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Guest jacbit

Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson

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Guest userfriendly

they look like random people i see out in the street. not too good looking imo. "/

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Guest jacbit

Kim and Gerald on Studio 23


With fellow teen housemates Mike and Clare and PBB Teen Edition on Studio 23 host Miss Asia Agcaoili


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Guest jacbit

Kim and Gerald

The Perfect Pair





Special thanks to ate Heidi and my fellow Kimerald_World YG members

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Guest astig

i think kim chiu is still in her ugly duckling period lol..maybe she'll look better when she grows up?

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Guest jacbit

Dance Floor Hearthrob

Don Romantico


Hot in Pink!!!!!! Dancing to Dale Candela






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Guest jacbit

Moments of Love

Living room, hours before the Big Night


I never knew love til I found you, there's magic in your smile

never knew love til I saw you, looking in my eyes

and suddenly our sadness disappears

true love has finally shown its smiling eyes on me.......

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Guest saf

uh, the retainers have got to go... especially when she's taking pictures while wearing pretty clothes etc

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Guest jacbit

Aalog-alog Episode 6



By the way guys, Kim's no longer wearing her retainers these days. :)

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Guest jacbit

PBBTE Teen Edition Flashback

Kim irons Gerald's hair


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Guest jacbit

Kim's Cebu Homecoming and PBB Teens Reunion

Press Conference at Cafe Havana






The Teen Housemates Dancing to Kabataang Pinoy


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Guest jacbit

Closer You and I

Scuba lesson


Last day at the PBB house




Hey, there's a look in your eyes, must be love at first sight

You were just part of a dream, nothing more so it seems

but my love couldn't wait much longer

just cant forget the picture of your smile

cause everytime, i close my eyes you come alive........

Give a little smile that special smile

twinkle in your eye in a little while

give it time just a little more time so we can get closer

you and I..........

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Guest jacbit

PBB Teen Edition Flashback

Playing with the cameras


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Guest jacbit

From Teen Housemates to Celebrities

From simple teenagers Kim and Gerald emerged from the Big Brother house as two of the most indemand celebrity endorsers, actors and recording artists landing on the cover of top magazines and rubbing elbows with other popular celebrities.

Gerald with the megastar Ms. Sharon Cuneta, Kim with PBA superstar Alvin Patrimonio


Gerald with bestfriend Fred for a photo shoot


Gerald with korean teen sandara park at the launch of new Star Magic talents


Kim with other PBB housemates to act as presentors at the Eugenio Lopez Bayaning Pilipino Awards.


With Nene, Chix and Say


with Nene and Bianca

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Guest jacbit

PBB Teen Edition Flashback

Gary V. in the house!!!!!!!

One week before the Big Night, the remaining teen housemates were visited by none other than Mr. Pure Energy himself, Mr. Gary Valenciano. Gary V. treated them to a taste of his new album by singing his carrier single "Wait Forever", he also sang other inspirational songs such as "Warrior is a Child" and "Shout for Joy". He offered many words of wisdom and prayed over the teen housemates before he left.


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Guest jacbit

Body Talk with Gerald Anderson

FUNFARE By Ricardo F. Lo

The Philippine Star 07/08/2006


Full Name: Gerald Randolf Anderson Jr.

Nickname: RJ

Birthday: March 7, 1989

Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Color of Eyes: Black/brown

Color of Hair: Black

Shoe Size: 11"

Pant Size: 32"

Height: 5’8"

Weight: 156 lbs.

Nationality: Fil-Am/Hottie (Amboy)

Parents’ Names: Gerald and Evangeline

Siblings: Ken, Jen and Darling

Birthplace: General Santos City


Food: Pizza, hotdogs, Chicken Curry

Color: Red

Drink: C2

Book: Dictionary

Movie: Coach Carter

Actors: Tom Cruise and Joross Gamboa

Actress: Eva Mendez

Band: Rivermaya

Songs: So Sick, Yo, Run It, Crazy 4 U and 241

Singers: Neyo, Chris Brown, Usher and Gary Valenciano

Hangout: Mall

Game: XBox

TV Shows: A.S.A.P. and Love Spell

Gadgets: Cellphone and iPod

Subjects: History and P.E.

Pastime: Sleeping

Cartoon Character: Superman

Candy: Chocolate

Holiday: Christmas

Get-up: Jeans and T-shirt

Magazine: Sports Illustrated

Sports: Basketball, football and baseball

Basketball Teams: Cavaliers, Sixers and Heat

I like girls who are: Beautiful, sexy, funny and with long hair

I don’t like girls who are: Plastic, noisy and with "poor hygiene"

Best Friends: Mickee and Fred

Hidden Talent: Dancing

Phobia: Snakes and failing

Bad Habits: Biting my nails and sleeping

My Biggest Splurge is: Car

The first thing I notice in a girl: Her face

The last time I cried: When I was at an acting workshop

The last time I laughed: When I was with my friends

In my CD player right now: Neyo’s So Sick

Prized Possession: Basketball, jersey

Oh, well, need I say more?

By now, this basic information about Gerald Anderson, second runner-up to Kim Chiu on ABS-CBN’s Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition, must have been recorded for posterity in the minds of the legions of teen fans Gerald has won while he and 13 others were inside Big Brother’s house.

