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[Drama 2013] Jang Ok Jung 장옥정, 사랑에 살다

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Probably a technical problem... it happened to me in the Nice Guy thread too. When we're lucky... we can see our posts later again when the technical support solves the problem. :)

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Guest kaeruchan


oh, just realized the mistake :o maybe the writer meant to say concubine, instead of "queen"...


I read that before too. conflicting stories! wonder which one is the real history then :-/

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Guest superweirdme

Even if the ratings is not good, they might win lots of awards since the storyline is damn good. Haha. Just look at SKK Scandal, the ratings is not that great but they won pretty much awards. Think POSITIVE. There always a HOPE. I believe that this drama will receive more than what they get now : D

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@jeonghyang and @obscuresalmon-hon

Naughties have good taste! :D \m/

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Hi everyone, this is my first post here, but i just wanna say i love this drama already, i did a marathon with 5 first episodes last night and save ep. 6 for tonight, totally fall for it. Im being hooked with a k-drama again for the first time after 6 months when NG ended :x

Im not judging much on KTH's acting since i was mesmerized by her beauty so i just ignore what people talk about her. But frankly speaking, KTH is doing a decent job here, she fits the role and guys, she can cry. Thats enough for me \m/

The whole plot is going smoothly and attracting so far; esp, i had never expected the chemistry between KTH and YAI could be that good.

Aww, i just love it; hope that i can join you guys more often :). Sadly i cant do the live stream due to different time zone *sigh* but anw, just want to drop by to say how i love this drama and all.

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Annyeong @giaonguyen! >:D< :-h You're here too!

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awwww @Jillia i'm so glad to see you'r here :x let's party band-smiley-face.gif

i was looking for this thread, and guest what i saw, OMG faith's thread is over 4000 pages or something. that's so insane 

@-). totally agree with what' @Obscure said yesterday. those people are not human beings


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They are only chatting.... just to keep the thread going... *sigh*

Yes let's PARTY!!

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I posted this before when the thread wasn't functioning and I've given up hope for it to appear so I re-wrote it again #:-S Enjoy :D
5) THE HOTHOUSE GOWNJOJ's hair is yet again arranged into a daenggi meori hairstyle designated specifically for young and unmarried girls. It is adjusted into a braid adorned by a red daenggi (a ribbon) with a deep purple baetssi daenggi placed on top of her head (a variation of cheopji for unmarried women). The chima made of a radiant red colour is complemented with a deep magenta jeogori. The upper garment consists of many details - an outline flower embroidery which is in stark contrast to the fussy cloth DP's fiance prefers, a distictly green otgoreum that ties the flaps together, an opulent norigae (hanbok pendant), the dongjeong (white removable collar) and kutdongs (end sleeves) . We can see her to hold a brown jangot ( a long coat for women to cover their faces in front of the foreign men) but she has actually never put it on. It's no wonder JOJ wore this gown to placate her customers after the disasterous fashion show. It showcases all her considerable skills as the best fashion designer in the capital and serves to advertise her work to many potential buyers.28985_600.jpg


35933_600.png6) THE VIOLET FASHION SHOW GOWNThe dress that JOJ wore during the infamous fashion show, however, before Lady Jo went postal she was enjoying a huge success, so let's take a look at the hanbok the Joseon Stella McCartney wore on the catwalk, shall we - A simplified daenggi meori hairstyle without a baetssi daenggi this time is adorned by a golden-black daenggi (ribbon)  and a single but prominent flowers-and-leaf dwikkoji (smaller hairpin) . The black chima with a single golden strip perfectly suits the deep violet jeogori bound together with an unusual two-coloured otgoreum. The beautiful norigae (hanbok pendant), the dongjeong (white removable collar) and white kutdongs (end sleeves) top the already splendid garment. At the end of the fashion show JOJ opts for a lillac durumagi (an overcoat) to complete the look . So the both parts would hold together the coat is tied together with a black jaejodae ( a cord ried around the waist). This original creation is, however, some kind of a fusion because the durumagi usually doesn't have the jaejodae which was used to tied the men clothes. This willingness to experiment is surely one of the reasons why JOJ's designs became so popular with the upper class of the Joseon society despite her humble beginnings.33101_600.jpg


Few examples of the traditional Korean overcoats:


Coming up next: THE ROYAL WEDDING SPECIAL EDITIONPrevious editions: JOJ EDITION PART 1http://forums.soompi.com/discussion/comment/25850060/#Comment_25850060JOJ EDITION PART 2 http://forums.soompi.com/discussion/comment/25852587LEE SOON EDITION PART 1http://forums.soompi.com/discussion/comment/25854875/#Comment_25854875
Sources: Blog Naver, SBS official website, google images, www.han-style.com, thetalkingcupboard.wordpress.com, http://eng.expo2012.kr, Baidu forums, wikipedia

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@briseis - thanks again! I always click the awesome but forgot to say something in my posts. Interesting info!
@ all the recaps and live recaps and screencaps posters - thank you!!! I never do screen caps, but all of you guys' posts are beautiful.
In another life, I think OJ and SJ/LS could have been really happy together - in one of those lovey-dovey soulmate, childhood first love kind of stories. But clearly, not in this lifetime. I am just trying to savor all the good moments that they have together.

