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Kang Sora 강소라 - 姜素拉 - カン・ソラ - คัง โซรา - كانغ سورا


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Currently enrolled in Dong Guk University, Department of Theatre and Film




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Korean name
  Hangul   강소라  
  Hanja   姜素拉  
  Revised Romanization   Gang So ra  
  McCune–Reischauer   Kang Sora  
- The meaning of the name Sora is Sky
- The origin of this name is Japanese
- Pronunciation: So-rah

  Nickname   아기 공주님 (Aegi gongjunim) / Baby Princess
Black Swan
  Birthdate   February 18, 1990 (age 27)  
  Birthplace   Gangdong District, Seoul, South Korea  
  Height   1.68 m  
  Weight   48 kg  
  Religion   Christian / Protestant  

- 2008: Dong-Guk University (Department of Theatre and Film)

- Dun-Moon High School

- Han-San Middle School

  Occupation   Actress, Model, MC, Singer, Dancer  
  Talents   Swimming, Playing piano & Telling fairy tales  
  Language   Korean, English, Chinese, Russian  
  Years active   2009 ~ present  
  Debut   (12 Aug 2009) 2009 Movie 4th Period Mystery  
  Current Agency   Plum Entertainment  
Former Agencies
  debut: 2009~2011  

• KM Culture






• JM Company

• KM Culture

• Will Entertainment

  (2016~Present)   • Plum Entertainment  
  Awards   12  
  Dramas   12  
  Movies   6  
  TV Shows   9  
  Commercials   45  
  Music Videos   6  
  Family   Father and Mother are alive  
  Siblings   She is the only child in her parent  
  Marital Status   Single  
  Ideal Man   Super Junior Leader's Leeteuk ( Park Jung Su )  
  Blood Type   A  
  Star Sign   Aquarius  
  Chinese Zodiac   Horse  
  Pets   Gomi (Puppy) & Minky (Puppy)  
  Hobbies   • Take a Photograph
• Watching Movies
• Strolling with her puppys
• Listening to music
• Practice the Yoga
  Favorite Color   White  
  Favorite Coffee   Americano  
Official Links


SEND YOUR GIFTS VIA "Plum Entertainment" ( 플럼 엔터테인먼트 ) MANAGEMENT:

ADDRESS (주소) : 강남구 삼성동 120. 보아스빌딩 2층. (삼성로 107길 7) Seoul, South Korea

PHONE (전화) : +82 2-545-6207



2010: tvN Rude Miss Young-ae Season 7 ( 막돼먹은 영애씨 시즌 7 )

2010: SBS Doctor Champ ( 닥터 챔프 )

2010-2011: tvN Rude Miss Young-ae Season 8 ( 막돼먹은 영애씨 시즌 8 )

2011: KBS1 The Women Of Our House ( 우리집 여자들 )

2012: KBS2 Dream High 2 ( 드림하이 2 )

2013: SBS Ugly Alert ( 못난이 주의보 )

2013: tvN Rude Miss Young-ae Season 12 ( 막돼먹은 영애씨 시즌 12 )

2014: SBS Doctor Stranger ( 닥터이방인 )

2014: tvN Misaeng ( 미생 )

2015: MBC Warm and Cozy ( 맨도롱 또똣 )

2016: KBS2 My Lawyer, Mr. Jo ( 동네변호사 조들호 )

2017: tvN Revolutionary Love ( 변혁의 사랑 )




2009: 4th Period Mystery (4교시 추리영역)

2009: Kwang Tae's Basic Story (광태의 기초)

2011: Sunny (써니)

2012: Cheer Up Mr. Lee (힘내세요, 병헌씨)

2013: My Paparotti (파파로티)

2017: Uhm Bok Dong (엄복동)




[110610] ... (With. F.CUZ's Jinon)
[110621] SBS Strong Heart - Ep. 83 ( As Guest ) 
[110628] SBS Strong Heart - Ep. 84 ( As Guest ) 
[110705] SBS Strong Heart - Ep. 85 ( As Guest )
[111008] XTM Top Gear Korea # Vid
[111231] MBC 2011 MBC Korean Music Festival ( As MC, Co-host with Leeteuk) 

8 Oct. 2011 ~ 8 Sep. 2012: 
MBC We Got Married ( As Cast Member, Paired With. Super Junior's Leeteuk) 
Season 3  (Ep 104~132) + Season 4  (Ep 133~134) - Soompi Thread - Here

[121111] KBS Gag Concert _ Madam Jeong - Ep. 671

[130211] MBC My Soul's Table - Lunar New Year special Episode ( As Cast Member )
[130413] OnStyle Project Runway Korea: All Stars Ep.06 (SoraPart01+SoraPart02) ( As Guest )
[130418] OnStyle Project Runway Korea: All Stars -BACKSTAGE- Ep.05 ( As Guest )

[140422] SBS FunE Star Beauty Show - Season 4 - Ep.05

[150102] tvN Taxi (Misaeng Special Episode) Ep.01
[150103] tvN Taxi (Misaeng Special Episode) Ep.02




Halla Man - So a Good Day (이렇게 좋은 날에도) # MV

PK Heman (PK헤만) feat. Go Eun (고은) - Gloria (글로리아) # MV

Kim Dong Wook (김동욱) - Merely (다만) # MV

Hong Kyung Min (홍경민) - Happy Me (행복한 나를) # MV



Huh Gak (허각)- Hello # FullMaking + OnlySora_Making

Huh Gak (허각) - I Told You I Wanna Die (죽고 싶단 말 밖에)



Suho (수호) EXO’s Leader - Curtain (커튼)




Anycall Show Omnia # CF22" 
Melon # MakingCF + CF
PC Love (PC사랑) 

Haitai Beverage Kang-won Pyeong-Chang Water # Vid
MCDonald's MCCafé # Vid
Orion Market-O # Vid
Wood Metal 

Buckaroo Jeans (Clothes) # Vid + FullVer.
Fish and Grill # CF15” CF30”
Lotte Tacos # CF
Sara-J (Clothes)Pics
CJ Tving # Vid01 Vid02 Vid03

Chosungah Raw 
Basic House (Clothes) # SummerMakingFilm + FWMakingFilm
Busan Milk Yonette # Making01 Making02 Making03 + ABCVer.CF
Kooksoondang Rice - Makgeolli # Pics
NHN Naver A Ninth Of Baseball (야구9단) # Interview + CF01 CF02 + Vid
Dior - Diorsnow (Cosmetics) # Interview + CF  
Muzak (Clothes) # CF01 + Full&WinterCollection
K-SWISS (SportsWear) # MakingCF + S-Liner Polo Shirt + Wind Fighter CF
Center Pole # MakingCF + Interview

Bang Bang (Clothes)
Scinic (Cosmetics)

Bang Bang (Clothes)

A.H.C (Cosmetics)
Alcon Contact Lenses
Canon M3, EOS M10 (Camera)
Charm Soju  
COA (Crush On Action for Kakao - Game 3D -)
Goobne Chicken
Hanwhar Resort
Kellogg's Special K
Nongshim Beef
Prospecs (SportsWear)
Ridibooks (bookstore & e-books)
Samsung - Fire and Marine Insurance -
Sprite (Cider)

The Horn (Action Mobile Game) # CF
The North Face White Label
Thinkware iNavi
Tria (Skin Care Brand)

Miero Fiber # MakingCF
BVLGARI (GOLDEA, The Roman Night) # MakingCF





[110707] 5th Mnet 20's Choice Awards - Hot Movie Star Of The Year (Sunny) # Vid

[111007] 20th Build Film Awards - Best New Actress (Sunny)

[111103] 4th Style Icon Award (SIA 2011) - Concerts Of The Year (Sunny) # Vid


[120426] 48th Baeksang Arts Awards - Female Popularity Award (Sunny)

[121229] 2012 MBC Entertainment Awards - Popularity Award, Variety Show Category (We Got Married Season 3) (With Her Partner in The Show : Super Junior's Leader. Leeteuk)


[131231] 2013 SBS Drama Awards - New Star Award (Ugly Alert)


[140117] 9th Asia Model Festival Awards - Popular Star Award

[140531] 2014 Miss Asia Pacific World Super Talent - Asia New Star

[141001] 7th Korea Drama Awards - Excellence Award, Actress (Doctor Stranger)

[141209] 7th Herald Donga Lifestyle Awards - Best Style Of The Year Award


[151022] 2015 Korea Advertisers Association Awards (KAA) - Best Celebrity Women Model

[151230] 2015 MBC Drama Awards - Excellent Actress in a Mini Series (Warm & Cozy)


DCinside: DC Kang Sora Gallery
Blog Naver - Fanblog - : Sepia0814
Blog Naver - Fanblog - : Dmswl6480
Blog Naver - Fanblog - : Sora_90
Cafe Naver - Fanblog - : KangSora0218
Cafe Naver - Fanblog - : SoraHolic1234
Cafe Naver - Fanblog - : Suminlove2me
Cafe Daum - Fanblog - : SorCafe
Site - InterFanClub - : kangso-ra.com
Site - ArabFanClub - : kangsora1.wordpress
Tumblr (eng/esp) : Only Kang Sora
Russian STAR Dome : Kang So-Ra
Ameba - Japanese FanClub- : my lifestyle.kr
- International Fanpage - : Kang Sora
Kang So Ra (강소라) Fan page
- turkey Fanpage - : Kang Sora Turkey
- Arab Fanpage - : Kang Sora
- Latin/Spanish? Fanpage - : Kang Sora (강소라)
- Japanese Fanpage - : KANG.So-Ra , カン・ソラ , 강소라
- Chinese Fanpage - : 姜素拉(강소라)
- Philippines Fanpage - : Kang Sora PH
- Thailande Fanpage - : Kangsora_TH

Special THANKS
To those who have helped this thread.. as CONTRIBUTORS or as SOURCE
Sepia0814 ( @Naver ) & DC Kang Sora Gallery & Kirane (kirane2 @Twitter) & Hiedi (nhb19 @Twitter) & 한이 (Hanyissi @Twitter)
And to everyone who posted news/pics/videos or their opinions
and to all Sora Fans (In & Outside of this thread)
Source: Sora's profil @Daum + Wikipedia + Namuwiki

And Thank You For Visiting
Don't Forget to Read and Follow the Soompi Forum Rules

