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[Drama 2013] 7th Grade Civil Servant / Level 7 Civil Servant 7급 공무원

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@mrdimples @coolreborn: I still laugh out loud every time I see "But will he be able to save us... from HIMSELF?"   =))

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These were news translated in variant forms already so nothing new here. I decided not to repost pics because they had been posted before.

class="at_ttl ml10""Level 7 Civil Servant" Hold First Scrip Reading

By KDramaStars Staff Writer | Nov 20, 2012 09:24 AM EST

Upcoming drama "Level 7 Civil Servant" cast got together and had their first scrip reading, on Nov 13, at the MBC Dream Center in Ilsan.

Lead actor Joo Won who will play the character of Han Gil, a kind and handsome secret agent at the National Intelligence Service, who will go through different obstacles, said "I am still lacking in many areas, but I am happy that, they offered me this important role. I am looking forward to learn as much as I can from this experience"

Lead female role Choi Kang Heee will be Kim Seo Won, the daughter of a poor farmer who has economy difficulties. She has a lot of jobs in order to pay her university loans. She's a strong woman who has the ability to survive, due to her experience in life, said "It's been a while since I've been in a drama like this. I am happy to be acting along many seniors that I respect."

Besides Joo Won and Choi Kang Hee, 2PM's Chansung was also present at the scrip reading, and he will play "Gong Do Ha" a special agent, who will form the love triangle in the drama.

"Level 7 Civil Servant" is based on the movie "My Girlfriend Is an Agent", and it's about two spies who fool each other trying to keep their real identity unknown to the other person.

The drama will start airing on January of 2013. 

source: kdramastars.com

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@sunshine4ever, thank you for allowing me to bring this discussion from private message to the main thread so that everyone can learn from our experience.


To all dear readers, some of you may have noticed that Moat Production’s posts which involve spoofs on James Bond movie and fanart posters have been removed last night. I did not want you to have the impression that we did something insulting or offensive and were thus removed without ceremony. The moderators have their reasons for the removal and allow me to share them with you so that future contributors will not make the same mistakes.


Issues were found with the original James Bond Posters as they were deemed irrelevant and revealing photos of the James Bond girls were inappropriate for minors who may visit this thread. Lest you think that we put them up frivolously , let me share with you our reason. We chose to spoof James Bond because of its relevance to the drama. The character Han Gil Ro grew up watching James Bond movies and wished that he will one day be able to emulate his hero. That's the reason why he became a secret intelligence agent. (you can refer to page 1 on the drama thread in the synopsis translated by mojobobo). I won't be surprised if they make some references to this in the drama itself. As a matter of interest, none of James Bond movies have gone beyond PG-13. And James Bond is very much a well-respected and famous movie series worldwide. It is also one of the longest continually-running film series in history, having been in ongoing production from 1962 to the present. Some older fans may even reminisce on these. In any case, we only include the original poster so that you, the reader can see how we spoof the original. If you have been offended by the questionable pictures, please accept our apologies as we have no intention of upsetting anyone.

Aside from the original James Bond posters, I understand that the moderators also have issues with our fanart posters. I think this is a valuable lesson for all soompi contributors. I barely started on Soompi six months ago and I think coolreborn, aisling and septmoon are also either new or have not been active till recently. We have devoted quite a bit of time to this and we do not want the same thing to happen to any other contributors who are not aware or clear about Soompi's rules and stand on these matters. I will list the following mistakes we made that were highlighted so that we can all take note for future posts.


1. Too much fangirling

2. Irrelevant to drama

3. Unnecessary to the contribution of this thread

4. Too repetitive

5. It is recommended that the drama thread should not be started because prayer ceremony has not been carried out.


I understand that some of these rules are already stated on Soompi and some are being discussed by the moderators. Other than seeking clarification as to their application, I have no intention of questioning any of these rules as the saying goes “When in Rome, do as the Romans do”


We apologise to all parties involved and thank them for their time and effort in making this forum a better place. Let us look forward to the new drama, Hwaiting!


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Thank you @mrdimples for bringing the discussion here.

Everyone - we would genuinely appreciate your feedback. This is an exercise to learn what is acceptable to post in this thread prior to the launch of the drama.

Our artistic endeavor was meant to entertain and provide laughter, however we apologize if that was lost in translation.

I believe it is everyone's goal to make this a thriving thread bursting with news and fun, but we cannot do that if the basic ground rules are not clearly laid out and agreed upon.

Your thoughts on the matter would be most welcomed!

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@mrdimples @septmoon16:  Just wanted to say that I was actually entertained by the James Bond posts and wasn't offended at all.  Although of course, I can't say the same for everyone, especially for the minors.  I personally think that it is these kinds of interactions and contributions to the threads that make the forums a fun place for everyone, and all the fangirling really can't be helped because what drew us here to the community in the first place is our enthusiasm for these actors and their work.  I do understand that there are rules that we must follow, of course.  :)  

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*Breaking my silence.*

As the one who had experienced first hand, the deletion of our MP posters and posts. May I just say that this is my first time to experience this in a forum. This may at least give you an insight on why I did not come out immediately. Yes as a soompi contributor, I was hurt. I want to be honest as much as I can.

