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Guest SeYeonLovely

hi everyone! long time to see :D

i am happy when i saw lovely JSY at Catch Me vip
and i always see something between our beautiful couple :x

blue-blue and red-red :D


maybe our princesss borrowed the blue sweater from her oppa
or her oppa
had left his sweater at her home in the evening before LOL.. :D
sorry JSY! you are too young for my badly thinking...sorry sorry babe :))

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Guest Songj1430293790

Whenever I listen to my vietnamese song and song from bridal mask (Ulalasession Goodbye days) I keep on thinking about joo won and jin se yeon together!! I kinda hope they will film together in a new drama! I want to see a scene where jin se yeon and joo won sleeping together in a bed! and also cuddle with eachother! I would be full of joy and shout out Like Hell! "Jin se yeon and Joo won Is the greatest couple ever No one will separate their love and kindness! No one can match Joo won and Jin se yeon! Please God! I would want them to get married till the end of their deaths!" I heard Joo won past gf  broke up with joo won in a text msg! When joo won see the text msg He cried! Who would want to break up with a handsome charming-prince? I would say She deserves what she get. That Joo won could be famous and 0 chance to get back to him now! Sooner or later Joo won can  find his own happiness with someone else with a good heart, kind, love and care like jin se yeon!. I could say they look perfect together than the woman  who breaks his heart!.. She will get what she deserve by crying in a corner.. Thankyou! I start this yesterday or yesterday before that i think.. Im not sure! Im hating myself for not watching bridal mask long time ago! So I can totally ship these two! Im sorry Im late. that i just found this site  like 3 days ago or 2 days ago im not sure.. 

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Guest Songj1430293790

Micheru said: who here wants Se Yeon to be in Joo Won's new drama? *raises hand* ME! :D wouldn't it be awesome? i can totally picture SY as a spy. it could happen if filming for his drama begins in November. what do you girls think?

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Guest Songj1430293790

yoyi152 said: Hi everyone !

I'm new member. I'm JooSY's shippers. I haven't seen anyone post those videos below.. So I try. Hope you like them. Have fun ! Not Kang-Dan on screen. Just Joo Won & Jin Se Yeon. lol. Enjoy! Nice weekend ! ^^

Pay attention Clip 1 : on 0:28, Clip 2 from start on 1:00 special on 5:00 HUG -> so happy. :D

Gaksital making 80

Gaksital making 81

Ps : Park Ki Woong is so emotional person. But I'm surprise why he's always hug Joo Won much more times. lol

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Hey guys Uhm I Dont know If someone post this news on here But I will show u it

Jin Se Yeon jumps from building to avoid fire + reps assure fans she's alright 

Actress Jin Se Yeon narrowly escaped a life-threatening incident on the afternoon of the 6th when the building she was in caught fire.

She was receiving vocal training for 'Generation of Youth', but a fire forced her to jump out of the building to escape. A staff member who happened to be outside parking saw smoke and gas seeping out from the windows. Seeing the danger, the staff member did his best to prepare a place the actress could jump onto on the terrace of the 2nd floor of the adjacent building, and the actress made a jump from the 3rd story of the building she was in onto the terrace.

SEE ALSO: Jin Se Yeon reveals what it's like to take on two roles for 'Doctor Stranger' + still cuts

The firefighters had arrived by then and were able to rescue all 10 or so people in the building who had been trying to evacuate from the other side. 

The staff that was present praised the actress' ability to remain calm and bravely make the jump, commenting, "Even though she was in a situation where she couldn't see even a bit because of the toxic gas, Jin Se Yeon reacted calmly and avoided a situation that could have ended in a serious accident."

She was tested for carbon monoxide poisoning as well as for her lung functions afterwards. She's currently resting after being released from the hospital. For fans that became worried after hearing the news, her label said, "She breathed in toxic gas, so we have to watch her situation for a day but she has no injuries. She is currently at home resting. However, she is still in a state of shock so she needs rest."

Seemed like a very close call! We hope the actress as well as all those who were in the building are getting the rest and treatment they need to be back to feeling 100%!


I wonder if Joo won read this news yet? And How does he feel about her falling down from 3rd floor building? I was just wondering if he was worried about her like texting  or see her in person If she was ok? She was a very  brave woman like she just fall from 3rd floor building because of a fire? Holy Moly! I was very worried about her. No one would be brave enough to do that because woman doesnt do that or I dont really know if they do, I would never know. I think it was in 2014? 

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Micheru said: guess what, my shippers?! JOOSY DIDN'T WIN BEST COUPLE!!! :(( excuse me while i go cry in a corner! :(( but... KangDan's 'forest kiss' was picked as one of the best drama kisses in 2012. *sighs* i guess there is something good after all.credits to http://news.sportsseoul.com/read/entertain/1124131.htm

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jooseyeon4ever said:

Ooh. Suddenly interested in Green Scalpel, although Moon Chae-won isn’t yet confirmed; she’s only said to be considering the drama. Still, she adds a dash of interest to the medical series starring Joo-won as an autistic savant who’s a surgical genius with the personality of a grade-schooler.

The role Moon Chae-won is up for is of a pediatric surgeon named Cha Yoon-seo, which should offer up an interesting dynamic between her and the lead. Cha Yoon-seo chooses to become a doctor after volunteering in a children’s cancer ward in high school, and with her hard work and brains she becomes an associate professor at a relatively young age. She’s got an easy-going personality with a tomboyish nature, which is a bit of a departure but also totally up her alley. Moon may have played chic and steely in Nice Guy and portrayed a proud princess in The Princess’s Man, but she’s got the ability to play approachable and artless as well.


omo. moon chae won with joowon??? @Aera, i know you lovee moon chae wonn and joowon. I LOVE HER TOO. OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG.... THIS DRAMA SHOULD BE AMAZING IF MOON CHAE WON TAKES THE ROLE

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Micheru said: today is May 30 for me, and that only means... it's "BM's" 1st anniversary! HAPPY 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY TO OUR BELOVED 'KANGDAN' COUPLE!!! <:-P
@Aera, it's okay. you can start the rewatch anytime you want. it's sweet of you to give up another 28 hours of your life for our couple. it is the thought that counts. :)
@jooseyeon4ever and Aera, i am happy for JW's new drama, but i really think he should rest. his manager must be super tired keeping track of JW's schedule. it's a miracle that JW hasn't collapse from exhaustion yet. :-SS i am getting kind of impatient for SY's comeback. i just want her to be cast in something now. :(

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