If you see any errors in the links (News/Pictures/Videos ..etc.)
please kindly private message to fix. ♥ Thank you..!
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tumblr_mdlrba2e151ra9ogyo1_100.gif [ Radio ]


[110715] MBC Best Friend -As Guest- # Link

[111106] KBS Cool FM. Volume Up (a Special Edition) -As DJ- # Pic

[111221] MBC ShimShimTaPa -PhoneCall from Sora- # Vid01 [Raw] [Eng Sub] + Vid02

[130325] MBC Music City -As Guest- # Link

[130326] SBS Cultwo Show -As Guest- # Link

[141230] Milk Music Station (‘Misaeng’ Radio Special) -As DJ- (Recording) # Making + NG

[150113] Milk Music Station (‘Misaeng’ Radio Special) -As DJ- # Vid

[150120] Milk Music Station (‘Misaeng’ Radio Special) -As DJ- # Vid

[150127] Milk Music Station (‘Misaeng’ Radio Special) -As DJ- # Vid

[150129] Milk Music Station (‘Misaeng’ Radio Special) -As DJ- (Recording) # Making+NG

[150203] Milk Music Station (‘Misaeng’ Radio Special) -As DJ- # Vid



tumblr_mdlrba2e151ra9ogyo2_100.gif[ Duplicating ]


2012: Brave - Merida (Princess of DunBorch)


tumblr_mdlrba2e151ra9ogyo4_100.gif1456348.giftumblr_mdlrba2e151ra9ogyo4_100.gif[ Albums ]


2011: Bingle Bingle (Sunny OST)

2011: Kang Sora's Narration (Huh Gak - I Told You I Wanna Die [MV])

2012: We are B (High Dream 2 OST)



tumblr_mdlrba2e151ra9ogyo10_100.gif[ Magazines ]



PCSarang (June Issue) # Pics (1) & (2)


InStyle Weddings (November Issue)


1stLookTV (August Issue) - Me, Myself 강소라 # Vid

Vogue Girl (August Issue) # Pic (1)(2) & (3)

ELLE Girl (September Issue) # Pics

Women's Central (December Issue)

Arena Home (December Issue) # Pic (1)(2) & (3)


Jenny House (February Issue) # Pic

Marie Claire (March Issue)

Cosmopolitan (March Issue)

InStyle (May Issue)

Beauty+ (June Issue)

SURE (June Issue) -Special Issue Kang Sora-

Z-ZIN (July Issue) # Pic (1) (2) (3) & (4)

ELLE (August Issue)

InStyle (October Issue)

Allure (November Issue)


Esquire (January Issue) # Link

Harper’s Bazaar (May Issue)

Singles (May Issue) #

Stuff (May Issue) #

Sure (May Issue) #

W (May Issue) #

InStyle (Jully Issue) #

Urbanlike (August Issue) #

ELLE (December Issue)


Nylon (March Issue) # Link

bnt (April Issue)

Vogue (November Issue)

Nylon (December Issue) #


COSMOPOLITAN (January Issue) #

COSMOPOLITAN (... Issue) -Special Issue Misaeng-

W (March Issue) #

COSMOPOLITAN (October Issue) #

1stLook with Pandora (November Issue) #






Ultra Studio # Link1 or # Link2

Sure (August Issue)


[ As an Ambassador ]

2013 Lexus CT200h Compact Hatchback Hybrid Korea’s Ambassador # Link
2014 Trade Korea’s Ambassador # Link + Vid

[100727] Korean Actress Kang Sora (KOR. (1) (2) / ENG.) Cr: 10Asia

[110503] 'Sunny' Kang Sora Interview # Vid

[110701] Joinsmsn Interview (KOR.)

[111122] Asia Today Interview

[120505] Baseball 9 Interview

[110809] DCInside Interview # Vid

[151029] Star Interview


TV Interviews

[090818] Star Interview

[100128] Movist

[110409] KBS2 The movie is good,  Ep.225 # cine interview Kang Sora

[110523] MBN Interview # Vid

[110706] SBS

[120130] KBS2 Vivid Sources of Intormation (생생정보통) Ep.397

[120305] Mnet Wide Interview # Vid

[120701] MBC Section TV Entertainment News, Rising Star Ep.631 # Vid

[121231] Kang Sora: "I’ll go visit him" -Visiting Leeteuk-

[130222] MBC Section TV Entertainment News, Ep.663 # Vid

[130223] SBS Movie World Ep.

[130515] SBS Midnight TV Ent, Ep.412

[150306] KBS Entertainment Weekly (KBS 연예가중계) Ep.1562 # Vid

[150222] MBC Section TV Entertainment News,  Ep.763 # Vid

[150913] MBC Section TV Entertainment News, Ep.792 # Vid

[151106] KBS Entertainment Weekly (KBS 연예가중계) Ep.1596 # Vid

[170402] MBC Section TV Entertainment News, Ep.872 # Vid


Magazine Interview

[120720] ELLE Magazine (Aug 2012) # Here

[121221] Esquire Magazine (Jan 2013) # Here

[160224] Marie Claire Magazine(March 2016) #Here

[161211] Instyle Magazine (Dec 2016) # Here


As a Presenter Awards/Guest Visit (Awards Ceremony)

[091202] 30th The Blue Dragon Awards 2009 # Link

[091215] 10th Festival for Women in Film Korea 2009

[110425] 2011 Korea Film Actors Association

[110428] 12th Jeonju International Film Festival - Red Carpet (JIFF 2011)

[110707] 5th Mnet 20's Choice Awards

[111006] 16th Busan International Film Festival - Red Carpet (BIFF 2011)

[111007] 16th Busan International Film Festival _ Sunny GV (APAN 2011) # Vid

[111007] 20th Build Film Awards

[111017] 48th Grand Bell Awards - Red Carpet (Daejong Awards 2011)

[111103] 4th Style Icon Award (SIA 2011)

[111125] 32nd Blue Dragon Film Awards 2011 # Vid01 Vid02

[111129] MNet Asian Music Awards 2011 - Red Carpet (MAMA 2011) @Singapore

(Kang Sora Announcing Best Solo Dance Performance Award for 4Minute’s Hyun Ah) # Vid

[111231] 2011 MBC Korean Music Festival ( As MC, Co-host with Leeteuk)

[120426] 48th Baeksang Arts Awards

[120630] 11th Mise-en-scene Short Film Festival (MSFF 2012) # Link

[121004] 17th Busan International Film Festival (BIFF 2012) # Vid

[121005] 21st Build Film Awards 2012

[121005] 17th Busan International Film Festival - Blue Carpet (APAN 2012)

[121229] 2012 MBC Entertainment Awards ( As MC, Co-host with Kang Ho Dong and Kwang Hee)

[121230] 2012 MBC Drama Awards # Link

[130131] 22nd High1 Seoul Music Awards 2013 # Vid

(Kang Sora Announcing Record of the Year Award For Big Bang’s G-Dragon)

[131231] 2013 SBS Drama Awards

[140117] 9th Asia Model Festival Awards

[140531] 2014 Miss Asia Pacific World Super Talent

[141001] 7th Korea Drama Awards

[141203] MNet Asian Music Awards 2014 - Red Carpet (MAMA 2014) @Hong-Gong # Vid.BehindTheCamera

[141209] 7th Herald Donga Lifestyle Awards

[141231] 2014 SBS Drama Awards

[151022] 2015 Korea Advertisers Association Awards (KAA)

[151230] 2015 MBC Drama Awards

[160114] 25th High1 Seoul Music Awards 2016

[160120] 30th Golden Disk Award 2016

[170114] 31th Golden Disk Award 2017


Script Reading

[100728] SBS Doctor Champ - 1st Script Reading # Articles (1) (2)

[111217] KBS Dream High 2 - 1st Script Reading # Article

[130430] SBS Ugly Alert - 1st Script Reading # Links (1) (2)

[140211] SBS Doctor Stranger - 1st Script Reading # Link

[140813] tvN Misaeng - 1st Script Reading # Article and Pic (1) (2) +

[150413] MBC Warm And Cozy - 1st Script Reading

[160220] KBS2 My lawyer, Mr. Jo - 1st Script Reading

[170909] tvN Revolutionary Love - 1st Script Reading


Press Conference

[090807] '4th Period Mystery' Press Conference

[100507] tvN 'Rude Miss Young Ae - Season 7' Press Conference

[100916] SBS 'Doctor Champ' Press Conference

[110418] 'Sunny' Press Conference

[110512] KBS1 'The Women Of Our House' Press Conference

[120117] KBS2 ‘Dream High 2′ Press Conference at Imperial Palace Hotel (Seoul)

[120912] "Princess Merida and Magical Forest" Press Conference # Link

[130218] “Pavarotti” Press Conference # Link

[130514] SBS "Ugly Alert" Press Conference # Vids (1) (2) (3) (4) # Pics (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8)

[130613] SBS “Ugly Alert” Press Conference

[140429] SBS "Doctor Stranger" Press Conference

[141006] tvN "Misaeng" Press Conference

[150508] MBC "Warm and Cozy" Press Conference

[160323] KBS2 Neighbourhood Lawyer Jo Deul Ho Press Conference (My Lawyer, Mr.Joe)

[171012] tvN "Revolutionary Love" Press Conference (Byun Hyuk's Love)


Wrap Up Party

[111129] SBS "Uglet Alert" Wrap Up Party

[140709] SBS “Doctor Stranger” Wrap Up Party (Kang Sora missed the party to go shoot an MV!!) # Link

[141220] tvN "Misaeng" Wrap Up Party

[150703] MBC "Warm And Cozy" Wrap Up Party # Vid+Interview


Stage Greeting

[090810] '4th Period Mystery' Stage Greeting

[110507] 'Sunny' Stage Greeting # Vid

[110515] 'Sunny' Stage Greeting # Vid

[110521] 'Sunny' Stage Greeting # Vid

[110625] 'Sunny' Stage Greeting

[110729] 'Sunny' Stage Greeting # Vid

[120922] 'Princess Merida and Magical Forest' Stage Greeting

[120923] 'Princess Merida and Magical Forest' Stage Greeting

[121006] 'Princess Merida and Magical Forest' Stage Greeting

[130307] 'Paparotti' Stage Greeting # Links (1) (2)