@mrdimples had already stated the  reasons why our posters are taken down. If we had caused any confusion, I just hope it will be cleared immediately and that rules and regulations will be clearly stated. This will be greatly appreciated.

Much time, effort and creativity are spent in making a fanart. Sometimes, some people may not get it but a few will also appreciate it. I just hope that whatever happened with Moat Productions will not happen to other creative fans out there. Please learn from what we had gone through.  I also hope that when viewing a fanart, when in doubt, you can just ask the maker, what relevance this fanart is with the theme at hand.

Moat Productions intention is to make this thread as fun as it could be. But then, as @septmoon said, there are just things that is sometimes can get lost in translation. And in my part I will say that you can't please everybody. If this caused some discomfort in the viewers' part... then we apologize.

Maybe we can start all over again, make this thread age friendly. Until the drama will start, we will never know what type of things we can post which is in line with the drama's theme, whether it will incline in the more adult side or not.

-I have high hopes for you, do not freakin' fail me!-

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@alysanne @stearly, thank you. your comment is greatly appreciated. hoping that we will be able to reciprocate it in the only ways we can.

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Level 7 Civil Servant adds to its spy count

by javabeans | November 22, 2012 


javabeans: Two ladies have been added to Level 7 Civil Servant, which now I just want to call Secret Servant War or some such, just to make it more interesting.

girlfriday: That would be a very different drama. My main qualm with the title is that I cannot for the life of me say it without twisting my tongue.

javabeans: I can never remember the order of those four words. Is it Civil Servant Level 7? Servant Civil 7 Level? 7 Civil Level Servants? Bah. I suppose it’s marginally easier to say in Korean. But I will contend Spy vs. Spy might just have been easiest.

girlfriday: And more accurate, even.

javabeans: I’m so used to dramas surrounding the heroine with her (reverse) harem of hotties that I guess this one’s doing it traditional-style, giving Joo-won lots of noonas to flirt with.

girlfriday: Ain’t nuthin’ wrong with that.

javabeans: First there’s Choi Kang-hee, his spy sunbae and main love interest, and then there’s Kim Min-seo as the fierce rookie who refuses to show weakness. Now they’ve added more spies: the poker-faced Mi-rae and the tender-hearted newbie.

girlfriday: Tell me at least one of them is an enemy spy. These spies do have enemies, right?

javabeans: Uh, I think they’re all co-workers?

girlfriday: That’s a lot of tax dollars to staff a team of spies to fight no one. I haven’t heard one casting call for a villain in this show.


javabeans: The rookie will be Joo-won and Choi Kang-hee’s colleague and will be played by an actress whose name I’m still trying to figure out. It’s a stage name, but is it Lee L? Yiyel? Yee Elle? She was in Gwanghae, the Man Who Became King and Swept All Awards Shows.

girlfriday: Hm, don’t know her.

javabeans: The other spy is Kim Soo-hyun, the actress from Standby and Runaway Plan B, and let’s just say I’m trying really really hard to be optimistic about this. She’s a beautiful actress… but lordy is she flat. It’s like whoosh, she sucks away all energy from a scene.

girlfriday: I honestly barely even remember her in Runaway.

javabeans: Remember the devoted secretary to Daniel Henney who always said, “But sir… are you sure?” and “But sir… it’s dangerous.”

girlfriday: Oh noes. She was bad in that. Admittedly, she improved in Standby, but I dunno if that’s saying much.

javabeans: But even with her improvement in Standby, she was the actress who killed that show for me. RIP, my love for Lee Ki-woo, which was a sad casualty by association


girlfriday: That’s terrible — she robbed you of your Lee Ki-woo love?

javabeans: Well, let’s be fair. Lee Ki-woo had something to do with it too. But you couldn’t really feel for the guy who was in love with the girl who did nothing but mope and crack corny gags.

girlfriday: Omg, her gags were terrible.

javabeans: Kim Soo-hyun’s character here is of a bold and poker-faced spy whom this article promises will be appealing. You can’t promise things like that! It does hint that she will conflict with Joo-won and Choi Kang-hee, though, so there’s something. If you can’t root for her, you can root for our leads to trample her?

girlfriday: Maybe she’ll turn out to be a double agent for SD-6 and they’ll have to kill her to save the world?

javabeans: SILVER LINING, people.

Via AsiaeMk.co.kr

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I'm not subtle as @mrdimples @coolreborn and @septmoon16. Saying that I'm upset is really an understatement after we spent hours and hours making those posters that got deleted without any warning. I still don't understand how recreating James Bond posters with Joo Won's names as agent Gil Ro is irrelevant to this thread. 
I don't remember anybody saying it was irrelevant or offending. I think most of readers enjoyed the posters. It was our way to attract more soompiers to join the thread.With censorship going on in this thread I wouldn't be surprised if nobody posts anything in this thread besides official news and photos. I really wanted to contribute to this thread by making gifs and fanarts but after this... I learnt my lesson. I'm not going to spend my time making something that could get deleted again for reasons like "too much fangirling".

