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[Drama 2013] That Winter, The Wind Blows/Wind Blows in Winter, 그 겨울, 바람이 분다

Guest sunshine4ever

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Guest theislandvibes

I finally caved and started watching it on Netflix.  I think my slogan reaction throughout the entire series will, from here on out, be "This is wrong but yet so right."  :))   \:D/

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Guest DramaM

Anyone wants to have the same handphone used by JIS & SHK in "that winter the wind blows" can email me kdramamobile@yahoo.com or leave me a message in Facebook.

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Hi to everyone from the JIS thread :) and hello to anyone still hanging out here as I'm new to this thread :).  I know a lot of you have "moved on" to other things from TWTWB but I have only finished watching the series few weeks ago and the series is still very fresh in my mind so I have to get it out of my system and write a thing or two here :).
Apart from my comments below there's no point in doing a proper review or a story recap because so many wonderful reviews have already been written on this series and if anyone is familiar with "Softy's" blog (about TWTWB) they will agree that there's absolutely nothing else I could possibly add to her heartfelt synopsis and in-depth analysis of the show and the characters. 
The only thing that I am going to say is that for me the writer and director (and the entire cast) had achieved their objective when they created the series because during the course of watching it - I cried, I laughed, I had my heart broken, I chewed on my nails with anticipation (or frustration), I stared at the beautiful cinematography with my mouth open, I gasped in horror a few times and yes I even did some swearing lol.  Not to mention I sure did a lot of sighing (AND holding my breath!) when looking at our two romantic leads of Song Hye Kyo and Jo In Sung.  There is no denying that the chemistry between these two actors was amazing and they portrayed their characters perfectly.  I could watch them together all day long BUT every other actor in the series helped to tell this story and I cannot imagine the series without them. The success of the show was definitely a joint effort. 
Putting aside (for a moment) the most important relationship of the series of Oh Soo and Oh Young - it was also wonderful and amazing to watch the mutual devotion and loyalty between Jin-Sung and Oh Soo, the budding romance (eventually!) between Jin-Sung and Hee Sun, the parental love of Jin-Sung's parents towards Oh Soo, the mystery of Secretary Wang's character (whether to like her or not like her and what her motives were), the amazing transformation of Moo Chul from a character I hated intensly in the beginning to someone I finally understood and even started to like.  And of course it would be impossible not to love Lawyer Jang who remained a reliable, stable and loveable character during the entire series.  
I think the only regret I have about the show (but that's because I'm greedy lol) is that we didn't get to see some romance between OS and OY as a couple AFTER the whole charade was revealed and after OY had her surgery and OS recovered from the stabbing etc - for example Episode 17 would have been really nice and yes I know I'm dreaming lol :).  You can't blame me for thinking like this because as I mentioned before it was such a pleasure to see SHK & JIS interacting on screen that you can't help but want to see more of them together. 
However, despite wanting to see more, I shouldn't complain because up to the very end I didn't know how the series will actually finish before I watched Episode 16.  Despite seeing bits and pieces from the show I had no way of knowing what the ending scenes will be like (and this show being my first Korean melodrama I expected the worst!).  So at least I was very grateful (and relieved!) that OS and OY were not killed off (whether together or separately) and we did get a little glimpse of "happily ever after".  Maybe the writer wanted to give us the freedom to imagine how the rest of the story would unfold and for us to imagine OS & OY having a happy life together.  I felt I got some closure with that ending but of course I know I can't speak for anybody else.
Now, I don't know about you but I enjoy re-watching some scenes from the series from time to time as they bring me great joy and I would LOVE to know what scenes had the biggest impact on you.  Afterall, just because a scene made ME cry doesn't mean that it had the same effect on other viewers OR what one person might consider an amazing and powerful scene - another person might not give it a second thought. So, if you're bored and don't mind sharing I would love to see what favourite scenes you had.
I have created a little list with headings below.  I will start first and it's probably just easiest for anyone who feels like taking a part to copy the questions and post them into your post (delete my answers of course) and complete your favourite scenes.  
Please feel free to add other questions and answers to the list.  It's been a long week at work and I just can't think of anything intelligent to add so please go for it :).
Don't forget this is NOT an exam and there are no "right" or "wrong" answers lol - if you want to you can list as many scenes as you like under each question or none at all.  I have to confess that I had to revise my list because the first time I did it - my list was HUGE and it looked ridiculous, believe me the answers below are restrained lol... in the end I just had to choose the scenes that mattered to me the most. 
This is really meant to be something quick, easy and fun :).  I specifically didn't put down the category of "hated scenes" out of respect for other people here, after-all just because I didn't like a scene it doesn't mean that someone else didn't love it! 
YOUR MOST favourite scene/s:-(You know the scene that you keep on watching over and over again for whatever reason and even though you've seen it a hundred times it still doesn't bore you).
For me - it has to be in Episode 5 - the scene when OS & OY stay at the beach apartment and share their past stories while drinking together and then sleep next to each other. Maybe the reason I love this scene so much is because this was the first time we got to see OY happy and bubbly and with her guard down and OS opening up about Hee Joo. 
Honestly, I can't help myself but smile when I see them laughing and giggling.  AND the camera close up shots of both SHK & JIS in the entire sequence is unreal.  The little nuances of their facial expressions, the internal conflict that's written all over OS's face when OY first "measures" him and then so trustingly snuggles up to him is just priceless.  His face is like an open book.  You can feel him falling in love with her. 
Scenes when you actually cried:-(Yes, we were given a lot of emotional scenes in the series but some had more profound effect than others)
For me - Episode 7 - In the cabin with OS silently crying during the "It's ok not to be ok" speech by OY. Yep, I totally lost it and bawled (first time even without subtitles and then I cried AGAIN once I understood it). Maybe this scene had such an effect on me because OS tried to hide his emotions in front of OY or maybe because for the first time someone released him from all that guilt he felt over Hee Joo, that scene was just so raw.  
Episode 15 - when OY goes to OS's room and imagines him reading Little Prince to her whilst lying in bed with her like they used to.  I think my heart broke when I saw her break down and sob uncontrollably all alone. 