[130316] 'Paparotti' Stage Greeting # Links (1) (2)

[130317] 'Paparotti' Stage Greeting # Links (1) (2) (3)


VIP Premiere

[120530] 'Harem' (Short Clip) VIP Premiere # Vid

[120702] 'Two Moons” VIP Movie Premiere # Vid01 Vid02

[121127] 'My PS Partner' VIP Movie Premiere # Pics

[121205] 'Wreck-It Ralph/Ralph The Fist King' VIP Movie Premiere # Pics

[130114] 'The Gift of Room 7' VIP Movie Premiere # Link

[130123] 'The Berlin File' VIP Movie Premiere # Link

[130304] 'Paparotti' VIP Movie Premiere # Links (1) (2)

[130313] 'Paparotti' Movie Premiere At "Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency" # Links (1) (2)(3)

[131211] 'The Attorney' VIP Movie Premiere

[131216] 'Catch Me' VIP Movie Premiere

[140114] 'Miss Granny' VIP Movie Premiere

[140809] 'The King of Jokgu ' VIP Movie Premiere # Vid

[150120] 'Gangnam 1970' VIP Movie Premiere # Vid

[150706] ‘The Guest’ (손님) VIP Movie Premiere # Vid01 Vid02

[160118] ‘My Brother Thought’ VIP Movie Premiere

[160108] ‘Take Off 2’ VIP Movie Premier


Sora’s BirthDay Party

[130217] 24th Birthday Party

[140215] 25th Birthday Party # Vid

[150208] 26th Birthday Party

[160214] 27th Birthday Party



[111104] Bukaroo Jeans Fansigning # Vid01 Vid02 Vid03 Vid04

[120321] Muzak Fansigning # Vid

[120725] Muzak Fansigning @Busan

[120920] Muzak Fansigning

[120921] Centerpole Fansigning

[121027] Centerpole Fansigning

[121101] Muzak Fansigning

[150822] Kellog’s Special K Fansigning

[151121] Charm Soju/kumbokju Fansigning @ Daegu

[151202] Kellog’s Special K Fansigning

[160702] The North Face Fansigning

[160730] Chamsoju Fansigning

[170622] Mieoro Fiber Fansigning

[170915] BVLGARI Fansigning

[170923] The North face Fansigning @ Busan



[091110] ELLE atzine Event # Link

[111207] Dior Cosmetic Launching Show # Vid (eng Sub)

[120131] Tving Event # Vid01 Vid02

[120210] Cook-ting Event # Pics # Vid01 Vid02 Vid03

[120317] Dior Event # Pics # Vid

[120407] Kang Sora Throw The 1st Pitch For 'Lotte Giants' # Pics (1) (2) # Vids (1) (2) (3)

[120419]  Center Pole’s Business Information Conference # Link

[120522] Nora Noh 'LA VIE EN ROSE' Exhibition Show # Pics

[120601] K-SWISS Wii Games Event # Vid01 Vid02 Vid03 Vid04

[121108] 2012 GS Shop Winter Collection Event # Links (1) (2)

[130221] Dior Addict Gloss # Link

[130327] 2013 F/W How and What Collection # Link

[130327] 2013 F/W Seoul Fashion Week # Link

[130328] 2013 F/W Jain Song Collection # Link

[130405] 'United Nude' Opening Party # Link

[131220] L’inoui Event in Busan

[140305] 'JillStuart' Accessory Event # Link

[140306] Bang Bang Grand Open Store

[140327] 'Fitflop' S/S 2014 Launch Event

[140903] BroadCast WorldWide (BCWW 2014) # Link

[141019] 2015 S/S Seoul Fashion Week Mag & Logan Collection # Links (1) (2) + Vid

[150409] Alcon Air Optix Soft lenses Event

[150725] 1st Day of Sprite Shower (3th Water Gun Festival)

[150911] Couronne Photo Wall Event

[151014] Canon Event

[151020] 2016 Hera Seoul Fashion Week Miss Gee Collection Event

[151020] 2016 Seoul Fashion Week Jain Song Show Event

[151021] 2016 Seoul Fashion Week Mac & Logan Collection Event

[151027] 10th W Korea Magazine Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign Charity Event

[160112] AHC Play Zone Open Party Event

[160611] 2016 The North Face Event : TNF 100 Korea


[110707] Kang Sora's dance leaves 2PM at a loss for words?
[111007] Kang Sora and Kim Ji Soo Meet For the Second Time
[111007] Super Junior's Leeteuk and Kang Sora Confirmed for 'We Got Married'
[111007] ‘We Got Married’ PD explains his casting decision behind Leeteuk and Kang Sora
[111008] Kang Sora goes on date in Ferrari for 'Top Gear Korea'
[111123] Kang Sora, Jeong Jinwoon Considered For Major Roles in 'Dream High 2'
[111222] 'Dream High 2' releases first set of Kang Sora's still-cuts

[120111] Kang Sora looks chic for her newest cosmetics photo shoot
[120117] Kang Sora opens up about working with singers for 'Dream High 2'
[120117] Kang Sora: Lee Teuk Encourages Me to Act Well
[120218] Kang Sora Fans Offer a Meal to the Staff of Dream High 2
[120218] Fans Treat on Kang So Ra Birthday Drove Away Coldness
[120218] Kang Sora treats the staff a meal on her birthday, “Thank you fans!”'
[120220] Kang Sora is Exclusive Model of K-Swiss
[120304] Kang Sora Chooses Between JB and Jung Jin Woon In Interview #Vid

[120304] Jinwoon is Angry with Kang Sora who Prefers JB
[120306] Kang Sora & JB Date on Street Market
[120317] 'Dream High 2' Kang Sora special trained by Park Jin-young?
[120320] Kang Sora & Kim Jungtae – Last Shooting of Dream High 2
[120321] Kang Sora Partners With Wonbin To Promote Basic House
[120326] Kang Sora Gains Friends of Life Because of Dream High 2
[120330] Kang Sora talks about 'Dream High 2', 'We Got Married' & Leeteuk in recent interview
[120331] Kang Sora, a Beautiful Girl of Summer
[120409] Kim Hyun Joong and Kang Sora to Model for Center Pole
[120421] Kim Hyun Joong & Kang Sora, ‘We Are Outdoor Couple’
[120430] Actress Kang Sora became the model for Kooksoondang
[120502] Kang Sora Picked As The Face Of Rice Beer
[120507] Dream High 2’s Kang Sora Flaunts Her S-Line
[120617] Kang Sora Cast for 'My Pavarotti'
[120621] Kang Sora Will Be The Selection Panel On The 11th Mise-en-Scene Short Film Festival (MSFF 2012)
[120628] MSFF jury Kang Sora absen due to health reason
[120629] Kang Sora is Back to KM Culture Nest
[120629] Actress Kang Sora was cast to dub the voice of animation movie “Princess Merida and the magical forest”
[120701] Kang So Ra confesses she weighs more than 50kg
[120701] Kang Sora attracrs atteintion with her long legs
[120701] Kang Sora says, “I have long legs”
[120701] Kang So Ra’s happy with Leeteuk but mother advises marriage isn’t fantasy
[120702] Kang Sora Say She's Happy with Leeteuk
[120702] Kang Sora Proves Her Perfect Body Proportions
[120706] Kang Sora Surprises Super Junior’s Leeteuk with a Spontaneous Kiss on “We Got Married”
[120707] Kang Sora plants a kiss on Leeteuk for his birthday on 'We Got Married'
[120720] Kang Sora, Elle's 'A Wild Girl' bueaty photo session revealed
[120720] Actress Kang Sora Becomes a 'Bad Girl' for the Cover of Elle Magazine
[120726] Kang Sora becomes a sporty goddess for K-SWISS 'Hot Summer' Collection
[120825] Kang Sora impressed by Leeteuk’s body on ‘We Got Married’
[120908] Kang Sora shares her thoughts on ending ‘We Got Married’
[120911] Kang Sora visits Pixar headquarters
[120912] Kang Sora visits Pixar headquarter to dub for ‘Brave’
[121006] Kang Sora's dress tears on 'APAN Star Road' blue carpet
[121006] “My Pavarotti” Actress Kang Sora Suffers Wardrobe Malfunction
[121008] “My Pavarotti” Actress Kang Sora Shows Amazing S-Line at Airport
[121016] Yoon Sang Hyun, Kang Sora May Bring On-Screen Romance in New Weekend TV Series
[121020] Kang Sora, Min Hyo Rin and Cast of 'Sunny' Reunite for Dinner
[121022] Kang So Ra Reveals Cute Selca while Shooting “My Pavarotti”
[121104] [star of the Week] Super Junior′s Leeteuk and Kang Sora′s Adorable TeukSora Moments
[121109] Kang Sora has a 'Beauty Contest' with Madame Jung of 'Gag Concert'
[121218] Kang Sora to Host ‘MBC Entertainment Awards’ with Kang Ho Dong and Kwanghee
[121218] Kang Sora to Join Kang Ho Dong, ZE:A’s Kwang Hee as MBC ‘Entertainment Awards’ MC
[121230] Kang Sora heats of 'MBC Entertainment Awards' with her gorgeous look

