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[Drama 2013] That Winter, The Wind Blows/Wind Blows in Winter, 그 겨울, 바람이 분다

Guest sunshine4ever

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January 11, 2020 / by Insight Books   Famous lines from drama 'That Winter, The Wind Blows' comes to mind when winter comes.    

Yesterday, owner shared photo of her with Song Hye Kyo from TWTWB set.    

One of the favorite #kdramas Admin watched, '#ThatWinterTheWindBlows' starring #SongHyegyo & #JoInsung! Watch it now on #KOCOWA! #kdrama #koreandrama    

Guest baima22

freshspring said:       Part 2 High Cut Interview

NOTE: This is the second and final part of Kyo’s cover spread and interview in Volume 95 (February 7 -20, 2013) of High Cut You can read Part I here!

Winter, Song

I wonder what the plan is for Song Hye Kyo’s life as a woman?

I want to enjoy the single life of now. Since I am alone, I can take spontaneous trips and do as I please, which makes me so happy. Truthfully, I often travel alone. It was like that before. Even in Korea, I leave and go about alone. In New York, I sit in the restaurant and watch people and listen to music, and I exercise in Central Park. In LA, on weekdays, I hang out alone, and on weekends, I meet up with friends. I truly enjoy this kind of lifestyle. When this drama is finished, I want to pick up and suddenly leave to somewhere. I really like New York, so I am thinking of going directly there. Paris would also be nice.

Source: High Cut, Volume 95, February 7 – 20, 2013
Translated by: Shanda @ Songhyegyo.net

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Guest sunshine4ever

I'm heading to bed now. Here is a picture that I like. I like the way he put his arms around her here. Although I like the one from the original poster where he was putting his hand on her head.


Have a totally awesome time watching this drama live tomorrow. I hope I can make it on time.

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Guest kikay14

A bit off topic but i saw this video in youku JIS singing hihi. Looks like a fanmeet. To those who are curious you may watch it here. Credit to uploader.



I didn't know that he playsthe guitar well. I know that he plays piano too. And he looks like a kpop idol here hihi, in fairness he is not tonedeaf lol. i hope someone can upload this in youtube.

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Guest jjsweeter0211

Click this link to watch  Kim Tae Woo's short latest interview ~

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Guest jjsweeter0211

Thanks so much @freshspring for sharing those BTS :xThey are so comfortable with each other :x So close :xDying for more BTS of our OTP :x

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I don't know how to control my heart for the next 8-9 hours, because it is between happy, sad, curious, anxious, worried, full of excitement, fluttered so fast for tonite's episode... hopefully, it's still normal so I don't have to see the cardiologist...


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Guest jjsweeter0211

The preview for the finale is out!!!!

:x :x
I can't wait! :x :xI have a feeling we are going to have a few kissing scenes in the finale . Not one, not two, at least three kkk ;))

cr to uploader
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Quotes from our Oxygen Couple at the recent press conference on 14 March 2013. Hope it'll brighten up our yearning for the most beautiful couple a wee bit and cheer us up with hope. If I could, I would make them fall in love. If only I have the power to do something so beautiful, I would. May the most beautiful couple in the world be blessed with love for each other.

From JIS to SHK

"...Not one to rest on his laurels, the actor (JIS) sent a nod to costar Song Hye-kyo, who plays his character’s love interest Oh Young, for giving him more impetus to step up to the plate and hold his own on set.

“I get the goosebumps when I see Hye-kyo act,” Jo said of Song. “I am honoured to be able to work with her and watch her act.”

On that day, Jo In Sung was full of praise for his acting partner, “Our director is the first to watch Song Hye Gyo film her scenes, and I always catch him full of marvel and admiration for her. To be able to work with a top actress like Song Hye Gyo is such an honor. If you thought my acting was great, I’d tell you it’s because of Song Hye Gyo that it even turned out that way.”

Jo In Sung added, “Song Hye Kyo is so pretty that there is no editing going on for the film that captures her. However, during the editing process they add in a bit more color. I hope there is no misunderstanding regarding this process.”

From SHK to JIS

Song Hye-kyo said, “Jo In-Seong is really nice to me. We’ve known each other for a long time. I only thought he was handsome then but now that I’m working with him, I see that he’s passionate and energetic about everything”.

“There are many emotional scenes in this drama. Sometimes it’s tough according to my condition but Jo In-Seong always helps me set my mood right”.

“I am also disappointed about not being able to see him in the eyes in the drama because I am blind. When I watch the drama on TV at home, I feel myself falling for Oh Soo”.

“I am happy to work with him and I am grateful for him helping me so much”.

