Then i saw OhSooHyun's dad and SeYeon. At the end, I decided to wait at a front of studio. They are filming in there. Im waiting for a  while  there coz i don't want to bother the crews.  Suddenly , the crew that i met yesterday saw me. He was so surprised coz he didnt think that I can make it here by myself.  Then he said he will be back to studio to let Sora know that Im here.


Later on, she came out. She peeked from the door before walked to me with big smile. I think she recognized me and gave me a warm hug.... it's a very tight hug and also pat on my back. Umm.... kind of hard pat and it hurts ! She didn't let me go, i had to gently push her off. So, i can see beautiful face , it's so close..... she wore the doctor uniform, the blue one as you seen on picture. It almost two years, since i met her last time.


Me : Im so glad to meet you today.  It's quite long that we didn't see each other.

KSR : yeah ! It's been for a while, right ? (((she remembered me)))

 I was so happy and excited. I  didn't know what to do or ask her that much.... Oh, i handed her stuff to her and she said thanks you.


KSR : How's yesterday ? I heard that you go to see me at hospital and you didn't see me. How did you come here ? Bla bla bla 

Me : i answered and asked her "Are you still working ?"

KSR : Yes, I'm. I can take only 10 minutes break and has to go back. (She has sad face. i think that she wants to stay longer hahaha...) She also asked me that how do you do ? Did you come here by bus ? Did you have luncht ?

Me : No not yet ;(  (She has sad face to me again haha)


Then, she turned to talk to her manager and turned back to me.

KSR : Do you like macaron ?

Me : sure ! I love it. ( well, macaroon...Sora, why did you ask me that ? ...i just curious)

KSR : I like it too. Then, she gave me macaroon in a bag. I'm Surprised ! Thats very nice of her. At this point, How could you guys din't fall in love with her ?????


OMG. as a fan, i always give things to her or to other idols  and never thought that she will give something to me. I'm so glad  and so surprised about it. She's so nice and kind. It's my first time to receive something from idol/superstar in my life....it's so touch !!!


...it's so worth to come to Korea at this time, I had only 10minutes to meet her.... I wish i can freeze time now


Picture time ! I asked her for photo. I also try to do selfie/selca , Sora's so ready for that,  hahaha. She came to close to me and kneel a bit. So we can have same height.


At the first shot, it seem she didn't like it then she took my phone and took picture by herself. She also ask her manager to take picture of us too.

 ~Well, she put her arm on my shoulder too xD!!! ~

After that we chat a bit. She asked me where did you stay ? Why did you come here ? ...I came here to see you, i said...


I also told her that last year, I went to SBS award that you also attended too but you didn't see me. Actually i want to say that we didn't meet. ( I used the wrong Korean word ) Really ? She responded and told her manager that I also went there on that day. She concerned about her look then she didn't see me. Also She act like she's on red carpet. So hilarious.


KSR : Where do you live in Thailand ?

Me : Bangkok

KSR : Well,Which's part ?

Me : You will know if I said ?

KSR : she nodded (haha. you know Thailand really well Sora, even you came here just once. how cute kkkk)

Me : Im in Sukumvit.

KSR : (She look excited) I knew it, i used to stay there when i visited Thailand. (yesss,coz I know that. Actually Sukumvit is really big area Sora ya...haha.)

Me : Will you visit Thailand again by chance ?

KSR : I would love to go there but I don't have time.

Me : What's your favorite Thai food ?

KSR : I like Pad Thai.

Me : How's about Tom Yum Shrimp Soup ?

KSR : Oh, this one is spicy. She complained that last time when she visited Bangkok. She had diarrhea after having some cake there.(again.... last time she also complained about this to me haha )

She also mentioned that she would like visit Europe , if she has time. ( European's fans , are you ready !!! )


About Doctor stranger :


Me : Are you main actress ? (I asked in English, and she's not sure about it) then i asked her again in Korean "Yeoja Bae-u" which means the actress but I couldn't think the word in Korean for the main actress.

KSR : SeYeon ?

 I guess she may think that i asked about SY. Then i though that SY will be the main actress. So, I said no , I don't want to ask about SY. Maybe, she saw my sad face and read my mind....She got it later what I wanna asked so she suddenly said..

KSR : "It's doesn't matter at all !"

I'm afraid that Sora will get me wrong that I hardy want her to be a lead actress so I immediately sait "No,I just want Oh SooHyun be with Park Hoon at the end. That's all."

KSR : "lol" and then said "I and Jongsuk are friend!"

I remember that I and Jong Suk are in the same age. We are a year older than Sora. Then I ask her "Friend" ? Not oppa ?

KRS : No ! We are friends.

Me : But I have a same age with Jongsuk so he should be oppa isn't he ? and I am Eonni.

KRS : Friend~

Me : I am Eonni.

KSR : No~ we are friend. If it's a few year apart, we are friend. If it's over 3 years then he can be oppa.

ok ok I give up. haha then I though about Park Haejin. so I asked "Just like Hae Jin , he's oppa right ?"

KSR : Yes~ He's so kind.