[130129] Lee Kyung Kyu, Noh Hong Chul, Kang Sora and Lee Su Geun Head New MBC Program
[130205] Actress Kang Sora, Stepped Out As A Warmhearted Soul Food Messenger
[130211] 'My Soul's Table' Kang Sora, a Typical City Girl "Everything is The First Time"
[130215] CNBLUE and Kang Sora Share a Colorful Photo Shoot for Bang Bang
[130217] Celebrity Candid Moments This Week! - Kang Sora’s Smirk
[130218] Actress Kang So Ra reveals, “I will go visit you soon Lee Jae Hoon!”
[130219] Kang Sora, Han Seok Gyu and Oh Dal Soo Attend ′My Paparotti′ Press Briefing
[130219] Kang Sora And Lee Jae Hoon Shows Off Their Friendship, "Are You Well"?
[130226] Kang Sora, High School Girl Transformation at "Paparotti"
[130308] Lee Je Hoon & Kang Sora's New Photos From 'Paparotti' revealed
[130308] Kang Sora’s Kiss Scene Photos With Lee Je Hoon in ‘My Paparotti’ revealed
[130311] Kang Sora Talks About Her Kiss With Leeteuk, “I Knew in 4 Seconds…”
[130311] Lee Jae Hoon and Kang Sora, Caught Kissing?
[130320] Kang So ra showing off her healthy, glowing skin
[130321] Kang Sora Chosen As Model for “SCINIC” Cosmetics
[130322] Kang Sora's Fan-Taken Pictures, Golden Ratio Figure.. 'Natural-Born S-Line'
[130327] Kang Sora: “I Watched Leeteuk’s Musical”
[130328] Kang So ra shows what elegant sexy means!
[130401] Kang Sora Shines in The Front Row at Missgee Collection Show
[130415] Kang Sora, Im Joo Hwan chosen as the main lead for SBS drama 'Bravo My Life'
[130421] Kang Sora in the new SBS drama "Ugly Alert"
[130423] Im Joo Hwan and Kang Sora to Play Leads in New Drama "Ugly Alert"
[130430] Kang Sora and Im Joo Hwan To Headline 'Ugly Alert', A Daily Drama About Family
[130504] CNBLUE's Jonghyun and Kang Sora Look Like A Couple In New Photo
[130506] "Im Joo Hwan, Kang Sora’s Watch Out For Fools
[130507] "Ugly Alert" Im Joo Hwan and Kang Sora
[130509] 'Ugly Alert', Kang Sora "I'm Happy With The Career Woman Role"
[130515] Kang Sora Loses Weight for her Role on ‘Ugly Alert’
[130515] Kang Sora’s Body Got Prettier By Fixing Her Posture Rather Than Dieting
[130515] Kang Sora Dishes on her Past Kiss Scene with Yoo Seung Ho
[130518] Kang Sora and Lim Joo Hwan Become the Perfect Visual Couple for ‘Ugly Alert’
[130703] Actress Kang So Ra Is Even Skinnier Before Photoshop
[131014] Kang So Ra joins Lee Bo Young, Lee Ji Ah, and more by signing with Will Entertainment
[131015] ‘Ugly Alert’ Kang Sora, Resettle To New Home ‘Will Entertainment’… Live Under The Same Roof With Lee Bo Young & Lee Ji Ah
[131113] Kang Sora make surprise appearance on "Rude Miss Young Ae Season 12"
[131227] Seo In Guk, Kim Yuri, Kang Sora, and Kim So Hyun to Put on Special Performances at the SBS Drama Awards


[140128] Kang Sora in talks for new SBS medical drama 'Doctor Stranger'
[140212] Kang Sora in "Doctor Stranger" with Lee Jong Suk and Park Hae Jin
[140213] “Doctor Stranger” Kang Sora to Be Caught in Love Triangle With Lee Jong Suk and Park Hae Jin
[140213] Kang Sora to get entangled in a love triangle with Lee Jong Suk and Park Hae Jin for new drama 'Doctor Stranger'
[140331] Lee Jong Suk, Kang So Ra, Park Hae Jin, and more attend their first script reading for 'Doctor Stranger'
[140401] Lee Jong Suk, Park Hae Jin, Kang Sora at first script reading of Doctor Stranger
[140411] Kang Sora and Park Hae Jin lock eyes with each other in still cuts for 'Doctor Stranger'
[140411] Park Hae Jin and Gang Sora, Have “Surgery Date” In ‘Doctor Stranger’
[140411] “Doctor Stranger”: Kang So Ra Joins Park Hae Jin In The Operating Room
[140411] 'Dr. Stranger' Park Hae Jin, Kang Sora, Perfect Chemistry
[140418] CNBLUE and Kang Sora get together in 'BANGBANG' CF
[140427] Kang Sora Transforms Into Beautiful Doctor in "Doctor Stranger"
[140501] Actress Kang So Ra Dresses Up in Scrubs for “Doctor Stranger”
[140512] Park Hae Jin and Kang So Ra share a sweet kiss in 'Doctor Stranger'
[140512] Park Hae Jin and Kang Sora Lock Lips in New “Doctor Stranger” Stills
[140513] Actor Park Hae Jin gives Kang Sora a ‘kiss of fire’
[140513] Abashed Kang Sora slaps Lee Jong Suk’s face in “Doctor Stranger”
[140514] “Doctor Stranger” Kang Sora sheds tears as she faces her mom’s death
[140522] Jin Se Yeon and Kang Sora are Lovely in Spring Magazine Spreads as Shipping Wars Heats Up Dr. Stranger
[140524] Jin Se Yeon and Kang Sora Share Cute Photos of Their Friendship While on Set of “Doctor Stranger”
[140526] Kang Sora’s Fan Club Show Their Love Through a Moving Buffet
[140606] Kang Sora Wins “Asia New Star” Award At Miss Asia Pacific World Super Talent
[140607] Asia New Star – Kang Sora 2014 Latest Meaningful Award
[140608] Lee Jong Suk and Kang Sora Continue to Show Chemistry as Bickering Colleagues on “Doctor Stranger”
[140617] “Doctor Stranger” Kang Sora Thanks Fan for Adorable Childhood Picture Collage
[140630] ZE:A's Siwan to Star Alongside Kang Sora and Lee Sungmin in "Misaeng" - First Episode to Air in October
[140701] New drama 'Misaeng' courts Im Siwan, Kang Sora, Kang Haneul
[140702] Kang Sora, Whose Acting Is Getting Solid & More Profound, Her Future Is Much More Anticipated
[140707] Siwan, Kang Ha Neul, Kang Sora, and more confirmed for drama remake of webtoon 'Miseng'
[140712] Kang Sora revealed to have been in a light car accident
[140713] Kang Sora confirmed for the female lead of 'Misaeng'
[140713] Kang Sora Gets into a Traffic Accident, Suffers a Neck Injury
[140713] Kang Sora to star in "Incomplete Life"
[140717] "Bang Bang" releases fall collection pictorial featuring CNBLUE and Kang Sora"
[140723] Kang Sora: “It Was Hard to Accept Lee Jong Suk’s Aegyo”
[140807] ZE:A’s Im Si Wan, Kang Ha Neul, Kang Sora and More Confirmed for ‘Misaeng’
[140817] ZE:A's Siwan takes a cute photo with Kang Sora
[140826] Kang Sora shows off her flexibility in a new photo
[140901] ‘ZE:A’s Im Si Wan, Kang Ha Neul, Kang Sora and More Gather for ‘Misaeng’ Scripts Reading
[140924] ‘Misaeng’ Teasers Revealed; Im Si Wan, Kang So Ra, Kang Ha Neul Pose For Cosmopolitan
[140925] Kang Sora and Oh Sang Jin to host the '2014 Korea Drama Awards'
[141002] Kang Sora wows in her first ever lingerie pictorial with '1st Look'
[141006] "Incomplete Life" press conference: Kang Sora reveals her ideal type in the movie
[141006] Kang Sora Talks of the Charms of ”Misaeng” Co-stars ZE:A’s Im Siwan and Kang Ha Neul
[141016] Siwan and Kang Sora make their promises for "Incomplete Life"
[141017] ZE:A's Siwan, Kang So Ra, and rest of 'Misaeng' cast make promises to viewers for a 3% rating
[141018] Kang Sora Reveals How She Learned Russian for “Misaeng”
[141006] Kang Sora talks about why she decided to play in “Misaeng”
[141106] “War of Words” Park Ji Yoon: “Only Thing Unrealistic about ‘Misaeng’ Is Kang Sora’s Body”
[141106] "Misaeng" Drama press conference: Kang Sora reveals her ideal type in the movie
[141107] “I am warm hearted and talented new employee” - Kang Sora to Appear in Drama ‘Misaeng’
[141108] Kang Sora Keeps “Misaeng” Viewer Ratings Promise Through Chicken + Beer Party with Office Employees
[141118] Kang Sora's flawless skin condition becoming a hot issue
[141119] Kang Sora reveals how she keeps her skin looking good during winter for 'Nylon'
[141122] Kang Sora pulls off a modern take on vintage style for 'Vogue Korea'
[141123] Kang Sora Shows Off a Different Charm in Fashion Shoot for Vogue
[141127] “Misaeng” Kang Sora Signs Six Endorsement Deals, Four More in Negotiation
[141202] Kang Sora’s Romantic Office Look
[141203] Kang Sora shows off her nice body in a fabulous blue dress
[141203] Kang Sora’s 2014 MAMA Red Carpet Dress from H&M Cost Less than 40,000 won
[141203] Kang Sora impressed with herself in her sensational dress at the venue of the 2014 Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA)
[141203] Kang Sora's sexy $30 H&M dress and foreign language skills at '2014 MAMA' receive spotlight
[141204] Kang Sora was literally H&M and not Prada at the 2014 MAMAs
[141204] Kang Sora's agency responds to news about $30 dress + 2PM's Taecyeon compliments her
[141204] Kang Sora surprises everyone by wearing a 35$ dress at '2014 MAMA'
[141205] Kang Sora's $35 H&M Dress At MAMA 2014 Gains Attention From Media, Compliment from 2PM's Taecyeon
[141205] Kang Sora in the Limelight for Wearing $35 Dress in Music Awards Ceremony
[141208] Kang Sora will become new advertisement model for KUMBOKJU '맛있는 참'
[141211] Kang Sora and Im Si Wan from “Misaeng” Appointed Honorary Trade Ambassadors
[141211] 'Incomplete Life' Si Wan and Kang Sora to be appointed as honorary ambassadors for international trading
[141212] Im Siwan, Kang Sora to Promote Trade
[141212] Kang Sora of “Misaeng” Leaves a Note for Employee to Cheer Up His Monday
[141212] Kang Sora treats 70 cast and staff members to delicious chicken on the set of 'Misaeng'
[141213] Kang Sora Expresses Gratitude For “Misaeng” Crew With Chicken
[141214] ‘Misaeng’ Kang Sora opens up to Kang Ha-Neul… ‘Green Light’
[141215] Kang Sora's value went up by 6 times after 'Incomplete Life' with estimated value of 300 million won per year
[141215] “Misaeng” Kang Sora’s Net Worth Increases Six-Fold after Drama
[141217] ′Misaeng′s Im Si Wan, Kang Sora, Byun Yo Han, and More to Ride ′Taxi′ in New Year′s Special
[141225] Kang Sora Reveals That Her Excellent English Is Thanks to Bootlegged Videos
[141225] Kang Sora Reveals the Story behind Her 39,000 Won MAMA Dress
[141226] Kang Sora Wore Her 39,000 Won Dress to ′MAMA′ Without Knowing the Price
[141226] Kang Sora Connected Better with ZE:A′s Im Si Wan than Kang Ha Neul While Filming ′Misaeng′
[141226] “Misaeng” Director Reveals Kang Sora and Jeon Suk Ho Were Supposed to Have a Love Line
[141229] Kang Sora to attend ’2014 Drama Awards’ for the second year running
[141230] Kang Sora Sheds Tears during Interview: “I Don’t Think I Can Meet a Project like ‘Misaeng’ Again”