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ugh, totally don't agree with dramabeans' comments on kim soo hyun./:) They're too hard on her. Whatever, I've just jumped aboard this drama just because kim soo hyun got added. Watching for her :x  

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Welcome aboard, @purexorange!  Well, if you like KSH and others don't, that's okay.  The rule for this drama seems to be to agree to disagree with other community members.  If you go back to the earlier posts, there was a lot of disagreement over the lead actress.  So yeah, just agree to disagree and keep supporting your biases. ;)

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Dear Readers:

Moat Productions is currently in the Level 7 Court of Law after receiving several subpoenas to cease and desist.

After an exhaustive night


our Executive Board has decided to temporarily suspend activities.

It has been brought to our attention that our company has not produced consumable goods for our younger audience.

Thus, we would like to introduce you to our new branch – Mini-toon Productions.


Mini-toon is in charge of the newly debuted Joonie Mouse Club.

All products may be safely consumed by all age groups under parental guidance.

Please lend us your support and anticipate our new offerings!


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@Duth_Lady, thanks so much for your contribution of pictures, but it said the owner moved or deleted the pictures already. Did you upload these pictures? Will you please check on them and/or see if there is another way you can repost the pictures? Thanks.


Bigger pictures of the First Script Reading


Joo Won

Choi Kang Hee

Can someone tell me her name again? So sorry I'm not familiar with any of the actresses so not sure what her name was.


pictures credit to news' sites

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If you would like to go news hunting like me, too, you might want to use this 7급 공무원 and one of the cast's member's name because otherwise they'll show up the movie which is not what we want since we have the same title as the movie. For my case I put in Joo Won's name along with the title.

So I went Google for news hunting and apparently haven't seen anything new for this drama except this news. I cut & pasted a news into Google Translator and the news says: (please note that I will get rid of the Google Translation when there is an official news translation on Kim Soo Hyun joining 7LCS)

Dated: November 22, 2012 on the news

Kim Soo-hyun, '7 grade civil servants' starring ... JW and Choi Kang-hee and breathing


KBS2 'Fugitive Plan. Had left a strong impression through B 'actor Kim Soo-hyun will join MBC '7' level official.

'7 Grade civil servants 'spy drama drama film about the story of a couple spies '7 grade civil servants' motif, the love and friendship between NIS agents, and events taking place within the organization such as conflicts portrayed as a bright and stylish tone .

Going to solve the entire pole against Samora • Choi Kang-hee, Kim Soo-hyun pole in her 'future' station, which is a mixture of love, loyalty and compassion, daring Poker Face fascinating characters. In the meantime, 'Fugitive Plan. Through this drama '7 grade civil servants 'B', 'Brain', 'standby' in the works, including a new character every serves a variety of image representation has grown steadily as an actor Kim Soo-hyun, once again a new challenge to the character.

'7 Grade civil servants 'went writer, who wrote the drama' Chuno ', the film '7 grade civil servants' coach and Sang - breathing, according to a January 2013 is scheduled to be broadcast through MBC to


"My Girlfriend is an Agent - Drama" script reading, Joo Won and Choi Kang-hee

Korean Source | 2012/11/20


The upcoming MBC drama "My Girlfriend is an Agent - Drama" has officially starting making,

Choi Kang-hee, Joo Won and other main casts of the drama were seen practicing their scripts on the 13th in the MBC Dream Center.

Producer Kim Sang-hyeob said, "Here are the youths and passion. Please tell me any ideas you can think of. Let's make a great drama together".

Choi Kang-hee in the role of Kim Seo-won said, "I am happy to be in this drama with people I respect and have respected until this time".

Joo Won in the role of Han Gil-ro said, "I still lack in many things but I am happy to be in this drama and I am going to learn a lot from the seniors and fellow casts".

The first script reading was blown away by the middle aged actors and actresses. Ahn Nae-sang in the role of Kim Won-seok in the National Intelligence Agency overwhelmed his juniors with powerful voice. Lee Han-wi and Kim Mi-kyeong in the roles of Kim Seo-won's parents were so good in their fake dialects that it made everyone laugh.

Special agent Kong Do-ha played by Hwang Chan-seong performed the song "Put Your Hands Up" by 2PM and received a round of applause. He also said, "I will do my best as actor Hwang Chan-seong and not 2PM".

"My Girlfriend is an Agent - Drama" is a happy drama about the agents and their way of life and work with the cast of Choi Kang-hee, Joo Won, Hwang Chan-seong, Kim Min-seo and more.

This is collaborated by writer Cheon Seong-il who wrote the movie "My Girlfriend is an Agent" and director Kim Sang-hyeob. It is to be aired in January after "Missing You".

Source : xportsnews.hankyung.c... ( English )

English Source

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I just went to the second female leads thread, Kim min seo right? I didn't know joo won wa suppose to be in the moon embraces the sun. Well, too bad there characters will cross again. Interesting cast

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