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[Variety] tvN Three Idiots/Three Fools 세얼간이

Guest alysanne

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"Korea′s first ever live variety show, tvN′s The Three Idiots, showed off a new type of format for future variety shows.
The show aired its first episode on October 7, and showed how the three members tried to get through the missions thrown their way armed with their wit. Lee Su Geun, the oldest of the three, led the scene with his adlibs, showing off his skill as a TV personality and MC.


In the case there was an accident in this live variety show with no cuts or edits, the producers brought in a dog named after the member involved in the accident as a safety measure.

The show communicated with fans sending in text messages to the show, and held a driver′s license lottery, a game match with an Anypang expert and cooking spree. The members bought a total of 300 fried chickens for those viewers who sent in special messages or support.

The three failed to win over the Anypang expert in the game tournament, cooked pink sausages and kimchi fried rice to fill their stomachs and monitored their competitor, KBS2′s Gag Concert, in the same time slot and celebrated how they had won over the show in keyword search lists on portal sites. These events used the time given the show flawlessly.

Viewers said through live text messages, ′The Three Idiots is so creative′, ′Thank you for making a sad Sunday so enjoyable′ and ′I live alone, but the three are like my family. I′m not lonely anymore.′

The producers said, "Because of the big support, there were so many text messages that we didn′t get to announce the winners of the driver′s license lottery. We′ll check again to announce the winners and choose a few more extra viewers who participated enthusiastically. It was our first broadcast, and took place live at that, so we believe it would′ve been a bit all over the place or boring. Thank you for your support, and we′ll return with a more stable and humorous show for our next episode."

TvN′s The Three Idiots brings in hosts Lee Su Geun, Eun Ji Won and Kim Jong Min to answer live questions from viewers through social networks and text messages."
cr: enewsworld

My personal opinion: because I didn't understand anything they said; I found it a bit boring. However, I thoroughly enjoyed their interactions with each other - they're really comfortable with each other (I really miss LSGn & KJM interaction with EJW) and I felt like I'm watching three brothers having fun together.

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Guest alysanne

Thanks, @vi4 and @salvadora!
Here's hoping they will show more fun stuff as everyone settles into the live format.  Viewers, be creative and send awesome mission suggestions! ;)

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class="entry-title"Lee Soo Geun impresses with his amazing connections20121013_leesoogeun_germany-460x368.jpg

Comedian Lee Soo Geun has impressed the public with his extraordinary connections.

Koo Ja Cheol, the captain of South Korea’s Olympic soccer team that helped lead Korea to a bronze medal, will be appearing as a guest on October 14th’s broadcast of ‘Three Fools‘.

A production crew member for ‘Three Fools’ said, “Koo Ja Cheol and Lee Soo Geun have had a hyung-dongseng relationship since long before, so it is known that Koo Ja Cheol accepted this love call without hesitation because of his relationship with Lee Soo Geun. Lee Soo Geun’s commitment to this show is so strong that he willing participates in recruiting guests.

This episode featuring Koo Ja Cheol is expected to show off the soccer player’s variety show skills as well as his unique charm.

Netizens were impressed by Lee Soo Geun’s connections and left comments saying, “How did Lee Soo Geun and Koo Ja Cheol become close?,” “Lee Soo Geun’s personal connections are amazing,” and “It seems there isn’t anyone he doesn’t know.


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Guest feliciawst

@alysanne can you put in the time slot and rerun for the show into the first post? oh and all apple/android users, go download this TVing app. can watch the show live :D 

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