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[Movie 2014] The Actress Is Too Much 여배우는 너무해 Yeobaewooneun Neomoohae


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JO HYUN JAE                        CHA YE RYUN---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Main Cast: Jo Hyun Jae (49 Days, Seodong Yo, GP 506, Untold Scandal)Cha Ye Ryun (Royal Family, My Black Mini-Dress)
Director: Yoo Jeong Hwan (Assistant Director for Reversal of Fortune, Mapado, and My Teacher)
Producer: Golden Tide Pictures
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Rating: Restricted 19 (R19)
Status:  1. Filming began on September 3, 2012 in Seoul.2. Filming ended on October 16, 2012.3. Movie was released on February 27, 2014.

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August 30, 2012



Summary of the reports that came out about JHJ's new movie.

JHJ has just been cast as male lead in a new movie opposite actress Cha Ye Ryun (My Black Minidress, Royal Family).  The movie's title is 그녀에게 부족한 10% (Unofficial English title: She Lacks 10%).

In the movie, Cha Ye Ryun is "Nabi", a member of a popular girl group who has turned into acting.  She will be known as an actress with good looks but with "foot acting" ("foot acting" means "bad acting).  She will earn the titles "10% viewership rating icon", and "poor acting icon".

Jo Hyun Jae, plays Hong Jin Woo.  JHJ's character is variously described in the press releases as an art film director or a director of independent films who studied film-making in Poland.  He is an emerging star in the world of cinema having caught the eyes of industry insiders.  He dreams of attaining greater fame by filming bigger movies.  He will pay the penalty of fame due to some love scenes in the film (he directed?)

Cha Ye Ryun said:  "When I read the script, I could not stop laughing for a long time.  My image will be transformed in this movie, this is R19 material.  But I still decided to take the challenge."

JHJ said:  "Because most of my activities recently have been outside the country, domestic fans have not had much chance to see me. Korean fans will see me again in this movie as Hong Jin Woo.  I feel a bit burdened because this will be my first time to act in an all-out romantic comedy movie.  But I am also very excited."

There is much buzz in the Korean entertainment press because this movie has been given a rating of "Restricted 19", which means that viewers have to be 19 years old and above to be able to watch the movie in cinemas.

Directing the movie is Yoo Jeong-hwan, to be produced by Golden Tide Pictures.  The movie will begin filming in September, and will be released in early 2013.

Here is the summary of Korean media outlets that reported on JHJ's new movie:



Even the Chinese entertainment press is reporting on JHJ's new movie!  Below is an article from sina.com. I will not translate anymore because it says basically the same things as the Korean reports.  The Chinese media translates the title as "She does not have 10%" or "She has no 10%".

新浪娱乐讯 韩国演员车艺莲和赵显宰(微博)确定接拍未满19岁禁看爱情喜剧片《她没有的10%》。




《她没有的10%》确定主演演员后下个月正式开拍,计划明年初上映。宣美炅/文 版权所有 韩星网



Credit:  Pictures and source article from various Korean news outlets; picture #3 from everjohyunjae.co.kr. English interpretation by prissymom @ http://johyunjae1980.wordpress.com/

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This is Jo Hyun Jae's message regarding his new movie.  He posted the message today on his Korea Official Website.  Here is the English translation, not a word-for-word translation but the essence of the message is the same.


New work has began .... Jo Hyun Jae..... 2012.09.04

It has been a long time since I last posted a greeting.  Until recently it has been very hot, but now the weather has cooled somewhat.  How is everyone?  Did anyone suffer from the damages caused by the recent typhoon?  I really hope everyone is alright.

My vacation has gone longer than I expected.  I am sorry I was not able to convey in a timely manner news about what's going on with me.

Things seem to be falling into place in the second half of the year.

The past few days I have been doing photoshoots for the magazine (he is referring to his Japanese fan magazine JOVE59).  Work on the magazine has been delayed  a bit because of the typhoon.  I will be working on a new project also.

It has been a long time since I have worked on a movie project.  I went to the first shooting of the new movie yesterday.

It is exciting and quite fun to be working with new people.  Director, production staff, and all the actors - we are all working with enthusiasm.  I, myself, am looking forward to seeing the finished work.  We will all work hard to present you with a good work.

I will try to update you once in a while about what's going on with the filming.

Thank you always!  Be happy!


Credit:  Photo from JHJ's official FB page @ http://www.facebook.com/officialjhj ; Korean message from JHJ's Korea Official Website @ johyunjae.com.  Thanks!  English translation by prissymom @ http://johyunjae1980.wordpress.com/

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Guest cocodoll

I do not know this, including (spoiler)

What did not?

in this film jhj

perfilmman sanction of the world,

because he made a movie in watch by

adults, whether he was desperate

and made a funny movie? hahaha

my mind too much.

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Additional JHJ pictures from EVER


Hello, everyone!  This is Jo Hyun Jae.



The V-sign (V for victory?  Victory for She Lacks 10%!!!)



The sincere heart of Jo Hyun Jae.


