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[Drama 2013] That Winter, The Wind Blows/Wind Blows in Winter, 그 겨울, 바람이 분다

Guest sunshine4ever

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@sunshine4ever - Thanks for that info about JIS's house. Sweet! Wouldn't that be the first thing most of us would do with money - build or buy our parents a home? I know I would.  :x
Guys! We have about 15 hours left! 

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January 11, 2020 / by Insight Books   Famous lines from drama 'That Winter, The Wind Blows' comes to mind when winter comes.    

Yesterday, owner shared photo of her with Song Hye Kyo from TWTWB set.    

One of the favorite #kdramas Admin watched, '#ThatWinterTheWindBlows' starring #SongHyegyo & #JoInsung! Watch it now on #KOCOWA! #kdrama #koreandrama    

I love you ,, I care about you ,, but please I am a dying person ,, so do me a favour and leave me .. do not stay any longer .. I do not want to hurt you ,, you were a happiness to me .. =((

What shall I do ?!! I tried to keep you away ,, I did fight my self but kept remembering you & finding you every where  !! I know it now ,, Before my tumor kills me , I will die missing you ... my Only Love  =(( 
If I could listen to your voice once again ,, if I could have you once again ,, I will pay my life for that to come by my side again  [-O<
I liked the pics ,, and just have written my feeling  :P
pic cr hiclow

but Oh Soo rushed by her to the hospital and after returning back safely to the home he hugged her and said ,,,, 
Give me a smile and Don't be sad ^^   

This is a great Comfort Song by the Cnblue leader , Genius rising composer Yunghwa ^^ 

English Trans :Give me a smile, Don’t be sadIt’s going to be alright. Don’t shed a tearThe song that I am singing nowI hope that it can bring you a bit of comfortGive me a smile, Don’t get hurtIt’s going to be alright, although you are going through a hard time nowTime will passEverything will look up again
Give me a smileI am right here by your sideI love you, can you hear my heart?Close your eyesNo matter what, I believe youI am always here for youGive me a smile, look into my eyesI love you, I have always been looking at your heartIt has never changedYou can lean on my shouldersTake a rest,Give me a smile.I am here for you,me who believes in youalways and forever.


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Guest OreoVampire

I believe this story reflect other people's life so much. Can't believe today is the final episode. We will always remember OS, someone with the will to survive. We will always remember OY. She maybe a weak character, but she is the one who change OS. They complete each other. This story is about needing one another, because we are not perfect. I am surprise, there is character like MC, a bastard turn hero. MC says, if other people cant understand him, let him understand himself. He learned so much, so he let HJ's love lives in OS. That is his biggest sacrifice. I did cry when he let OS go in ep15, I mean after I watched with subtitle. :(( :D

If I feel sad & down. I will try to go back to TWTWB. Watch all episodes, read all drama recaps. If I feel boring with my work and study, if i'm not going for outdoor hobby, I can always read good writings like sunshine4ever, tessieroo, clockwather, softy. You guys are awesome writer@blogger. I fell in love with all those recaps. Inspiring. Thank You. A little improvement now in my English  :)thank you. When I first came here, I feel this place is like a school.A Literature school. I see sunshine4ever name and long writing, I read it, and I like it. But the funny thing is, I always imagine her like a school principle. When she is not around we all make noise and cute joke, but when sunshine4ever comeback, we always discuss deeper about the story. Other comments from other members also are awesome. I never know we could get so many thing from a drama. Awesome.

^:)^  I just wanna say, do write more! I will always going to read it. Your recaps make me understand more about good story like TWTWB.
Sorry I always come with silly joke. Can't do recap like you guys, My English isn't good.

So today is the day, thank you jjsweeter0211 for that reminder :)

I feel like going to a wedding ceremony today. Anyone is getting married? OS? OY? hahaha ...awesome feeling though we may cry tonite. What ever it is, let's cry together people! :(( :((


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Guest Littlezaznangel

idk if anyone mentioned this since there's like 485 pages LOLL
but did anyone see the resemblances of My Girl and Autumn in my heart with this drama? ( or am i the only one? ) This drama was a bit more darker than My Girl. The drama Autumn in my heart also starred Song Hye Kyo. In this drama she had a tumor and she didnt want surgery. Also the scene where Oh Soo carried Oh Young reminded me a certain scene in Autumn in my heart too.

 It also reminded me of the sad MV Because I''m a girl by Kiss
see it if you havent. The girl here went blind too....

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Guest jjsweeter0211

Song Hye-kyo thanks staff for hard work in SBS drama

Source | 2013/04/02 |



Song Hye-kyo of ongoing SBS drama "That Winter, the Wind Blows" wrote a short letter to each of the staff to show her gratitude for their efforts, according to local media reports.