[150108] Hardworking actresses, Kang Sora, Baek Jin-hee and Hwang Jeong-eum
[150112] Kang Sora Unveiled as the New Face of Special K Cereal
[150112] Kang Sora Promotes A Healthy Diet With Special K
[150114] Kang Sora transforms into a DJ for special 'Misaeng Milk Station'
[150115] Kang Sora reveals her stunning photoshoot with Cosmopolitan
[150115] Kang Sora's Trendy Office Look For COSMOPOLITAN Korea's February 2015 Issue
[150115] Kang Sora Does Fun Office Looks in Latest Fashion Shoot for Cosmopolitan
[150121] Kang Sora is the fresh face of cosmetics brand 'A.H.C'
[150121] Kang Sora and Im Siwan Snap a Friendly Picture Together at Kang Ha Neul’s Play
[150126] Park Shin Hye is friends with Kang Sora on Kakaotalk; both share birthdate and blood type
[150127] Kang Sora and Si Wan go on a theater date as friends
[150127] Kang Sora shows off her sexy and sweet charms for 'Crush on Action' photoshoot
[150130] Kang Sora and Seo Kang Jun Become New Faces of ‘Goobne Chicken’
[150130] Seo Kangjun and Kang Sora Amp Up Chemistry In “Goobne Chicken” CF
[150130] Kang Sora and Seo Kang Joon for the new face of Goobne Chicken
[150130] Seo Kang Jun & Kang Sora display impressive chemistry to endorse 'Goobne Chicken'
[150210] Kang Sora holds a birthday party with 200 fans
[150215] Kang So-ra and Seo Kang-joon in chicken ad
[150216] Kang Sora, bathroom is the best place to take selfie
[150216] Kang Sora and Seo Kang Joon become newlyweds in Goobne Chicken commercial!
[150216] Kang Sora and Seo Kang Joon Are a Couple for Chicken Advertisement
[150217] Seo Kang Jun and Kang Sora test their chemistry in still cuts for a new chicken CF
[150221] Kang Sora Asked to Pick Ideal Type Among Im Siwan, Kang Ha Neul, and Seo Kang Joon
[150222] Kang Sora reveals what she finds most charming about Seo Kang Jun
[150222] Kang Sora Sees a Tenfold Increase in Male Fans
[150222] Kang Sora shows off her gorgeous body during shooting commercial
[150224] Kim Woo Bin and Kang Sora are considered for Hong sisters' new drama, awaiting final confirmation
[150224] Kim Woo Bin and Kang Sora in Talks for the New Hong Sisters’ Drama
[150224] Kim Woo Bin and Kang Sora to possibly form a love-line in new drama by the Hong Sisters
[150224] Kim Woo Bin and Kang Sora offered leads in Hong sisters rom-com
[150225] Kim Woo Bin and Kang Sora Currently Looking Over Hong Sisters’ New Drama
[150226] Kim Woo Bin, Kang Sora for ‘JEJU-DO GATSBY’?
[150302] Misaeng‘s Kang Sora is bursting with feminine elegance in the March pages of HEREN
[150302] Kang Sora more beautiful everyday, her spring fashion pictorial
[150302] Kang Sora Shows off Her Beauty in New Spread for HEREN Magazine
[150303] Kang Sora gets ready for an early spring with 'HEREN'
[150303] Kang Sora and Seo Kang Jun Share a Chicken Kiss in Their New CF
[150319] Kang Sora Is Gorgeous and Glamorous for W Korea
[150325] Yoo Yeon Seok And Kang Sora To Play The Leads Of New Drama
[150325] Yoo Yun Suk and Kang Sora Confirmed for Hong Sisters' Drama 'Feeling Good'
[150401] Kang Sora and iKON’s Bobby Are a Refreshing Couple for Sprite
[150408] Lee Joong Moon to Act Alongside Kang Sora as Her Boyfriend in New MBC Drama
[150409] Kang Sora and iKON’s Bobby Behind-the-Scenes Couple Cuts for Sprite
[150409] Kang Sora falls into Bobby's arms in still cuts for 'Sprite' CF
[150409] Kang Sora Leaps Into iKON's Bobby's Arms in Sprite CF

[150412] "Warm and Cozy" Kang Sora and Yoo Yeon-seok's script reading

[150413] Kang Sora, Yoo Yeon Suk, and More Showed Up at the “Wind and Cozy” Script Reading

[150413] “Agreeably Warm” Starring Kang Sora and Yoo Yeon Seok Holds First Script Reading

[150414] ′Warm and Cozy′ Holds First Script Reading with Yoo Yeon Seok, Kang Sora, and More

[150414] Kang Sora and Yoo Yun Suk diligently study their scripts in first reading for 'Feeling Good'

[150417] Yoo Yeon Seok and Kang Sora in Adorable Pre-Filming Shots for “Agreeably Warm”

[150420] Yoo Yeon Seok and Kang Sora Begin Filming 'Warm and Cozy' at the Airport

[150420] Yoo Yeon Seok and Kang Sora Have a Warm and Cozy Airport Meet Cute

[150422] Kang Sora Reveals Her Real 'Work Life'

[150427] Yoo Yeon Seok's and Kang Sora's upcoming drama 'Warm and Cozy' news roundup

[150427] Yoo Yeon Seok and Kang Sora brave strong winds for first ‘Agreeably Warm’ filming at Jeju Island

[150427] Kang Sora and Yoo Yeon Seok Showcase Jeju Island in Latest Warm and Cozy Drama Stills

[150428] Kang Sora Rides Untrained Horse on Jeju Island for “Agreeably Warm” Filming

[150501] 'Warm and Cozy's first couple photo for Kang Sora and Yoo Yun Suk + Teaser Revealed!

[150501] Kang Sora transforms into a high school student for ‘Agreeably Warm’

[150506] ′Warm and Cozy′ Unveils Four Official Posters with Yoo Yeon Seok and Kang Sora

[150701] "Warm and Cozy" Yoo Yeon-seok and Kang Sora give into love 

[150702] Yoo Yeon Seok And Kang Sora Venture Towards A Happy Ending In 'Warm And Cozy'

[150703] 'Warm and Cozy' Kang Sora Stuns In Her Simple Look With a White Shirt And Jeans



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Some of the talented Actors/Singers that KANG SORA had the chance to work with (As Co-stars and Co-hosts).


tumblr_mdlrba2e151ra9ogyo3_100.gif Actors
Byun Yo Han (1986) ~ Misaeng (Drama 2014) + Nongshim Noodles (CF 2015)
Cha Seung Won (1970) ~ Buckaroo Jeans (CF 2011)
Choi Min Sung (1987) ~ MCDonald MCCafe (CF 2010) + The Women of Our Home (TV Drama 2010-2011)
Choi Tae Joon (1991) ~ Ugly Alert (Drama 2013)
Kang Ha Neul (1990) ~ Misaeng (Drama 2014) + PROSPECS (CF 2015)
Lee Hyun Jin (1985) ~ Huh Gak's MV (MV 2011)
Lee Je Hoon (1984) ~ My Paparotti (Movie 2013)
Lee Jon Suk (1989) ~ Doctor Stranger (Drama 2014)
Lee Seung Gi (1987) ~ Haitai-beverage Kang-won Pyeong-Chang Water (CF 2011)
Lim Joo Hwan (1981) ~ Ugly Alert (Drama 2013)
Park Hae Jin (1983) ~ Doctor Stranger (Drama 2014)
Seo Kang Jun (1993) ~ Goobne Chicken (CF 2015)
Song Jae Rim (1985) ~ The North Face (CF 2016)
Won Bin (1977) ~ Basic House (CF 2012)
Yoo Seung Ho (1993) ~ 4th Period Mystery (Movie 2009)
Yoo Yeon Seok (1984) ~ Warm And Cozy (Drama 2015)

tumblr_mdlrba2e151ra9ogyo3_100.gif Singers
2AM's Jung Jin Woon (1991) ~ Dream High 2 (TV Drama 2012)
CNBlue (Band) ~ Bang Bang (CF 2013)
Run - 런 (E-Bul or Lee Bul - 이불 / Song Won Keun - 송원근) (1982) ~ Melon (CF 2009)
F.CUZ's Jinon (1989) ~ (TV Show 2011)
JJProject's JB (1994) ~ Dream High 2 (TV Drama 2012)
iKON’s Bobby (1995) ~ Sprite (CF 2015)
Rain (1982) ~ Uhm Bok Dong (Movie 2017)
SS501's Kim Hyun Joong (1986) ~ Center Pole (CF 2012)
Super Junior's Leeteuk (1983) ~ We Got Married _ S3 (TV Shows 2011-2012)

Super Junior's Choi Siwon (1987) ~ Revolutionary Love(TV Drama 2017)
Ze:A's Kwang Hee (1988) ~ MBC 2012 Entertainment Awards
Ze:A's Im Siwan (1988) ~ Misaeng (Drama 2014)

tumblr_mdlrba2e151ra9ogyo3_100.gif MCs
Kang Ho Dong (1970) ~ MBC 2012 Entertainment Awards
Noh Hong Chul (1979) ~ My Soul’s Table (TV Shows 2013)
Lee Kyung Kyu (1960) ~ My Soul’s Table (TV Shows 2013)



Some Facts of KANG SORA based on her Old interviews, News, Articles and her Tweets