Me : handsome too haha

KSR : hahaha


Then we changed the subject. She told me that today's operation scene and it's so hot.

Me : How's it? is it fun?

KSR : Its fun but so hot there. Because I have to wear doctor uniform with mask and stuff. (her expression when she said seem like it's really really hot there)


Then we talked about the dog, she said she just have got a new dog. It's the same type with Gomi. I also have poodle dog too. I show her some pictures of my dog in my phone as well. It seem she's interested in it and want to see. Well, there are a lot of idols' photo there , ~ feel embarrassed then i try to slide screen so fast just to find my dog's picture and show her. She also said that I have a lots of the picture in my phone. Sora told that she have just a little. hahaha


Moreover, I asked her to take a photo of her.

She said "just me ? sure ! what kind of post you want ?"

Sora made me surprised again.Im not sure what should I say. Then she said "sexy ?" "Cute ?"

Me : Sexy ? Can you ? haha

KSR : Sure !

Then, she did as the pictures.

10547221_551782108281383_1956526744_n.jp cr as tagged
I asked for Cute also kkkk

I think it's already 10 minutes, then i asked her...

Me : Well, don't you need to go back to work ?

KSR : yes, i have to.

So, we got to say good bye. We had a last warm hug. I did't prepared any questions before to met her, i should preparing some but i didn't think that having quite long conversation with her like this. There are a lots that i wanna ask her.kkkk


Anyway, it seem like we had a smooth and flow conversation. It's very nice to meet her again. She's so friendly and cute as always. I love her more and more in every time when i met her. I wanna say that Im so happy to be her fan. Thanks you and always love you "Kang Sora".

This is macaron that she gave to me. Im not sure she said there are last 2 boxs. Also i got a cup of coffee from the crew too. Thanks a gain  (Maybe, it's from the support project...not sure)

As in Last but not least, Hopefully there will be next part soon.


Please take out with full credit :

Facebook Fanpage : KangSora_TH

Twitter : www.twitter.com/KangSoraTH

Translate TH-ENG : Just1bite

source : https://www.facebook.com/notes/kangsora_th/mega-fanacc-adorable-%EA%B0%95%EC%86%8C%EB%9D%BC-kangsora-part-iii-doctorstranger-filming-set-eng-ver/654555487967449

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Translated from chinese text from Baidu :
140726 BreakNews article :Interview <Dr Stranger> Kang Sora Korea's next generation top actress's refreshing acting 
Kang Sora's uniquely fresh and lively charm. Caught the absolute support of male fans when she showed her acting in the recently ended Dr Stranger SBS drama. 
First obtained more than 7 million viewers for the movie Sunny and caught the attention of viewers as the teenage Ha Chun Hwa. Later through Drean High 2, Ugly Alert, the movie My Paparoti etc built up her acting skills.     
This time through Dr Stranger, KSR's acting improved and matured  further.In the future will become a representative of Korea's "Next generation Top actress". The busy KSR's next project "Misaeng" will broadcast on TVN this October.Her refreshing and pleasant charm really gets us mesmerised.
Below are Q and A
Q: Is your injury OK ? Your fans were very worried.A: I am fine now, When found out fans were worried, went to fanclub to explain that not serious and not to worry. It is not serious matter but everyone so concerned that I was a bit overwhelmed.

Q:What are your thoughts on the finale of Dr Stranger    A: Immediately after Dr Stranger ended, will have empty feeling. Now my mood is back to the normal daily routine. But the impact of the drama it seems have not subsided. I really thank the viewers for their love during this time.Let Oh Soo Hyun able to beautifully presented this character to everyone. I had a happy time during the filming. Thank You. 
Q; Are you satisfied with the ending of Dr Stranger ?A: At the beginning, I felt Dr Stranger will have happy ending. In the end it was a happy ending so I am satisfied. Because at the end I could appear beautifully so I am satisfied