One of the netizens posted a photo of the letter with her handwriting. In a card with a photo of herself, she included her own signature on top and finished the letter with her character's name Oh Young in the drama.

"Because it was a hard character to play, I barely had any time to relax. I'm regretful that we didn't spend too much time together", she said in the letter.

The last episode of the drama finished filming last Saturday. The famed drama will end its two-month run this week.

By Lee Sun-min [summerlee@joongang.co.kr]

Source : koreajoongangdaily.jo... ( English Korean )

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That pose is kinda awkward, I MUST add a caption&#8230;

cr morning 


no Hyung he loves JIS ! and me too 

Actually Hyung u are a creature who is loved by Both :\">

I know  \:D/ both gender loving me ;) 

but Only SHK make me Shy ! 


p.s : I love Changmin ^^ ,, I wish his fans are not offended .. as I am a fan also and just happens to miss him  today :P 

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Guest luluwannagohome

'That Winter, The Wind Blows' becomes a hot issue in China

Original link: http://www.insidechina.co.kr/News/NewsRead.asp?mesid=11&bsid=1117&msid=111717&nsid=111717&asid=&rid=3406
Chinese trans by tomato55 @ insungchina.comEng trans by luluwannagohome

The critically acclaimed drama 'That Winter, The Wind Blows' is being warmly received and reviewed in China, leading to another wave of Hallyu in the country.
Comments such as 'Haven't seen korean drama with such quality in many years!', 'I fall deep for Jo In Sung every time I see him!', 'Both of them have brilliant acting skills' are spotted online.
China's video-sharing site Youku (Youtube equivalent) shows that the episode broadcasted on 21st March has been viewed 1.9 million times*, 5 times of the view count of 'Incarnation of money'. It also tops the searching chart as well. At the same time, it remains topping the view counts and viewer rating on another video-sharing site, PPS as well.
China's search engine, Baidu, shows at 8pm on 21st, there are more than 6.02 million results for 'That Winter, The Wind Blows', 3.5 times of that of 'Iris 2'. Moreover, its actors are searching trends on Baidu Baike (Wikipedia equivalent), and Baidu Tieba (DC equivalent) of the drama and actors are all having high flow everyday. Such observations are very rare to see.
The beautiful and serene images from the cinematography and promising performances from the leads are the main reasons why so many viewers are attracted.

**From the pic above, it's actually 1.9 million more view count in a single day. I've check ep13 (the one broadcasted on 21st) has had almost 3 million view counts on Youku till today.
[China has 5+ video-sharing sites which bought the copyright of TWTWB before its broadcast, and they are all streaming TWTWB with really quick update, most of those sites update so fast, that the subbed video is out 3 or 4 hours after the ending of an episode. They carry subs from different subbing teams, so there is a difference. TWTWB has high view counts on all those sites, I'll probably do a summation after the drama ends.*sobbing* ]
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Guest kikay14

I'm trying to upload pics. Hope i do it right, it's my first time, sorry for being a noob, hihi

I saw a man watching the RM that winter parody using his mobile on train, and he's laughing so hard while watching lol.


This is what i saw inside a train station in sg. Haven't captured the group giggling at the picture



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Can I have someone like him !! 

Straight forward about his feeling  !!  


Fierce " only if JIS :P '' 

Warm hearted person ! 



Romantic !! 
tumblr_mk5049WPhj1r54tyro3_250.gif tumblr_mk5049WPhj1r54tyro5_250.gif

Gentleman ! 


Ready to Sacrifice himself for his beloved one .. 

able to read my mind ! 


What ?? No way !! he is my Man !
tumblr_mjzrokYDWU1rbi7cfo2_250.gif tumblr_mjzrokYDWU1rbi7cfo4_250.gif tumblr_mjzrokYDWU1rbi7cfo9_250.gif


ya I am such a kind of Namja ,,, 

who will only live for that kind of Yoja ! 



and you this is ur real Oppa !!  :((


But Oppa ...


So understand it ,, I do not care about u .. we will be leaving now ! 

Araso " Understood " Oppa I am saying now ... 

Girl ! 

image what !!!

I know at the end Sure I will die because of you oppa  !! why are u like this soooo perfect ?? 

Yup u will ! 

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Guest bibidep

@Wangnyeo:  What happen to you today???  Why suddenly you go crazy about Oppa JIS???  :\">   Just wait for 13 more hours so you can see him the last time in this drama hahahha.   OMG I don't know what to do after this drama end, I feel like missing something from my everyday life.  I will have to come back here and JIS, SHG threads to read the news to cure my love sick for this drama and the O2's couple.

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Guest luluwannagohome

@kikay14 Thank you for the pics!!
Heading back to Singapore in two months! Been missing home like crazy. Even the MRT station looks so homy ,Ottokai? kkkk

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