I've been digging Sora's old news and reading through all her tweet posts for the past few weeks. But I find it hard to translate all those and come up with this extra facts list instead.
1. Kang Sora said according to her birth-tale, she was named Sora because it was 'assumed' that she was 'created' at the offshore of Jeju Island. **(Note that Sora means seashell or specifically a conch in Korean) Besides, Sora was a trendy name during the time when she was born.
2. Sora got to star in 4th Period Murder Mystery because the original heroine for that movie which was Kim So Eun had a schedule clash with a drama that she also took part in at the same time (drama The Man Who Still Wants To Get Married). When Kim So Eun dropped out from the movie, she had already filmed half of the movie scenes. Therefore, when Sora was chosen to replace her, the production crew had to reshoot the scenes all over again.
3. Even though Sora doesn't has good cooking skills, she still can at least make brownies, biscuits and a few types of bread.
4. Sora also had learned to play guitar before for a CF purpose. (MCDonald MCCafe 2010)
5. Sora said the school scenes in Sunny was filmed at Yeonggwang (a place in Jeonnam) and there is a saltwater hot spring that Sunny members like to go after they finished filming. All members become close to each other because they always play & bath together. That's why Sora thought the closeness of their friendship came out naturally on screen and more or so it leads to the success of the movie.
6. Sora said based on fan letters that she received, 90% of her fans are female and 10% are male. Also, 60% of them are young and 40% are aged mature fans.
7. Rather than fast progress, Sora prefer step by step in building a relationship. Just like the way old people do, she likes to be careful & thoughtful of many things in building a relationship with someone.
8. She really loves bread so much to the point that she desires to get offer for bread advertising more than cosmetic brand & mobile phone ads.
9. She has been nicknamed "Yoga Teacher" among her friends because she knows many types of diet plan.
10. She likes her eyebrow the best out of her features because she feels it needs no touch-up since it is naturally thick & dark.
She used to feel complex about her eyebrow before but many people say it makes her looks attractive so she feels confident about it now.

Me: I remember the 1st WGM DC Ep when Leeteuk said her eyebrows were pretty...
I think Teukie had something to do with her being confident about it now..

11. She does feel complex about her cheeks the most because it won't get thinner easily.
12. She said she inherits her father's height, eyebrow, body figure, looks and even personality but she gets her chubby cheeks from her mother.
13. She has sensitive skin so usually she wears almost no makeup in her daily life. If she is needed to wear makeup, she will put a touch of BB cream only.

Me: She's just really naturally beautiful with or without make up!!!

14. She likes to take photos. She said she starts a hobby in taking photos because she feels it could help her acting in some ways.
15. Before she was filming kiss scenes with Yoon Seung Ho in 4th Period Mystery, she brushed her teeth many times until her gums bled because she was afraid her mouth has bad odour.
16. She went to Han River Park in the middle of the night to practice screaming and kicking her legs just to get into Ha Chun Hwa's spirit (her role in "Sunny"). Since her house is near to Han River Park, she just naturally went there to practice during midnight and didn't even feel afraid at all.

Me: This is one the reasons why I adore her so much.. so strong-willed

17. She injured her finger and her right wrist's ligament a bit during filming for the fighting scene in Sunny.
18.Her favorite fashion item is t-shirt. She prefers comfortable loose fitting t-shirt rather than the one that stick to her body and she likes to wear loose t-shirt with hot pants, flip flops or sneakers.
19. She doesn't like winter that much and she doesn't hate rainy days either because she loves the smell of rain.
20. She likes letters from fans more than the gifts that fans gave to her.

Me: That's why she also likes writing letters... and she must have Leeteuk's post-it notes...

21. Some netizens said she looks like Kim Tae Hee in certain angles so they called her the 2nd Kim Tae Hee. She also got compared to Lee Min Jung because like Lee Min Jung, she also initially went to college and chose Film & Theater major because she wanted to pursue her dreams in directing but she then ended up being an actress instead by chance.
22. She said to get accepted into Film & Theater department, her college has set up an entrance exam which is more like a camera test that one must pass. Because of that she then decided to lose her weight.
23. She said she managed to lose 20kg because her math grades wasn't good. That's why she chose to study/involve in theater/drama play instead. She said if she's great in studying she might wouldn't care to lose her weight.
24. She said her father once did a toothpaste CF with a veteran actor named Noh Joo Hyun in his younger days. Even though her father's dream was originally to be a celebrity too, he still didn't want her to involve in entertainment industry especially being an actress. But then both her father & mother gave in after seeing her strong determination when she succeeded in losing her weight.
25. She likes Baskin-Robbins mint chocolate chip ice cream the best.
26. The gift she likes to receive from her boyfriend is something homemade.
27. She is a comic maniac. She started reading comic when her mom borrowed some comic books like 'Crayon Shinchan' and 'Sailormoon' from a comic rental bookstore during her early elementary school years. The rental bookstore's ahjumma then offered her a part-time job because she came to read comics at the bookstore very often. Other comics than she read are 'One Piece', 'Fullmetal Alchemist' , 'Marine Blue' etc.

Me: Waahhh she's reading 2 of my fave anime/manga.. One Piece and Fullmetal alchemist!!!

Compliled and Translated By @nhb19
Source: Old interviews, News, Articles and Sora's Twitter



The creation of the account @ 100506 & Her 1st Tweets @ 100916


tumblr_mdlrba2e151ra9ogyo7_r1_100.gif[ Addition / Random ]

Kang Sora @ ArirangTV # Link
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(and about Ideal girl type too) From the facts of B.A.P's Yoo Young Jae (1994) :
He doesn’t have an ideal type, although he likes Kang Sora.
His ideal type is someone similar to Kang Sora’s character in the movie “Sunny”.
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Lee Je Hoon Said He Wants Kang Sora to See Him in the Army
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nabd-qloop1357977535_161.gif Kang Sora Stuff [ Apparel, Accessories, ...  ]

T-shirt, Hoodie, Jacket, Sweater & Pants




From: We Got Married Ep. 10)

Warm Wool Sweater (Loveable 65) - 36,000원 # Buy: Here
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11 Classic Popeyes Cardigan (Cream) - 89,000원 # Buy: Here


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Cl Bunny Ribbon Hood T-Shirts (Purple) - 78,000원 ($70.00) # Buy: Here


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Ag Bunny Tartan Crewneck (Green) - 46,400원 ($41.33) # Buy: Here


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Jacket ( ) - 226,710원 # Buy: Here

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T-Shiry () - 29,000원 # Buy: Here
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T-Shiry (Red) - 00,000원 # Buy: Here
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Bohemian Sunset 70S Halter Bikini Top (Yellow) - $25,99 # Buy: Here
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True religion PHANTOM HALLE JEANS - Skinny Fit (Tomato) - $89,00 # Buy: Here
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She wears a dyuel dress (like traditional clothes from the Czech republic) design By DEWL
She looks feminine and sophisticated with one piece dress.

tumblr_me3uzctQYE1ra9ogyo6_r1_1280.jpgYou can get it Here


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One Piece Dress (IW2WO676) - 142,200원 #Buy: Here or Here
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B. Fendi Strap Watch (Product Code 2754063) #Buy: Here
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Kang Sora wore a headband set by Rosa Bella called Poppy Vivid Hairband priced for 9,000원 # Buy: Here


Backpack, Bag Shoulder & Handbag




From: We Got Married Ep.6, 7, 8 & Dream High 2 Ep.1)

The backpack that Kang Sora carring also know as the magical backpack ..
.. cause it had many surprises for Leeteuk inside of it ^^

B-CT4U Backpack (Hotpink) - 78,000원 # Buy: Here
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More detail: Here


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She also uses some other Kipling bags in the drama. Like on the first episode, the Kipling dark blue crossbody bag.

Kipling KANGRA in Tangerine - 173,000원 (Approx. $154.00) # Buy: Here

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Happy 23th Birthday!


Happy 3rd year debut Anniversary!





- Kang Sora 2013 Calendar # Link
- Baby Princess Kang Sora with traditional Chinese’s clothes # Link
- "Sora in the Milky Way Cafe" # Link
- Fant-art # Link
- Sora in Animation Bunny [GIF] # Link
- Sora at Stage Greeting # Link
- FanArt [GIF] # Link




[Fanfic] Why I like Kang Sora?




Why I like Kang Sora?


By: Akanelovessuju

My friend asked me why i like Kang Sora. Shouldn't i hate her because she is paired with my bias?
Actually, i love her a lot. Recently, i became an ELF, and i like Leeteuk, Eunhyuk and Kyuhyun. I have to admit that I only knew about Sora through WGM. I wanted to know more about her, so I researched and saw her old pics. Damn, she was so fat, and now she is like a goddess. I liked that about her, the determined her. Losing weight is really hard from my perspective, and it must have been hard on her too. My respect grew as I watched the episodes. She mature and sensible, and not at all like an 23-year old. Honestly, if Leeteuk was paired with idol, then I wouldn't be supporting them as much as I support Teukso. Taeyeon is too childish for Leeteuk (sorry Sones, but she too childish for Teuk). People say it is a match from a mismatch, but I don't agree. It would be true if you say its because of their image, but their personalities are somewhat same. Image is something that you build while personality is something you are born with. Leeteuk himself has said many times that he isn't what he is in real life on tv. While seeing WGM, I saw something compatible between those two. They both are mature, and always thinking about others than themselves. Leeteuk always think about his family, SuJu and ELFs before himself. After seeing Sora care about him and his fans, I realized that they are truly are alike. Leeteuk is insecure about his age and his famous life while Sora is insecure about her baby cheeks. They care about each other, and the ultimate reason why I like them is because they like each other. At first, Sora was really shy, and Leeteuk was the one leading. But then, when they were really close to getting to like each other more, the strike separated them. After days, luckily, they were back on. But, it seemed like they switched the roles. Sora was the one leading while Leeteuk was the shy one. But after seeing Leeteuk in this show, i really wondered who he really is. He gets shy and timid in front of Sora while he strips on stage and goes around backstage half naked. Is he Park Jung Soo when with Sora, or is he just trying to be Leeteuk? Anyways, even though I hated the fact that they ended so quickly, I like the fact about how they ended. They both bid their farewells in a place where they both got closer. They might have talked about other things, but we couldn't see that as the producers edited a lot of their scenes. I liked their first and last kiss. It wasn't forced like how it was in other couples, and it tidy-up their on-screen relationship nor was it for a wedding photos. It was natural, even though it was just a popo rather than a kiss. They both were crying, but Leeteuk seems to be crying more than Sora. He wasn't crying for SuJu; fans; his family, but for a woman, and that's never happened before on tv. I don't like them because they are cute together. I like them because they showed something that I show for the first time in any celebrities: Love.

