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[Variety] tvN Three Idiots/Three Fools 세얼간이

Guest alysanne

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Guest alysanne

Three Idiots / Three Fools 세얼간이Air Time: Sundays, 9pm KST on tvN
PREMIERE DATE:7 October 2012
HOSTS:  Lee Su-geun, Kim Jong-min, Eun Ji-won
SUMMARY:It's just the cameras, three guys, and viewers sending them missions via SNS.  100% live, no edits, no cuts.  (source)
TEASER VIDEO:  View via Dailymotion >> click!
EPISODE DOWNLOADS:semi-fly (Raw, unsubbed):  01 02 03  04  05  06  07 08 09  10 11

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Guest alysanne

Photos from the Three Idiots press conference:
Source:  Three Idiots on Twitter 
This show is virtually a 1N2D reunion, as we see the familiar face of ex-1N2D PD Lee Myung-han.  Other ex-1N2D crew who are working on Three Idiots are PD Shin Won-ho, writer Lee Woo-jung, and the awesome Kim Daeju.  :)

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class="entry-title"Kim Jong Min promises to shave his head if ‘Three Fools’ reaches 10% in viewers ratings

On the 25th, Lee Soo GeunKim Jong Min, and Eun Ji Won held a press conference for their upcoming tvN variety show, ‘Three Fools‘. The show will be attempting to try their hands at live broadcasting by taking on missions that are sent to them by viewers through SNS during the show.

At the press conference, Kim Jong Min said, “If ‘Three Fools’ reaches 10% in viewer ratings, I’ll shave my head“. At first, he had planned to take off his shirt at a populated location for his promise, however, as Eun Ji Won and Lee Soo Geun didn’t seem to keen on the idea, he had suggested shaving his head instead.

When Kim Jong Min promised to shave his head, Eun Ji Won said, “If we don’t reach 10%, then Kim Jong Min will never cut his hair.” Lee Soo Geun continued, “We’re going to see Kim Jong Min’s hair touch the floor,” bringing laughter to the press conference.

Netizens responded, “His hair is really going to touch the floor“, “I don’t know if his promise will easily happen“, and “Eun Ji Won and Lee Soo Geun’s words were funnier“.

‘Three Fools’ will start airing on October 7th at 9PM KST.

Source + Image: MovieJoy


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@alysanne, thank you so much for starting the thread. Can't wait for the reunion of Eun Ji Won, Kim Jong Min, Lee Su Geun & PD Lee as well as 1n2d writer. 
Very interesting and clever idea, hope the response for tonight's episode will be daebak. 

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