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Kang Sora 강소라 - 姜素拉 - カン・ソラ - คัง โซรา - كانغ سورا

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There are actually more photos.. check it out! cr: Dispatch


gorgeous Sora at Courrone event today yayyy! as tagged

Who Wore It Better: YoonA vs. Kang So Ra

YoonA-kang-so-ra_1459802558_af_org.jpgWe've got two standup gals for this round of 'Who Wore It Better,' namely YoonAand Kang So Ra!

Both women possess an unforgettable kind of beauty and a sharp sense of style despite their starkly different images. The stars were seen in the same fitted, off-white, geometric blazer at different events.


Ah, the classic blazer. It has the power to make any homey outfit appear more fashionable and elegant, and that magical effect manifested on YoonA and Kang So Ra alike. But who pulled it off better? In my honest and humble opinion, I really don't like either outfit but if I had to choose, I'd pick Kang So Ra. 


Kang So Ra did the classic blazer-and-jeans look really well. She kept a simple look, well, simple. Just jeans, a black tee, an unassuming pair of heels, and no excessive jewelry to speak of. One minor complaint would be her choice of jeans. Maybe she was trying to add some edge to a boring outfit but I just don't like how the destroyed jeans contrasts too jarringly with the rest of her outfit. Otherwise, thumbs up! 


YoonA's hair be on fleek but her outfit be a no-no. She looks too much like a...richssamonim (madame) from Gangnam District in that stuffy turtleneck which is a shade too close to the blazer. And tell me why she is wearing a black skirt over black leggings again? Girl, I love ya, but I'm just not loving that outfit. I do like that bright, sunshine-colored handheld bag though! It's stylish to boot, and better yet, it gives much-needed color to the overall colorless outfit.


What are your thoughts? 

Kang So Ra: 



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If Korean idols or actors were cast in 'Batman V. Superman'

The hottest movie that people have been anticipating for a long time now came out recently: 'Batman V. Superman.'  How would the movie be if you switched out the actual cast with a Korean idol version and a Korean actors version?


Check out the two possible casts below!

Actor Cast


Lee Jin Wook as Bruce Wayne / Batman

Go Soo as Clark Kent / Superman

Song Ji Hyo as Lois Lane

Yoo Yun Suk as Lex Luthor

Choi Won Young as Alfred

Kang So Ra as Diana Prince / Wonder Woman



Which do you prefer?  The idol cast or actor cast?


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