There is something different about Sora that makes me like her more, even though I am a girl. She isn't like the other Korean actresses. They all have tiny boobs, tiny waist, long legs, small face. It seems like they are too perfect, but Sora doesn't seems like that. She can be sexy and cute at the same time. She is perfect, but in her own way. It was like I could relate to her. And the way she showed off her old pictures like it was nothing was amazing and surprising to me. Almost everyone would try to hide it or even burn the pictures. But she wasn't scared, and it looked like she liked to take challenges. She wasn't afraid of the antis and gracefully replied back at them. She wasn't scared to post something worrying or depressing on twitter. She has something that pulls me to her: Honesty and truthfulness. I am tired of celebrities who act fake, and pretend that everything is all right. I can feel the sincerity in her eyes and her smile, and I think that's why Leeteuk likes her (maybe...who knows?) Her acting in Dream High 2 cause a lot of anti-fans, but I liked her acting. After seeing her mature side, I was shocked to see her childish and annoying. She portrayed someone totally different from herself, and I think that's what called acting. She didn't cling on Leeteuk the first few meetings. If it were another idols, they would cling on him or try to be more cute to be more famous. She never mentions about Leeteuk unless asked because she wants to be reminded as who she is rather than being linked to someone. She has her individuality, and I think that's more important.

In conclusion, I like Kang Sora because she shows her real self. She doesn't try to be fake, and is honest to almost everyone. I also ship TeukSora or JungSora because they like each other or, you could say, have affectionate feelings for each other. Leeteuk is getting old, and he experienced a lot in his life. I don't want a woman who won't be able to understand him or rather say is too childish for him. Sora is probably the most suitable companion for Leeteuk. I will support both of them no matter what, even of they don't end up with each other. I will be with them until the end, no matter what. And that's what a true fan should do.



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   tumblr_lxfkdugElw1r53r8ko3_75sq.gif  tumblr_lxfyhtstCQ1qzk5f6o1_75sq.gif                                                                                   tumblr_lxft6gB9JP1r53r8ko2_75sq.gif  tumblr_lxft6gB9JP1r53r8ko4_75sq.giftumblr_lxft8g3TEj1qdcel5o1_75sq.gif tumblr_lxfyczLbuu1qzk5f6o3_75sq.gif tumblr_lxfyczLbuu1qzk5f6o4_75sq.gif tumblr_lxfyczLbuu1qzk5f6o5_75sq.gif                              tumblr_lxfyczLbuu1qzk5f6o6_75sq.gif tumblr_lxsitqL0r31r53r8ko2_75sq.gif image tumblr_lxsitqL0r31r53r8ko4_75sq.giftumblr_mh0fdxXX2c1riqqhyo3_r1_75sq.gif tumblr_lyiv0wqUal1qdcel5o1_75sq.gif image image tumblr_m9crdnRmbk1r5iugro4_75sq.gif      tumblr_mb8k9ewW7k1ra9ogyo4_75sq.gif image image image imagetumblr_m5rlxgI6E61rr3n8yo1_75sq.gif   tumblr_m6640kg4in1qct0y7o1_75sq.gif   tumblr_m6640kg4in1qct0y7o2_75sq.gif   tumblr_m6640kg4in1qct0y7o3_75sq.gif   tumblr_m6640kg4in1qct0y7o4_75sq.gif   tumblr_m5pvkkkKF11qzk5f6o2_75sq.gif   tumblr_m5svxaIPlP1r5iugro1_75sq.gif   tumblr_m5svxaIPlP1r5iugro3_75sq.gif   tumblr_m5pvkkkKF11qzk5f6o3_75sq.gif   imagetumblr_m5tfatprRL1qjq8gao2_75sq.gif image tumblr_m5ug3cDnrQ1r5iugro2_75sq.gif tumblr_m5ug3cDnrQ1r5iugro4_75sq.gif tumblr_m5q5p1wYRA1qfyovfo5_75sq.gif tumblr_m5ug3cDnrQ1r5iugro6_75sq.gif tumblr_m6398aTPEa1qfyovfo2_75sq.gif tumblr_m6uzazdwZq1r5iugro1_75sq.gif tumblr_m6uzazdwZq1r5iugro2_75sq.gif tumblr_m6tiuczNob1qdcel5o2_75sq.giftumblr_mhu8eoALSa1qjq8gao2_75sq.gif tumblr_m6tc5kY2L91r53r8ko7_75sq.gif image image image image tumblr_m6sg9c7ZBG1qmekbgo3_75sq.gif image imagetumblr_m75bm2siTr1qzgjh3o2_75sq.gif tumblr_m75fpb6YhL1qmekbgo3_75sq.gif tumblr_m7suw2O0d01qkio9eo2_75sq.gif tumblr_m7suw2O0d01qkio9eo4_75sq.gif image image tumblr_m7alhmQuPZ1r5iugro1_75sq.gif tumblr_m76k6ld7uq1qdcel5o3_75sq.gifimage image image image tumblr_m9dz72NcDe1r5iugro7_75sq.gif tumblr_m9eepsINnZ1r5iugro1_75sq.gif tumblr_m7qbu2L0a81qcn4bmo2_75sq.giftumblr_m9m4llpnI31rc7m78o1_75sq.gif tumblr_m9m4llpnI31rc7m78o2_75sq.gif tumblr_ma2qdcWgap1r5iugro2_75sq.gif tumblr_ma2qdcWgap1r5iugro5_75sq.gif tumblr_ma2qdcWgap1r5iugro7_75sq.gif tumblr_ma3np4qKrm1r5iugro2_75sq.giftumblr_ma3u8uEONZ1r5iugro3_75sq.gif  tumblr_ma3wotlCpi1r5iugro4_75sq.gif tumblr_ma3wotlCpi1r5iugro8_75sq.gif  image
Kang Sora ~ Dream High 2

                                                                                 tumblr_me84tcUOaF1rm9v81o4_75sq.gif  tumblr_lypatf1KSf1qjq8gao2_75sq.gif                                                             tumblr_me85kwZb2K1rm9v81o4_75sq.gif  tumblr_me85rs7eDA1rm9v81o4_75sq.giftumblr_me85rs7eDA1rm9v81o9_r1_75sq.gif  tumblr_me86floTFF1rm9v81o5_75sq.gif  tumblr_lypiqxx0EQ1qjq8gao1_75sq.gif  tumblr_lypiqxx0EQ1qjq8gao2_75sq.gif                             tumblr_lypiqxx0EQ1qjq8gao3_75sq.gif  tumblr_lypiqxx0EQ1qjq8gao4_75sq.gif  tumblr_me87v0yXGM1rm9v81o2_75sq.gif  tumblr_me87v0yXGM1rm9v81o4_75sq.giftumblr_me88amoG341rm9v81o1_75sq.gif tumblr_me88amoG341rm9v81o3_75sq.gif tumblr_ly38r45d8J1qh8uflo1_75sq.gif tumblr_ly38r45d8J1qh8uflo2_75sq.gif tumblr_ly6oxiK8jN1qbst9go1_75sq.gif      tumblr_lyua14cbZY1qh8uflo7_75sq.gif tumblr_me86msAiLD1rm9v81o7_r1_75sq.gif tumblr_me86msAiLD1rm9v81o8_r1_75sq.gif tumblr_lyua14cbZY1qh8uflo2_75sq.gif tumblr_lyua14cbZY1qh8uflo9_75sq.giftumblr_lyotaxVca61qh8uflo4_75sq.gif tumblr_lyoh9gHZ0d1qdcel5o1_75sq.gif tumblr_lyua14cbZY1qh8uflo3_75sq.gif tumblr_mfnhl5Iy611ra9ogyo1_75sq.gif tumblr_lyw4clN5Sh1r8dkylo1_75sq.gif tumblr_lyua14cbZY1qh8uflo5_75sq.gif tumblr_lyvrukafwV1rng4ulo5_75sq.gif tumblr_lypy8hS5p41qh8uflo1_75sq.gif tumblr_lytvpwUYQ41qasmyno1_75sq.gif tumblr_lyua14cbZY1qh8uflo6_75sq.gif tumblr_lyua14cbZY1qh8uflo8_75sq.giftumblr_lyua14cbZY1qh8uflo4_75sq.gif  tumblr_lyohd5Dytl1qdcel5o2_75sq.gif  tumblr_lyvs5lGAEv1rng4ulo1_75sq.gif  tumblr_mfnhl5Iy611ra9ogyo2_75sq.gif  tumblr_lyua14cbZY1qh8uflo1_75sq.gif  tumblr_lz8j5zlbiK1r0n47ho1_75sq.gif  tumblr_lz0do9t4WU1qh8uflo1_75sq.gif  tumblr_lz8j5zlbiK1r0n47ho4_75sq.gif  tumblr_lz8j5zlbiK1r0n47ho6_75sq.giftumblr_lz8j5zlbiK1r0n47ho8_75sq.gif  tumblr_mfnhl5Iy611ra9ogyo11_r1_75sq.gif  tumblr_lz386h8xLO1r0n47ho4_75sq.gif  tumblr_lz386h8xLO1r0n47ho6_75sq.gif  tumblr_lz6jl4q5q91rng4ulo1_75sq.gif  tumblr_lz3dhkqNDO1qasmyno1_75sq.gif  tumblr_mfnhl5Iy611ra9ogyo7_r1_75sq.gif  tumblr_mfnhl5Iy611ra9ogyo10_r1_75sq.giftumblr_lzd8jtcR0L1qbgtddo5_r1_75sq.gif  tumblr_lzd8jtcR0L1qbgtddo6_r1_75sq.gif  tumblr_mfnhl5Iy611ra9ogyo9_r1_75sq.gif  tumblr_lz6z8m9GPp1qh8uflo1_75sq.gif  tumblr_m0tt0pz3vx1qh8uflo2_75sq.gif  tumblr_m0tt0pz3vx1qh8uflo4_75sq.gif  tumblr_lz242sFEE11qmixjro4_75sq.giftumblr_lzd5exHmo21qh8uflo1_75sq.gif tumblr_lzcfhaVrdF1qk8h0po1_75sq.gif tumblr_lzf4qoKlaG1qbgtddo1_75sq.gif tumblr_lzlbi6Ade71rng4ulo1_75sq.gif tumblr_lzhy63sVIe1qaa0sjo2_75sq.gif tumblr_lzg5hwAuhP1r4ckogo11_r1_75sq.giftumblr_mfnhl5Iy611ra9ogyo6_r1_75sq.gif  tumblr_mfnhl5Iy611ra9ogyo5_r2_75sq.gif  tumblr_lz5lhqXweK1qacmb3o1_75sq.gif  tumblr_lz5lhqXweK1qacmb3o3_75sq.giftumblr_lz41z1XZe01qh8uflo1_75sq.gif  tumblr_lz41z1XZe01qh8uflo3_75sq.gif