YOUR most powerful dialogue/speech:-(You know, a speech or dialogue so powerful that made you think about it for days after you heard it).
For me - End of Episode 10/beginning of Episode 11, without a doubt when OS drags OY up the stairs to "abandon her" because she is refusing to have the surgery.  I still have goosebumps when I think about the speech OS gave OY, calling her selfish for not willing to fight for her life and forcing her to consider how her death will affect HIM because he is the one who will be left behind and forced to live without her.  I thought deeply about this speech for many days afterwards.
Episode 11 - OS speaking to Moo Chul about his regret of not saying goodbye to Hee Joo properly but not allowing Moo Chul to make him feel guilty any further as he was finally at peace about Hee Joo and the baby he lost. It was a beautiful speech.
Moo Chul speaking honestly to his sister (when she treats him after his fight with JS) that he finally understood why he lost Hee Joo to OS, so moving.
YOUR cute, adorable moment/s:- (You know, those scenes when you stare at the TV and go "awww, that's so sweet!" or scenes that made you laugh.  The last episodes were very traumatic so it was good to have some light relief in the previous episodes)
For me - OS & OY baking the cake together, OS putting on OY's socks, snow-racing with JS & HS, garden water fight, Hee Sun spontaneously kissing Jin-Sung and then slapping him for it, OS & OY frolicking in the snow and making a snow man with OY giving her snowman a huge nose - I laughed so hard at that. 
JS's dad and his love of cows!  Seeing JS's mum being so loving to OS. 
Episode 16 - JS's family packing up the restaurant with OS and HS helping to move to the farm.  Such a light, carefree and happy scene.  
Holding your Breath moment/s:(When there is nothing else left to do but to hold your breath or gasp!)
Episode 2 - OY falling into the fountain at the shopping centre, totally defeated but too proud to ask for help.
Episode 6 - OS holding OY's hand and leaning over to kiss her but holding off in the very last moment.  
Episode 8 - OS holding ill OY in his arms (waiting for ambulance) and bumping into So Ra.
Episode 15 - OS discovering OY in the bathroom after she attempted suicide and seeing the sheer horror on his face.
YOUR most moving scene/s:- (You know, the scenes when you feel like you have a lump in your throat even if you haven't burst into tears):-
For me - Episode 10 - when OY has her scan and it's confirmed her tumour is back and OS lies in the hospital bed with her and just holds her with no words exchanged. OS kneeling in front of Moo Chul to beg him to have his sister perform the surgery on OY (that was very hard to watch for me).
Episode 8  - OS carrying OY up the mountain to tell her how amazing she is.  OY preparing birthday breakfast for OS and then OS discovering the birthday cake and the bell bracelet OY bought for him. 
Episode 7 - OY calling OS at nighttime and lying she's out of the house because she wants to meet him halfway and him lying back by agreeing to meet her and then following her step by step to their meeting spot. Just seeing the smile on their faces when they finally meet warms my heart every time, awww. 
Episode 16 - OY telling OS it's not over, even though she can't forgive him but admitting she loves him. 
Episode 16 - JS cornered into stabbing OS.
Episode 16 - the conversation at the very end when OY sees OS's face for the first time (I want more lol!). 
I hope some of you are brave enough to jot down some of your favourite scenes :)