Q: Any regrets that the ratings were not as initially expected? A: Dr Stranger had complex themes, Within a limited 20 episodes,there are too many things to deal with.I am not too clear about the specifics. I am not the type that only concern about ratings. Even though it is disappointing ratings. But in the end , contented that it is able to  be  No 1 drama in that time slot. 
Q: What is the most difficult part of Dr Stranger?A; Before the middle part, there was no problem. After that Oh Soo Hyun's heart started to waver. The plots also started to get complicated. Had to put in effort to understand my character and the central theme of the drama, that was difficult. Oh Soo Hyun always kept in the dark about things, and always crying. My personal character is quite different from Oh Soo Hyun. At first was quite difficult to understand her, so was quite hard. Of course, later was able to merge with the character and successfully complete the filming.        
Q: Lee Jong Suk , Park Hae Jin and Jin Se Yeon. What are their acting strengths ?
It was good feeling to be able to work with your peers. Had most scenes with Lee Jong Suk. We are the same age , always joking with each other, get along very well. Only some scenes with PHJ were on good terms. The rest were quarrelling and conflict scenes. Due to my personal circumstances, during the filming, because of the character's emotional scenes, that was not easy.Did not have many emotional scenes with JSY.(acting strengths ? )Firstly JSY is the most calm and clear. Sometimes I would think : How can she stay so calm ?" Because of the nature of TV dramas and how scripts are released, things are quite urgent and the shooting can be hard. But JSY will never show that kind of look (?) Her greatest strength is her strong sense of responsibility. LJS gives you the feeling of a very good friend. Very smart. Able to immerse in the character. Could be he has watched a lot of dramas , able to understand what the viewers enjoy.PHJ is the most experienced among the 4 of us. Very stable. No matter what situations, will also not affect his acting performance. Really fantastic.   
Q: What are the standards for selecting your projects ? Is it your own standards ? 
A :Definitely to look at the summary, after that also think about other things.In fact, if the story is not interesting, other things doesn't matter. Reading the summary you will get the story's main focus. It must give you a feeling like you want to exclaim " hoo"  When I read the summary for Dr Stranger, I had that feeling.
Q: Your reason for choosing Misaeng" ?A: When I read the summary, had that feeling of "Hoo". When filming Ugly Alert, saw the webtoon. It was really interesting. At that time,even thought that if adapted as a TV drama will be very difficult.Who will act ? In the end, I am acting . Really was a shock . 
Q: What king of role is Misaeng's An Youngi ?A :Should be a little different from the original webtoon. Misaeng's An Youngi is a really great character. I always think " Really have such a person ? " A perfect character without any weakness.
An Youngi will also have painful past. Similar to Dr Stranger's Oh Soo Hyun. OSH will allow her emotions to surface. But An Youngi will not let her feelings show. i think she will be a much more mature character than OSH. Of course there will also be  a difference in status and wealth.  
Q :After your debut, what is your most memorable work ?A. Definitely Sunny. Even if there are other works, this answer will not change. This is the work that got KSR the actress noticed by the public. More so because, while shooting this movie, more than using the mind, it is using a pure/sincere heart to participate, that why it left deep impression.  

Q: Your co star Shin Eun Kyung, hot topic because of her acting ?A; SEK's acting skill has already been shining bright even before this. I feel that it is a bit late to find that out now.In fact, SEY has very rich acting experience. She is an acting senior. When shooting Sunny, can feel her excellent acting skill. Of course also played together with acting senior while filming.
Q; Have a lover ? If not,what kind of love relationship would you like to be in ?   A; I am single. Really want to date. Want to have a simple and unpretentious love relationship.
Q : What kind of actor do you want to be remembered?A: Until now, have no final goal as to how I want to be remembered. Just want to be a actress that continuosly try different types of roles/work.Just want to continue to work hard to show my ever  maturing look. Will be good if I can leave a beautiful impression. 

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Kang So Ra is really kind to her fans. :) i wish that I could meet her one day but that is very impossible because I am from the Philippines T.T

But I hope someday, her popularity will bring her here so that at least I have a chance like the other Korean Actors and Actresses who came here. u.u

South Korea, you are my dream destination because Kang So Ra is there. -.-

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Photos of an interview [2 articles] for "The Fact"   (black short sleeved shirt & white skirt)    cr as tagged201455271406369669.jpg201497851406371757.jpg201490121406371918.jpg
source : http://news.nate.com/view/20140727n01379


sources : http://news.nate.com/view/20140727n01380https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.653228891433442.1073741851.625239077565757&type=3

Sora wears the bracelet "glam wings.S" of MZUU. (look my post page 66)

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27 july 2014 Message of Sora with 2 photos on her Twitter - for the translation thank you Hiedi / @nhb19 : Having a leisure afternoon after a long time / It has been a while since (they) have had a leisure afternoon 

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In the episode 18 "Doctor stranger", Sora has the "Tote Bag 01 Hound's tooth Check Bag" of 1st Rumor, she wears the "Aden Necklace" of Nocturne (look my post page 52) and a tee-shirt of SYSTEM with the blue "Angeling skirt" of Obzee.BsBFe6NCYAAqTyf.jpg cr weibo (same photo in my post page 53)
2364763353BA483E08EB98 source : http://vizucom.tistory.com/10203
5WMO2WS06000_032_05.png source : http://www.skfashionmall.com/sfmweb/product/productDetail.do?goodsNumber=24158&colorCode=032&enterNumber=20050&enterType=010
source : http://www.mallaid.com/index.php/item/38763719113

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Photos for the interview with Xportsnews.com       (white short sleeved shirt & blue-jean)         cr as tagged1406436275505.jpg1406436301898.jpg
source : http://news.nate.com/view/20140727n20610
Photos for an interview for isplus.joins.com    (blue blouse & black skirt)   cr as taggedhtm_20140728080131769.jpghtm_20140728080142906.jpghtm_20140728080155049.jpg
sources : http://news.nate.com/view/20140728n03961                  http://isplus.joins.com/article/684/15373684.htmlhttps://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.653228891433442.1073741851.625239077565757&type=3

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Photo for an interview for isplus.joins.com     (blue blouse & black skirt)     cr as taggedhtm_20140728101722c010c011.jpg
source : http://news.nate.com/view/20140728n09543
Many photos of her interviews :https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.653228891433442.1073741851.625239077565757&type=3

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