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[Drama 2013] That Winter, The Wind Blows/Wind Blows in Winter, 그 겨울, 바람이 분다

Guest sunshine4ever

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I was so happy to see song hye kyo win best actress! Soo well deserved!! I love how expressive JIS was, he stood up, clapped and smiled happily that she has won and as the director finish giving the speech. I'm so happy to see JIS win a special award too! He has so much cute aegyo, I love love his speech! How he mentions her is just :x 
 Again very well deserved! Congrats to JIS, SHK and Eunji!!!

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Guest OccasionalFangirl

Hi! I recently just finished watching TWTWB and I'm very happy for everyone from this drama who won in the SBS Drama Awards. It was the best drama I saw in 2013. Anyway, just a quick question. I was just wondering why whenever they call Young, the suffix sounds like "ee" instead of the usual "ah" that I hear in all dramas, like Young-ee instead of Young-ah. Thanks in advance! :)
[EDIT]: Oh, and also, what does the Special Award mean that Jo In Sung got? :D

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Although Absent, Song Hye Kyo Wins SBS Top Excellence Award – That Winter Wind is High

Song Hye Kyo won the Top Excellence Award despite being absent.

Song Hye Kyo won the Top Excellence Award in the mini series category for That Winter, The Wind Blows at the SBS Drama Awards, which took place on December 31st in Seoul at the Sangam Prism Center. However, Song Hye Kyo is currently filming in Taiwan and was absent at the awards ceremony.

Accordingly, Director Kim Kyu Tae of That Winter, The Wind Blows accepted the award on Song Hye Kyo’s behalf. In her place, he expressed: “Song Hye Kyo right now is in the middle of filming in Taiwan, so she was unable to attend today. On her behalf, I would like to say thank you to SBS and the viewers for giving such a big award like this. I will personally pass on this award to her.”

Jo In Sung won the SBS Special Award for his role in That Winter, The Wind Blows.
In the final moments of his speech, he said: “It hasn’t been long since Youngie has opened her eyes – I think she is watching now. Oppa won an award. I will give all this glory to Young-ie.”

Source: Newsen via Nate, Sports Chosun via Naver
Translated by: Shanda @ Songhyegyo.net


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Guest OreoVampire

ggeeezzz.. so happy to see Oppa face. I missed the show sobs. Kinda sad for Oppa, he was there alone struggling to prove his love as fake Oppa..Oh Youngie ah, if you can see Oppa still praising for your name with so much love and butterfly in his stomach :D . I am crying  a river now T.T  :((
On second thought since Oppa told the world Youngie is busy filming that mean they still contacting, and as fake brother and sister also :(( 8-X . Kudos to both and Team TWTWB as one for topnotch acting and solid cinematography. Fighting !

:x :x :x

P/S : And yes.. Thank you to ^Sunshine4ever ^Wangnyeo ^Putrin all windblowers for all live recaps and you guys bring back the love to this thread, so much. ((Hugs))  >:D<

cr owner

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Guest OreoVampire

And yes.. Hope it's not too late to wish all Windblowers a Happy New Year. Happy New Year Oh Soo Oppa! Youngie ah !  :x


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Wow....The thread's still standing strong on its almost a year after TWTWB's broadcast..Hello fellow windblowers.. :-h Thank you for keeping this thread going...Such a waste that Song Hye Kyo wS not able to make it at the SBS award. It would be great to see the O2 couple again.. 8-| Oppa's looking so gorgeously dazzling (if such a word exist) that my eyes hurt..Whenever I see Jo In Sung, I miss Oh Soo oppa..keke..Now off to back read.. :-*

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