But, wait. Did you know that Gerald, who spent part of his childhood years (from age three to 14) in Missouri, USA, was a back-up dancer of Joross Gamboa? He was discovered in Gensan by movie writer Jun Reyes, Joross’ manager and now Gerald’s, who recruited him for PBB.

No wonder Universal Records lady boss Kathleen Dy-Go promptly signed up Gerald for the album Gerald’s Dance Picks (GDP, to be launched tomorrow, July 9, on ASAP Mania) which contains 10 global hits, including as carrier single Dale Candela which has a music video (showing for the first time at 12 noon tomorrow in MYX) where Gerald co-stars with Pink Butterflies and the Focus E Dancers.

Now you know why Gerald is now known as the Dancefloor Heartthrob.

Other selections on the GDP CD include Out of Touch (a Top 10 chart-topper in UK), Billy Crawford’s Know You Wanna (a certified hit in Europe), Y-Not’s Blah Blah Blah, Scooter’s Shake That, Raghav’s Can’t Get Enough featuring Iceberg Slimm, British rapper/producer Jaimeson’s Bounce, Vinylshakerz’s Club Tropicana, Global Deejays’ Clap Your Hands and DJ Bobo’s Pirates of Dance. (Note: The "52 Facts About Gerald" reprinted as opener for this article are part of a promo-poster for Gerald’s CD. Buy the CD and you get the poster for free.)

Meanwhile, let’s get to know Gerald better via the Body Talk.

What have been the changes in your life since PBB?

"Well, I’m busier now with two shows, Love Spell and Aalog-Alog (both on ABS-CBN). I still can’t believe all this is happening to me. I used to be just a kid from Missouri, you know. And, yes, I am sleep-deprived."

How much sleep do you get per night?

"Not much these days. Like yesterday, we started taping at 7 a.m. and we finished at 9:30 this morning."

So, hasn’t your nightlife been affected?

"I don’t really have a nightlife. My only nightlife is with friends – you know, istambay lang kami sa harap ng bahay."

Hasn’t it gone to your head?

"No, I don’t think so. I’m still the same guy I showed everybody when I was inside Big Brother’s house – playful, corny, makulit, lahat! I still want to be a basketball player. I haven’t stopped my studies. I’m on the home-study set-up."

What sort of diet do you follow?

"None. I don’t go on a diet."

Showbiz is so stressful. How do you cope with stress?

"Stressful? I don’t feel it! Come on, what 17-year-old boy wouldn’t want to be in my shoes? It’s exciting, not stressful at all. I’m having lots of fun!"

What about your love life?

"I don’t have any. I used to have one. But now, I hardly have time for a girlfriend. Why, I don’t even have enough time for myself!"

Do you work out?

"I don’t. Kasi if I work out, baka tumigas ang katawan ko and I might not be able to dance as well."

What part of your body is your favorite?

"My eyes."

What part of your body do you think needs some improvement?

"My 32-inch waistline."

What’s the last thing that you do before you go to sleep?

"I pray. I’ve started praying even harder after I got out of Big Brother’s house."

What do you usually pray for?

"For my family, for everybody in (the ABS-CBN) Talent Center, for my manager, my PBB housemates. My prayer is usually very long because I have to mention so many people."

And the first thing that you do when you wake up.

"Aside from brush my teeth? When I was inside Big Brother’s house, I put on my lapel. Now, I pray."

What’s something you can’t do without?

"Wallet? No, I always forget my wallet. Hmmmm. Let me see. I guess prayer. I never leave the house without praying."

Are you vain like most good-looking guys?

"Inside Big Brother’s house, there were mirrors all over. I’m energetic and I was always moving around, so I would look at every mirror that I passed by. They thought I was vain but I am not."

What’s your favorite sleeping wear?

"Bench shorts."

How long does it take you to fix yourself?

"Fast. Very fast. I take a shower for five minutes especially when I’m racing with time. And I dress up just as fast."

Do you apply anything on your face?

"No, I don’t. That’s why I have a lot of pimples."

Favorite perfume?

"Cool Water. Or Avon Sticks."

Any role model?

"Gary V. Inside Big Brother’s house, he sang for us and gave us inspirational words. When he performs, he does so not for himself but for other people. I’ll never forget the (piece of) advice he gave us: As long as you can make even just one person in the audience happy, you’re good enough."

Who’s your favorite fantasy, somebody you would love to be stranded on an island with?

"Eva Mendez! She’s sexy, she’s beautiful and her skin is, wow, delicious!"

Name three women you think have nice bodies.

"One is Eva Mendez, of course. There’s also Angel Locsin. And Mariel Rodriguez (co-host of PBB Teen Edition)."

And three men...

"Dwayne Wade (the basketball player). Zanjoe Marudo. Richard Gutierrez."

Using body language, how would you make a girl know that you admire/like her?

"I keep smiling at her. Does it work? Sometimes!"

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Guest jacbit

Happy Together







Special thanks to Ate Donna of Kimerald_World

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Guest jacbit

August issue of Inside Showbiz Magazine


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