Gifts and surprises from EVER for JHJ and 10% co-workers:  http://johyunjae1980.wordpress.com/2012/09/11/she-lacks-10-evers-labor-of-love-for-jo-hyun-jae/

Credit: everjohyunjae.co.kr.  Thank you very much!

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JHJ's fans from EVERjohyunjae visited him at the set of his movie, She Lacks 10%, last Sept 9.  They received the notice that they can visit the set only on the afternoon of Sep 7 - half a day for planning, and 1 day to execute their plans.
Here is what they came up with to surprise JHJ and his co-workers:

For dear Hyun Jae - separate snacks and ginseng, which they gave to him separately and discreetly.

For JHJ and Cha Ye Ryun - separate sets of cookies.

For the director - ginseng.

For the staff -  bottled coffee, vitamin drinks, chocolate, sweets, cakes, donuts, bananas, mandarin oranges all placed in individual snack bags.

They also prepared banners for the venue and a photo cake.  Because everything is rush-rush, they were not able to take pictures of the bread (for everyone) and the separate snacks for JHJ.




evervisit992012-17.jpgDrinks, sweets


evervisit992012-18.jpgFruits, chocolate



Snack bags for the staff, contents of each snack bag. Note that every item in the bag has the EVER sticker on it.


evervisit992012-20.jpgPhoto Cake


For lunch, this is what the EVER ladies came up with:

evervisit992012-9.jpgTable setting


evervisit992012-10.jpgTable for JHJ and director (with name cards)


evervisit992012-111.jpgEach table has a flower decoration


evervisit992012-12.jpgNapkin, wet tissue, candies in individual plastic for each place setting.


evervisit992012-13.jpgFruits and vegetable salad (Cute teddies!  Are those included in the giveaways?)


evervisit992012-14.jpgSashimi (the fish is flown in from Busan)





evervisit992012-15.jpgChicken soup (samgyetang) in a stone pot.


They also served tea (in 3 different varieties) and coffee.

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More pictures from the visit made by JHJ's fans from his fan club CarpeDiem Korea and Japan to the set of She Lacks 10% last Sep 16, 2012
cafevisit9162012-18.jpgJHJ autographed picture for CAFE Korea

cafevisit9162012-17.jpgJHJ autographed picture for CAFE Japan
Additional pictures from the visit:


Gifts for JHJ, and goodie bags for JHJ's co-stars and the movie's production crew:



Credit: CarpeDiemKorea @ cafe.daum.net/hyunjaelove; CarpeDiem Japan @ hyunjaelove.jp; johyunjaebbs.com.  Thanks!

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JHJ posted these photos on his official FB page.  Photos were taken on Sep 16 when his fans from CarpeDiem Korea and Japan visited him at the set of "She Lacks 10%"
The photos came with this message:

In Korean: 팬분들의 관심과 응원은 항상 제게 힘이 됩니다. ^^
바쁘신 와중에도 촬영장에 직접 방문해 주신 ‘카르페디엠’ 여러분들! 너무 감사 드립니다~

In English:  Your love and support always encourage me. ^^.  Thank you to ‘CarpeDiem’ for taking time out of your busy schedule to come and see me.

So handsome^^


Goodie bags for JHJ's co-workers:


Meal brought by the fans during the visit for JHJ and his co-workers:



Credit: JHJ's official FB page @ https://www.facebook.com/officialjhj. Thanks!

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JHJ's Japanese fans visit him at the set of She Lacks 10% last October 2.  Sharing here some photos:
JHJ's thank you message to his Japanese fans: “Thank you for visiting me.  You have travelled so far (just to visit me)!  Also, please convey my greetings (say hello) to the Japanese fans (who could not be here today but) who have always given me their unwavering support.  Thank you very much.  I am working very hard (filming).”


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More photos from the October 2, 2012 visit by Japanese fans to JHJ at the set of She Lacks 10%
They gave him 3 bouquets of flowers, one each for JHJ, Dir. Yoo Jeong Hwan and actress Cha Ye Ryun.

They brought letters from members of their fan site who could not join the visit (I read in the Japanese fan sites that they are preparing for a trip to SK when JHJ's movie premieres next year, that's why only a few visited this time.)

The letters are placed in this box

And this is the catalog listing the names of those who participated in the activity:

They also handed over  3 sets of foot massage kits, one each for JHJ, Dir. Yoo Jeong Hwan and Cha Ye Ryun.  The foot massager is inside the package with some tea packages as well.

Japanese fan explaining to JHJ how to use the foot massager :D .... and JHJ listens so intently and earnestly :)

Credit: club.brokore.com/sodonyo; johyunjaebbs.com.  Thanks!

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More photos from October 2 visit by Japanese fans to JHJ at the set of the movie She Lacks 10%
brokore-23.jpg?w=658&h=493The guy wearing eyeglasses is JHJ's current manager.
brokore-26.jpg?w=658JHJ's Japanese fans with the movie's director, Dir. Yoo Jeong Hwan

Credit: club.brokore.com/sodonyo; johyunjaebbs.com.  Thanks!

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