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Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson

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Back In Each Other's Arms

Gerald and Kim got separated when Gerald unintentionally committed a violation in one of their 100 Islands task. The other 3 housemates including Gerald himself thought he was being sent back home to General Santos and leaving the show for good. What is to become of our favorite couple? To Gerald's relief, he found himself back in the Big Brother house and given another chance. As the other housemates continue on with their remaining tasks at the 100 Islands, Gerald was all alone in the Big Brother house. That night, the other housemates finally arrive back home and were asked to sleep in the confession room still thinking that Gerald was really gone when he was actually sound asleep in the other room. The following morning, Gerald was woken up by Jollibee and treated to a delicious breakfast. Big Brother woke the other housemates and finally gave them permission to leave the confession room. As Kim was on her way to the kitchen, she got the shock of her life when she saw Gerald. Gerald who was talking to Jollibee at that time was just as shocked as she was, he stood up and was greeted with a hug from kim........the longest they've ever shared. and so was the story behind one of the sweetest moments in PBB history.




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The Buzz Interview

Matching Bracelets




PBB Teen Edition Flashback

The Bicycle Task


:lol: Spread the Kimerald Love!!!!!!

Aww dang, I gotta get TFC, seriously... --;;

Anyway, thanks for the pictures. (: Gerald looks cuuute, he looks hot with the earrings. (; haha ~

Hi FLiPSiDE!!!! Thanks for visiting!!!




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this guy is friigin cute!!!!!!!! omg... i wanna liek hug him and never let gol.. omg.. i gotta find more info about him.. anyone have more? =)

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wow more gerald cuteness..i like kim--but the retainers gotta go unless those r like offcame moments..

but yeah gerald is a cutie--i love it when he speaks in tagalog hehehe

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Moments of Love

The helicopter ride to the 100 Islands


Gerald pretends to be Direk Loren so he could hold Kim's hand


During one of their Hundred Islands tasks


I feel the touch of your hand and i understand

how much i need your love

You have given me wings and I can do things

I've never dreamed of

I'd go anywhere for as long as we're together

I will cherish this everlasting love

Oh baby I need you so

You know that I can't let go

always and forever I just want you to know

I wanna be where you are no matter how near or far

and I wanna be the only one who could open the door to your heart.......

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Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition: The Big Night

Prince Gerald, Princess Kim



The Big 4 arrived at the venue blindfolded and while the dancers were assisting Kim to the stage, the cameras caught her and Gerald holding hands!!!!!


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