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Guest sunshine4ever

@moniw18, thank you so much for the detailed post and your thoughts on this drama. Thank you for taking the time out to write! Wow, I loved some of your favorite scenes, too, and gosh, it's so great to hear those scenes again. I really am tempted to pop open this drama and rewatch it!! :) I don't know if you came to earlier pages, but we were having some types of games or something while back and some of us actually were trying to rewatch to answer the questions asked. lol. It was really funny and how I missed it. I'm so glad you enjoyed That's Winter, The Wind Blows. ^^  (By the way, Softy was really great. While this drama was airing, she actually translated a lot of stuffs for us. If you'd like you can look under videos for interviews that Insung and Hyekyo had and Softy translated a lot of them. You can find them in post 1 of page 1. I went to her blog recently to see if she is recapping for a drama I'm watching and I was teary reading her message. She actually took a break from live recapping dramas as her way of showing respect for victims of the ferry. I respect how she feels about it.  I hope she will recap the new drama that the same scriptwriter/director of this drama will have this July.)

If I ever have time, I will rewatch it and will share my favorite scenes, but please leave it open for me as I'm not sure if I have time to rewatch this drama. ^^

Oh yeah, I was driving today and saw different types of trees and just suddenly thought of Oh Soo. :)

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Thank you @sunshine4ever.  I really appreciate the time you always take to answer :)  
And yes, with so many new dramas at the moment it is hard to find the time to watch new things, let alone re-watch an old series lol. You are right, I should re-visit the old pages here to find old posts and discussions about the series (I will look for that game you mentioned, it sounds fun).  Doing this post was one way of getting closure for me personally about the series and probably more intended for any 'newcomers" who have only now seen the series like me and might pop in on this thread.  I confess I really struggled myself to find the time to do it lol.
And yes, I found Softy's translations very, very helpful - because one of the puzzling things I found was that when trying to find subtitled versions of TWTWB I came across about 3 different lots of translations and some of them so varied from each other that I wondered what the ACTUAL dialogue was meant to be. (For anyone who speaks more than one language [myself included] will agree that most of the time you can't do literal translations BUT it helps to understand the language structure etc.
I found Softy's translations more correct and suited to the Korean culture/language which is vital to truly understanding the show (for example in one of the subtitled versions I watched whenever Oh Young refers to Oh Soo as "Oppa" they translate it as "Soo" - which technically might be correct for English speaking people who don't understand such terms as "Oppa", "Dongsaeng", "Hyung" etc) BUT in this series it had an even more profound meaning because it took a while for Oh Young to even allow herself to refer to Oh Soo as "Oppa".  So I truly loved that Softy used the proper Korean terms when doing the live translations.  
@Sunshine4ever said "Oh yeah, I was driving today and saw different types of trees and just suddenly thought of Oh Soo."  Lol, agreed, I will never look at a solitary tree the same way again :). 

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A few days ago I finished watching this beautiful, wonderful TV-drama. Wow.... I have to say that I was floored by the powerful and wonderful acting by Mr. Jo In-sung - whom I have gotten to like more and more. I think he is perfect as a good-hearted bad-guy. He really gets into the emotions and manage successfully to express to us viewers the most intimate feelings. The sound track and especially the main song  겨울사랑 ("A Winter Story") by The One (더 원) is so powerful ! I love this TV-drama so much !

...how ever I have to admit that I had a feeling the last episode was unfortunately being rushed a bit, and I had wished it did not give me that feeling as I loved all the other episodes....
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Guest sunshine4ever

Hi all Windblowers~~

It's been while since I've been here. I just saw this collab music video and thought I should drop it off for all of you to see. You can find Oh Soo and Oh Young at 1:16, but I suggest you watch the whole thing because it has other couples in it and it's pretty well done in my opinion.

"My heart remembers you"..Heartbeats Multifandom [+Martyna]

credits to TeddyUnicorn and thanks to Aera for posting.
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Thank you @sunshine4ever so much for this beautiful video compilation!  It is stunning!  All of a sudden I had an epiphany why so many people watch Korean dramas, because after watching this clip I want to watch them all lol (although I don't know if my poor heart could take it lol).  And I have to say they have such beautiful actors... 

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Thank you @PeerNorway for your comments.  Don't worry, you are not alone in thinking the way you do.  I even read an interview with Jo In Sung where he said he begged the writer to add few more episodes, so perhaps even the actors wished the same thing and wished more closure for their characters :).  I was just grateful (with this show being classified as a melodrama) that neither Oh Soo nor Oh Young were killed off (phew!).
I couldn't agree more about how wonderful the soundtrack was.

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