tumblr_lzmguegvxF1r095wro3_75sq.gif  tumblr_lzlur3S69x1rng4ulo2_75sq.gif                          tumblr_lzk8apIuUN1qhqttxo1_75sq.gif  tumblr_lzl9leOsZW1qbf70so1_75sq.giftumblr_m7oy5uXQiA1rpk96wo2_75sq.gif  tumblr_lztdstWIfp1qh8uflo1_75sq.gif  tumblr_m0387sZbzn1qbgtddo1_75sq.gif      tumblr_m02qv5DnKB1qj99ejo1_75sq.gif  tumblr_m02w83ZI2Y1qdcel5o1_75sq.gif  tumblr_m02w83ZI2Y1qdcel5o3_75sq.giftumblr_m08bcyyV7G1qbvlm9o6_r1_75sq.gif  tumblr_m04hdaIAlC1qdcel5o1_75sq.gif  tumblr_m04hdaIAlC1qdcel5o2_75sq.gif  tumblr_m064n2eSTQ1qzf4i2o4_75sq.gif  tumblr_m0hnc1RmIu1qakcgso4_75sq.gif  tumblr_m0t21olh3C1qbgtddo1_75sq.giftumblr_m0inmiK0F91qgad25o2_75sq.gif  tumblr_m0inmiK0F91qgad25o6_75sq.gif  tumblr_m1a5o6tJA21qh8uflo1_75sq.gif  tumblr_m0u5ytIWIX1qh8uflo1_r1_75sq.giftumblr_m15xfajxaP1qzh5sno5_r1_75sq.gif  tumblr_m1uko0oHOb1qh8uflo1_75sq.giftumblr_me7fwpFWRR1rm9v81o1_75sq.gif
Kang Sora ~ Movies, TV Shows, 
Events, MV, CF & Others
                                                                              tumblr_lzv6ahcmcY1qh8uflo1_75sq.gif tumblr_lzv6ahcmcY1qh8uflo2_75sq.gif                                                                                      tumblr_mb67405Kzw1ra9ogyo12_r1_75sq.gif tumblr_lvnog58kz31qc3odbo2_75sq.giftumblr_lzv6dfIDx41qh8uflo1_75sq.gif  tumblr_lzv6dfIDx41qh8uflo2_75sq.gif tumblr_lzv6dfIDx41qh8uflo3_75sq.gif                                                           tumblr_lzv6dfIDx41qh8uflo4_75sq.gif  tumblr_lzv6dfIDx41qh8uflo5_75sq.gif  tumblr_lzv6dfIDx41qh8uflo6_75sq.giftumblr_lw0oonwn1l1qbst9go1_75sq.gif tumblr_lw0oonwn1l1qbst9go2_r1_75sq.gif tumblr_lw0oonwn1l1qbst9go4_75sq.gif tumblr_lw0oonwn1l1qbst9go5_75sq.gif tumblr_lw0oonwn1l1qbst9go6_75sq.gif tumblr_lw0oonwn1l1qbst9go3_75sq.gif tumblr_mfe3vsilwF1rl5094o1_75sq.gif tumblr_mfe3vsilwF1rl5094o4_75sq.gif tumblr_mfe3vsilwF1rl5094o6_75sq.gif tumblr_mfe3vsilwF1rl5094o5_75sq.giftumblr_lxff4wNjcn1qgqr0ho1_75sq.gif  tumblr_lxeynwPZKn1qgqr0ho1_75sq.gif  tumblr_lxeynwPZKn1qgqr0ho2_75sq.gif  tumblr_lxfe7knQGD1qgqr0ho1_75sq.gif  tumblr_lx0ahvwdRK1qc3odbo10_75sq.gif  tumblr_lx0ahvwdRK1qc3odbo5_75sq.gif  tumblr_lx0ahvwdRK1qc3odbo7_75sq.gif  tumblr_lx0ahvwdRK1qc3odbo8_75sq.gif  tumblr_lx0ahvwdRK1qc3odbo6_75sq.gif  tumblr_lx0ahvwdRK1qc3odbo1_75sq.giftumblr_lx7igpCqEV1qedjljo4_75sq.gif  tumblr_lwly6yUTMr1qjq8gao1_75sq.gif  tumblr_lx7igpCqEV1qedjljo6_75sq.gif  tumblr_ly7gomvQ491qasmyno1_75sq.gif  tumblr_lx7igpCqEV1qedjljo7_75sq.gif  tumblr_mc0746ykVR1rc3e8ao1_75sq.gif  tumblr_lx7igpCqEV1qedjljo8_75sq.gif  tumblr_lwly6yUTMr1qjq8gao3_75sq.gif  tumblr_lx7igpCqEV1qedjljo2_75sq.giftumblr_ly7uug9sLZ1qasmyno1_75sq.gif  tumblr_lwly6yUTMr1qjq8gao4_75sq.gif  tumblr_m0s31qUtLf1qeqipuo6_r1_75sq.gif  tumblr_maf99hZieN1qzxl1io1_75sq.gif  tumblr_lx7igpCqEV1qedjljo9_75sq.gif  tumblr_mf7m6dlJXH1ra9ogyo15_r1_75sq.gif  tumblr_m20o56gQmt1qh8uflo1_75sq.gif  tumblr_mfe4ldNVEB1rl5094o1_75sq.giftumblr_m0c303GOlz1qc3odbo5_75sq.gif tumblr_m2aanfCHH71r29ufjo4_75sq.gif tumblr_m0c303GOlz1qc3odbo4_75sq.gif tumblr_mfe47ewsni1rl5094o12_r1_75sq.gif tumblr_m0c303GOlz1qc3odbo6_75sq.gif tumblr_m2aanfCHH71r29ufjo6_75sq.gif tumblr_m1m6fvWtqa1qjah2bo1_75sq.giftumblr_m2aanfCHH71r29ufjo2_75sq.gif  tumblr_m2aanfCHH71r29ufjo3_75sq.gif  tumblr_m0c303GOlz1qc3odbo2_75sq.gif  tumblr_m0c303GOlz1qc3odbo7_75sq.gif  tumblr_m0c303GOlz1qc3odbo8_75sq.giftumblr_m0c303GOlz1qc3odbo3_75sq.gif  tumblr_m0c303GOlz1qc3odbo9_75sq.gif

tumblr_lwj1hcPzpR1qc3odbo1_75sq.gif  tumblr_lwj1hcPzpR1qc3odbo2_75sq.gif                                         tumblr_lwj1hcPzpR1qc3odbo3_75sq.gif  tumblr_lwj1hcPzpR1qc3odbo4_75sq.giftumblr_lwj1hcPzpR1qc3odbo5_75sq.gif  tumblr_lwj1hcPzpR1qc3odbo6_75sq.gif  tumblr_lwj1hcPzpR1qc3odbo7_75sq.gif              tumblr_lwj1hcPzpR1qc3odbo8_75sq.gif  tumblr_lwj1hcPzpR1qc3odbo9_75sq.gif  tumblr_mfnhl5Iy611ra9ogyo12_r1_75sq.giftumblr_lvgpi1YQnb1qbst9go1_75sq.gif    tumblr_lvgpi1YQnb1qbst9go2_75sq.gif  tumblr_mfnhl5Iy611ra9ogyo13_r1_75sq.gif  tumblr_lx6osdCjCL1qjq8gao4_75sq.gif  tumblr_lx2ok9U9jn1r66gdjo5_75sq.gif  tumblr_lx2ok9U9jn1r66gdjo6_75sq.giftumblr_mcw6sfgyqi1qh8uflo2_75sq.gif   tumblr_mcw6sfgyqi1qh8uflo4_75sq.gif   tumblr_mcw6sfgyqi1qh8uflo5_75sq.gif   tumblr_mcw6sfgyqi1qh8uflo6_75sq.gif   tumblr_mcv5hekZzf1qbuqyro1_75sq.giftumblr_m20nixtghd1qh8uflo2_75sq.gif  tumblr_m20nixtghd1qh8uflo3_75sq.gif  tumblr_m20nixtghd1qh8uflo1_75sq.gif  tumblr_m20nixtghd1qh8uflo4_75sq.giftumblr_mfe4ldNVEB1rl5094o5_r1_75sq.gif  tumblr_m9f8akDBA21qbuqyro1_75sq.giftumblr_mfgtrtWiVX1rr615po1_75sq.gif
                     tumblr_mlfh8neavf1s28t2ko1_75sq.gif tumblr_mlfh8neavf1s28t2ko2_r1_75sq.gif tumblr_mlfh8neavf1s28t2ko3_75sq.gif tumblr_mlfh8neavf1s28t2ko4_75sq.gif tumblr_mlfh8neavf1s28t2ko6_75sq.gif                                 

Kang Sora's Talents :)
We Got Married (Ep.6) ~ Playing piano (Summer)
Dream High 2 (Ep4) ~ Playing piano and singing (Hello to my self)
We Got Married (Ep.10) ~ Dancing (Suju - Sorry Sorry! + Mr. Simple + A-Cha) @01:35
We Got Married (Ep.11) ~ Dancing (SNSD -Oh Oh!) @12:40
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Guest sassydeli

Lets all make post wishes for sora-shii for the opening of this forum!
* i wishhhh she'll get more works and become hallyu! :D* being a dc lover hopefully show a peace sign soon X= and get a letter from him 

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Guest lennycsn

Thanks @ChoonHee21 lets invite other members from another thread. You know which one.^ ^ quite a number of them are sora bias. @k_craze ! You should be here too.

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