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Kang Sora - 강소라 - 姜素拉 - カン・ソラ - คัง โซรา - كانغ سورا

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Rough Translation (video>> here):
안녕하세요, 싸이닉 모델 강소라 입니다.
Hello, I'm Kang Sora, Sc*n*c model.

요즘같이 바쁜 생활을 하다보면 누구나 피부고민 하나씩은 있잖아요.
Don't you know, nowadays anyone who having a busy life over period a time (gradually) will lead to have skin trouble. 

저도 피부가 예민한 편이라서 스킨케어 부분을 굉장히 신경쓰는데요.
Me too, because there's side of my skin is sensitive so I give a lot concern/attention for skin care (of that part).

싸이닉을 만나고 피부 걱정이 점점 사라지고 있어요.
Then I find Sc*n*c, my concern (over skin problem) is gradually disappear.

피부 속부터 흐트러진 밸런스가 맞춰지는 느낌이랄까?
Will it able to fix
disheveled of skin from inside and give balance feeling/sensation (to the skin)?

쓰면 쓸수록 하루하루 더 좋아지는 느낌이에요.
After use it (regularly) everyday, the feeling get better. 

강소라가 추천하는 싸이닉과 함께 스스로 좋아지는 피부를 보세요.
Kang Sora recommended Sc*n*c and the right-self clinic to get better skin.
Video: ChoonHee21
Translated by kirane.

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Annyeong chingu deul ~~
class="content-title"Kang Sora Chosen As Model for “SCINIC” Cosmetics kang-sora-main2.jpg

Good for you Kang Sora! It looks as though the beautiful actress who is known for her pure skin has received true recognition by a cosmetics company. She was chosen to represent the cosmetics company “SCINIC.”

In the pictures shown for the “SCINIC” advertisements, Kang Sora is showing her pure and womanly nature through different poses. It is being said that Kang Sora kept vigilant throughout the advertisement photoshoot that went on late into the night.

A marketing representative of “SCINIC” stated, “We chose Kang Sora as our model because she fit in well with our pure and strong brand concept. Her healthy and strong image that she has shown through her different projects is what fit in well with the brand concept. Please anticipate the synergy between our brand motto that you have to be proactive to have beautiful skin and Kang Sora’s beauty, which also makes everything around her look beautiful as well.”

Currently, Kang Sora is busy promoting the film “Pavarotti” where she makes an appearance. 


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[Post 1/2]

[strong Heart _ Ep. 83] Kang Sora on Pyeongchang Water CF
( ** It's published before the appearance of Kang Sora on WGM Program )
From: Lee Seung Gi Fan Site


I love how she was like: " I was on for 1 second! " Hahahaha. Being a yoga fan, this was one of my fave shots in the CF! I love Seunggi’s yoga relaxed wear!

Cr: strongheartsbs

** English Subbed Video **

Cr: Rapport2010


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[Post 2/2]

[sH _ Ep. 85] Kang Sora’s comical and sexy dance learned at JYP
( ** It's published before the appearance of Kang Sora on WGM Program )
From: Lee Seung Gi Fan Site

I can’t believe Kang Sora is 21, that’s like 3 years younger than Seunggi! She looks older than that. She was so cool and laid back on Strong Heart. Totally loved her! It was her very first variety show appearance and she totally rocked it! Everyone loved her! She even talked about how she used to weigh a lot at one point but of course continues to struggle with dieting. And that if she were not in the line of entertainment, she would probably not be as thin.

But what was really cool about her, is that when Teuk Enhyuk showed an old photo of her when she was very chubby, she was totally cool with it and didn’t bash up the photo like other actresses have! She was like I’m not ashamed of that photo, and that personally she likes herself when she is not skin and bones. And that she tends to go for guys that are a bit on the chubbier side. Totally a free-spirited personality, the kind that both guys and girls like. I would love to hang out with her!

She also has an amazing creative imagination. She totally blew everyone away with her creative storytelling! But this is Strong Heart… which means, actresses can only really solidify their star talent by performing a hot dance number! LOL. Check it out…

Cr: strongheartsbs

[07.05.2011] Kang Sora’s comical dance and sexy dance learned at JYP

[sora had just finished wowing everyone by telling an awesome impromptu action storyline incorporating the guests that Hodong or Seunggi would point to.  And the 2 MCs and everyone were SO totally impressed!  Love her!  She then wowed again by doing her  "Bingle Bingle" dance from the movie Sunny and finished up with a super hot dance she learned over at JYP!  Hahaha!  She's so cute and hilarious!  Dancing starts @ 1:15].

KHD: What were you trying to demonstrate through that dance?
Sora: People are probably tired, so for them to get a little break. [Hahaha]

KHD: Is your specialty comical or sexy dance?
Sora: Neither, I learned this at the JYP training place.
LSG: You learned this at JYP!
KHD: Why did you go to JYP?
Sora: To better my dancing.
KHD: People there taught you? [Sora: Yes] KHD: Who?
Sora: I met 2pm and Miss A there.
KHD: Who taught you this dance?
Sora: The choreography instructor.
KHD: What did the 2pm guys say after they saw this?
Sora: They didn’t say anything. [Hahaha]
KHD: Sora really is “ho-gam” (favorable).  This was the first time I’ve seen the female audience members get so excited watching a female dance performance.
LSG: I think she really has a lovely charm. (Awww!)

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hi... im really love kang sora..im felt that her career will blossom..hope that she get a lot of offer...so that.. i can see her on tveither acting or MCing

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@aelene & @lea2u, welcome! Please support all Sora' projects. Don't forget to visit & post (more) in this thread.^^

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[From: 130322]

Title: Kang Sora's Fan-Taken Pictures, Golden Ratio Figure.. 'Natural-Born S-Line'


Recently, on the bulletin board of an online community, several pictures were published with a title 'Kang Sora's stage greeting fan-taken pictures'

The public pictures featured Kang Sora's appearance during the stage greeting of the movie Paparotti on the last 17th March. Kang Sora responded with a bright smile, revealing her appreciation towards the fans who came to greet her.

Her superior figure is really stood out. Kang Sora's golden ratio figure, even unedited (in the pictures) has no surplus fat, is definitely something to be proud of. Her tall height and perfect S-line radiated extraordinary glow of health and beauty.

Even Kang Sora's beauty is also perfect. Her much upgraded beauty is showed off and exuded enriched feminine beauty.
Particularly the V-line of her jaw that has become slender which aroused the envy of the beholder.

Responding to this, netizens reacted "Has Kang Sora lost some weight? "She looks more beautiful" "She's really pretty in real life" "Goddess-like" "Her fashion completes her looks" "Pretty even with the unkempt/messy hair" "The movie is fun"

Meanwhile, in the movie Paparotti, Kang Sora played for a role named Sook Hee.

** Source: tvreport.co.kr
** Translate By : Hiedi (nhb19 @Twitter)

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[130325] Sora Twitter Update:


KOR. 매일 내 어깨로 암벽등반.. 내려와.. ㅜㅜ pic.twitter.com/EvbV1KiAdg
ENG. Gomi climbs to my shoulder everyday like rock-climbing.. Come down.. ㅜㅜ

Translate by: 한이 (Hanyissi @Twitter)

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Gomi is getting bigger, which is a good thing...but uri Sora is getting thinner evreyday, don't you think?:(

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We can hear Sora's Last night Radio
News from @kirane2 >> For those who missed Sora's last night schedule (radio) & have (imbc) account, try to listen via: pic.twitter.com/ZnN9FiHlvl 
cre source to @sepia0814

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130325 Kang Sora at MBC music city radio program


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