Another report

Song Hye Gyo complimented Jo In Sung in return, saying, “Since there many emotionally-charged scenes I share with Jo In Sung, it can be difficult at times. Sometimes I have to express emotions that stem from my condition and other times it can take a lot of time to get the scene right. I’m just thankful for Jo In Sung being patient with me and matching my pace whenever it gets hard. It’s a shame I can’t meet Jo In Sung’s gaze while acting as a blind individual. But since Jo In Sung is so great at expressing his emotions while in character, I become immersed in the scene while listening to his voice.”

Boy, I'm dying of missing my babies, SHK and JIS. When I feel down, I will come back to this wonderful thread with wonderful fans like you guys and I will rehearse all the awesome phrases by Oh Soo and Youngie and I will remember forever what JIS and SHK said about each other.

Have you ever love a couple so much in your life? Search me but I have not, except for my loved ones. I'm so in pain, missing them to the core. Help me....help!! Tonight will be the finale and they will be watching together and I'm so happy for that.

I pray that JIS and SHK will realise that their fate is entwined with TWTWB giving the impetus to their unity and marriage. I hope they will take a minute to search their hearts and find their soulmates in each other. Fighting for their love together forever! Cheers everyone! Enjoy the finale tonight, no matter what.  I will certainly be rewatching the beautiful drama again and again and looking out for those tender moments of touching each other, piggy-back riding, and sleeping together! haha...cya in this thread again, for sure. :)

:x :x :x :x :-* :-* =(( :-* :)) :\"> :\"> :-* :x :x ;;) ;;) :-* :-* :x :\"> :)) :-* :x :x :\"> :-*

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ep 16 Preview

cre to uploader

Preview in text. hope someone can translate it.
영이 방.
영이 링거액 맞으면서 누워있음
수가 영이 손 두손으로 잡고 입술에 갖져다 댐

깔리는 나레이션 영이 "이 방에...너 있어.."

진성이 무철이 엎고 뜀
진성:"뭐야 너?"
(예상컨대....무철이 손에 힘이 풀린거로 봐서...죽은듯..진성이 표정도 그렇고..)
무철이 수하:김사장 조심해...

열받은 진성이 차에타고 있는 김사장 한테로 감
진성:이제 진짜 게임을 해야겠지 우리가?

온실 비밀의 방.
점자 편지를 읽는 영이..오수의 영상편지 화면도 잠시 나옴..
영이: 수술이 잘 끝나면...우리 얘기 할 수 있겠지?

눈물 흘리는 영이..
오수도 울고...
서로의 얼굴을 더듬거리고..
수....영이의 눈물을 닭고 키스

영이 병원....
잠이 안오는지.. 창문 열어놓고 바람을 느낌..
보호자 침대에서는 왕비서가 자고 있음..

장변호사:영이가 내일밤 여덟시에 수술을 한다..니가 그 전에 꼭 와줬으면 좋겠다...

도박판 풍경

무철이 수하와 눈빛 주고 받는 진성.

진성:이번판은 콜 없이 올인.어때?

진성:감자야..우리 이제 마지막 판이다..

제대로 쓴건지..모르겠다...
암튼 영상만 보고 음성은 못 듣는 횽들 있는거 같아서 써봄-

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Guest jjsweeter0211

"Good Morning" Kim Tae-woo, "Watch the final episode"

Source | 2013/04/02 | 


Actor Kim Tae-woo appeared in the morning TV program "Good Morning" and mentioned something about the drama "That Winter, the Wind Blows".

He said, "Jo Moo-cheol's death is something good isn't it? He's someone who used to bully Oh Soo. I am grateful though that many people are sad to me go".

"Anyways, he was meant to die in the drama".

"Will he come back alive?" he added as he smiled a mystery smile.

Source : www.tvreport.co.kr/?c... ( English )

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oh my god oh my god [-O<
i swear my heart did skip a beat when i see the preview for tonight episode,people [-O<
this last episode must have lots of kisses n skinship of these 2 \m/
my shipper spirit is rising up higher than ever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
JIS-SHK jang  :-bd
oops !!! and thank u guys so much for posting the preview !!!!!!

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Guest marshmelliey

OMG OMG OMG..im so excited just by watching the preview  :((
thank you so cherry much @jjsweeter0211 for saving our lifes..  :x

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Guest tiffany.shin

jjsweeter0211 said: The preview for the finale is out!!!!

:x :x
I can't wait! :x :xI have a feeling we are going to have a few kissing scenes in the finale . Not one, not two, at least three kkk ;)) ;))

cr to uploader
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