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[Movie 2012] My Little Hero 슈퍼스타

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  • Movie: Superstar
  • Directed by Kim Seong-hoon-III (김성훈)
  • Screenplay by Ahn Ho-kyeong (안호경)
  • Revised romanization: Syupeoseuta
  • Hangul: 슈퍼스타
  • Release Date: 2012
  • Distributor: CJ E&M
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


  1.  Filming began on March 25, 2012
  2. Early working Korean title was 드 드림,마이 리틀 히어로 "Dream, My Little Hero" , but then changed to  슈퍼스타 "Superstar"


  • Kim Rae-won 김래원 ... As Yoo Il-han (유일한)
  • Jo An 조안 As ... Seong-hee (성희)
  • Ji Dae-han-I 지대한 ... As Yeong-gwang (영광)
  • Kwang Soo 이광수
  • Lee Sung-min 이성민
  • Kim Seong-eun 김성은 ... As Cameo

Superstar -- Photo Gallery

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>> 2012-09-24 12:37

Kim Rae Won 'Superstar' musical home to Broadway the shooting period


Superstar unfounded confidence, musical director unstoppable malppal filled with some kind of snobbery 'going to challenge the impossible dream project to meet the winning probability of 1% of the partners' (Kim Rae Won) only the musical auditions participated in the program seeks the reversal of life herbal depicting human drama.

Kim Rae Won's movie unfolds on the screen bokgwijak three years of the musical program and audition meeting is scheduled to be fresh, fun and impresses.

Achieved glory and partner Kim Rae Won role is to postpone the actual multicultural family of the boy is cast through a nationwide audition Amateur profound topic that has attracted Energetically here in recent drama 'Golden Time' on the human aspects of adoring phrase popular with doctors and Lee Sung Min and splits his time between the film and the arts, who plays Lee Kwang - soo 'longtime friend and aide,' only 'diluted' and 'Jong-il played the role of '

Audition program's assistant director, Joan Sung - Hee 'to emerge.

After you have completed all domestic shooting took place in New York last day of filming the scene, Kim Rae Won's acting up Broadway to the middle of the street, cars clogged roads across the busy heading somewhere concluded.

Kim Rae Won, "I difficulties manatji finished all the shooting unharmed. Movie with beautiful and stunning the audience and hope to be able to meet as much effort and suffering, "he said. Scheduled for release in November.

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"Superstar" premiere date change -----  the movie release will be postponed to January 2013 

( original premiere date: 11/22 )

credit to middy >> Kim Rae Won thread



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Article from Dramabeans

This movie has feel-good written all over it. I’m in. Kim Rae-won (Thousand Day Promise) stars in the new film My Little Hero, as a third-rate music director who’s all but washed up, when he meets a young boy so talented it turns both their lives around. You just can’t go wrong with an underdog story like this, can you? And well, if it’s not up to snuff, I’ll just re-watch Billy Elliot and call it a day.

It’ll be Kim Rae-won’s first movie since Insadong Scandal and army duty, and a great chance for us to see him at his best — warm, good-hearted — even if it’s under a layer of loser. The little boy is newcomer Ji Dae-han, a bright young face who stood out in nationwide open auditions for the role.

Kim Rae-won’s character will be an all-talk, no-action musical director who enters a reality audition program as a final means to get his career out of the gutter. It’s a show that pairs a director with a child talent, and the selection process is blind. He gets partnered with a boy who doesn’t have the looks, the training, or anything that would make him a star, and the two embark on the uphill battle to win, changing both their lives in the process. Cue inspirational music here.

Directing is newcomer Kim Sung-hoon, and the supporting cast includes Lee Sung-min (Golden Time) and Lee Kwang-soo (Nice Guy) for Team Underdog (complete with matching team shirts, aw). I love it — a little odd family band of musical brothers. What could be cuter?

My Little Hero hits theaters in January 2013. "


Credit: My little hero

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Added poster for the upcoming Korean movie "My Little Hero"


Added poster for the upcoming Korean movie "My Little Hero" (2012)

Directed by Kim Seong-hoon-III

With Kim Rae-won, Jo An, Ji Dae-han-I, Kwang Soo, Lee Sung-min, Kim Seong-eun,...

Previously known as "Superstar" (슈퍼스타, soo-peo-seu-ta)

A musical director who craves advancement participates in a musical which picks the role of a king in a survival method as a mentor. There he meets a multicultural child who becomes partners with him and experiences his first intentions and inspiration.

Release date in Korea : 2013/01


Source : www.hancinema.net/kor... ( English Korean )

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class="date-header"Wednesday, January 9, 2013

New Korean Films: Raising Social Issues With A Musical (2013 Week 2)

(by Fabien Schneider) 

After a first week which left the field open to independent productions, CJ Entertainment and Showbox enter into the dance with two medium-budget films that should have difficulty unseating The Tower from its box office perch.