I'm certain once SB/DY shows up, it's going to nothing but heartache and heartbreak. I highly blame SJ for that... he certainly didn't have to fall in love with SB either or take her in a concubine right? It's not like she was of high birth and had a lot of backers either. I may be blasted for this but I don't believe for a second that SB was some perfect angel, out of all the other women ever in the palace, that there could be a perfect angel like that. King Yeongjo (SJ and SB's son) really revered his mom as any son should. But seriously, even he killed his own son (the crown prince) and cruelly too, in some minister/ political battle as I recall. I doubt that OJ's pure evil seducetress was that black and white either. (ah! I am getting influenced by KTH's performance and feeling sympathetic toward JOJ). A gravely unfortunately chain reaction of events leading to a sad loss of life. I do believe that there are some people out there that are pure evil so it's not impossible. But I find it a little hard for her to be completely evil without having been provoked. Although that does not excuse her from doing bad things. In any case, I'd like to see more rewriting of history beyond that her occupation was a seamstress. I feel like besides some details, everything still kinda follows history - the deaths, the demotions etc etc. If our OTP didn't have this much chemistry together, I would find it hard to ship them at all. It's only going to lead to nothing but prolonged pain and death. CS is the better choice!! (I hope). I hope he appears soon. OJ need some sort of balance in her life. Other than her own hope and will, she seems to have next to nothing going for her. She makes choices but all the choices given to her are terrible, so it's a lesser of two evils choice - just like LS/SJ has to make. There is really no one else looking out for her. Everyone is motivated by something else.
If only, in another lifetime... they could have been free from all these palace politics.

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\m/ MGIAG HOMAGE \m/ !!!
I remember someone here wondered why DP felt the need to "relieve" himself outside. Well, that's the answer :D


The PD directed MGIAG (probably one of the exclusive group of drama that have ever deserved the label perfect) and also cast some of his favourite actors in JOJ, Sung Dong Il (the director Ban Doo Hong) is one of them together with Yoon Yoo Sun who played JOJ's teacher (DW's aunt and future wife of BDH :D )
I think both actors were enjoying the filming of that scene very much, probably had a ton of fun :)) . When DP's started his little speech of the benefits of "relieveing" himsef outside I was rolling on the floor with laughter =)).  And the way how  JH smiled - I suspect that  LSY and SDI were reacting as their true selves not acting at all. That mischievous smile on playing on SDI lips is saying: "You wish. You won't beat me, not in this lifetime." :-q59899_600.png58885_600.png


I'm suprised that the Korean media didn't catch the not so suble hint at all - those know-it-all pseudo-experts  /:) I guess they have their hands full with dissing KTH's acting  8-|

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Episode 5 gif recap

(I haven't done one in a while, so...it's kinda not very good)

Minister Min telling IH that they should frame IK


IH not giving up


OJ saying she will enter the palace as a servant instead of going to BS


JH telling her she has to bare BS's seed


The servants giving SJ instructions on how to 'bed' his new wife


SJ thinking about OJ while taking off IK hat thingy


SJ's unich comes running in


The king is very ill


The small richard simmons fight in the hall between the ministers


Everytime I hear the Dowager Queen's voice


The king dying


SJ telling his father he will get revenge for him


Min refusing to resign


SJ forcing Min out using his father in law


SJ's becomes king


The Dowager queen opens her big effin mouth again


JH OJ's Mom is dressing the master of the house


My other least favorite character makes her appearance


(This b*tches voice is as ugly as her face)

OJ's mom is beaten


OJ protects her mother


The master of the house just standing and watching all this transpire


Realizing Minister Heo is the same as Minister Min


BS deciding he is going to kill the king


The Dowager queen makes another appearance

The richard simmons fight in the yard


That granny that's around the palace, never had a child


OJ deciding she is going to runaway with her mother


SJ being Sliced and diced by assassins


SJ doing some kick a** moves and defending himself against his attacker


SJ falling from his wounds


OJ and her mother coming across SJ


OJ remembering SJ's words about never loving someone from a low class


DP drinking tea with BS


DP knows BS is the one that tried to have SJ killed


OJ thinking about her encounters with SJ


OJ making clothes for SJ


SJ suggesting OJ approaches him purposely


The richard simmons is on the screen again


OJ leaving her mother behind to go and look for SJ


SJ asking OJ to come with him to where he lives


OJ says no


SJ says even if I beg?


SJ tells her his name



Overall feelings


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Omo @obscursalmon-hon... I lurve it! I missed your gif recaps!

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