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Kang Sora 강소라 - 姜素拉 - カン・ソラ - คัง โซรา - كانغ سورا

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There are actually more photos.. check it out! cr: Dispatch

gorgeous Sora at Courrone event today yayyy! as tagged




Actor Kang So-ra is a popular celebrity who has become a top star with folksy and friendly charm.

(She is a big star but still has a folksy personality)


Kang So-ra, who is called the epitome of a simple celebrity, is also receiving attention for her recent private life, because her private life is not much different from what is shown on the screen.


According to nearby residents, Kang So-ra is famous for having daily life that is as good as the general public.


Kang So-ra, debuted in 2009, is an entertainer who has been loved by the public by showing characteristic healthy image and bright charm in drama, film,


kang So-ra was known to be not much different from usual daily life as seen on the screen.

The apartment manager said,


"I saw a lot of celebrities on duty, but most of them go in and out wearing hats(for hide the face).“

but, She is different.

apartment manager said, "I remember

kang sora bow to me bright smile on face with release her face“


She is a big star but has a folksy personality.

This personality seems to have inherited from parents,

In fact, Kang sora's parents were also warm people who came to the management office to share food.

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@allmylife00 & @icemaid I think she liked & commented the video of Park Shin Hye because she loves "her twin sister" (same birthday)..

..and because the controversy about the public revelation of her relationship with HB is back during the month of september 2018 (theory of some journalists, the revelation has been realised because the female Pr. of K. was a fan of HB and that was embarrassing for the actor) I think she wants to indicate (indirectly) her support to her ex-boyfriend. She's supercool ! 


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