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[Drama 2013] That Winter, The Wind Blows/Wind Blows in Winter, 그 겨울, 바람이 분다

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November 17, 2012 8:00 pm ilnungcha


A picture of actor Jo In Sung has been revealed.

Recently on an online community board, a post titled, ‘Jo In Sung captured at the shooting site.’ has been revealed.

In the picture, Jo is shooting for SBS’s That Winter, Wind Is Blowing. He is standing on the road and hanging his head down.

His body shape stood out. Wearing a wine colored suit, Jo is showing off his good looking body and showed off his manly charms.

Netizens commented: “He looks so cool even when I can’t see his face.” “I am so looking forward to this series.” “He stands out even from afar.”

The comeback piece of Jo In Sung, That Winter, Wind Is Blowing will air its first episode in February of next year.

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Guest sunshine4ever

-Slightly edited November 21st in green-
Dear everyone
, I did some major editing to posts #1 & #2. I got rid of news on my post (#2) and created a news directory which I will update as soon as I have time. If you have free time ever once in a while, will you please help me check out the linkage if they are working properly? (Only if you have time or if you are free). If I have time I'll go through all news and link them because I think with post 2 I have the freedom to link as many news as I can and it won't disturb post 1.

Also from now on I will try to fit in my update via the thread's title. So for example, if I update post 1 I'll edit thread's title as  "updated (date I update post 1) since "post 1" does not fit in thread's title just so you can see what's new. I might highlight the latest things I updated so that you know what has been changed. If not, just please see anything new because I do add things in post 1. I know there aren't a lot of things right now, but when the drama comes out I'll post if I have a major change in post 1. I just don't feel like posting a comment whenever I make new changes.

If you know how to make graphics/posters and would like to contribute posters for the drama and/or characters. Would you please kindly private message me if you would like to do it when the drama comes out? When you create the poster, will you please make sure to stamp your name on the graphics? Thanks in advance. I know not a lot of us are good at graphic making, but just in case there are any here that would like to help out.

@msriz, I uploaded the picture you posted, will you please kindly edit your post using this url: 2zrkls4.jpg? Please do not worry about crediting me or anything. Thank you so much. :)

@putriN, yes it is very cold in Seoul. I watched a BTS of a drama I'm currently watching and they were wearing really heavy coats/jackets. I just have a question for you since you posted that Shanda was translating Jung Eun Ji's character as Hee Joo and Allpop translated her character as Hee Sun. Did the character got changed or is it an error? Please click here for news about Eun Ji's character. -edited- ahh, nevermind so I looked at the Korean cast & character's name that utkim posted and I think 정은지 - 희주(수 첫사랑의 동생)...so her character is indeed Hee Joo? Looks right to me. 

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