My Little Hero (마이 리틀 히어로)


A music director opportunistically accepts to lead the rehearsal of a troupe for the musical adaptation of King Jungjo’s life. To cast the main role, he organizes a competition on a national TV channel in which applicants are auditioned blindly and thus selected solely on the basis of their voices. He is completely taken aback when he realizes that the chosen boy, Young-kwang, is actually a mestizo. While teaching him the choreography, the music director begins to become more interested in his Philippine origins.

Korea is extremely fond of musicals, to the point where it has become an essential destination for troupes as they undergo a world tour. The current success of Les Misérables is just another proof of this. Thus this film should be able to attract at least the usual audience of musicals. One shouldn’t expect a lot of finesse, the trailer already leaving the feeling that the narrative strings are too apparent. But what might unleash passions and what is the main (and my favorite) asset of the film is the leading role being occupied by a child of an immigrant in a movie intended for a general audience. Punch (2011) and Papa (2012) had already the way and were quite successful. If the problem of a mestizo interpreting a role typically Korean is actually addressed, and not just used as a dramatic gimmick, it may become the first good surprise of the year.
Watch the trailer here


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Jan. 7 20:00 Haengdang CGV Wangsipri.
[News of New Reporter]

Movie 'My Little Hero "(directed by Sung-Hoon Kim / Production Choice Cut Pictures) Metropolitan multicultural society was held Jan. 7 20:00 Haengdang CGV Wangsipri.

Day, My Little Hero "multicultural Seoul society attended Kim Rae Won Lee Kwang - soo profound hwangyongyeon and singer Insooni.

'My Little Hero' bravado filled only a third-rate music director (Kim Rae Won) enlisted a large musical audition program seeks to reverse the life chances of winning are zero multicultural home boy glory (profound) and its partners have been drawing process to challenge the impossible dream.

Meanwhile, My Little Hero "is scheduled to be released on January 9.

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[HanCinema's Film Review] "My Little Hero"



Il-Han (played by Kim Rae-won) is a bitter musical director who feels his talents are being wasted on a live-action children's program. Through the intercession of his friends, Il-Han gets a spot on a variety show where he (and four other professionals in the industry) take the role of mentoring young, talented children for an elimination-style competition to see who can pull off the biggest Broadway-style showtunes showstoppers. Il-Han is enchanted by the voice of Yeong-Gwang (Ji Dae-han-I)- discovering only too late that his charge is half-Filipino.

Il-Han, in addition to the stock flaws of being a jerk to his friends and caring mainly about his career, is also a mild racist. He has trouble figuring out at first whether Yeong-Gwang is Filipino or Malaysian, and regards the kid with mild disdain. Even when they start doing well in competition, Il-Han continues to see the contest as a proving ground for his own talents and makes a point of keeping separate from anyone he sees as beneath him.

But Yeong-Gwang is much more than a plot device to make Il-Han feel better about himself. Ji Dae-han-I portrays the kid with a lot of heart, and the scenes where he's dealing with casual racism at school, or fighting his mother about going back to the Phillipines have a real emotional depth to him. Yeong-Gwang has to deal with issues quite similar to what actual multiracial kids in Korea have to deal with on a day-to-day basis and Ji Dae-han-I's reactions in these situations are quite convincing.

The plot, while interesting in all these ways, is still mostly stuff we've all seen before. So "My Little Hero" makes sure to go all out on the showtunes numbers. Not just Yeong-Gwang, but all his rivals have excellent showpieces that glitter with style and make expert use of the camera to give it the true feel of a Broadway production while also adding just enough movie magic for the sequences to feel like a unique contribution to film rather than slavish dedication to their original form. While we see few of these performances in entirety, there's more than enough material to keep audience attention riveted between dialogue-driven scenes that more directly move the story forward.

This is another credit to the movie's direction. All of the songs, even the ones sung by the rivals, have a certain relevance to the Il-Han and Yeong-Gwang's character arcs, though for the most part they're singing Broadway standards rather than original songs. This makes for particularly effective jump cuts during the numbers to what other characters are doing or thinking, and so "My Little Hero" comes off effectively as a cohesive whole. The last showstopper in particular is a heartbreaking metaphor for one of Yeong-Gwang's conflicts throughout the movie. And for the audience, too, it's a rather introspective one given the nature of Yeong-Gwang's problems.

The plot behind "My Little Hero" is solid (if well worn), the movie is expertly put together, and the musical sequences are great. It's not a movie that will win awards for transcending art form, but it does do a great job of giving the audience an uplifting message while reminding us that, hey, we could stand to be better about this stuff, too. Absolutely required watching for Broadway fans (especially those curious about how musical culture functions in South Korea), and a nice fun way to spend a couple of hours for everyone else, too.

"My Little Hero" is directed by Kim Seong-hoon-III and features Lee Sung-min, Lee Sung-min, Jo An, Kwang Soo and Ji Dae-han-I

Review by William Schwartz. William Schwartz is an American currently living in Gyeongju, South Korea, where he studies Korean and themes in Korean media.

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